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His Last Mission by §FF§Echo

His Last Mission(Add on to Appocalypse)
Date: 13 December 2003, 5:21 AM

The MasterChief turned a corner into the cryobay where a fight between four Hunters and seven marines was going on. He sneaked past the fight in the shadows, and exited into a narrow hallway. As he walked, he picked up a dead Techy's sidearm, a marines assault rifle, and then an Elites fallen energy sword. He walked out of the hall into the marine's cafateria, where luckily, no fight had been started yet.
He did, however, walk straight into a battle in a large corridor, where a large pack of Hunters, Elites, and Jackals had ambushed twelve marines sneaking out of the other cafateria. There was no hiding now. He was spotted by the nearest Jackal, who's birdlike screach alerted the rest of the squadron of the cyborg. He ran the length of the hall to where the marines were. Three overcharged plasma bolts swished past his head, and a fourth hit a marine in the face.
There were three human stationary guns at the end of the hall. Two were occupied, and another was being fired aimlessly by a dead marine who's grip on the guns trigger hadn't relieved. He undid the marines grip and manned the gun. He fired the gun for a straight minute without stopping, in which he had killed ten Jackals, three Elites, and the rest of the Hunters.
He let go of the trigger and laet the marines mop up the rest. He walked into the bridge, where Admiral Gryffin was seated behind the ships display screen.
The Chief watched as three Covenant frigates fired their plasma torpedoes, each hitting the NewGrounds' sides. The Chief took his eyes off the screen as the ship shuddered, the lights went out, and four MAC rounds were shown splitting space on the screen.
"Hello, John." Gryffin said, turning to face him. "I expect Cortana or Loki (the NewGrounds' AI) Told you everything, so I'll get to the point." He gestured towards the screen and pointed at an orbital gun and the a large Covenant ship surrounded by ten cruisers.
"Your mission, John, is to retarget that gun so it will be locked onto that destroyer. We would have someone on Earth do that, but they are all gone. So, it's up to you now. On your own, you must retarget that gun fire it, destroy that ship with some help from us, then get back here. You will be taking our "Omega Longsword Fighter", and you will be accompanied by three other fighters. It will be up to you to save the human race. Good luck. Your fighter is waiting for you in the shuttle bay."
"ok." the Master Chief said, and saluted.
The Admiral saluted back, the he pressed a series of buttons on a holopanel and handed a large AI chip to him. "Take Loki with you. I'm afraid Cortana is a little too...," he searched for the right word, then added,"Old, for this mission. If you understand me."
He did. Perfectly. Cortana was a total of six years old, and AIs only lived for seven. The Cief accepted the chip and inserted it into his helmet.
"Hello, John." Loki said in a smooth, low voice. "Well, we must get to work."
"Yes we should." John said. And with that last statement, he saluted the Admiral, and walked out of the bridge towards the shuttle bays. This probably WOULD be his last mission, but he was ready for it.

He met little resistance as he made his way through the corridors cramped with the dead bodies of Covenant and soaked with the blood of man.
Though he knew it may resume this way the entire way to the bay, he held a tight grip on the 2 SMGs carried closely to his side.
"Take that lift on your left to Section3 and that should save us some time," said Loki as he started walking along side him on circular holopanels.
He was lime green, riding horseback, carrying a lance in one hand and an assault rifle in the other.
John noded in agreement and took a left. He was in the elevater for a minute, when it reached the third section of the ship.
He stepped out and met his first enemy. The passage to the shuttle bays was ten feet down the hallway he was in, but 3 sword-Elites were trying to get through the human soldiers gaurding it.
The marines dropped like flys under the power of the swords, but their was so much of them that they could get a hundred shots or more off and delete the enemies, along with the sidehelp of the Spartans SMGs.
The Master Chief saluted and went through the door into the giant shuttle bay.
Four C709 Longsword Bombers were docked in front of him. Three of them were normal on the hull, but he could see that the insides were rather bulky. With what? He didn't really care that much though, and moved on. There was a fourth there, too. It was large, heavily armored, and armed to the wing with Archer missles, Scorpion tank cannons, and three 50 chimm auto cannons. This was HIS Longsword.
"Like 'em?" asked a pilot to his right, which he just noticed. "Those three are armed with a Super MAC Gun each. It will deliver the same punch as the "Big Stick's" guns, but it will completely obliviate the Longsword. But no worries. We hope we don't have to use them..."
"Let's hope," the Chief said, and hopped on board. The longswords lifted from the docks and slowly moved forward, gainging speed until it was going at 300 mph.
"Hold on tight," he heard Loki say, and knew he meant it, because the powerful "Omega" Longsword's thrusters ignited and they reached 400 mph.
They were going to lose some men in this mission. He could feal it. They'd have to use their MAC guns. They all knew. They were all ready for the time to come, too.

His Last Mission(Continued...)
Date: 16 December 2003, 7:34 PM

"Shall I completely brief you on your mission?" asked Loki as the Master Chief removed him from his helmet and locked him into an AI pedestal.
"Go ahead." he said, and he started checking his weapons.
"Yes. Well, remember at Lost Souls Reef, when that marine destroyed those two ships and tricked the Covenant into telling us everything?"
"Yes...What about it?"
"According to the information we recieved, the destroyer that we are about to fight happens to be a very important part of that attacks on Reach, Sigma OctanousIV, and hundreds of other outer colonies...And today, this one ship was responsible for the glassing of 40% of Earth's surface. We can't let it resume these actions on other planets."
"I see."
The Master Chief got out of his seat and walked into the back part of the Longsword. "Tell me when I need to jump. I'll be ready."
"Sure." He heard the pilot say, and he returne back to flying the bomber.
The Chief opened a view screen on the wall opposite of him and watched as one of the cruisers surrounding the head ship release a dozen Seraph fighters.
"Longsword Tree! You need to take those out now!" The pilot barked into his mic. "Longsword One, you use your MAC Gun to take out the other cruiser so it can't release it's fighters. Now!"
He heard the other pilots approve and saw them leave the pack.
He concentrated mainly on the Longsword going for the cruiser. It dodged two of the ships plasma missles, got 200 kilometers away from it's hull, and fired its cannon.
The bottom of the fighters bow exploded, and the MAC round struck the Covenant ship.
The cruiser's hull shattered and was engulfed in flames. But it wasn't a complete victory. The Longsword shook violently and nose dived into space beyond.
It couldn't handle the shock.
He switched his gaze to the other fighter. It had three holes in it's left wing, but had already destroyed ten of the twelve Seraphs.
It fired four Archer Missles, killed the last two, and regrouped with the rest of the pack.
"Alright," the pilot directed his words at John, "We're over the MAC gun platform now. Get ready to jump when I open th hatch."
He clipped his SMGs to his gun holsters and got ready to jump.
The hatch opened, and he could see the platform below. It had holes in it frome where it was hit with torpedoes.
"Alright. Jump!"
He sprinted towards the opened hatch, jumped, and plumeted towards the barrel of one of the guns.
He closed in on the platform fast. He saw a plasma missle split the air 20 meters in front of him, and HUDs field vision quickly tented itself to the bright light.
He continued to fall until he was a kilometer away from the giant barrel.
He strched out his arms, hoped for the best, and impacted with the gun.
He clasped his arms around the barrel and slid down towards the base of the barrel.

He continued to walk across the hull of the platform until he came to a dropoff in it's center. The hole was three hundred kilometers wide and seemed to be hollow.
he unlatched a battle rifle from his back and zoomed into the hole.
He turned on his night vision to try and get a better look.
He couldn't see a thing. He opened up a MAC Gun Platform guide on his HUD and choosed the map database.
the crease seemed to be a bay for UNSC ships to dock in when they needed repairs or needed protection. It also had a large blast door in which he could use to make his way to the guns crontrol room.
He reattached his rifle, made up his decision, and jumped.

He landed on a slanted support beam, which protected his armor of any shock when he hit the bottom. He stood up in a plasma glassed chamber and looked at the carnage made by a rougue plasma torpedoe.
Three Halcyon ships were split in two, and the opposite chamber was completely destroyed. Good thing he didn't land their, he thaught.
He walked over to the blast door, activated it it with the right code on the number pad (1337) and walked through.
This part of the platform was untouched other than some large scorch maks on its floor made by plasma missles.
"well, here I go." the Chief told himself, and started climbing a vertical power conduit to the second floor.
He stopped at the second floor and jumped off. On this floor, there was thirty dead Elites (black OPS, at that) and about seventy dead marines and Techies. He walked down the bloody corridor and into an elevator tha t took him to the control room, where he met someone that he thaught had died along time ago...Chief Mendez was seated at on of the Control Room's many stations, trying to bring on of the guns back on line...