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That Old Feeling... by !Viva!

That Old Feeling
Date: 17 November 2005, 9:06 pm

That Old Feeling Prologue

This is my first fan fic so I don't expect it to be great...I the prologue comes form the Fall of Reach, but for the sake of background purposes bear with we...so now i give you That Old Feeling.....enjoy..

Nov 27 2525
Unknown Covenant Starship in orbit over Chi Cheti 4

"I'm getting a radiaton reading this way." Kelly said. She indicated deeper into the bowels of the alien ship. She and the other two green armored clad humans started deeped down into the corridor and took a side branch. Kelly stopped for a moment and dropped a Nav. Marker. Two blue triangles flashed once on the their HUDs.

They soon came up to another door. John and Sam , the other two Spartans, flanked Kelly to cover her while she opened the door. A second later the door opened. A Jackal stood ready for them. Its energy sheild already activated and its plasma pistol pointed at the intruders. Kelly and John opened fired on the alien at once, only to have their bullets deflected by the jackals shield. Sam watched as the alien's finger squeezed on the pistol's trigger , sighting right on John. Sam lept and barrled John out of the boiling enegries path. A flare of light lit the corrider as Sam's armor took the blast. He landed clutching his side but manged to raise his assault rifle and add his own bullets to the fight. The three Spartans kept up their fire trying to overwhealm the Jackal's defense's, but to no avail. Though the Jackal didn't have that problem. It discharged round after round into what it took to be the highest threat, the biggest of the Spartans....Sam.

The fight kept up for several seconds untill John charged forward kicking the shielf aside and fed the jackal his muzzle. The vulture-esque alien fell to the floor with the back of his head splatter on the wall. John turned and Sam to his feet. "I'm okay, just a little singed." Sam said clutching his blackened armor. John look at him with concern. "You sure?" Sam waved his friend away. Together they entered what might have been the ship's reactor room and were immedatly spotted by another patrolling jackal. It screeched and dove for cover. "Trouble" John said as he watched the Jackal take off before he could fire. "I've got a idea." said Sam as he limped over to a nearby window with some strange pulseing tube running far below them . "Hand me those warhead." The other two Spartans did as he asked. "We shoot out that window, set the timers on the warhead, and toss them down there. That should start the party."
John nodded "Let's do it before they call in reinforcements.

The three spartans turned and opened fire on the window shattering it into bits.
"Toss the warheads then let's get out of here." Sam said. John set the timers. "Three minutes. That'll be enough time to get topside and get away." John looked at Sam.
"You'll have to stay and hold them off. That's a order."
Kelly, alarmed turned to John. "What are you talking about?"
John glanced back at her "Sam knows."
The big Spartan nodded. "I think I can hold them off that long." He glanced at John then Kelly and turned to show his damaged armor. In the side a hold the size of a fist was burnted though with his bare flesh underneath charred black. He tried to smile but his teeth were more gritted in pain.

"Thats's nothing." Kelly said quickly. "We'll get you fixed up in not time. Once we get back...." she froze in mid sentence as it finally dawned on her.

"Exactly." Sam said softly. "Getting back is the problem."
"The hole.." John said and reaches out and touched it. "We have nothing to seal it with."
Kelly shook her head not wanting to belive.
"If I step off of this boat I'm dead." Sam shrugged causally.
"No, everyone gets out alive. We don't leave teammates beging." Kelly growled.
"He has his orders." John said.
"You've got to leave me," Sam said softly to Kelly. "And don't tell me you'll give my your armor. It took those techs on Damascus fifteen minutes to fit us. I wouldn't even know where to unzip this thing." He tried to smile, hoping the faint humor would help them.

John turned his eyes to the deck and balled up his fist. Chief Mendez had told him he would have to send men to their deaths, but he didn't tell him it would feel like this.
"Don't waste time talking," Sam said. "Our new buddies aren't going to wait for us while we try to figure this out." He reached over and started the timers. "There. It's decided. Now-get going you two." A three minute timer appeared on their Huds. John clasped Sam's hand and squeezed it. Kelly stalled for a moment then saluted. John turned and grab Kelly by the arm. Come on, Spartan. Don't look back." The truth though that if he didn't want to look back. If so he would stop right there and wait by his friend. But he had to set a example to the other Spartans, Live to Fight Another Day......

John bolted upright out of his bed, breathing hard........

...next chapter....Live to Fight Another Day coming soon...

That Old Feeling Ch 1: Live to Fight Another Day
Date: 18 November 2005, 5:26 pm

That Old Feeling

Chapter 1: Live to Fight Another Day

June 12 2560
Centarui System, Centarui 3 a.k.a Second Earth

John sat up quickly as the dream faded to the confines of his mind. He sat there for a remembering what had happened the last few years. The Fall of Reach, The battle onboard the Pillar. The fight against the Flood on the ring world Halo and its eventual destruction. He stand up and walks over to a nearby table where his Mark VI armor lays. It has been several years since the end of the Covenant War. With the help of the Rebel Covenant, the humans were able to defeat the forces of the Prophets. Though the Covenant still survives they no longer have the power to intrude upon the Human-Rebel held space. Everything seemed fine...untill the Flood showed up.

John started to don his armor as the memories continue to pour into his mind. No one really knows where they came from, some say maybe they were on the Forerunner ship that Truth took to Earth. But were ever the came form it made no diffence. The outcome was still the same. Earth was lost to the Flood. Despite the best efforts of the United Galactic Space Command, the new organization that replaced the human-only United Nations Space Command, most of Earth was lost before people started to evacuate. The Sangheili Section suggested that the planted be glassed to ensure the destruction of the parasite, but the humans couldn't stand to see their home world destroyed strongly opposed any such suggestion. Earth now considered a hostile battleground. Five assaults have been made upon the Flood-held planet but all were repelled with massive loses. John locks his helmet in place then heads outside of his quarters.

The remains of the Earth inhabitants fled to the Centarui System, the nearest one near Sol. Where the human tired to rebuild there lives on Second Earth.

Birds chip over head and the scent of pine trees flows though his filters, with the slight metallic taint of the suit. The bluish green sky lingers seems to touch the tall snow capped peaks of the Moue-Ran Mountains. John turns and heads down the rows upon row of small plastic quarters. Two blue clad elites stop and press their clenched fists to their chest and lower the heads in salute. The Spartan gives a quick nod and conties on to the mess. The large white tent rises in the middle of Alpha Base. Activity bustles around it in the first rays of the bright red sun.. Grunts tousle around outside barking and chittering in their strange tongue. Elites and human share combat stories and compare scars over warm breakfast, while Hunters stand in pairs like their own personal club conversing with their bond brothers. A few minutes later the chief , hears a familiar voice call out over the noise. He turns his head and lets himself a rare smile as he spots Linda and the other remaining spartans. John turns and starts to head over to their table when his memory of Sam's death flashes though his mind again. The chief stops for moment then shakes his head. Fred moves his tray over to let John sit down. John looks over his team. Fred and Linda chatting away while Will sits quietly over his food. John thinks about his friends that he has lost. His family. His Spartans. Fred looks over at John and notices his quietness.
"Hey everything okay Chief?" Fred asks
The Chief snaps out of his mental seclusion and stares at Fred.
"Yeah I'm fine."
Fred shrugs then reaches over and tires to pilfer a piece of sausage form Will.
His arm never makes. With blinding speed Will grabs his wrist and looks him in the eyes.
Fred laughs and says to Linda "Hey look i got him to speak!"
John was about to say something when he notices a red armored grunt standing beside the Spartans.
"Me sent by Admiral Hood. He want speak with Spartans." the grunt says.
The Spartans exchange looks with each other then rise and head to the HQ.

After a short walk the Spartans arrive at the large duracrete bunker that makes up the HQ
Two Hunter guards stand by the door on lookout for any danger. After the Spartans pass the security checks they are hurried into a the large briefing room. The room contains a large table placed in the middle where elite, hunter, human and grunt ambassadors sit talking while they for the briefing to begin.

Lord Hood stand and the congregation quiets down. Lord hood clears his throat then pauses as trying to decide how to start.
"As we know the Flood have taken over Earth." he begins.
"Our war with them has only been to drive them back to the dark pits form wince they came."
Then the Admirals eyes darken and he drags in a ragged breath.
"We have managed to keep a level of containment for over these past few years; but i'm afraid now that containment has finally been breached."
Mummers echo throughout the assembly.
Hood raises his hands to quieting them down.
"What makes it worse, is that the ship infected was not on any of our registers. Which mean's it Covenant."
A white armored elite stands up.
"Are you suggesting we will have to fight both the Prophets and the Flood? We don't have the resources to do that!"
"There are billions of Flood down there!" said the Sangheili.
Admiral Hood stares at the Elite. "Well the good news it that the Flood have not left out system. Though our intel tells up that the flood have been shuttling back and forth form the ship, but we have no clue what they are up to. So. The High Council has asked that a small strike force be assembled for a covert op. on Earth to learn what the Flood are up to."
"Sir! requesting permission to lead the op!" Master Chief said.
The assembly turns and regards the Spartans. Then another voice echoes throughout the room.
"I shall also do battle with the Parasite." Out of a secluded corner overlooked by most a decoratively armored Elite steps out. Immediately the Elites salute the Arbiter.
After several minutes a group is selected to stage the op.

I promise the next chapter will have some action in it..i just wanted to deliver a good background to the story

next chapter............Chapter 2: Reunion

That Old Feeling Chapter 2 Reunion Part I
Date: 23 November 2005, 5:59 pm

That Old Feeling

Chapter 2: Reunion part I

June 14 2560
Centarui System, Second Earth

The Master Chief calmly looks over his squad. 3 Spartans, and 4 ODSTs. The ODSTs might have been a problem due to their hatred for the Spartans, they might that is if they weren't be led by Sergeant Avery Johnson. He reviewed again the ODSTs record. Apparently they all had Boren Syndrome, the only known way to resist the flood. He
cast a glance to the side looked over the second squad.

The Arbiter frowned as he looks over his soldiers. Two Hunters, 5 Elites and 12 Grunts. According to orders they were the heavy fire power in this op. He had requested that all Elites carry a Energy sword, along with Carbines. The projectile weapons work much better on the flood if you know where to fire. Six of the grunts carried fuel rod cannons while the other half sporting needlers. They weren't taking any chances. The plan was simple, land on Earth and his squad will provide a distraction to give the humans a chance to secure a dropship. They could've'e boarded the craft itself, but unless they could immediately secure the grav lift and hangar bay then they
were in for one hell of a fight. The Arbiter clicks his lower jaws once then turns to his squad to review the plan one more time.

The Chief looks over the Arbiter as the Elite address his soldiers. The plan was risky. Due to the nature of the mission His squad couldn't rely on heavy firepower and still be mobile enough to strike. After years of combat against the Flood the simple flanking tactic proved to be the most effective. The Spartans and ODSTs would engage the enemy with MA5B Assault rifles and SMGs. While in the
meantime the Rebels would come up form a angle and pound the approaching flood with heavy weapons and accurate fire.

At the set time the Strike team set out for the Landing pads. The quickly boarded a ONI Prowler. The craft lifted off and broke orbit. Once past Centarui 3's gravity well. It leapt into slipstream.

Dec 1 2525

Location: Unknown..

Sam's eyes opened slowly. And was startled to notice that he was lying in a warm bed.Something was wrong. "Shouldn't I be dead?" thought the Spartan. He closed his eyes shut for a moment then opened them slowly.

"Are you okay son?" a strangely familiar voice said for his left. Sam turned his head and gaped in disbelief. Standing in the tent's entrance was was none other than Chief Petty Officer Mendez. Mendez cracked a small grin behind his Sweet William cigar that stuck out form the right side of his mouth.

Sam immediately tried to snap to attention but the movement sent a sharp pain though his body.

"He shouldn't do that." Spoke another voice. Except this one was smoother and had a eerie undertone to it. Behind Chief Mendez stood a ten foot tall human or so he thought at first glance. As Sam looks closer he notices that the creature's veins pluses with a dull white light and its eyes seem to all knowing.

As if the creature could sense Sam's thought he spoke. "Do not fear Reclaimer. I am a Seeker of the Forerunner. You are on Veron, the last world of the forerunner. You were brought here to help raise the next generation of Reclaimer's called Spartans."Sam blinked not understanding "But how.." "Rest now Reclaimer." The
Seeker interrupted.
Sam hesitantly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

June 18 2560

Sol system, Approaching Earth.

A dark shape slides across space, a shadow upon a shadow. The Prowler emerges form the dark side of Luna and the view screens fill with a Covenant Assault Carrier. Dropships taxi back and forth form the open hangar bays and the planets surface.
Flight officer Medders leaned forward over the controls to peer closer at the view screens. "What are they doing?"
"That's what we are here to find out." said a male voice behind him.
Medders glanced over his shoulder and saw a Spartan standing over him. He suppressed a shudder. He didn't like the fact that he could never tell who was who with the Spartans.
"Right. Approaching Earth's atmosphere in 15." Medder said . The Spartan only response was a subtle nod. Medders hesitated for a moment. "Sir, This isn't a dropship, so how are your team going to get to the surface without me having to burn this ship up?" The Spartan turned his yellow visored helmet to the marine for a moment then pointed over to a newly installed covenant control panel. "This ship has a mini grav lift added on to it. That added to the experimental teleport system means that all you have to do is a fly by over the LZ and we will do the rest. The Flight officer nodded slowly. "Yes sir." There had been problems with the teleport system in the past. Men who reappeared inside out, or with body parts where they shouldn't be. Though it worked some of the time and had been a real asset in the Flood-War by not risking ships to be boarded. He felt sorry for the strike team. This was a suicide mission at best, but then again they had done the impossible before. Medders glanced back at a few of the controls.
"Establishing slingshot orbit now." Medder said.

That Old Feeling Chapter Two Reunion Part Two
Date: 29 November 2005, 6:54 pm

Hope you are enjoying the story so far. I know its not much nor as good as some of the others. Anyway. I kinda feel strange having to split the second chapter up into three parts, but I'm making this up as I go. Anyway just a heads up to be prepared for the main perpestive to shift. ohh and feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I'm new at this. so enough rambling here's part two of Reunion

That Old Feeling Chapter Two: Reunion part Two

June 18 2560
Sol System, onboard ONI Prowler nicknamed "Shadow III" in slingshot
orbit above Earth

"Establishing Sling-Shot orbit now." The pilot called into the intercom.

The Arbiter motioned to the the center of the cargo bay. The Hunters, Eiou Magi Naku and his bond brother Orna Magi Pauo took the far outside of the disk shaped region. Elites then formed the outside ring between the two hunters with the Spartans and Marine's next.
The Grunts due to their rather weak armor were placed in the center.

"Approaching the LZ in 10!" Medders yelled.
The Shadow III rumbled and the heat notably rose as the ship plowed though the upper atmosphere. The Elites switched to their swords and faced outward.

"Beginning drop, hold on tight!" the intercom blared. The floor suddenly glowed a light purple and motes of yellow surrounded the team. Then in a flash they were gone. Medders checked his controls and confirmed that the team at least made it surfaced side, and pulled out to the cold dark vacuum of space.

June 18
Mission Time: 1305
Earth, ten miles south-southwest of Denver.

A combat form stretched what remained of its head up at the glowing red streak across the sky. Suddenly a ring of purple light surrounded it and it was ripped apart as atoms appeared betweened its own forceing them aside.

"Bah..I think I step in something." Growled a Elite. A grunt chittered behind him laughing.
"Scout out the immediate area and secure a perimeter." Arbiter barked. Two of the Elites disappeared and stalked into the shadows of the forest in which they landed.
The Chief looked around finding it hard to believe that this use to be Earth. Everything was overgrown with sickly looking green mounds. He couldn't help but be reminded of massive tumors. A testament to the cancer the Flood really are. He checked his equipment again while they waiting for the all-clear. They didn't have to wait long.

Two screams echoed throughout the trees,
followed by a several throaty growls. A few of the grunts opened fired in random direction out of panic. Trees and plants exploded in flashes of purple and green light. "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" the Arbiter yelled over the chaos. Slowly the grunts regained their composure and their fire slacked off. "My team establish a perimeter around the Landing Zone. Get ready for the Welcoming Commitee." John
"What? No girls in grass skirts?" one ODST said to his buddy.
"This is Colorado not Hawaii dumbass." his friend responded.
"Your a dumbass!" the first marine retorted.
Johnson turned to the marines. "Your both dumbasses so shut up and watch your fields." The Spartans and Marines spread out in a loose circle slowly
sweeping their weapons from side to side. A squeal echoed though the air as grunt dropped under the weight of 5 infection forms. "Hold still!" another grunt called and tried to pry them off but it was too late. The struggling grunt pushed away his freind and detonated a plamsa gernade taking the Infections forms with him. Gunfire erupted all over the place as human combat forms streamed
into the small clearing howling for blood. Even though the Flood had the element of surprise they soon fell by the dozens to the fuel rod cannons and needlers. Then as suddenly as the attack has started it was over.
John lowered his rifle and looked over the scene of the battle. Less than 15 minutes in and they had already had lost two elites and three grunts. It was not looking good.


Flight Officer Medders powered down the systems of the Shadow and it ran dark. "I've got the easy part..unlike those poor bastards." he thought. Medders reclined in the chair closed his eyes to try and relax. Suddenly the ship lurched violently throwing him out of his
seat. "What the he-" alarms wailed throughout the small bridge declaring a hull breach. Medders regained his footing and stared at the controls trying to find out what had happened. Something had rammed him. He turned and tapped the controls to the door. He didn't even have time to open his mouth to scream before he was buried in a
tide of infection forms.

The Strike team moved silently throughout the forest slowly making there way to Denver. The Glowing purple column of the grav lift stretched high up into the sickly greenish sky. The Teams had already splited up leaving the Human's time to scout ahead. "How much longer? I want to get off this hell-hole." whined a marine who was quickly silenced by a low growl form Johnson.
Linda's voice suddenly crackled over the com."There is a dropship just behind this hill. It looks intact, hardly any
hostiles..........I think." "Understood. Hold position and pick off any targets that are at a good distance." John ordered. "Okay lets do this silent. Keep your targets in sight and fire on my command."
The humans silently crept up the hill under the protective eye of Linda.

Linda glanced at the team to make sure they were in position then turned back to her target. A human combat form mulling around by the dropship. She watched it for a few seconds before taking aim. Not at its head nor at the heart. Her aim drifted to the left side of the combat form's chest. Right on top of where a few of the creatures
feelers poked out of the molted flesh. It turned it back to her and strolled a few more steps. She tracked it slowly never leaving her sight off of the Combat form's weakness. It turned. She smiled to herself and rested her finger on the trigger. She started to squeeze it, then the combat form jerked violently and fell as the retort of
a SMG echoed throughout the valley.

"I didn't give the command!" John growled at the ODSTs seeing how his Spartans wouldn't make that mistake. The Marines glared back at him, none of them had a SMG out. He frowned and was about to say something when he motion tracker flashed red right behind him. He whirled around to fire and was rewarded by a splash of fluid green blood and a combat form sliced in two across the chest. For a
moment he thought that the rebels had caught up , then he noticed that he didn't see a energy sword. He didn't have long to thing about it though as the Flood came. "FIRE AT WILL!"

That Old Feeling Chapter 2: Reunion, Part 3
Date: 1 December 2005, 8:50 pm

That Old Feeling Chapter 2: Reunion , Part 3

June 18 2560
Earth 8 miles South-southwest of Denver

"FIRE AT WILL!" Spartan-117 barked in the com.
The air filled with flying lead chopping down human combat forms before they could get a quarter of the way up the hill. A flash of light and a dull rumble echoed form the other side of the clearing.
'GET DOW-". The rocket slammed into the hill blowing the marine 30 feet backwards and landing with a sick crunch.

Fred slammed a new clip into his MA5B and immediately blew out the chest of a combat form that got close. The problem was, the Flood were getting to close. His motion tracker flashed contacts to his left. Fred rolled to his right and fired both his Assault rifle and SMG into the infections forms that were advancing form the side. Shards of wet skin popped up into the air as the bullets rip right though their frail bodies. With that taken care of he turned his attention back to the slope below him. A carrier form rushed headlong to meet him.
Fred raised his weapons to fire when the carrier form was suddenly struck by a flurry of glowing purple needles. The Spartan ducked his head down as a familiar whine echoed form his left. The needler round exploded followed a half second later by another explosion form a fuel rod cannon vaporizing the Infection forms inside.

The Flood stopped in their charge and turned to their right flank confused. Flood forms then started to drop all over the clearing. Combat forms dropping in mid stride as single carbine rounds tore though their chest cavities. Swarms of infection forms popped off like firecrackers as rounds of needlers set off chain reactions.

The Arbiter roared "Leave none standing!" while he sent a carbine round though a carrier form , setting it off and in turn setting off the plasma grenade stuck to it too.
A combat form leaped high in the air intent on striking down the one of the Magi brother's. It's efforts were foiled when it was smacked out of midair by the Hunter's shield and crushed underfoot.

Eventually the tide of Flood slowly stemmed and finally when the last infection form was crushed under the chiefs's green boot, a eerie silence fell over the clearing.
A ODST looked around quickly "I-i-is it over?"
"It looks like it.." responded one of the three surviving elites.
"Linda can you spot anymore flood in the area?" John called cautiously.

Linda swung her rifle around slowly trying to spot any hostiles. She couldn't find anything, yet something was wrong. "No Master Chiefs. All hostiles seem to have been neutralized." She hesitated a heartbeat before adding. "But Sir, be advised that unidentified forces seem to in the area." though her powerful scope she had witnessed Combat forms sliced in two by some unseen force. Carrier forms jerk violently as hundreds of holes blasted though them with no visible source, and sounds of gunfire from up ahead.

John waved ahead, and slowly lead the assault team carefully towards the abandoned dropship. After a though inspection no flood were found hidden and it appeared to in working order. He had just got done inspecting the cockpit, when the sound of weapons bringing up to bear, and the squeal of a startled grunt echoed outside. He turned and rushed out raising his rifle too. Then he saw them.

Standing before them seemed to be five additional Spartans. They were clad in armor similar to their MJOLNIR VI. Standing in the rear was a impossibly massive Spartan. The Spartan could look a brute in the eye and looked like it could match one in strength too. In the Spartan's left hand was what looked like was a archaic metal sword stained with green blood, and it's right arm ended into what looked like some type of mini-gun.

A smaller Spartan stood to its left. This Spartan was about as tall as John. It was leaner than John though. John blinked a few times trying to figure out why this Spartan was carrying what looked like to be a scythe. But it moved with a type a of silent grace. He couldn't tell if that was's the armor's doing or the skills of the person wearing the armor.

He turned his eyes next to the other Spartan beside the brute-sized one. This Spartan carried a SMG and a Needler in both hands. It stood around 7 feet tall and was of normal size. In terms of a Spartan. Though this Spartan's armor was more dented than the others showing that either this spartan had seen more combat, or was more reckless than the others.

He finally turn his attention to the final two spartans and froze. He recognized Kelly immediately. He was about to speak when the last spartan spoke.

"Long time no see John." Sam replied.

That Old Feeling Ch.3 Tickets Please?
Date: 5 December 2005, 9:32 pm

That Old Feeling Ch. 3 Tickets please?

June 18 2560
Onboard stolen dropships # 448,and # 309
Earth's upper atmosphere.

Sam-038 sighed and glanced back over the other occupants of dropship 309. He was glad to see John and the other Spartan-IIs. He had gone long without his old family. Until Dr. Halsely showed up with Kelly. Even with Kelly though he still felt out of place sometimes with his new team. They were good, very good as a matter of fact, but he didn't grow up with them. Their were not his brothers and sisters.. At time's he wondered about where Angie, Brad , and Becca came from. They were not member's of the Spartan-IIs and had kept quiet about their pasts. No matter though. He was going to where he belonged; into battle. He checked and rechecked his systems. Then finally sat back and waited.

The two dropships soared though the planets atmoshpere and rose slowly towards the Assualt Carrier in orbit unnoticed. So far, so good.

The Arbiter's voice then crackled over the team com. "All right, just as we planned. There are only Two hangar bays opened on the Carrier. It appears the parasite has infected the ship heavily. Expect to drop hot. We will take land in the starboard hanger bay and proceed to take that over, while the Human's board via the gravity lift. Once both squads are on board, we will rendezvous at the bridge. May the Forerunner's shelter us."

"Chief, were done here." Called a ODST form farther up in #309
"Understood. Return to the troop bay and prepare for zero-gee board. Everyone check your seals. This will be one hell of a drop." The Gravity lift insurgent was strange at best. Risky also.

The Chief took a deep breath. "Open the doors."
The hiss of atmosphere leaked slowly form the troop bay and the doors slid silently open revealing the the blackness vacuum of space and Earth below.
"Prepare to disengage artificial gravity on my mark." John ordered.
"Aww shit. I hate this part." Another ODST grumbled.

June 18 2560
Stolen Dropship # 448
Flood-held Assault carrier starboard hangar bay.

"We're down Arbiter." after a moment pause the red clad elite spoke again. "The parasite are numerous in this part of the ship."
The Arbiter grasped a small metallic device in his hands.
"Unggoy, Lekgolo, hang back. My brother's and I will eradicate the guards." The arbiter spoke as he faded form sight.
The door's opened slowly and a human combat form turned to the dropship. it noticed 4 glowing lights just before it exploded. The sounds of slashing swords a squirting blood was the only sound that echoed toughout the bay. Ten seconds later the Lekgolo opened fired. Lances of green fire shot up and slagged part of the Third level floor and wiping out four more combat forms. Grunts poured out fireing needlers and fuel rod cannons. The Flood were blown apart before they even had a chance.
A throaty shriek echoed throughout the com's and the Flood poured in.

The Chief floated slowly to the column of purple light before him. Followed by the rest of the his team. As he entered the the light and rose sharply up, Dropship #309 rammed into the port side hangar bay. A massive explosion shuddered though the port side as the dropship's reactor's overloaded on impact destroying the hanger bay and slagging the ship armor around it.

Sam raised his battle rifle and scanned the dark room slowly. "Chief everything's clear. All hostiles elimated."
"Roger that Delta One, you and your squad proceed as you wish. Simmons! You and Hardly scout the main corridor." John slammed a freash clip into his assualt rifle. The Flood were careless.
Sam shook his head slightly. "Chief, if I may, Delta four's suit is equipped with a improved active camo." John paused before approving. "Okay, Simmons and Hardly, cover our flanks and everybody sit tight."

Angie-204 walked up slowly to the door and then vanished altogether. The door opened slowly and she crept in. She pressed herself agaisnt a corner and glanced around slowly. Four Combat forms patrolled the hallway absentmindly ahead of the Spartan. Angie let herself a small smile and slung her rifle across her back and unslung the scythe on her back. A unusual weapon for a assassin for sure but she liked it. And for the hundredth time she entertained the thought of her as the Grim Reaper.

Like death she was silent and quick leaving four dismembered bodies lying a slick pool of greenish blood.

That Old Feeling Ch:4 The Next Generation
Date: 9 December 2005, 4:42 pm

That Old Feeling Ch: 4 The Next Generation.

Sorry people but it might be awhile before i submit the next chapter due to personal issues....sorry again.. please feel free to give my your opinion to help improve my story. Anyway here's chapter 4 enjoy...viva

June 18 2560
Sol system.
Nearing the Bridge of the Flood-held carrier in Geo-synch orbit over Denver.

A torrent of bullets fly though the open door shredding flood where they stand in a matter of seconds. Tendrils of smoke trails slowly form the massive Spartan. Standing around 8 feet tall with the muscles and firepower to match, Brad-202 is by far one of the most intimidating Spartan that ever graduated form the program.
A low whistle emits form his more normal size companion, ODST Private First Class Simmons.
"Wow where can I get me one of those babies." The sandy blonde, blue green eyed Marine said.
The Spartan glanced at his right arm. From the elbow down was a massive 8 barrel mini-gun.
"What this thing?" Brad couldn't keep the amusement out of his voice.
Jets of pressurized gas hissed form just below Brad's right elbow and the mini-gun dropped to the floor.

The marine's eyes widen and he swallowed slowly.
"I-I thought that was your arm..." Simmons stammered.
The Spartan stopped flexing his right hand and tilted his head to the side. His V-shaped black visor hiding his face. "Well it's yours if you can pick it up."
Simmons's swallowed again and glanced at the weapon. It had to be twice as long as a Jackhammer and twice as heavy too.
"Umm....that-that-s okay. I'll umm stick with my rifle."

Brad stopped flexing his hand and let it drop to his side. "It was empty anyway. Delta Five to Delta Leader."
A pause.
Sam's voice crackled over the com "Delta Leader here, what have you got?"
"Beside's some Ex-Flood? Nothing much. This way's clear."
"Copy that. Sit tight for minute. Delta Two and Delta Three are still clearing the port side entrance." The com clicked off.

Simmons glanced around nervously. "So umm now what?"
His eyes darting form shadow to shadow afraid of the flood lurking in every corner. The giant spartan walked up and placed a hand on the marines shoulder trying to calm him. It didn't help that his hand was large enough to wrap around over half of the marine's head. "We wait." the Spartan spoke in a impassive voice.

The Carrier form exploded along with the 10 other glowing needles embedded in it tossing infection forms though the air. They never made it to the deck as 5 mm rounds tore though them form the Spartan's SMG. The spartan then snapped it's leg out to the left.
"Heads up!" Becca-211 called out as her foot made contact with the leaping combat form in midair sending it flying backwards to her other Spartan III companion.
Angie-204 spun around slashing her scythe and gutting the combat form in the process.

"Really...I don't see why your so insistent on not carrying a melee weapon." Angie spoke while empting the rest of the clip in her battle fire into a swarm of Infection forms.
"Simple. Why should I carry the extra weight when I have my teammates to cover my back."
Angie laughed as Becca took out the last infection form. It was no secret that Becca was close to Angie's older brother , Brad.
""Delta Three to Leader, area clear. "
"Copy. Hold your fire. We are approaching from your six."

The door to the bridged opened. Will raised his MA5B and panned over the Control Center. All he saw were dead flood. Some were riddled with bullets, while other's had been cut up, but there were a handful that looked as if there were ripped limb form limb. His eyes finally rested on Brad and Simmons.
"Its all clear." Will spoke to the group behind him and moved in with everyone else on the human team.
Sam walked right up to the big spartan and looked up into Brad's visor.
"I gave you a order to wait. Your com system better be malfunctioning solider." Sam's voice carried strong sense of authority over the younger Spartan.
Brad straightened and stared dead ahead.
"Sir! My Com system if running fine sir! You told me to wait for a sixty seconds and I did, Sir! The Spartan said briskly.
Sam suddenly laughed. It wasn't the first time the Spartan deliberately gotten into trouble. The huge Spartan seemed to like the phyiscal punishment given out to minor infractions, and Sam did tell him to wait a minute, if not in the context that Brad took it.

A few min's later the doors opened again and the Arbiter, The Elite pilot and the Magi brothers stumbled into the bridge. Only them.
John walked up and looked around. "Where's the rest of your team?"
The Arbiter looked weary but spoke anyway. "Dead. I lost the last of the Unggoy 3 units ago." The Arbiter sat down against the wall and tried to catch his breath. "Did your team find anything human?" The Arbiter asked.
John opened his mouth to answer when at that moment the ship rumbled and dots of green light surrounded the view screens as the Carrier leapt into Slipspace.

That Old Feeling Chapter 5: The Task at Hand
Date: 23 March 2006, 9:34 pm

sorry it took so long in sending this story, been busy anyway heres the Task at Hand enjoy

That Old Feeling Chapter 5 : The Task At Hand

June 30 2060
On unknown Planet

"Damn it Hardly, MOVE!" Simmons yelled. "Those brutes are right behind us!"
Deep barks echo throughout the damp jungle that they somehow found their selves in after emerged out of slipspace and right into the middle of a Covenant Armada forcing them to jump ship in some of
the escape pods.

A scream echoes throughout the jungle and slowly falls silent.
"Shit. We lost Hardly. DAMN IT IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?!"
The com answers only with static while shadows leap overhead in the distance.

Simmons turns and hauls ass over the leaf strewn floor of the jungle occasionally turning to fire a burst form his smg at the shadows. Weaving between massive trees and plowing though thick bushes blindly Simmons tries desperately to escape.
Suddenly his foot slips and he slams down onto the leaf strewn ground.
Simmons rolls onto his back and crawls feebly to a tree and puts
his back to it swinging his weapon form shadows to shadow in panicked movements.

Jiroal face twists in what could be considered a smile, for a brute at least.
He and his pack had been toying with the two humans they found.There was some trouble up in orbit form what he heard. Something about the parasite. No matter though, not his concern. He was more focused on the humans who somehow landed on this outpost. How was the question. Jiroal turned his head of to his left where the first human was draped along the shoulder of a scarred brute. The scarred brute had brains but was loyal. Riokor would obey him even if he
was told to wrestle four hunters with his arms bounded. Matter of fact knowing him Riokor would find a way and win. Maybe sly instead of smart. Riokor would find away to extract the info he wanted. With luck the human might even survive; for awhile.

Jiroal finally turned his head back towards the other scrawny human shaking like a sniveling grunt with his back to that tree. "Focus on the task at hand and push everything out of mind." that was what Tartarus had once said.

Jiroal scrubbed his nose with the back of his hand something reeked. "Focus on the task at hand." He gave a short bark and three of his six brutes leapt down out of the trees and made their way slowly to the
What was that smell?
The brutes took flanking positions and got ready to move.
Something about that smell tickled a stray corner in his mind.
A slight metallic smell?
The brutes were almost in position. Then it clicked.

The brutes charged in at the lone human, except he wasn't alone. Rising form the foliage like green phantoms seven Spartans emerged with there rifles shouldered. The brutes didn't stand a chance. The jungle erupted in gun fire . Leaves and shrubs exploded as a hail of bullets rush to greet the unarmed brutes. The first brute ran head
first into the wave of brass and was stopped dead in his tracks. His body jerking violently and dark bluish blood splattering plants and brutes alike. The other two brutes turn to run. One had just taken three steps when a loud crack echoed though out the trees. Jiroal
didn't need to see the thin white trail leading form a bush to the back of the brutes head to know that Tiour wouldn't get to see his first kill. The last brute managed to do a little better. That was before another spartan rose and opened fired with a SMG and a Needler ripping apart the last brute.

From his perch Jiroal lets himself a small growl before he fades off into the shadows along with the other brutes carrying Hardly along with them.

"Where the hell were you?! THEY GOT HARDLY!" Simmons yells at the Spartans.
"We had trouble finding you. There's something screwing up with our tracking systems." Will reported. "Sir, I suggest we head for higher ground. I was able to breifly scan the area as I made my way down, this forest seems to cover most of the planet, but there is a river about 5 clicks to the east that runs up to a low mountain. We should at least be able to find some shealter and some clean water there."
John gives him a short nod. "Good job Will. Okay lets move out!"