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Mis Poemas by Mainevent

Tides of War
Date: 10 October 2003, 12:46 AM

Never landing
Can't touch the ground

Flailing futilly
Grasping for anything
Something to stop me

My greatest fear
I'm not in control

Without power I am nothing
My existence useless
Not even an essence

They kill recklessly
With abandon and hopeless disregard
Who am I to stave them

I am one man
One gun
One piece of sand on the beach

How much can a piece of sand do in the ocean
What can it change
What can it do

It can neither kill the smallest fish
Nor the largest whale
But it can do something

Sand bound together
Glass or pearls
Objects of use

We must band together
To become the glass
The pearl

To become a single united being
Strong and beautiful
Unchallenged in beauty and strength

A shell of titanium
A furnace of lead
A necklace of death

We are the sands
Washed and abused by the tides
But in our perfect form, we are invincible

Hidden Love
Date: 7 November 2003, 10:05 PM

Her eyes were warm and caring
Her spirit brazon and daring
Her will was free and strong
What they did to here unsurmountably wrong

I left her that day with everything to fear
Scared that that beautiful voice would forever disappear
Everything to lose and none to gain
Parting from her such a heavy pain

Alas we couldn't be together
Through all the other times we'd weathered
This one thing may be the last
This brief encounter possibly my last

If I never see her again I'll never know
If she really loved me, or if it was all for show
Was it unconditional or simply flirting
My curiosity painfully hurting

My mind clouded and racked with confusion
Longing to be with her, a permanent collusion
But I know what she did was for the better
She'll do her job to the letter

Stopping the alien invasion of Reach
To keep the human walls from breach
To stop them in their track
Kick their ass and turn them back

To stomp a hole so deep and wide
Theirs nothing they can use to hide
I think I saw it, before her depart
A hint of motion, a hint of heart

A tear had formed an ocean in her eye
She blamed in on the dust a fly
I knew it false and she did too
But she had to hide it from the crew

They'd never know, or understand
Why she longed to hold my hand
What made her want to be with me
Even when she didn't have to be

How come she felt for me deep inside
A passion she couldn't hide
I think before they left they saw it too
One I know, perhaps two

Kelly my dear
You have none to fear
Come home safe and be with me
They'll never hurt you, I'll never flee

I'd die for you
I hope you knew
If they hurt so much as a single hair
I'll strip their entire Homeworld bare

Come back to me Kelly dear
The words you speak I want to hear
Just one last time before I die
I want to hold you with arms not shy

The Doctor's In
Date: 18 December 2003, 12:48 AM

{AN}Just seeing if I still have it. I haven't written a poem in a while, so I figured I'd give it a go. Hit me up some feedback.

I'm one man
One mission
One gun

I'm a cargo train
Bringin the pain
Whats that on the wall
Coud it be your brain?

Stand in my way
If you dare
Thousands have tried
You see how they fared

Where there's a will there's a way
Or is it, you can try and I'll make you pay
Can you stop me now?
Can you beat me here?

Do you feel it?
The rush power
The excitement of death

I feel it
I feel it everytime I kill you
Kill you a thousand times over and it only gets stronger

Stronger and stronger until I burst
Homicidal tendancies?

And if you ever see me
You be sure and ask
You'll find out one way or the other what's behind the mask

Whos blood is that
Yours, mine, your brothers?
Some one you don't know, maybe anothers?

The blood on your hands is staining your soul
A red that can't be removed
Digging through your body like a vicious mole

I'll remove it for you
Take it out fast
But nothing I do can erase your past

The constant pain
Of those you killed
Of all the ones you decided to have milled

On your mind
Gnawing, chewing, eating
Digging at your soul like a rat
Scratching you for no reason, like a wild black cat

I'm cyanide for your brain
I'll poison your mind
You'll never know I'm there, in front, beside, or behind

So remember this when your out there
To watch your rear
To watch your back
I'll kill you dead, and there'll be no slack
You'll be standing there, stopped dead in your tracks.

And I was the one
One of the ones you hated
Hook, line, and sinker
You were so easily baited

Operation a success
Consciouss removed
Side effect though, your days are now through

Take two and call me in the morning
I'll be in surgery from one til two
Removing the rest, of your precious few

Time and Again
Date: 22 December 2003, 11:26 PM

Hearts untainted
Minds at rest
Never having taken
The ultimate test

Can you do it
Can you kill
The awesome power
You'll come to feel

I came to feel it
And now I can't stop
Kill, Kill, Kill
Until they've all dropped

I turn my head
Trying to stave my thirst
But I have to get them
Before they get me first

I'm saving my race
Having fought so long
I dare you to try
And say what I've done is wrong

I killed all of them
From stem to stern
Parents, Children, Cities
I watched them burn

Looking back again
I see my error
Too emotionally involved
Too much of a terror

Those who created me
Were themselves frightened
By what they created
By what they'd enlightened

After the Covenant were gone
Who'd I kill then
Better to kill me
And start over again

But I wasn't so easy to destroy
For here and now you shall see
I am the master
Of my destiny

I can't be stopped by your mortal weapons
Your mortal flaws
Your mortal fears

I can't be killed by your mistakes alone
It's not my fault
That you dropped the bone

But in the end
I wasn't what I thought
You killed me with one
A bullet I wrought

You outwitted me finally
Never thought it would come
The day of today
Under this new shining sun

And after me
What did you do then
Exactly what I had predicted
You started again

Creating another
Souless and unjust
Youll have to kill it too
Do what you must

But one of these creatures
You won't outwit
It'll be to fast, to smart
And the end of it

And I'll be here
Dead where you left me
Laughing inside
Because you were to blind to see

The err of your ways
Was always before you
You were just too dumb
To add two and two

And now that it's over
I'll rest once again
Rotting in hell for what you made me do
Paying for my sins

Date: 1 March 2004, 3:52 AM

You died in the belly of the beast
Doing what you had to do
Doing it to save us

You helped us get out
Helped me destroy Halo
Helped me defeat the Covenant

It wasn't your fault
That God chose you
To die on that ship that day

It was fate my friend
And that fate saved more lives than it cost
For your one life saved billions

Saved Earth
Saved Humanity
Saved Me

And that's all I could ask for in a Spartan
That devotion you showed while you stayed to die
To give it all up

I am forever in your debt
One I could never dream of repaying
But I expect you understand that

That with your death
You're the most important soldier there is
Because you are the angel that sits on my soldier

The angel that saved me so many times
That sat on my shoulder and gave the helpful nod
That patted my back when no one was there
That kept me alive when my strength had gone bare

Eternal and invincible
Your more deadly than me
For they cannot kill you, our God, or me

A Lesson Long Passed
Date: 30 June 2004, 5:57 AM

There was a time when silence was golden
And learning the art of war was precious to me
But that time has passed
And that lesson long taught

Where I am there's never silence
And rarely a teacher
Only copious dispair
And a torpid prediction of the future

A lost cause is what most of them call it
But for that
I ask them
Why not find what is lost

Rise up with me once more
Fight the good fight
Fight for her

I see these men
The glare in their eyes
The warmth in their hearts

And I know inside
That their fire can burn out any other
Their torch will stay lit forever

For though they know it not
I have seen the future
And it is bright

A future lit by their accomplishments
Their struggles and failures
And most importantly; their hope

For hope is what the Covenant lack
They know not of defeat or despair
And for that, they shall not know victory.


A Soldier's Story
Date: 3 November 2004, 3:45 AM

I Screamed And Yelled
Abd Told Her Not To Go
But She Had Always Been The One
To Follow The Ebb And Flow

I Can't Believe I Stayed Here
Stayed Here All Alone
While She Went Off To Fight A War
I Thought I'd Never Know

I Tried So Hard To Hide From It
To Push It All Away
But I Never Felt As Bad Before
As Bad As I Felt That Day

Her Papers Came And She Shipped Out
For Training Far Away
Without A Word I Let Her Go
My Life Slipped Through That Door

I Raced Behind Her To The Bus
And Signed Up For The Fight
The One She Cared For
The One She Loved
Where She Died Tonight

In My Arms She Crimson Bled
Before Me She Was Dead
With Fleeting Words From Her Lips
And A Kiss That Broke My Heart

I'll Never Forgive Those Alien Scum
Who Took Her Here Today
The Foreign Fighters I Never Knew
But Who Felt The Need To Slay

To Slay The One I Held So Dear
And Close To My Heart
Now My Love Is The Gun I Hold
From Which I'll Never Part

Not Until I've Had Revenge
For What They Took Today
Not Until They've Repaid The Debt
I'll Never Let Them Pay

A Day Like Sunday
Date: 21 May 2005, 2:34 AM

It was a day like Sunday when we dropped into hell;
The sound of screams and that terrible smell.
I'd always believed I'd seen it all;
But you've never seen anything until you've seen good men fall.

It was a day like Sunday when we dropped into hell;
The flash of my muzzle and whiz of the shell.
I'd never feared Death and his violent wrath;
If I was going with him then I'd blaze my own path.

It was a day like Sunday when we dropped into hell;
I came with a bloodlust only killing could quell.
I rushed up the beach with fiery passion;
Killing the beasts in all sorts of fashion.

It was a day like Sunday when we dropped into hell;
If I'd leave this beach only time would tell.
My soul was damned that much was sure;
The blood of my enemies long soaked in the pure.

It was a day like Sunday when we dropped into hell;
I was off guard when I heard the bell.
The Gatekeeper's toll only audible by me;
Nowhere to go and nowhere to flee.

It was a day like Sunday when we dropped into hell;
A blood-soaked beach the place I fell.
To Hell I went for a thousand years;
But a Helljumper never sheds useless tears.