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Kirk's Campaign by Gasman

Kirk's Odysee
Date: 19 October 2003, 5:03 AM

Kirk's Oddessy

Pilot Frank Perez guided the one of the four pelicans down through the clouds and over the sparkling blue ocean. He could see the island about five miles off. The sargent, Kirt Lancemarld started his briefing, "Allright men, we are to drop in, blow the hell out of em, and get out!, there's gonna be strong opposition down on that island, but nothin you boys can't take care of". "Everybody lock and load". Frank looked back and saw the snipers sliding thier scopes into thier rifles, the rocket jockeys putting explosives into thier backpacks, and other taking the safteys off thier assault rifles and shotguns. "Thirty seconds", he said quietly. The island grew nearer. "Twenty seconds!", louder this time. Plasma beams raced past the cockpit. Ten seconds!, he yelled at the top of his lungs. The pelican started to shake as it approached the ground. "Everybody out!", screamed Kirt. The marines piled out, thier feet sinking into the soft mud.

The grunt was starting to fall asleep when he heard his friend say, "hey Palpay, what's that?"
"Not sure, it looks like a human dropship". As he watched, the dot became not one but four.
"There's so many of em". Palpay tightened his grip on the controls. Sure enough, it was four human dropships.
"Get into your positions!",yelled the elite named tammalee. Palpay looked to his left and saw other grunts in thier shades, elites getting strapped into the seats of wraith tanks, and jackals pointing thier shields toward the sky.

Kirt glanced at the covenant opposition and saw three tanks, about five shades, and more infantry than he could count.
"Snipers, hit your bellys and take out the shades, rockets, take out the tanks, everyone else move up with me!". Rockets raced toward the covie tanks, and the sniper rifles delivered 14.5mm projectiles into the craniums of a handfull of shade gunners. Kirt fired his shotgun and a nearby jackal fell backward into the bloodied mud.
"That's right, get to the dirt where you belong!", yelled a marine. Entering some sort of a trench, the sargent was ready to pull the trigger. An elite jumped out in front of him, plasma rifle raised. It swung it's arm with tremendous force, knocking the shotgun out of his hands and putting the stunned marine on his butt. The blue armored alien prepared to end the sargent's life when a trio of assault rifles took his shields down and tore him apart.
"Thanks", he said gratefully to the marines who had just saved his life.
"No problem", one of them replied. As soon as the words left his mouth, a beam of plasma took the private's head off. Kirt was splattered with another man's blood.

Palpay had abandoned the shade and was now hiding in the rocks above the beach. He could hear the horrid sounds of death and dying. Peering out to the right of the boulder he watched as a human blasted the head off of an elite. He turned around and vomited. He began to notice a terrible thing, an awful thing, the humans were advancing. The terrified Palpay started climbing a tree , he didn't want to die.

The snipers had finished mopping up the rest of the covies about one hour before and the salvage teams were gathering anything and everything that they could find. The marines were to set up a sort of HQ on this beachead of the island. Eight warthogs, four scorpians, thirty more marines, and extra ammo had all been dropped off within the hour. Kirk had been organizing a plan to take the biggest piece of real estate on the island, it was a covenant munitions depot. No dought it would be almost impossible, Kirk was sure his plan would work. He heard shooting off to his left and quickly spun around to see what it was. A group of snipers had set up a target range on one of the large cliffwalls.
"Peters, tell those morons to hold thier fire!"
"Yes sir", peters replied saluting.
"Wait a minute", Kirk said, "you do realize that we are in a combat zone and when you salute to me you are giving a prime target to any enemy snipers that might and probably are watching us".
"Yes sir, sorry sir", the young private aplogized.
"If you call me sir or salute to me one more time I will have your butt on the first pelican out of here, do you understand?"
"Yes si....", peters replied.
"Now go get those snipers to stop shooting!", Kirk ordered.
"I will", the skinny private said as he ran over to the target range.

Palpay had watched the humans for what seemed like hours as they brought in more men, weapons, and vehicles. He watched as they forced thier captives to dig graves for the dead. All of a sudden the tree seemed smaller, he was starting to wheeze. And that's when he realized that his methane was running out. The world swirled around him in vibrant colors, he couldn't tell up from down. Then his world went black.

Frank had been making routine trips back and forth, delivering supplies to what had been named red base, or as some had been calling it, the hellhole. He had just dropped off a couple thousand rounds of 7.62mm ammo for the assault rifles and was happily soaring along the edge of the island when three banshees appeared behind him. The purple aircraft fired thier fuel rod cannons at his left wing. The pelican jolted to the right as one of the engines took a direct hit. Smoke trailed from the human dropship as it quickly fell toward the jungle trees below. "Most of the systems are offline!", his copilot suzie yelled out, "we're gonna crash."
"Mayday, mayday, this is dropship blueflame31, we're going down", he calmly said into his helmet mike. Pelican pilot Frank Perez watched as the tropical island trees rushed up to meet him.

Kirk had set up five, three man recon teams all around the covie munitions depot. Sargent Tim Banks, Sniper Hernando Franz, and a radioman named Pete Yelloman were the members of reconsquadbravo. They had been watching the covenant scurry around the building for almost five hours now and the sun was beginning to set. "I'm gonna freak'n fall asleep", Pete murmurred.
"Just stay awake until the next shift", Banks replied. A large boom was heard not far from thier position, and a static muffled voice came over the common channel
"What the.., radio in headquarters and ask em' what's going on!", Tim ordered the radioman. Just as soon as he had lifted up the mike, a plasma bomb exploded on the cliffwall above them.
"GET DOWN!", Banks yelled. Franz had already flipped down the stand of his sniper rifle and was blowing 6inch holes through the covenant who had fired on them. Tim saw the wraith tank that had almost burned them into bloody cinders. He lifted a jackhammer launcher onto his shoulder, clicked the 2x magnification, and fired two of the high explosives at the purple tank. It exploded into a millon pieces and a badly mangled elite was thrown from the cockpit. Shade fire pounded the rocks in front of reconsquadbravo. Pete yelled into the radio, "this is reconsquadbravo calling reconsquadcharlie, we need immediate assistance!", was the response.
Two rockets streamed down from the cliff wall not thirty feet from them. They blew the shades to pieces and screaming grunts were thrown through the air. Kirt's voice came over the command freq, At that, Kirk and the rest of his team started thier voyage to safety.

As Frank Perez started to awake, the world was a rush of color, he felt as if he was floating on a cloud, but then his senses came to him. "Arrrghhhh", he screamed as pain wrenched up his leg. He discovered that he his left leg was bent at a ninety degree angle around the now bloodied control stick. The pelican was now hanging lopsided, above the trees, and swaying lightly in the wind. He noticed that the other side of the cockpit (where Suzie had been sitting) was completely ripped away. He winced as he pulled himself through the busted viewport and into the foilage outside. The branch creaked as he put his weight down. He tried to not notice the pain as he lowered himself down a greasy vine.

The sky was growing dark and it was beginning to rain. Kirk had two recovery teams out for both the downed pelican and the recon squads. When all was normal again he would start his assault on the munition depot. The three remaining pelicans were sitting in a a straight line on the muddy sand, they wouldn't be going up anytime soon.
He had watched as tents were constructed, stationary turrets were unloaded, and marines started up patrol routes around the base. The "hellhole" was beginning to shape.

Banks, Franz, and Yelloman had trudged through the jungle for two hours and there was no sign of reconsquadcharlie. He had to cut the chatter with Kirk because any covenant radios listening in would get thier location right away. Tim had ditched the rocket launcher and was now loosely gripping an assault rifle, Pete had equipped himself with an M6D, and Hernando was still holding his beloved S2. Banks heard the soft crack of a twig in the trees, not ten feet away, it could have been anything so much as a fox tip-toeing through the brambles or another lost marine. He prepared for the worst. He raised the assault rifle, clicked the saftey off and listened. A plasma beam came seemingly out of nowhere, he fired a burst at it's point of origination and was rewarded to see an elite appear in front of him. That was all that pete needed, he aimed the pistol at the alien's forehead and squeezed the trigger, straight through the cranium and down the elite went. An invisible hand knocked Pete of his feet and sent him flailing backward. Tim fired at the slight shimmer in the air and watched as rich purple gore spouted from the hole. The elite died instantly.
"Pete, Pete, you allright?", Franz asked.
"I think my rib's are broken", pete replied with a grimace.
"Let me take a look", said Tim.
"Your the boss", was Pete's reply
Tim was horrified to see the bloody slashes on Pete's shirt. He used his combat knife to cut the shirt off. White, bloodied rib was sticking out of Pete's wound.
"Franz, get the medkit", Tim ordered. Franz handed him the gray box with the red cross on the cover and just as quikley turned away, disgusted. All Tim could do was stuff the wound with guaze and wrap it with bandages.
"Try to stand up buddy", Tim said to his friend.
Pete pushed himself up with the help of Franz and Tim.
"Aggh", he exclaimed loudly.
They trudged on with Pete's arms over thier shoulders.

As he hobbled on through the trees he began to notice that a slight rain was starting to fall. He could hear the distant sound of gunfire off on another part of the island. The pain wrenched up his leg and he fell to the ground, panting. Popping the cap off of his canteen, he noticed how quiet the forest had become. He heard footsteps and realized for the first time since he had gotten into this mess that he had left his pistol back at the pelican. He was horrified and relieved as three marines (one with his arms around the other two's shoulders) burst out of the trees.

Tim almost shot the pilot when he appeared in front of them. The man was about twentyfour as far as Tim could quess, and had an injury to his left leg. He introduced himself as Frank Perez.
"You get screwed too?", asked Tim
"My pelican was shot down by a group of banshees, I'm so glad to see ya'll", Frank said.
"You got a gun?", Tim asked with a cock of his head.
"No", was the pilot's reply.
"Take Pete's pistol, he won't be using it much now", Tim said as he handed Frank the weapon, "Let's move"

It had been more than five hours now and Kirk was getting ancy. He organized the warthogs into a line with the scorpians in the middle. Each hog was packed with extra boxes of ammunition, prepared clips for whoever was in the passenger seat, and an M6D for the driver. The scorpians were allowed over fifty shells per tank (it would be hell for the guy loading them), and they would each be carrying eight marines on the tread covers, a tight fit. The pelicans would be flying as air support (or possible evac duty if things went wrong).
The plan was to go as follows, the scorpians would roll in, blow up any artillary, and the infantry would proceed inside the depot. The warthogs would circle the structure once and then go in through a large door. Recon had the idea that that the building went underground, if so, the warthogs would go down and clean the place out. The infantry would then place the highly explosives and get out. Kirk was sure his plan would work.

The funny looking group hobbled through the jungle, Pete was starting to go into shock. The sky was darkening and a heavy rain had begun to drench them. Franz kept complaining about the water ruining the scope on his S2. Tim was sure that the base was close by, it had to be, they had been walking for hours. He was beginning to have hope as light shone through the trees and noise was heard up ahead. Then as the stumbled out of the vines and thorns he saw a brillant array of lights, marines, warthogs, scorpians, tents, and all the other necesities of a succesful encampment. As they walked down the hill to the heaven with guns, eight marines with strechers rushed to them. One of the medic saviors said," you guys are all celebrities around this joint". Tim just smiled and helped lift Tim up on to a strecher. "Arggh!", he screamed as his rib slightly twisted. "He might be to far gone", said one of the medics with a frown. Tim eagerly got on a strecher and thanked God that this nightmare was over.

The sun was just beginning to peek out over the rocky cliff when Kirk gave the "Go" order from his cozy passenger seat. The warthogs lurched forward, the infantry began to march, and the scorpians started up with a roar. The ground shook as the vehicles proceeded down the covie road toward the structure, "they have no idea what they're in for", Kirk thought as the warthog bumped along the road, "this is gonna be a blast"

The elite named Montanee watched with horror as the brown cloud of dust approached the munitions depot. He new that the cloud could only mean one thing, a full blown assault.

"Firing!", yelled gunner Jim Sefole. He pulled back the pin and pushed down the twin buttons as the laag began to roar. He watched as grunts were ripped to pieces, jackals tried to block with thier colorful shields, and elites spewed purple blood. After circling the rounded structure once, the humans drove in. Warthogs and ground crew alike roared into the caverness room. Startled aliens tried to jump out of the way as the drivers ran them over. A beam of plasma struck Jim in his back and he fell of the warthog screaming. He watched with horror as another warthog flattened him.

Kirk fired his shotgun at the aliens passing by. The recon team reports proved true as they pulled into a hallway with a downward slope. It twisted and turned and went deeper and deeper. Kirk had a terrible feeling about what awaited the marines at the bottom of this path. He ordered the warthogs to stop and for the warriors in green to proceed on foot. Metal boots clanged the floor as the marines bailed out of the hogs. He waited as the foot troops met up with them and yelled out, "I don't know what to expect down there but I tell you with assurance, we can handle it, we will rip them apart as they cower in fear, Do you understand me!"
"Sir, yes sir", the marines answered.
"Let's go!!!", he yelled as they charged down the purple hallways and into the unknown beyond.

The scorpians boomed as they fired thier shells at the covies around the stucture. the infantry piled off the treads and proceeded into the purple building. Once all the covenant were gone the tanks just sat there idling. It seemed to easy, there should have been more resistance, squad commander Blake Usrey thought......Twelve bashees soared over the cliffs, fuel rods firing. The scorpians answered with laggs and rockets. Two banshees came flaming down. The loaders worked hastily as they shoved new shells into the firing bay and prepared for the ear deafening blast.
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the tanks fired in quick succesion. More banshees came hurling out of the sky. "Ahhhhh", cried Paul Dribble as one of the purple fliers came down on the cockpit of his tank. , came Usrey's voice over the com channel. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the green tanks roared again. Plasma melted the treads of Usrey's scorpian. More covenant banshees came into the fray, "there must be thirty of em!", Usrey yelled, not realizing the channel was still open. A fuel rod blast came down on Kilo169 and melted the barrel and most everything else on the middle of the tank. "We have another tank down!", he screamed into the mike, "calling air support, we need immediate air cover now!!!" Three pelicans soared through the air, chin guns blazing. Flaming banshees and mangled corpes of elites fell from the sky. "Oh yeah, that got em!", someone cheared into the channel. BOOM, BOOM, the two remaining tanks fired, finishing up the banshee squadron from hell.

They sprinted into the chamber and were mezmerized by what it contained. Racks and racks of plasma rifles, pistols, and needlers. Kirk noticed a hover belt carrying completed plasma grenades into a hole in the wall. "Wow", one of the marines said, dazed.
"Allright men, forget your skirts and grab your guns because it's time to rock!", Kirt yelled. A door hissed open and eight hunters, four elites, nine jackals, and about twenty grunts piled into the room. The humans unleashed a barrage of bullets and the aliens fired back with thier whining plasma. Kirk could hear hundreds of empty shells cling along the floor and saw as aliens and humans alike fell to the floor, wailing. A beam of plasma skimmed past his ear, melting off the tip, he felt blood splatter his neck. Another group of covies ran into the room and Kirk noticed how badly the humans were outnumbered. He tossed a frag into an assembley of jackals and watched as thier flaming bodies flew high into the air. A sparkling plasma grenade landed on his shotgun with a hiss. He reared back and spiraled the 8guage back at the covenant armada. It flashed white as grunts and elites alike were thrown into the air. Twin fuel rod blast landed in the middle of the marines, sending five screaming men to the ceiling. By now, Kirk was covered with human and covenant gore. "Explosives in place", came a strained voice over the com.
"Good, let's get the hell outta here!", he replied. The marines backpedaled up the hallway, guns blazing.
"I'm running low man!", a marine yelled as he slapped a fresh clip into his rifle.
The warthogs were in sight, the drivers had turned them around, ready to go. The marines piled on the vehicles, some with ten or so men clinging to the side. The gunners blasted away at the chasing covenant. When everyone had hitched a ride, Kirk ordered them to "hit the gas!"
A terrible whine echoed through the dark hallway as five ghost followed in close pursuit. Marines fell like flies as the plasma ripped holes in thier bodies. A hog burst into flame and flipped onto it's side, burning.

The elite pulled the firing trigger and watched as the alien scum dropped and wriggled around on the floor. He was having a grand revenge for all that the humans had done in the small amount of time that they had been on the island. Distracted, he wasn't prepared when a human jumped down, kicked him off, and commandeered his ghost. "Arrrrrh!", he yelled as he pulled out his plasma rifle.

Kirk almost had missed the ghost on his daring jump, but was now seated behind it's strange controls, turning it backwards. He fired the plasma at the other purple hovercrafts and watched as they burst into flame. He followed the warthogs up the hallway and out the entrance to the long awaited sunlight.
Amazed by the amount of carnage and bodies he jumped off the ghost and ran to the waiting pelicans. The marines climbed into the dropships and cheered as they lifted up into the cloudy sky.

The bombsquad of elites rushed into the blood splattered room, and ran over to the gray human object. "Diffuse it!", a nervous elite said.
"Don't worry", the elite in gold armor replied.
"What's it doing?", asked another. At that moment the device glowed red.

He popped the trigger for the explosive and waited for the boom. Kirk, along with everyone else in dropship echo312, peered out the back. The island erupted in white and they watched as trees were thrown into the air like ragdolls and the cliffs vanished, they saw the now deserted human camp disappear under the wave of death and flame. The water rose in a tidal wave like fasion away from the shore. The pelican rocked as the sonic boom reached them. The explosion was coming to an end, the pilot let the ramp slide shut, and a single ray of sunlight passed over the surviving marines exuasted faces.