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The Covenant Chronicals by JsW116

The Heretic Zealot
Date: 3 September 2007, 4:49 am

Jaseek Otromee was on his way to a simulation test when he noticed a unusually large crowd meandering to the the High Council grav lift. He was curious, so he followed the bypassers to the lift. He arrived at the suprizingly packed council courtyard. He took his place amouge the back of the group next to a fellow elite, away from the squabbling grunts and jackals in front.
The crowd seemed rather excited and rather enthusiastic about the situation but Jaseek stared at them and wondered.
"You look confused brother, do you know what is going on?" the elite next to him asked.
"No, was there a fight?"Jaseek inquired.
"The Commanding officer that supposedly allowed the destruction of the sacred ring is being trialed by the Hirearks in the council chamber, I fear he will not fare well..."he said." The council is terribly fickle."
Jaseek had never liked polotics, they seemed like a waste of time and lives. Whenever something unthinkable happened, the council would always find someone to blame. Unfortunately, it was usually the highest ranking officer.
A metallic hiss interrupted his thoughts as the crowd backed away and cleared a path. A gold clad zealot strode along the path to the edge of the courtyard, escourted by three brutes. By the pleasure on the brutes faces, the zealot had lost the trial.
As he walked by some jackals hissed and snargled at him and a group of grunts chanted "Her-a-tic! Her-a-tic!", but despite the current circumstances, he seemed relatively calm. When he reached the edge of the cliff-like structure the crowds in the distant viewing bridges roared as the brutes attached cufflings to his wrists. Grav beams held his arms and legs in place as a yellowish light rushed throught them and shut his armor down, causing the lights on it to flicker and turn off and making the brilliant gold turn a blackened yellow. The elite seemed annoyed, years of combat and discipline and this was his thanks? They then stripped his armor off and he hung his head. A plasma heated rod came from a hatch on the floor. The brute chieftan picked up the intrument gladly as the elite lifted his head in suprize.
"Let this be an excample for all who would dare break from the covenant!" the chieftan proclamed as the crowd went wild.
He took the blazing hot rod and drove it into the elites chest, just by looking at the elites face he could feel the Zealots pain. He attempted to remain silent but the pain was too much, he lifted his head into the air and yelled a painful cry. Then he blacked out and fell silent from the pain. The crowd roared once more as the brutes carried thier prisoner away. Jaseek was not one of the thousands cheering the punishment of the Zealot. The poor officer probably did everything he could to stop the rings destruction and was wrongly accused. This made Jaseek anrgy.
"Sad, isnt it? Then elite he spoke to earlier said grimly." To see one of our brothers degraded like that...it gives all of the elites a bad name."
"True friend, true" Jaseek replied." I must get to my simulation, I am probably late..."
The elite nodded and said " I must be going too now, farewell"
They went their sepprate ways and Jaseek caught a ride on the overly crowded gravlift. He got a text alert in his neural hud which read: REPORT TO PHANTOM DOCKING BAY 14 IMMEADIATELY FOR BRIEFING. The call of duty...he hadnt been in battle for a while. Fortunately, the docking bay wasnt very far off, so after pushing through crowds of traffic on the walkways and a few more gravifts he was there. He grabbed a beam rifle and a few grenades of a supply pod and used one of the phantoms gravlifts to get aboard. He noticed he was one of the early ones judging that there were only four other elites and a few grunts in the phantom. He took his place on the wall and started to check his weapon when he was interrupted by another elite next to him.
"This is going to be exciting!" He declared." I havent seen the glory of battle for a while!"
"Nither have I brother" Jaseek answered
"Mabey Ill even get a little souvaneer to bring back and show my comrads if all goes well!" He said excited.
Jaseek looked at him and said " Lets hope so brother!"
The recent event had made him angry. In the next few hours, he would be able to take his anger out on something...

The Heretic Zealot: Part 2
Date: 21 September 2007, 5:29 am

The Phantoms lifted off and sped out of the docking bay at High Charity with thier distinctive loud buzzing noise past the grayish orange wreckedge that used to be Installation04. Jaseek, along with 9 other gray clad Spec. Ops. Elites and a squad of Grunts took of for whatever danger was lurking in the massive gas planet Threshold. He eyed his Beam rifle, his weapon of choice. Jaseek had never been very fond of close combat, sniping suited him just fine.
Moments after the take off the Spec. ops. Commander stepped into the Phantoms cramped, dimmly lit chamber. He began to recite a speech of some sort.
"When we joined the Covanent, we took an oath..." He said.
"According to our station, all without exception!" The Elites promptly replied.
"On the blood of our fathers, and On the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold the Covenant!"he continued.
"Even to our dieing breath!" They said in unison.
"Those who would break that oath are heretics, worthy of neither pity or mercy!"he said as Jaseek raised his rifle with anticipation.
"Even now, they use our Lords creations, to broadcast thier lives..."
"We shall grind them into dust!"they all said with enthusiasm.
"And continue our march to glorious salvation!" he concluded with a triumpthful sound in his voice.
That little speech had gotten everyone in the vessle even more battle hungry that before. This wasnt just a routine mission like before! There were heretics to kill!
" Haha!" the Elite next to him bellowed." this is even better that I had thought!"
The Phantoms neared the old Forunner mining station and the soldiers did thier last pre-battle checks. Grunts made sure they had enough methane in thier reserves for the mission. Elites double checked thier weapons for defects and plasma levels, they were ready.
The Phantoms descended onto the mining platforms battered surface and unleased thier passengers. Jaseek was in the first squad of soldiers to make the journey through the emense structure. He saw the yellow-orange sky and the foreboading storm underneath the station, he hoped they got out before it hit.
There was no time for that, there was a battle to be fought. He watched the Elite near the door tamper with the strange Forunner control pad with turqoise markings that swivled in different ways.Then the Arbiter, folowed by two Elites came down the ramp and the others seemed to stare in amazement at the chosen warrior of the Prophets.
Minutes later the door swung open with a quiet thud and everybody shuffled into yet another cramped space.
"Engage active camofloash, reveal yourselves only after the Arbiter has joined battled with the enemy." Jaseek reminded the stealth squad and, heeding his words, they all began to fade from sight. Except for the Arbiter, who had an older more elaborate and traditional armor than the sleek and modern armor the others wore.
The room made an erie hissing noise as the depressurizasion occured and the other set of metallic doors swung open as the Arbiter simotaniously vanished with his temporary camo and headed through the door as the others followed close behind.
Inside were the heretics, a pitiful group of Grunts and Elites who needed to have thier "truth" silenced. There was a heretic Elite walking in front of them, completely unaware of the danger near him. He wore a stripped down brown colored verson of thier Covanent armor, and used a breather of some sort. He was fiddling with a device in the middle of the room when the Arbiter silently ended his worthless excistance with a bone crushing blow to the back of the head and sent him to the floor with a thud.
Jaseek headed to the corner of the room as the Arbiter hid to recharge his camo and came across a sleeping Grunt. It wore two primitive looking bright blue glowing methane tanks on its back and used a breather similar to the Elites. Oh how he wanted to kick the little creature in the face and erase it from his site but he restraned himself.
The Arbiter continued about his work and nearly neutralized every enemy in the area when a heretic Elite on his patrol route saw the scores of dead soldiers and was about to run and warn the others when a barrage of plasma fire consumed him.
Nearly every hostlie in the loading bay had heard the plasma bolts wizz through the air and advanced on the warriors position. The good thing was that they had the high ground here and the enemy would have to fight thier way up the slope to get to them...great conditions for sniping.
He took his place on the platform next to a Grunt who set his plasma cannon up there and began his bloody work. He saw some more heretic Grunts waddling about in panic of the Elites rushing thier position. They seemed to almost randomly fire in the enemies general direction and purple needles bounced off the walls in almost mezmerizing patterns. He expertly sniped three of them in the head and blew a hole in ones methane tank which sent it skidding across the floor while suffocating. He also saw several heretic Elites battling the Covanent soldiers up the ramp with Carbines.
They knew Covanent battle techniques very well because they too, at one time, were Covanent soldiers. It was sad to admit, but they were challenging adversaries. One took a fatal shot to the head, and the other retaliated and took cover but forgot the Arbiter with his energy sword was right behind him and shortly after, died.
The battle was over shortly after and they headed down the ramp to gather what little supplies the heretics carried with them. They made thier way into an elevator room and once again activated their camo and waited for the Arbiter to do his job.
He quickly and soundlessly cut down a pair of Grunts when suddenly, the elevator lift brought up a squad of Elites and Grunts. With few options at the time, he tossed a plasma grenade which adhered to an unfortunate Grunt and caused him and his partner to explode in a ball of blue flaming light. The Elites on the other hand were saved by thier shields and the grenade did little more than make them mad.
They shot an ally Grunt in the chest and killed it, sending bright blue blood to the floor. Jaseek took his place behind an ammo conainer and began to try and get a better shot at the enemy. Something wasnt right, were was the other Elite?
He had no time to think because the heretic jumped over the container and knocked Jaseek onto the floor. They were in a locked struggle over Jaseeks rifle. He pushed backwith all his might but it seemed he would lose this fight.
That is until he let go for split second and cunningly activated a grenade on his belt and pushed him back with his legs. The startled Elite only had time to look at the grenade in astonishment before he was turned into a purple smear on the wall.
Jaseek recovered his rifle, licked his mandibles, and took a deep breath. THIS is why he didnt like close combat.
"Well done brother!"His Elite companion declared." But do try to pay closer attension in the future alright?"
"Ill take heed of your words" He replied.
They all boarded the lift and faded from sight once more as they descended into the carvernous room below. He saw floating machines all over the room carrying gas containers and patroling the airspace but for some reason they were aiding the heretic...strange.
"Sentinals, the holy warriors of the sacred rings... Why have they sided with these heretics?"His friend said, almost in a whisper.
That was excactly what he was thinking.
When they reached the bottom of the lift, the Arbiter dashed off to find a target as they opened fire on the heretics. The green tell-tale Carbine shots and plasma fire whizzed pass eachother, and for a moment it was total chaos. The Sentinals did thier best to make thing even more frustrating by spraying golden beams of hell onto the Elites.
He tried to get a good angle on the annoying Grunts who were sending exploding needles in every direction and took a few out with three or four good shots.
In the midst of the firefight one of his fellow Elites with a downed shield took a couple shots to the leg and dropped on one knee. The other fell back and dragged him behind a pillar and said,"Ill care of his wounds, you hold them back!"
"Ill do what I can!" he replied over the noise of the battle.
He threw two grenades into the fray of enemies below which made them scatter but didnt break thier offence. He got a head shot on an Elite but was soon pushed back into cover by a barrrage of weapons. There were too many, too many for one Elite.
Just when he was about to fall back the hangers massive doors opened and the gleaming purple hull of a phantom came into view. Help at last!
It hovered into the room and mowed down all the heretics in its sited with its plasma cannons. When every one of them was transformed into a smouldering pile and every Sentinal was grounded they regrouped under the phantom in the middle of the hanger.
It dropped off two more grunts and another Elite and then made its way back outside into the swirling winds.
"How goes the battle?" the newcomer asked.
"Just a few small annoyances as you can see." The wounded Elite said as he gestured towards the patched up leg.
"Ah, Well, we should be going...I am eager to kill some heretics!"
The next hour or so was reletively easy... they traveled through small corridoors and used their active camo to play hell with the unaware heretics. The Arbiter swiftly took out all the enemies with the other Elites help and had no mishaps. All was going according to plan, and they were closing in on the heretic leader. Mabey this mission would be over sonner than he had thought?
In the last room they came across what was a large glass window, and there behind it was the heretic leader... their prize. He was accompanied by two other heretic Elites and a few Grunts.
"Deal with them my brothers...I will defend the Orical." He told them.
They went through a door leading inside.
"Charge them!" One of his friends yelled as they made a mad dash towards the attackers.
Jaseek Tried to snipe them but only got few shots out before the Beam rifle ran out of battery, he discarded it and pulled out his plasma rifle...no more sniping from here.
The Arbiter went berzerk on the remaining enemies with his energy sword that survived the firefight and soon it was over.
"I fear we have lost a couple Grunts, that leaves one left." An ally said.
"uh...can me go back to Phantom now? hehe...Me like living...eh?"the remaining Grunt squeaked nervously.
"Yes yes...you can go back, now hush up..."One elite said slightly irritated.
The Arbiter got into a rag-tag stripped down version of a Banshee and set off with the Phantom to look for more heretics in the windy storm. Jaseek and the others got into another Phantom for a break. They would need to restock on ammo and rest for a minute.
Jaseek was exhausted...his heart was pounding extremely fast and he was still a little tense...but ok. Once again he took a deep breath. There was no dought he was going out again, he'd need to rest.
"uuuaaaaaawwwwhhhh....I could use a nap...that was some battle eh, brother?" The Elite he'd been with for the past hours said, yawning.
"Indeed, but I am looking foward to getting back to the staition...this would be quite the story to tell, huh?"
Jaseek said gladly.
"Whats your name? You did quite well out there...Exceptional aim!"he asked
"Jaseek Otromee....yours?"
"Aheed Osantaree"he replied.
"Pleasure to meet you brother, you didnt do bad yourself out there."Jaseek said"We will be going out again soon, it should get interesting."
"Lets make a deal friend, Ill watch you back out there, and you watch mine, Deal?"He inquired.
Jaseeks mandibals transformed into something the equivolent of a human grin.