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The Imperium of Humanity by Imperorator_Jon

The Rise of the Imperium
Date: 13 May 2006, 5:57 am

      As humanity eventually rebuilt from the Covenant Wars, two major factions enveloped humanity. The first faction consisted of the inner systems that consisted of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Ect. Those were known as the Alliance, based on the origional alliance between the rebellion and humanity. The outer systems such as Harvest were part of the group known as the Coalition. They chose that name because of their diverse languages, they consisted of the Covenant that were hard-core fanatics for their race.

      The two factions were content to grow and wait, but eventually, as with all discontent, the debates turned into small skirmishes. Then, after a direct attack on Earth, a full-scale war. The battle was known as the Coalition wars and both sides had fought so long that it was deemed the one-hundred year war. In the end, both sides took heavy losses and the Coaliton won after using nuclear weapons to turn Earth into a wasteland.

      The Coalition mostly consisted of lawness planets and the galaxy became divided into warlords and the Covenant became standard troopers once again. Their natural instinct for combat making them perfect warriors. Little did the warlords that there was a person controling the conflicts and the covenant. That man had been considered a genius of his time.

      Alas, that man, who was Joseph Brandenburger, had both of his parents killed by the Coalition for "planning rebellion". The main reason, they had parked in the wrong market where a believed terrorist meeting was going on. The meeting was actually the building across. When Joseph heard this, he swore to himself that he would never forgive the Coalition and make it his will to forge his own empire. With that, he set out to make his agenda the only way he knew how in the goverment.

He would use criminals and political means to gain power.
This is that man's story of conquest.

At age twenty-eight
      The dark-robed form of an unnoticed person walked through the crowds of lower-russia on planet Crete. He was flanked by two men in ornate red clothing that had a T-slit cover. The two men seemed unarmed, but any good theif would know not to try and steal from that man. As had many criminals that met an Plasma Pistol at the forehead.

      The dark figure continued down a back alley way and six lanky figures came from both sides of the alley way. The hooded man lowered his hood, he revealed a white face with a fierce, but still comforting, features. His hair was jet-black and his eyes a deep, piercing red. He said in a calm and unpanicked tone "Do you have the money?" the tallest and lankiest man came from the shadows. His face was razor-sharp bone, he appeared as white as a ghost. Definately a cardimine abuser. He really only funded the govenors he was trying to overthrow. The politcal figures on low-end worlds always were involved in drug trade. The lanky figure asked "Do you have the guns?" Joseph then said to the man "I do." he opened a large suitcase and it revealed three M90 shotguns, two S2 AM sniper rifles, a single M19 SSM rocket launcher, and to top it all off, ten BR55s. The lanky man said "Now the bullets!". Joseph complied and a seperate suitcase revealed hundreds of rounds stocked into it. The lanky figure said "I don't know where you get these guns Joey! Heheheheh!" the lanky man's eyes flickered, he was definately high off cardimine. Joseph was able to obtain the weapons, however, because he stumbled onto an abandoned Alliance base. It was loaded to the brim with food and bullets, hell, he still hadn't figured out how big it was. He had lived in it since his parents died to boot! It was just him and his earliest friends he made. He had made plenty of friends, his charisma showed that, but his first friends had become his guardians, or as he put it, his Royal Guardsmen.

      Joseph then said "Now, do you have the money as agreed by Leon?" The lanky man laughed and the other five figures approached. One Sanghelli, three Ungoggy, and a single Lekgolo. The lanky man then stopped laughing and said "You really are oblivious! This is a setup you dumbass! Now, as with all setups, we would like to thank you on behalf of Govenor Hijat for being such a good dupe for us!" The Sanghelli then broke in "This is not honorable! We should fight him on fair grounds! Not in a double-cross! I will have no part in-" the Sanghelli was cut off as the lanky man shot the blue-armored warrior in between the eyes. It landed on the ground with a thump and stayed dead.

      The two Royal Guardsmen circled Joseph as the five aimed at him. Joseph had found at an early age that he was special. In more than one way in fact. He was not only charismatic and a genius, he found that he could manipulate people and things to his will. He could even tell when something was going to happen, granted it was usually when a person was going to pull a double cross or when and where a bullet or beam would strike. He also found that if he concentrated his will enough, he could even move things with his will. He saw both Royal Guardsmen reach into their black robes and pull out staffs. The lanky man laughed at the meele weapons and fired a bullet at one of them. He screamed as the Royal Guardsmen sliced his gun-wielding right arm off. The ungoggy opened fire with plasma rifles and it seemed as if the Royal Guardsmen weaved between the shots and took off two of the Ungoggy's heads with a single swipe. That left the Lekgolo and the remaining Ungoggy.

      Joseph was no fool when it came to talent, he had only chosen those who also shared abilities like his to become Royal Guardsmen. He stared at the Lekgolo and Ungoggy "Tell your fellow people that I may wreap revenge, but I am merciful. Tell them that they can always have help when needed." The Lekgolo and Ungoggy both realized that they were the only ones that didn't fire a shot at the ambush. They both told of the ambush and Joseph gained fame in the Covenant circles.

      Now, you must understand, Covenant were treated like animals. Slaves even! They sometimes were just killed because they got in a person's way! When the tale of a person that actually spared and helped the second-class citizens, he became quite a popular figure to the Covenant. He also became known in human circles for the mysterious "accidental discharge of a weapon inside of a fuel factory" where Leon and his entire gang of drug-users were killed in the explosion and fire.

       Please give constructive critisism. I would appreciate any comments. I have decided to go a new angle for stories. So if I get some positive comments for this thing, I will consider a sequel.

Rise of the Imperium: Part 2
Date: 17 May 2006, 10:14 pm

Now then, how about we shed some light upon how exactly Joseph Brandenburg, our hero, used the politics and rulers of the fair galaxy to eventually rule it?

      The massive war in the galaxy had caused alot of power vacumes and political problems in the UNSC, the Covenant had it much worse after the war though. They had lost all of their leaders and were completely broken as their "Holy Prophets" had left them with no religion and no sense of what is right and wrong. When the last Covenant prophet had been killed on Earth, the Covenant went into disarray and almost all were either taken or killed by soldiers and people alike. The UNSC found a use for the broken creatures however, they had become slaves in everything but name. The UNSC assigned the Ungoggy, Sanghelli, even Lekgolo, to low-class jobs such as janitors, garbagemen, pencil-pushers, police operators, so on.

      The Covenant, seeing no further purpose, became broken and followed the jobs they were given. There were rebels, however, that rebelled against the oppressive and unfair treatment. They called themselves Seperatists, they used terrorist tactics and murder to try and free Covenant. The UNSC, seeing this problem for their precious "War criminal" servants, decided to label the Seperatists terrorists. The UNSC had apparently seemed content at the murder of dozens of the Seperatist troopers. The UNSC had been unified during the murder of those dozens, but sections had remained to rebuild. Those sections had their chance when the eventual discontent among the UNSC colonies and planets erupted into rebellion. Millions of Covenant became slave-fighters and they resumed their former jobs as warriors. Both sides employed them and the Coalition eventually gained the upperhand and destroyed the Alliance of Homeworld Systems, or just plain Alliance, with nuclear weapons on Earth.

      Earth had become a wasteland and the Coalition became known for it's old ways of handling rebels and political activists, by killing them. Joseph's parents were no exception, they had been killed needlessly and with no reason, however. The police had once again messed up and killed the innocents instead, to cover it up they were marked with "Conspiracy to commit treason". Now then, since the history lesson is over, let us go onto his current life, shall we?

       The hooded form of Joseph Brandenburg entered into a black limosine and was sitting between his two most trusted Guardians. John Harper and Kyle Stanivinch.

      John had been found at an early age, the same as Joseph at that time, as a backstreet brawler. John had fought and fought, eventually, a group of backyard punks lost and tried to kill John, but Joseph saw his talent and interveined with his charisma and special talents. His voice was hypnotic when he convinced the thugs with a short talk "Let me handle him." he said soothingly "I can make him into a real fighter, and you guys can become famous by saying you fought the John Harper." John had told him his name only minutes before and was amazed as the apparent leader of the thugs said "Huh, I guess we would get more buisness if we were famous. Deal!". At that very moment John said "I owe you my life! I will do whatever you ask of me, whatever it is!" Joseph looked at him with a smile and said "Very well, become my Guardian and keep me safe, in return, you shall never worry of death or harm again!"

At Age Thirteen
      Kyle was a different story, however. Joseph had reached his teens and was feeling rebellious, he had faked his I.D and gotten into a bar. John, although he had voiced his protest, obediently went with him. Joseph had walked around the bar and saw a ten-year-old kid smacked across the face after hearing "You freaking brat! I ordered McDuff, not a freaking McGill!". The child landed on the ground and although he did not cry, his eyes showed how deep he was hurt. He got back up and said "Sorry sir! I will get you a new one." Joseph approached the bartender and pointed to Kyle "Who's that?" he asked. The bartender looked at Kyle and said gruffly "You mean the brat? That's Kyle Stanavinch, his father was a drunk that couldn't pay his debts. His wife died giving birth and Kyle was considered an evil child. His father thought he could kill two birds with one stone and sold Kyle to pay off his debts. Baddest deal I ever made. He is a brat, and on occassion, I can almost swear he takes out of the cash register. Oh well, my shift is over." the bartender looked into the kitchen and yelled "Hey Marco! Your shift!" with that the bartender left and Joseph watched as "Marco" walked over the the cash register. Joseph was very good at hiding and the new bartender opened the register silently when the same drunk man that hit Kyle screamed "Slave waiter! Hurry up with that damn beer!".

      The bartender quickly pulled out two one-hundred dollar bills when everybody looked the other way at the drunk man. Joseph noticed however. The Bartender continued his buisness as if he had never done a single thing. John decided there and then was the time to get Kyle, he knew Kyle was a good choice because he watched what Kyle did in the kitchen. Kyle reached into the cabinet and pulled out a small tablet that was marked "Laxitive". He put the drink into the beer bottle and screwed the lid back on. Joseph looked natural as he watched Kyle serve the drunken man his drink. Kyle went back into the kitchen as the drunk man said "I gotta take a crap." and with that the drunk man ran into the bathroom. Joseph and John walked into the kitchen and watched unnoticed as Kyle listened to the man's retching and moaning through a vent. "That ought to teach him for hitting me!" he whispered to himself. Joseph walked behind him. "I see you are quite skilled in hiding, Kyle Stanivinch." with that Kyle jumped and looked at Joseph "Who the hell are you?" Joseph smiled and said "A friend, I know your past. I know what those people do to you, don't worry. I am not one of them, I am here to set you free!" Kyle gave him the look of oh-great-another-person-who-is-a-little-loopy. "Really? How do you plan to do that?" Joseph and John smiled "I can persuade them to let you free." Kyle looked skeptical "What do you want in return?" Joseph gave a smile "I only ask that you make a choice, either become my friend and Guardian, or instead choose to run for as long as possible before being re-captured." Kyle looked oddly at Joseph "Okay, if you can get me free of this slavery, I will become your best friend and guardian." Kyle had no idea of how Joseph planned on freeing him, but if Joseph could pull it off, he would be grateful.

       Joseph walked in front of the bartender with John and Kyle in tow "I want to free Kyle Stanivinch." the bartender gave a haughty laugh "Funny wise guy, no way in hell am I going to let you take the waiter away!" Joseph smiled "Would some photos change your mind?" the bartender had a breif flash of worry and spoke in a cracked tone "What kind of photos?" Joseph smiled and showed the man a photo. It was a picture of the bartender taking money from the register into his pocket. Joseph smiled even more darkly "Watch what happens when I put the photos together and move them real fast!" the photos sped down and it showed the bartender stuffing his pocket with the money. The bartender looked scared "If you never release those photos, your friend can go free." Joseph smiled "I am glad you see my point of view!" with that, the bartender opened a case and pulled out a dusty scroll of paper. Joseph looked at the contract and tore it into pieces. "You're free Kyle." Kyle was the happiest he had been in years. He hugged Joseph "Thank you! I owe you my life! Whatever can I do to repay you?" Joseph smiled as Kyle pried himself away from him. "As long as you are my friend and Guardian, I shall make sure that nobody else will ever harm you again."

Okay folks! I put some light on the covvie system of becoming slaves and gave some insight on Joseph's Guardians.

The Rise of the Imperium: Part 3
Date: 20 May 2006, 4:08 am

Joseph Brandenburg looked out of the limosine window and saw the downtown slums of the city. The sights were bleak, sick people who couldn't afford medicine, war veterans turned beggar. Joseph turned his sight from the slum inhabitants and heard the faint beeping of a cell phone call. He pulled out the cell phone and said in his usual calm tone, "Yes?" "There is a snitch that is going to tell the police about our deal!"

      On the rare occasion, Joseph's eyes took a dark glint. "Who is it?" "It's Leon himself! He's really burnt, but the cops have him in local prison, at least until the official trial." Joseph responded in his serious tone, the tone he always used when he made a decision "Then we kill him, in front of the cameras, in front of everybody. This is where we will take our stand. This is where we show the goverment it is us, not the goverment, who are charge!" Joseph hung the phone up and said to the limosine driver "Take us to the local Covenant boarding house. I have some calls to make."

      When the limosine stopped in front of a large apartment, a first glance would have thought it was a building set for demolishment. That was the standard of living for Covenant workers, however. Joseph walked to the front door and didn't even have to knock, the door was wide open and covered in mold. Inside of the halls, two Sanghelli were being beaten by three human police. The first cop made a rude hand gesture to a Sanghelli that appeared to have a dark right eye. The guard then spoke to the same Sanghelli in a snide manner "See what you get for being in human territory?! This is what you get for attacking humanity!" he kicked the Sanghelli once more and it coughed up blood. Joseph cleared his throat and the same guard was flanked by the two other guards, clearly lackies.

      "Who the hell are you? Another weirdo who wants to 'help the poor creatures?" the guard used a snide and insulting tone for his quote. Joseph had enough of that man, he was going to be calm however. "Leave the Sanghelli alone." "Says who?!" "I say so, and it would be best if you just leave these people alone." the guard gave a disgusted look at the word "people". "What makes you think these things are people?" Joseph then gave a smile "Well you shure as hell aren't." The guard gave a deep look of hatred. "Why you son of a bitch! Hey guys, I think this guy counts on the act of conspiring to assault and officer of the law. Let's teach him who's boss!"

      The two flunkies ran forward and pulled Bowie knives, clearly non-standard issue. The first went high with his knife to John, while the other tried to go for Kyle's legs. John pulled out his Guardian pole, which was a modified stun staff modified to give a paralyzing shock at each end. John jammed it into the crooked cop's face and the thug went down as the sharp end piercing into the skull and fried the thug's brains.

      Kyle jumped up and ran up the man's shirt. Kyle's left leg swung across the man's face and destroyed the man's jaw. The man flipped to the side and slammed into the wall, his skull spreading a clear downward streak of blood. The leader cop stared as both of his thugs were clearly killed.

      As the leader thug began to run, he ran into the Sanghelli who was in a torn white workshirt and a pair of floppy green jeans. The Sanghelli snorted in the officer's face and said "Remember how you said I was a worthless and unwelcome piece of shit? How I didn't matter? Guess what, you're the worthless one now!" with that the Sanghelli punched the officer in the jaw and as the officer stumbled back, he bumped into the second Sanghelli. The second snorted and grabbed the officer by the neck, "Squirm you piece of trash! Squirm! Feel the air leaving your lungs!" Joseph had seen enough, "Drop him. I know we can use him to destroy the real problem in this city!"

      The Sanghelli stared at Joseph and said to him into a dark tone, "Why should I listen to a nameless human?" Joseph used his talents and gave the Sanghelli a sense of trust to Joseph. "How 'bout we start this off on a friendly note?" the Sanghelli gave a small smile and released the gasping officer, who fell to the floor unconcious. "Sure. How about names? I am known as Nosa Fira'Mar. You may call me Norse." Joseph smiled "I am Joseph Brandenburg, you can call me Joseph."

      Joseph then looked at the officer, he walked over to the body and checked the badge. He saw on the badge that he was a cheif of police for the city. Joseph asked the second Sanghelli, "What is your name?" the second Sanghelli had a tougher tone, "I am known as Pola I'anara. You may call me Polsh."

      Joseph smiled, "Norse, could you please take the officer to an empty room? Before you do that, could you tell me why the cheif of police would want to go to here specifically?" Norse seemed to be hesitant, "Well, the humans found out that us Seperatists were planning to attack the local prison and free our imprisoned brothers. We have stockpiled hundreds of weapons in the basement." Joseph felt a strange twinge as his objectives were almost the exact same, "I also have to attack the local prison, mabye we could both work together to accomplish our goals?"

      Polsh smiled at Joseph, "You and the commander, I mean Norse, can attack the station with the others, I will guard the prisoner." Polsh motioned to the Cheif of Police's unconcious body. The Sanghelli opened a door and two Kig-yar ran out to carry the body into a locked room. The Sanghelli closed the door and Norse motioned for Joseph to follow him into the basement.

      The inside of the basement had dozens of crates that were marked "Foodstuffs". Joseph saw an opened case that, upon closer inspection, carried the shield-generating wristbands, Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistols, BR55s, M19 SSM Rocket Launchers, M90 Shotguns, a dozen MA5Bs, and even a pair of S2 AM Sniper Rifles. Joseph saw a crate marked "Car Parts". Joseph pried open the box and found a M41 LAAG inside of it. He searched through the cavern and found a subway tunnel. He remember that there was an abandoned tunnel network that led underneath the city, the police station must have also been connected.

      Joseph heard a honk and saw a M12 LRV converted to an APC. The back was an armored box that had Norse waiting outside of. Norse and Joseph quickly ran inside of the small APC and Joseph saw six Sanghelli in immaculate white armor along with three fellow humans, beside his Royal Guardsmen, that also were in white armor. Apparently other humans were against the corrupt goverment.

      Norse pulled out a small round object as the small caravan of Warthogs advanced through the tunnel network. Norse threw the object on the ground of the APC and a holographic image showed the police station from the tunnel up. The first stage of the plan was underway by a subway train smashin through the wooden barricade at full speed. The train would crash into the station and the squad would enter into the wake of the crash. The small team of Warthogs was a team of four, the first three were APC warthogs, the fourth was a supply warthog that carried enough explosives and ammunition that were meant for the final phase of the attack. The explosives would be placed in the prison section of the complex and when the police station was captured, the old UNSC flag would be raised and explosives would be set up around the pure-gold statue of the governer. The charges would destroy the symbol of Coalition power and be a true sign that the ideals of the UNSC lived on!

Rise of the Imperium: Part 4
Date: 26 May 2006, 9:20 pm

As the M 12 LRVs went down the abandoned track, Joseph silently slept, his nightmares of long days past haunting him.

Inside of Joseph's nightmare
      "Hey son! You're mom and me and gonna go shopping! Wanna come with?" Joseph looked up and his mother and father, both dressed casually, motion for Joseph to come along. He set down his toy train and quickly hopped into the car. The car ride was uneventfull, but if a regular person was in the car, they would have noticed the father's look of disgust at the recruitment signs of the Coalition. "We're here!" Joseph's mother said in a playful tone. The family got out of the car and Joseph's father split off from Joseph and his mother to go shopping for food. "Come one joey, we are going to get some candy! Sounds fun?" Joseph smiled and gave a nod. As the family did their shopping, Joseph saw his father near the checkout line. As the food was swipped, there was a loud roar and Joseph's mother and father both screamed as men in black suits, the Coalition infantry symbol on their armor, charged in. Joseph's mother, acting quickly, shoved her son into a closet. "Stay here honey! Don't say anything! After the men leave, go out and head here," she said, handing Joseph a hastily scrawled adress, "these people will take care of you!" He then saw a helmetless man with blond hair and green eyes point at his mother. The man was in a sergeants uniform and Joseph's mother quickly slammed the door shut.

      Joseph did as he was told and hid silently in the closet, he heard his mother scream as his father was killed by a headshot from an MA5B. His mother began to run the other way and was cut down by a burst of fire from two men. "Joseph!" she cried "Joseph!".....

      "Joseph!" he felt a familiar tug and awoke to see John shoving his shoulder. "Yes, my friend?" "Good, we are nearing the station. Arm up."

      Joseph quickly searched through the crate in the APC and picked up four M8 HE-DP grenades,two M6D pistols, an M90 and four Plasma grenades. He heard a massive explosion that felt as if hell itself had opened a gateway into the station.

      Joseph and the caravan quickly entered into the station by the tracks, the train's remains in a small clutter at the end of the tracks. Officers armed with almost every type of weapon imaginable began to enter into the station. The strike team of Sanghelli, Kig-Yar, Ungoggy, and Humans quickly set headed through the hallways. Joseph watched as his two Guardians tore through officers. Norse and his fellow Sanghelli cloaked and headed up a seperate path, trying to reach the cells. Norse and his fellow men would try to free the imprisoned Seperatists while Joseph and the main bulk of the strike group would take over the station, after clearing it of all resistance, they would then detonate the building after the prisoners were evacuated.

      Joseph quickly ran up the stair case and saw a pair of armed officers behind an overturned table, he raised his MA5B and fired a burst in between the eyes of the left officer, Kyle quickly ran up and then stabbed the right one in the chest with his pole. The second officer jolted and quickly died from the massive shock.

      Joseph and his two Guardians quickly ran up farther an farther, destroying any resistance they encountered. Joseph finally began to near the upper offices and met heavier resistance. Joseph fired short bursts that ended as headshots into small office cubicles on the floor. There was only one more floor before the main beam could be accessed. Little did Joseph or his Guardians notice a lone officer approach him. Joseph felt the metal of a gun barrel aimed at the back of his head. There was a loud screech and the officer was cut in half, organs spill onto the ground. Joseph then watched as Norse uncloaked, his glowing energy sword sputtering out as it was deactivated.

       Floors above, the second-in-command of the station watched as a specter of his former military days slowly came to his position. The second-in-command quickly ordered the remaining officers to form a last line in front of the upper offices. The SWAT teams had been held back until then and the united strike force neared the office. Joseph had a strange feeling that something of his past was about to meet him, as such, he quickly reloaded his MA5B and put down another officer with a headshot.

Rise of the Imperium: Part 5
Date: 16 June 2006, 1:50 am

      Joseph ran up the stairs and fired another burst. He saw Norse leap forward into the groups of SWAT teams holding up. The Sanghelli warrior quickly cut into the swarms, and Joseph saw two SWAT members aim at Norse. He saw the shooters and knew he was too late to move of his own, but not late enough to see them. Joseph was not in that situation however. He quickly snapped his rifle up and a burst from the MA5B gutted the two officers. Joseph reloaded and saw Norse leap over his ducking form, cutting down another officer. The two worked in unison with their fellow Seperatists to clear off room after room. The main method was a salvaged gernade thrown in and a quick sweep of the room after the detonation.

      Joseph knew he was nearing the central offices, which were near the structural defect on the building. The Seperatists quickly approached the offices, and encountered more and more resistance. Joseph knew he only had a few more minutes before the military arrived. He quickly threw a baby-blue orb of death from the few he had on hand, landing it on a SWAT officer, who promptly screamed and ran to his friends to remove it. The fool only helped in his friends' death.

      Joseph quickly prepared to clear an office, when he heard a sudden burst of gunfire, he already was opening the door. So much for working as a team he thought as the others took cover and returned fire. Joseph entered into the office and saw the spectre of his dreams.

Inside of the Station Cheif's Office
       Joseph looked at a mildly-obiese man who had thinning gray hair and eyes filled with fear. Joseph saw the former spectre's eyes dart to the colt on the table. Joseph felt enraged, this man, no monster that slaughtered his mother and father, this monster had attacked, without reprimand, the closest family he had. This monster was also one of the things that caused such vile corruption on Crete.

      Joseph's hand shot out to the gun and the pistol flew off of the table and into his right hand. The man's eyes went wide with terror as the pistol sailed through the air. Joseph stared with disintrest at the new ability, he may have been able to control the minds of the weak, but he hadn't been able to control objects on command yet.No! Focus on the rat bastard in front of you! he mentally corrected himself.

      Joseph stared at the green eyes and knew in an instant that this was the man that killed his mother and father. Joseph discarded the pistol, the gunfire ending with Norse and the other Seperatists entering into the office in silence. Joseph stared at the man, his eyes filled with hate and rage. He wanted to make the fat bastard pay for all the hurt he had caused. Joseph walked up to the large man and looked him right in the eye. "You rat bastard, you know who I am?" he said, venom in his voice. The fat man nodded, looking like he might urinate himself at any time.

      Joseph's right hand went over the man's throat, leaving him to gasp for air. Joseph let go as the monster neared unconciousness. The fat man gasped and let out the first words since Joseph entered. "I killed your parents, yeah. They were innocents, but guess what buddy?" Joseph felt a new urge to end the monster's life with the handgun he had taken. "I not only killed them and enjoyed it, but your next. Even if you kill me, the goverment will know it was you!" Joseph had enough of this prick. He grabbed the officer, and after pistol whipping him with the butt of the gun a few times, placed the man in handcuffs.

      Joseph personally took the man to the beam where the explosives were set up, all the while, the man begged for his life. Joseph finally cuffed the man to the beam and gave him a punch in the Solar Plexus for revenge. "I should have killed you with a claymore, but I am going to show you mercy you didn't show my parents. I will let you die crying and torn to shreds by the plasma charge. Du Hast Mother Fucker" were Joseph's last words before he and the others promptly made their getaway. Joseph gave a smile and thumbed the detonator as the small ring of modified LRVs moved down the tunnel. There was a deafening roar and the tunnels held as the station collapsed.

      The group didn't waste a moment to spare when they returned. Polsh looked expectantly and the entire complex began to party at the victory. Joseph quickly led the party to the large house he stayed at when his parents were killed. The family was more than happy to let the group in, not only at the news of the monster's death, but also at the sight of their equivalent of a son.