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Slayer: Coagulation by Adyagos

Seven Down, Eight to Go
Date: 2 January 2005, 7:35 AM

"Slayer" the disembodied voice came over their com systems.
"Oh, damn. I thought this was the tea party." Sarcastically said the black armor clad Spartan.
"j00'11 wi5h i7 w45 wh3n I'm thr0ugh with y0u." Black turned 180 degrees and began firing on an olive and gold Elite with his SMG, upon his opponent crumpling to the floor he said,
"I'll say this so even you can understand: no puke green and piss yellow alien n00b takes me down." He would have shot the alien carcass but he considered it un-sportsman like, Hell he didn't care it was just a waste of ammo.
From reading the HUD, Black's name was Victor Black, funny, and the Elite was Happy Lollipop. Oceanus slowly took a step back further into the shadows from Victor as he glanced to his right.
"Oh, shit." He cursed to himself, thinking he had been spotted.
Victor bent over and began picking the items off the dumbass Elite, with a full frontal approach not working a n00b like that would resort to camping, vehicles or rockets.
"Bloody rocket-whores." He muttered as he kicked the lifeless body. "What do we have here?"
He watched the cobalt Spartan watch Victor, watch Happy's corpse, when Oceanus went in so would he, he would get revenge and another kill.
She watched Happy watch Oceanus watch Victor get take weapons from Happy's corpse.
"Like a never ending mirror of idiots." Victor muttered glancing to his right. That gleeful piece of candy did some scavenging before hauling ass to the blue base: Four plasma grenades, one shotgun with extra rounds and more magnum ammo. Swapping out the Magnum for the Shotgun, he turned right and converted the pink Spartan "Megan" to the holy light. The explosion was enough to knock out some of Lollipop's shielding enough to be taken down by a quick burst of the SMG to end his pitiful life again. Now for Oceanus, dropping the spent sub-machine gun he grabbed his scattergun and fired, the hunks of shrapnel slammed into Oceanus as he clicked the trigger again. Empty. There wasn't enough time to reload, he only had one shot and if he wasted it he was screwed.
He fired both of his SMGs at Victor, who crouched; damn he was clever, but not clever enough. Oceanus aimed downward, it was just the break Victor needed. Without re-thinking he leapt at Oceanus slammed the Shotgun into his faceplate. He wouldn't question how lethal it was; when he pulled back his weapon he wiped the blood off onto the grass.
"Finally." He breathed as he reloaded the shells into the Shotgun. "Time to find a new weapon." He said as he walked up the ramp into the blue base. He rounded the corner to find only one plasma rifle left and angrily he equipped it and almost left before he heard the Wraith warm up. "Good." He smirked "Maybe I can hitch a ride."
She'd need all the help she could get if she wanted to win this match, thank God Oceanus was so easy to convince that he needed her help to win also. She threw herself to the steel base roof as the rockets flew over her head it didn't matter, once she had both Wraiths she would be undefeatable.
Rocket man was crispy after the burning plasma smashed into his body. If he didn't get this tank up to Megan she'd have his ass. His head was forced into the roof of the Wraith after the plasma grenade detonated on his back. The unseen hitch-hiker released his grip on the back and quickly ran to the front, he tore open the cover grabbed the lifeless Spartan by his neck and tossed the body out.
He picked up the rocket launcher off his own lifeless body, threw it up on his shoulder and let a missile fly, he barely made it in and slammed the cover shut as it flew over him and exploded into the canyon wall. The joke was on him, the rockets would track the target now. He loaded another rocket into the barrel when he was yet again barbequed by another round of superheated plasma.
"Some idiots just never learn." He thought aloud
Happy Lollipop was not happy. He slowly walked up the metallic ramp to the top of the base. Megan watching her motion tracker turned to face him with weapons at the ready.
"Don't shoot!"
"Why not?"
"I'll take gunner."
Being none to happy with Oceanus' performance she decided to drive. "If you want to get a job done right, then you best do it herself." She thought aloud, followed by look out Victor, here I come.