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The Ghosts:Silver Eagle Down by Sergeant B

The Ghosts: Silver Eagle Down(Chapter 1)
Date: 31 August 2003, 2:42 AM


Sergeant Akers with his Platoon of Marines fired on the charging grunts and Jackals. There Silver Eagle has been shot down.They had few supplies.They were left to die in the Covenant city. There was little chance of Survival.

"How is the look down there, Lieutenant?, said Akers."Pretty good. I've spotted no heavy weapons down their yet. Our drop point is clear also. Wait. dammit! 2 Banshees closing in. Get ready for Plama Fire. Plasma came down, destroying the engines."I'm losing her! SHIT! Get ready! The Silver Devil dove down, crashing into the hard rock."Shit!", Private 1st Class Johnson. Corporal Hackerson checked to see if the Lieutenant survived. When he opened the door, blood came flowing onto the floor. He saw the Lieutenant, only to see her bloody dead body, with one of its arms cut off. He exited the cockpit. All of them pulled out there M755 SAW guns, getting ready to fight.

"We lost Silver Eagle Quake 057, Sir." Colonel Georgeson starred at the screen. "What do we have left?", the Colonel replied. "10 more Silver Eagles, 50 Pelican mark 2's and Hawk(H) Company ready to go at your signal, sir."
"DAMN! Those Covenant assholes have destroyed most of our Silver Eagles, and Bravo Company, has been totally obliterated! I hate them bastards. They killed my parents when I was a little feller. Now I will kill them bastards with my own shit!"

"2nd squad, move to Sector 5/24. 1st squad will get to the hill at Sector 9/24. Now move out!" Both squads moved to there positions. As soon as 1st squad got up to the hill, Private Vezelington tried to radio any other squads. He was succesful."This is 1st squad of Bravo company."Is there any UNSC Personnel out in the field? Repeat, any UNSC personnel respond." "Roger that 1st squad. This is 8th squad. We here you." "Where are you?" "We are at Sector 3/20." "Then get your asses up here to Area 24!"

2nd squad members returned fire at the Covenant aliens. Corporal Hackerson used his shotgun to blast the heads of the Elites off. It was bloody hell out there. Reinforcements kept coming. Both squads were getting beaten.

8th squad had a little trouble getting to Area 24. They had been blocked multiple times, firing at the Covenant. 8th squad finally reached 1st and 2nd squads position."Hey sir! DUDE! It's been hell, man. Private 1st class Dackas with "his" squad of marines ran to the Sergeant."Hello Private!Long time no see. It's been...what.Damn. Forgot.Maybe 5 years?" "We've been looking for survivors so long. I'm happy to see you sir." "I hope you are happy now. LOOK!"

"Sir, I think we should put reinforcements in the combat zone sir. I mean like. There could be survivors out there, fighting their asses off like Operation Rocky(It was an operation during the Grenada Rebellion. A taskforce of 100 Marine Rangers landed on Grenada to capture the Commanders of the rebellion. All the Devil's Wing Dropships were destroyed, ending in a failure and only 5 Rangers survived the conflict. Later on, Operation Rocky2 was a success)."No reinforcements Lieutenant.We can't risk the lives of fellow marines. We don't know if there is survivors out there. Tommorrow, we will send in a Marine Ranger unit of 50 to look for survivors."

4 Hunters came firing their Fuel Rod Guns at the marines. Sergeant Akers used his SAW Gun to fire at the Hunter. It didn't do any damage, but held the Hunters long enough for the snipers to get set. Private Raghdadson, Private Yankerman, and Private Daving settled onto the hill and fired their Sniper Rifle rounds at the Hunters' shield, harmesly bounce off the invicible armor. One of the marines threw a grenade, making the Hunter jump. It made the oppurtunity for one of the snipers to shoot the Hunters' back. It fell to the ground hard, hard enough to make dirt fly up.

It was getting dark, and the marines had to fine shelter. 2nd squad found a place to hide. The rest of the marines went inside the cave. Sergeant Akers stepped in."Okay, I think we're the only ones left here. Okay, each squad will take 1 hour shifts. 1st squad, 2nd squad, then 8th squad.

Sergeant Akers walked around the cave with his fellow squadmates in the cold night. He was tired, probably not ready for any action. He sat down, and turned on his walkman."Holy shit. I wish I had become a doctor when I was 16." "Sir, our shift is over. Time to wake up 2nd squad."

The Ghosts: Silver Eagle Down(Chapter 2)
Date: 1 September 2003, 8:10 PM

5 banshees whirled around the broken Covenant City, looking for Covenant or Humans left from yesterday's battle. Seeing nothing, they flew back to their base.

Private Raghdadson lowered his sniper rifle as the 5 banshees flew away. It was 0600, 1 hour until all of the marines would have to wake up. Private 1st Class Anderson waked up Sergeant Akers as he stepped to his blanket(from his backpack). The Sergeant immediately woke up, then pushed his men up from the cold dirt.

Colonel Georgeson looked at the monitor as his Lieutenant called for any survivors.
"Damn. The Covenant must'a whipped Bravo Company's ass like smashing a window with a 5000 megaton hammer. I wish there was at least one survivor. Okay, let's try one more time. Widen the Tracker range to the entire combat zone."

"Sir, look over there." Private 1st Class Johnson handed the MS Scope x50 to Sergeant Akers. It revealed a battlegroup of about 20 Elites, 50 Grunts, and 10 Jackals.
"Damn. YO Hackerson! Tell Dackas more Shit is comin' to tear us apart again!" 2nd and 3rd(Sergeant Akers called it 3rd squad for now) squads moved to their designated positions while 1st squad used their grenades to hold of the incoming Covenant. Finally, the aliens came close enough that Akers' squad had to retreat back to a position to fight the english-speaking alien invaders.

Private Sango used the last of his SAW magazine and put in another. For an hour, the 15 surviving marines of Bravo Company,8th marines shot charging covenant. The SAW rounds ripped through the elites' shields and grunt bodies. It was strong enough to destroy all of the Jackals' shields.

"Try to contact the survivors." The Lieutenant turned on the com link and yelled over the radio."Vector Base to Bravo Compny, does anyone read me? Vector Base to Bravo Company. does anyone read me?"
"Yeh I read you Lieutenant. This is Sergeant Akers of 1st squad. I have 1st, 2nd, and 8th squad with me. We need extraction now. Or at least reinforcements. God dammit. Come to Area 24 now! Hurry. Need Extraction.... come help.....

More hunters(6) came charging at the positioned marines. The SAW rounds bounced of the hunters' shields, without even scratching it. And behind the hunters were a Covenant Legion(1000 elites, 7000 grunts, and 2000 Jackals.
After killing the hunters(by luck), the snipers focused on elites and jackals, and rifleman focused on grunts and elites. By the time there were only grunts, the marines were almost out of ammo. After the grunts were shot down, all 3 squads scrambled on the streets, taking any weapon they could find.

"We're going to send a Pelican to pick up my men. And have 60 men in H5 Hummers, for cover fire. Do you understand that Lieutenant. I said it damn clear ya jackass."

"We're damn lucky to be alive sir." All the soldiers talked in the cave. "You're damn right Johnson. You are realy damn lucky to be alive. Your asses were almost sliced off by those bastards. Yup, they're fuckin' assholes." Suddenly, all of them heard the roar of 20 banshees firing at their position. Plasma came down hard, nearly missing Pvt. 1st class Dackas by an inch. Before the banshees flew away, Private Zuluey shot down one.
They went back to cave, resuming where they had left off.

3rd squad walked around the cave, bored. There was really nothing to be worried about, thought Anderson. He tightly grabbed his plasma rifle(he used up all of his SAW rounds, the rest had the same case). Suddenly he saw Covenant marching and firing their weapons. He ran and woke up everyone.

Instead of bullets and plasma flying, it was just plasma. The Plasma burned right through their hearts. Luckily, no marines were killed, but there was one wounded during the fight. It was Pvt. Klarkson. The Covenant had retreated back to their base. But before they could say "hoorah", more Covenant marched up.

All the H5 Hummers rolled down the street, firing at any hostiles. Above them was the Pelican Dropship. There were no hostiles until they were about a mile from Area 24. 5 banshees came roaring down, now using their Fuel Rod Cannons. The huge Green blast hit the Pelican, making the human machine explode into oblivian. The other Fuel Rod blasts either destroyed or severely damaged the Hummers. 1 Hummer came crashing into another, both of them blew up in flames. The surviving 2(1 damaged), pushed their pedals to the metal. Unfortunately, they weren't fast enough for the banshees. Even the gunners couldn't even one down. All 5 banshees charged up their Fuel Rod Guns and fired.

The Ghosts:Silver Eagle Down(Chapter 3)
Date: 3 September 2003, 7:48 PM

The Green Blasts hit the hummers. The vehicles burst into flames like their counterparts. Now the 15 marines of Bravo Company had to wait longer for extraction.

Sergeant Akers sat bored on the dirty ground. They had waited an hour for the Pelican to get to the extraction point.
"Sir, are they here yet!" Pvt 1st Class Johnson said.
"Not yet friend. Those pilots should be coming. I mean, like we've been sitting our asses tired for an hour, and NO sign of a pelican is here yet. I hope those son of a bitches didn't get the Pelican, or I sware I will make sure I shoot a Golden Elites in the Ass!"
"Sir, we have multiple Covie Dropships inbound. I suggest you load your weapons and get over here sir. We won't be able to hold 'em off that long!" At once, every marine picked up their plasma rifle, pistol, or needler and rushed out onto the area the Dropships were landing.
The wind blew into every soldiers' faces. Sand, rocks, and that kinda junk hit their faces. Each of them hid behind the rocks so the hard things would hit them.
8th Squad opened fire on the Covenant. 1st and 2nd squad followed.
"Okay, Dackas! Take your squad over to the east, 2nd to the west, and my squad will split to the north and south. Daving, Sango, you're with me. Johnson, you take Vezelington. Now let's move out men!!"
2nd squad and 8th squad crouched with ease to their positions. But Johnson and Vezelington were having a bit of trouble. There wasn't enough room for the 2 to go through 2nd and 8th squad's positions. They had to go through the Covenant lines. There was even a bit of friendly fire.
The Plasma Heat flowed through the wind, touching anything. The heat would burn the victim, but not severely, only a little. The 2 1st squadmembers ducked, crouched, sprinted, jumped, and rolled through the Covenant lines. They were really lucky to be alive,or even have only a slight burn because of friendly fire or enemy fire.
Even if the Covenant numbers were greater, the humans could win this battle.

"Dammit. We lost the Hummers and a Pelican. And those 2 pilots were like sons to me. Those Covenant bastards will really pay now! Okay, here's what we do, we will set up a strike team, probably Golf Company. Then we will contact the SS Yunary to use their V900 on the Covenant city. And don't worry Lieutenant, we'll only do it in area 19. That should only hit 5 areas, making 24 safe from blast. Now let's do our plan!"
"This is Vector Base to SS Yunary. Does anyone copy?"
"This is Lieutenant Browning of the SS Yunary speaking."
"We need to speak to the captain."
"Sorry, he is unavailable right now"
"This is urgent little feller.", Colonel Georgeson yelled.
"Oh, yeh, sorr..., sorry sir, I didn't know it was you. I will give the speaker to Captain Taggert."
"Hey Pete! How yer doin'?"
"Fine Bob. I need to talk to you about sutin'."
"Yes Pete, what?"
"We need you to fire one V900 at area 19. Okay"
"Sure, but, are you sure about this. V900's are really strong yer know.You could kill yer men in the field."
"I'm trying to save ma men ya big officer bastard. Sorry. Yer know me. Okay, just do it."
"Sure Powerful Pete."

The dropships kept coming, minute after minute. There was no stopping them.
Sergeant Akers ordered them to do a full retreat. They ran back all dirty, plasma bolts nearly missing them. They hid behind a big log that was good for cover. Still dropships kept coming. The sandy wind made good cover for a little, but after that, covenant charged up.
Hackerson figured the covenant had an advantage since the marines were tired and dirty, while the Covenant kept bringing in fresh legs. Before the marines were about to give up, a sudden blow shoke them. The blast destroyed everything. Fortunately, the covenant dropships were in the area where the missile range was. Also, some Covenant infantry/armor troops were destroyed in the blast.
The few Covenant troops retreated.

"That was awesome" Pvt. Johnson said. "So, why don't you all thank god that you lived. And also because we didn't have to shit in combat. Hey, don't you think your ass is tired?"
The Pelican landed on one of many of Vector Base's heliport platforms.
"Hello Sergeant Akers." The Colonel shook Akers' hand firmly. Sergeant Akers along with his squadmates saluted him. He made a gesture to put is hand down, and led them to a lab.
"Sergeant Akers, as you know, you and your platoon put up a good fight. So I think you and the other marines should be in our to project.
"What is it?"
"Project Ghost."