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Halo Trilogy: The Fight for Earth by Alpha Lance

Halo Trilogy: The Fight for Earth (Prologue)
Date: 26 August 2003, 2:28 AM

Note:This is my frist time writting, so I can use all the
help(cronsrutive critisem). And I hope you injoy my fanfic.

0257 hours, September 27, 2552(Military Calendar)/
Echo Base-in Earth City.

"Contact, enemy contact!Enamy located in my sector!"
yelled Major Potter, while the Covenant storm down the
bloody street, slaughtering helpless civilians and unex-
spected MArines.
"sir, we need major backup!" yelled one Marine.
"Don't worry I'm sending out a destress signal." Potter
said. He estimated about fifty Grunts, twenty Elites, three
Hunters, and six Brutes. THey were outnumber by 50%. Plasma
fire fills the streets, as buildings collapse hit by
Hunter's fuel rod guns. Brutes fire thier Ginsu 9000 into
bunkers of Marines, burning thier skin off.
"Come on Marines get ruttless!" exclaimed Potter firing
his MA5B rifle like a madman on steroids. "How is that for
ruttless agrression!"

0309 hours, September 27, 2552(Master Cheif Spartan-117
clock)/UNSC LONG SWORD, above Earth's atomosphere.

"Major, Cortana speaking, what's your situation there?"
she asked.
"Well Cortana, the Covenant are feeling for now, but they are going to attack again."
"Alright I'm sending backup." Cortana said.
The Chief walk out the door grabing a MA5B rifle, and than
walk into the drope room. He pulled down the door's handle
and than jump out in space fill with Covenant cruisers. He
than landed on the cruiser and said "looks like this baby
going to land on the moon." The ship than landed in a luner
He than got up and jump onto a platform, ramming his gun
into a sleeping Grunts head. He than ran inside a elevator
and went onto dock level. He ran out and ran into a Elite,
getting smack. The Chief recorvered and fired a half a clip
into the Elites chest, killing the monster.
He than ran into a pair of Hunters. he Chief throw a frag
grenand killing one Hunter as the other charge in rage. He
jump out of the way shooting the rest of the clip in the Hunter's back, kiling it. And in a desperate attempt, the
Chief ran straight through a group of Jackals and into a
Covenant's drope ship. He flew out the door before it close
and headed to his home, Earth.

0400 hores, September 27, 2552(Shadow Spartan ll-250
clock)/UNSC base, 4 miles from Earth City.

Shadow was juct getting done putting on his MJOLNIR two
suit on, when Captain Hahn walk in.
"Shadow you been assign to protect a base in Earth
You will go with a special ops force, okay."
"Yes sir, I understand." Shadow said.
"Good, good, you better understand because their are alot
of civilians that haven't got out yet. Know get your weapons
and good luck Shadow, your going to need it."
Shadow went and grab a Socom mk. 23, and got a MA5B rifle,
and headed out to the bay area."Ahh, yes you most be the Spartan. The one with over 1,000 pluse kills." a Marine
"Can'it Marine! exclaimed the leader. "I'm really glade
your comeing with us. And I'm the leader, you can call me
Seargant Kelly."
Seargant Kelly is a big Marine, with an exspreasion that
has no fear, and he had no remorse for the Covenant, what so
"Nice to meet you Kelly." Shadow said as they shuck hands
in respect.
The team than got abourd the Pelican mark, Delta 322. The
Pelican's burners fired up and stared to lift off the groud.
It took off in the direction of the mission area, as ten
Long Swords went sworing off, past the Pelican to do a
quick bombing raid in Earth City.
"Well them Long Swords will make our mission easier, don't
ya'll thinck so." Kelly said.
"Hell yeah!" yelled one Marine. "And pluse them Covenant
don't know what they are dealing with.
"Yeah, but we don't won't to take them forgranted. Because
one wrong move can change the whole mission. So keep your
eyes and ears opean, or you will end up dead, being carried
in a body bag." Shadow said.
Pelican came to a halt and landed on a landind pad.
"Alright Marine, get tacticle, and hittem hard! yelled
"It abou't time ya'll got here. The Covenant getting ready
for another assualt." Potter said, as Long Swords late on
their delivery, screamed by droping aload bomds on Shadows
and Wraith tanks.
And than a pack off Fyantoms, a Covenant ship that is well
amoured. It started to engage the Long Swords in a dog fight
in the sky of fire.

To be contiue

Halo Trilogy: Take Back What Belongs to Us (Chapter 1)
Date: 30 August 2003, 1:15 AM

Deployment 00:46:05(Shadow mission clock)/
Earth's surface, Earth City

"Get down! Fathom!" yelled a Marine.
"This is Long Sword pilot, Kitty Hawk speaking.We are eng-
aging the enemy. Over." The Long Swords screech across the
sky, firing their missiles at the Fathoms. One Long Sword's
engines were struck by a Fathom's plasma canon. The Long
Sword started to lose altitude, as the pilot yelled on the
COM channel, "oh God my engines are out, I'm going have to
make a emergency landing!"
The Long Sword skinned along the streets, close to the ba-
se. It came to a halt, and the medic started to run to the
Long Sword to see if the pilot needed any medical attent-
ion. An ace Long Sword pilot took out a Fathom with a miss-
ile, and just missing a building blinded by the exsplodion
from the Fathom. "Oh hell yeah! Yuo know them Fathom are no
match for or Long Swords." a witty Marine said.
"Hay! We still got that Covie force to take out!" exclai-
med Shadow.
"Who said so!"
"Me, Shadow, the Spartan!"
"What kind of name is...Shadow?"
"I'll tell you later. Now get abord the Wart Hog!"
The Marine got on the LAAG, and Shadow got in the passen-
ger side and yelled, "hit it!"
The Hog accelerated and five other Hogs follow. In one
Wart Hog was Kelly on the mounted cannon, rambling on about
how he is going to saughter the Covenant one by one. Shadow
can see the Long Swords finishing of the Fathom in a dist-
ance. "Alright, there just around the corner. So lets get
ready to put some led in their bellies." Shadow said over
the COM channel.
"Attack! Let'em have it!" yelled a Marine gunner.
The LAAG guns opean fire on the Covenant troops. There
were about thirty Covenant Grunts and Elites swarming to
take cover. Ghost suppart vehicle came racing out, destro-
ying one Wart Hog. Two Wart Hogs broke apart from the pack
to take out the Covenant troops that were makin a brake for
the base. Sahdow and Kelly stead to take out the Ghost
which consist of four total. Kelly shot a Ghost that treid
to make a suicide run for them and caused the Ghost to cat-
apult into the Wart Hog that he was in. The Ghost slammed
into the engine of the Wart Hog, killing the driver and
passenger. "Kelly! Are you alright?" Shadow ask, as he shot
and destroyed the back end of a Ghost drivin by a Brute.
"Yeah, but its time to kill these Bastards!"
Sahdow's driver stop the Hog and got out with a Jack Ham-
mer and yelled, "eat this!"
He shot the Jack Hammer, and hit the side of a Ghost, kno-
king the Ghost into a building. A marine shot a Grunt in the
head and said, "that how you take out a Ghost! And boy am I
good, I say so myself."
"Show off." mumbled Kelly with a angry look on his face
that said, I should have got the last Covie.
"How everything on ya'll side team two?" Shadow said.
"Were just getting done moping up the last of them. And
we took care of two mortar tanks we ran into. And we will
meet ya'll back at the base."

Back at Echo Base, Shadow walk in the lounge area and sat
down and was just about to go over the mission, when the
witty marine walk in and said, "yo Sahdow, you never told me
about your name."
"Ah yeah...well, lets see. I don't really know my real
"Ha, ha! You otha be kiding me." chuckled the Marine. "Ya,
well my name is Daniel Nickles."
"Alright, back to the sudject, the reason I don't know my
real name is that I have amnesia. When I was a little boy,
my parents were killed in a bombing, and I was with them and
got knock out and I couldn't remember my name. And my par-
ents was keeping a very low profile or something. Because
the marine couldn't find my in a file or a my births cetef-icate. And that also what the marines told me in the Spartan
II project that was started several years after the Spartan
I project."
"Man that sucks."
"Yeah, and Shadow kinda of a nickname one of the instru-
ctor gave me. Don't know why, but I stuck with it."
"Hay! You guys, there;s another Spartan outside. And he is
claiming he was on the Pillar of Autumn! Come quick!" yelled
a excited marine.
Shadow and Daniel went outside to find another Spartan
being ask many question by many marines. "-Whats your name-
where did you come from-what happean to Pillar of Autumn?-"
"My name is Spartan John-117 Master Chief grade. And I
cane from this ring world called 'Halo'. We the crew was
stranded there after we crash landed there. And we found
this enemy called the 'Flood' that is a very deadly enemy.
And I had to destroy Halo before the Flood escape, and I had
no other choice but to self destruct the Pillar of Autumn.
And there were no other servivers, but me."
"Wow! Did you hear that Shadow?" Daniel ask.
"Yeah. I heard it alright." Shadow said.

~To be continue~

Halo Trilogy: Destroy the 'Judgment Day' (Chapter II, Part 1)
Date: 31 August 2003, 12:15 AM

0900 September 28, 2552 (Military calendar)/ Earth's
surface, location Earth City, Echo Base.

"What's up Shadow. Did you get any sleep last night?" Daniel
"Yeah. Why you ask?"
"Because I was up alnigth thinking about that Spartan. And
that...Halo thing. And what is up with that the Flood, and
his amour is pretty bang up."
"I Don't know, why don't you ask him yourself." Shadow said.
"Alright, stop the chip chat." Kelly order. "Sahdow! Good
news, you got another mission with us."
"What is it?" Daniel ask.
"You stay out of this! And besides, your going to stay here
if the Covenant tries to attack again.And as for you Shadow,
you have to come to the briefing room. Its about to start.
Shadow and Kelly went to the briefing room an sat down with
five other marines. Shadow also notice a Demolition squad
and that Spartan, John. His suit has alot of scares on it,
but it still useable., he sould go up to a Mk. 7 suit. The
suit that the other Spartans II use. "Well marineits time to
go the mission. So shut up!
"Question! yelled one Marine. "What ever happen to Major
"Well marine. Major Potter had a heart attack, but he is
okay. But he want be back for a very long time. And you can
call me, Major Kilmor."
Hay. That sounds like kill more. Like kill more Covies, ha,
ha." blurted one Marine.
"Yeah it does. But you can exspect 24 hours of cleaning this
place, top to bottom!" exclaimed Kilmor. But back to the
subject. Ya'll the marins get to take out a ship called the
'Judgment Day'. The ops force will take out as many Covenant
as possible. But the main parts we want to focus on, are the
bay, control, and the engine rooms. Once ya'll do that, the
demo squad will blow the thing to hell. Now move out.
All of the squad left the room and got their bombs and weap-
ons. Shadow got two SMGs and got into the first Pelican.
"Shadow, that is your name right?" Cortana ask.
Yeah. And you are a construct, or my imagination."
"I just wan't to know if that your name."
The Pelican's bunners fired up and headed in the direction
of the ship. Once there the Pelicans unloaded. "Alright, all
you have to do ic lower the energy door, and we will come
and get ya'll." the Pelican pilot said.
"Stay a cuople of feet behind us, demo squad." Cortana said.
Move, move, move!" Kelly order.
The squad was abuat 250 meters away from the ship when they
ran into a recon squad of Covenant. "Opean fire!" yelled
The marine opean fire at the squad and kelled two Grunts.
Four Elites reacted quickly, nad fired at the marine. The
squad, carrying the good size bomb pulled out thier pistals
and took cover. Kelly pulled a pin off a grenade and toss it
at a Elite. The Elite jump, and got it's shield knock off
from the exsplosion. Kelly ran up and wasted a full clip in
to the Elite.
One Elite running high on adrilloline charge a marine. The
marine froze when he saw the Elite about to hit him. Bullits
flew in the Elite's head, bringing down the sheild and kill-
ing the beast. "Marine! Your suppose to fire your weapon!
exclaimed Shadow.
The Chief toss a grenade and killed the last two Elites.
"Alright Chief! Behined you all the way!" yelled a Marine.
The squad made it to the lift area. "Oh yeah, that was hard,
ha, ha." a sarcastic Marine said.
"I wouldn't be laughting marine." Kelly said.
Shadow and Kelly look at the situation. There were five Sha-
de guns around the lift. About fifteen Grunts, and three
Elites. Me and Shadow will chunck a grenade at the Covies,
why the rest of ya'll will destroy them Shades. One, two,
three. Now! yelled Kelly.
Shadow and Kelly threw a grenade at the Covenant, and took
out five Grunts and two Elites. The rest threw their grena-
des and got three of the Shades guns. The Covenant scatter
like ants. Two Grunts got in the Shades and fired.The Chief
strafed acrss and fire his zoom in weapon, and killed the
last Elite, in a pool of blood. One marine got hit by the
Shade gun and yelled, "someone take that thing out!"
Shadow ran at the Shade guns and killed one Grunt and destr-
oyed the other. A marine ran down and started to hit the
Grunts with his weapon. A Grunt charge up a plasma grenade
and yelled, "flare!" The Grunt than threw it and stuck it on
the marine.
The marine than yelled, "I'm taking ya'll with me!" He ran
for the Grunts taking them all out in a bloody explosion.
"Enemy eliminated." a Marine said.
"Yeah. But they got one of my best soldier." Kelly said.
"We'll make sure he will get a honorable funeral." Cortana
"Yes. But we still got a mission. One of the marine going
with the demo squad will come with us. Now get aboard the
lift. And demo guys. Ya'll come up when we call for ya'll,
okay." Shadow said.
Shadow and the squad got in the middle of the lift, and went
up one by one.

~To be continue~

Halo Trilogy: Destroy th 'Judgment Day' (Chapter II, part 2)
Date: 1 September 2003, 3:01 AM

Deployment 00:30:52 September 28, 2552 (Shadow mission clock)/
Hundred fifty feet off Earth's surface, aboard the Judgment Day.

       Shadow and the squad found their selves in a medium size room. "This almost looks
the same as the Truth and Reconciliation. A ship that we saw on Halo." John said.
       "Yes it does John." Cortana said. "But we got company."
       A door open that was next to a Wraith. And out came a Gold Elite, carrying a plasma rifle. The Elite fired a few shots and jump behind the Wraith tank, planning to ambush them.
       "Don't try to out smart us you fubar piece of crap!" Kelly yelled as he pull a pin
off a grenade and chunk it behind the Wraith tank.
       The grenade explodes destroying the tank and the Elite at the same time. Another door open and another. "God there are Grunts coming in all over the place." yelled a Marine that was firing his weapon in every direction.
       Plasma bolt across the room just missing the Marines. "I can't hit them!" whimpered a frantic Grunt.
       The Master Chief threw his last grenade at a pack of Grunts and blowing each one up in a shower of their own blood. Shadow shoots up a pack pf Grunts with fifteen bullets to spare. Two trigger happy marines kill the last of the Grunts, but they still kept on shooting the at the dead bodies. "That is enough shooting!" yelled Kelly at the top of his lungs. "Your wasting ammo. Now lets keep moving."
       "But which way should we go Serge? ask a Marine that was walking to a door.
      "Well there are two doors that will lead the way. The one in front of us will lead us to the bay area than to the control room. And the one behind us should lead us two the
engine room, I think."
       "Well there are six of us. We should split up into three people each. And then go in through them doors, which are the right doors. We should go ahead an get the demo
squad up here." Cortana said.
      "I'll call for them Cortana." Kelly said. "Alright demo team, y'all can come up here. Do you copy demo team. I said do you copy demo team." There was nothing but silence.
       "Echo Base, this is Kelly speaking. I have a demo team that isn't responding. Over."
      "Oh God! The Covenant is attacking again, and it is a real big unit! We are sending a Long Sword squander to take out the ship, right away! They keep on sending Covenant backup from th-." The COM channel suddenly cut off.
      "They are all dead." Kelly said. "And they are also sending a Long Sword team to take out this ship."
      "Why didn't they just send in the Long Swords in the first place!" yelled a furriest Marine.
       "Alright. I'll teleport us down." John said.
       He went up to the control panel and press the teleport button. Nothing happen.
"Its not working" he said.
      "Well here is the problem." Cortana said. "Some moron shot up the back of the control holo gram projector!" she exclaimed. "We must go the long way. We can call for a Pelican to pick us up in the bay room."
      The team of marines went through the big doors that leaded to the bay room. They ran shot any Covenant they saw. Around a corner they went to find more and more Covenant. "They are all over the place!" someone yelled.
      And Elite soldier charge at the marine firing furiously. Shadow and Kelly shot up the beast. A Grunt yelled "posse fry this one!" Threw a grenade on a marine.
      "Oh God! Get it off me! Get it off --." The marine exploded a few feet away from the other marines.
      "You killed him! You bastards killed him!" a Marine yelled.
      The pissed marine ran and killed the Grunts. He ran through a door like a madman. And everyone could hear is gun shots and sounds of Grunts and Jackals dieing in a distance. "We must hurry!" Cortana exclaimed.       The team ran through the door and down the hallway. There were dead Grunts and Jackals all through the hallway. "Man. He really did a number them." Kelly said.
      The team made it to the bay room. They found Covenant all over the place that was getting ready to deploy. And they also notice the marine, lying motionless on the cold medal of the ship. "Fire!"
      The squad fired at the Covenant that was surprise by more marines. Two Elites ran behind some Ghost. The Elites would pop their heads up, fire at the marine and
dunk again. Shadow threw a grenade in front of the Ghosts. It explode in a fierier fury killing the Elites and catapulting what left off the Ghost into a pack of Grunts, smashing to of the Grunts. "Pelican pilots are you still there?" Cortana ask.
      "Yes we are. But what the hell is going on at Echo Base?"
      "Tell you later. But come and pick us up! Hurry!"
      "Roger that."
      The Chief and Shadow just got done killing the last of the Covenant, for the time
being. "Smoke'em if you got them." one marine said.
      "We're not out the danger yet. Cortana said. "Look. Hunters!
      The squad opean fire again at the massive beasts. A Hunter shot it's powerful Fuel Rod gun at Shadow that knock his shields down to 20%. "God!" he said.       Kelly and the last two marine shot at the beast. The Hunter deflect 80% of the shots. It than shot it's Fuel Rod gun at the two last marines. One marine was killed by the green explosion, and the other was severely injured. "Ahhhhh!" screamed the Marine in
pain. Kelly through his last grenade at the Hunters, and yelled "up yours!"
      The grenade exploded an killed one of the Hunters. The other Hunter sifted and ran at the squad. The Hunter swung his massive shield and smacked the Chief hard, giving Shadow the perfect opportunity to kill the Hunter. He a whole clip in the Hunter's
back, killing the beast.       "Eliminated." Shadow said.
      The Pelican finally made it to the ship. "Get aboard marines."
      The Chief got on the Pelican while Shadow and Kelly help the marine aboard the Pelican. "Go to the base that is outside of Earth City." Cortana order.
      "Okay...I guess!"       The Pelican lifted off the bay floor. It got about fifty feet away when the Long Swords flew by, and delivered the nukes into the ship. "They could have done that instead of seanding us in." Kelly said. "But at least that ship is destroyed."

Halo Trilogy: A Soul to Remember ( Chapter III )
Date: 6 September 2003, 6:50 AM

Note: Sorry it took so long. I usually write the next story or chapter after one comes out. And I indented, and it should be alot better. And there isn't really any action in this one, enjoy.

0400 hours, September 29, 2552 (military calendar)/
UNSC Base outside of Earth City.

      The Pelican roared in the base area. The Pelican stop switching to hover mode hovering down on a landing pad. Shadow and John got out as Kelly help his fellow marine off the Pelican. "Shadow, you made it back alive in one piece. Sorry about the mission you had to go on. That ship was well defended." Captain Hahn said.
      Kelly approach with the wounded marine and said, "Hahn sir, this is the only marine that survive. That Kilmor send us in when they just could have nuke the thing with the Long Swords."
      "Ah, yeah about that. You see there was no Long Swords available at the time. And then like twenty minutes into you mission, some Long Sword made it back. Than Echo Base called with a distress signal...and we had no choice but to nuke it. Many civilian's live were in extreme danger, but they are probably dead now."
      "Sir." Shadow said. "I'm willing to check for any survivors."
      "Alright Shadow. You will go in the morning. You need your rest you know."
      "Come on marine, lets get you help." Kelly said.
      Kelly took the badly injured marine to the med station, Shadow and John walk in and went to the lounge area. "John."
      "Yeah Shadow, what is it." replied John.
      "What is Halo?" Shadow asked, as both Spartans sat down.
      "Well Halo is a ring world. Much like Earth."
      "Yeah, except it runs on artificial life. It is the most advance technology ever. And just to think that it was built thousands of years ago." Cortana said.
      "And we must not forget about it's most deadly secret." John said.
      "The Flood." John said. "The Flood is a very dangerous enemy. There are like these little thing that will get inside a host's body. It will take over the host's brain and
nerves. The body will then start to transform and decay making the host's body stronger
than every was. There are several types of form. One is the infected form. It will take over a Marine's or a Elite's body. That form can fire any weapon."
      "Yes." Cortana said. "Then there are the carried form. Mostly Grunts and Jackals
are that form. That form will carry the little Flood form that takes over the body. It will explode and cause good damage. That's not all. There were these mechanical robots call the Senitals. They were left on Halo to prevent the Flood from escaping. They have these lasers that will cut straight through you. And then there was 343 Guilty Sparks."
      "343 Guilty Sparks?" Shadow ask.
      "Yeah." John said. "A little ball shape robot. Lets just say he was a little evil bastard."
      Shadow got up from the table and said, "Yeah well. I guess I will go sleep the rest of the day."
      He than left the lounge to his room. He went through the automatic doors and lock it. He didn't even take off his suit. He lad down on his bed and dozed off into REM sleep after fifteen minutes.

      "Come on son, we must hurry." a female voice said.
      "Alright mommy."
      It was a young kid's voice. A high pitch voice, the kind of voice that a four year old voice. It was a kid, walking along with his mom and dad holding on to there figures. The parents were young and in a hurry to leave the city. "Three ticket to Berlin, Germany please. And make it the soonest flight possible." the female voice said.
      A crazy man ran in the airport with a bomb, and yelled. "You! You must die traitor!"
      The man hold up a controller to the bomb. The kid dad push him down to the ground and tried to cover him. The terrorist yelled as he push the bottom to the bomb. "Ahhhhhh−"
      Just then when the bomb exploded, Shadow woke up. He took off his helmet and sweat rolled down his face. He look over at his clock that read 1:25 a.m. He went into the bathroom and splash some cold water over his face. What was that dream all about
Shadow though to himself.
      Shadow took off the rest of his suit and folded back his cover and went back to sleep.

0600 hours, September 30, 2552 (Shadow clock)/
UNSC Base outside of Earth City.

      "Shadow, good morning." Kelly said.
      "Good morning Kelly."
      "Well. We got a freash batch of marines. And John won't be joining us, on account that he has be assign to Moscow. Now lets lock and load!"
      Shadow got in the Pelican with his MA6B assault rifle. The Pelican lifted off of the ground and took off to Echo Base. "Kelly, I had a dream last night." Shadow said.
      "So did I, I dreamed of myself killing the Covenant. And being with my wife."
      "I see." Shadow said
      "Well. What was your dream about?" Kelly ask.
      "I think I dreamt about my parents when they died."
      "Yeah." Kelly said.
      They were both silent the rest of the ride. The Pelican started to stop and land on what is left of Echo Base. "Alright marines! Lets saves some people!"
      The Pelican unloaded and took off back to home base. Shadow and the rest of the squad walk off into the dust of destruction.

Halo Trilogy: The Tears of War (Chapter IV)
Date: 8 September 2003, 10:54 PM

Note: Sorry about the little action in this one. But I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to overdose on the action. And a great writer once told me, "you can't please everyone, but you can write to please yourself." And that is the best advice I ever got, and it was Wado that said that, thank you Wado. And I'm also dedicating this story to all the people lost in the 9/11 attack.

Chapter IV: The Tears of War

Deployment 00:45:02 September 29, 2552 (Shadow mission clock)/
Echo Base in Earth City.

      Shadow walk inside the base to begin the search for any survivors. He stops, and looks around at a disgusting picture. "God." Kelly said, as he approached Shadow. "They didn't leave anyone alive."

      "Listen." Shadow said. "We still have to search the place. Why don't you Kelly take them three marines?"

      "Alright." Kelly replied. "And you can take them two marines. And I will search the outside of the base. And you will search the interiors of the base. And we will meet back here when we are all done."

      "Alrigth. Lets move out." Shadow said.

      Shadow and his two marines walk onto a near by elevator. "Well, there seems to be three floors." Shadow said.

      Shadow pressed the elevator key that goes to the first floor. The elevator unhooked and let out a small screech as it started to descent to 1B level. The elevator came down to a halt, the automatic door to the elevator opean up. Shadow took a peek from the elevator. A silhouette of an Elite caught the corner of Shadow's helmet visor. He slowly brought his gun up and took aim. He pulled the trigger and the muzzle flashes and empty shells drop to the ground. Bullets flew into the Elite knocking the shield off and piercing into the Elite's neck and head area.


      "Yeah, what is it Shadow?"

      "The Covenant still occupy this area."

      "Affirmative. I will proceed with caution."

      Just when Shadow got off his COM channel, he heard a noise that came from the locker rooms. Shadow and his men walk slowly and cautiously down the short hall. As soon as he enters the locker room, he saw a locker door close quickly. Shadow and his men walk up to the locker. One marine got his hand onto the locker door handle. He pulled the door open and yelled, "don't move!"

      "Relax, its just a cowardly marine." Shadow said.

      "Ah, yeah. Its me, Daniel Wayne."

      "Daniel, we got to look for more survivors." Shadow said.

      "Don't bother."

      "Why?" Shadow asks.

      "Well I happen to over hear two Elites talking about how they killed the rest of the survivors."

      "And when did you hear this?" Shadow asks.

      "And hour ago."

      "Shadow! Hurry up and get your ass back up here!" Kelly yelled.

      "Come on!" Shadow yelled.

      Shadow and his men ran out the locker in big hurry. They went out the hall and in the main elevator room. "Brutes" Daniel yelled

      The Brutes raised their Ginsu 9000 at the marines. Shadow reacted and fired a six round burst into one Brute. The yellow tracers flew into the Brute's chest killing the Brute's heart. One marine jump out the way of a Ginsu gun burst, he got down on one knee and fired two shots into the foe's head.

      All the men got onto the moderate size elevator and went to ground level. The marines ran off the elevator when it came to a stop. Shadow and his men came out the base and saw Kelly and his men fighting about twelve Covenant troops. Shadow ran up to Kelly's position firing at a strong Gold Elite. "Shadow! What took you so long?

      "Well I'm here aren't I Kelly."

      "Look!" Kelly said. "That is one big ass force coming this way!

      A Black Elite near the unit powered up a plasma grenade and chunk it in front of Shadow. "Shadow!" yelled Kelly.

      The grenade exploded in front of Shadow knocking him into the steel wall of the base. It knocks him so hard into the wall that he was knock unconscious . As he laid there unconscious for them brief seconds, thoughts rushed through his head. The kind of thoughts about the dream he had last night. As he started to come through, he could see a blurry picture of Kelly standing in front of him. He could see him yelling something to him, "Shadow! Shadow! Are you alright?"

      Shadow shook the cobwebs out of his head and jump up. "Yeah!" he yelled.

      Shadow started to fire his weapon at the Covenant once again. He fired his weapon at two Grunts; the Grunts fell to the ground. "Shadow, call the Pelican!" Kelly yelled.

      Shadow ran behind a destroyed Warthog. "Pelican pilot 454. This is Shadow speaking, we have to get out of here ASAP!"

      "Roger that Shadow, we'll be there in two minutes. Over−"

      Shadow step out and started to fire again. An Hunter charge at a marine bashing the marine with its shield. "Ahh−" yelled the Marine as he fell on the ground motionless.

      "Man down! Man down!" a marine yelled.

      Two marines got behind the Hunter. They both fire a full clip into the exposed spot of the Hunter. The beast felled down and a marine yelled, "not so tough now are you damn monster!"

      Shadow, Kelly, and the rest of the marines fired at what's left of the Covenant unit. "This is Pelican pilot Bravo 454, lets get aboard and get the hell out of here."

      The Pelican moved close to the marines. The marines got aboard the Pelican and lifted off the ground. "Hay Kelly."

      "Yeah Shadow, what is it?" he asks.

      "This marine here is the only survivor." Shadow said.

      "God." A marine said with a wretched voice. "I guess we were just to late."

      Everyone was quiet and looking down into the floor of the Pelican the rest of the way to home base. The Pelican soared into the base Pelican bay room. A med team ran up to the Pelican to see if there were any injuries. Captain Hahn went up to Shadow and ask, "are there any survivors Shadow?"

      "Yeah, one sir."

      "I'm the only survivor sir." Daniel said.

      "Why aren't there any other survivors?" Hahn asks.

      Daniel sits down on a nearby chair and explains why. "Sir. The Covenant had captured the marines and civilians that had surrendered. And then I over heard two Elites talking about how nice it was to eliminate the humans. It's a real sad event that happen."

      "And where were you at this time?" Hahn asks.

      "Well I...well I was..."

      "He was hiding in a locker sir." Shadow said.

      "You mean to tell me that you was in a locker like a coward." Hahn said. "I expect that kind of thing from a Grunt, not a marine."

      "Sorry sir." Daniel said.

      "I guess I will go and get some shuteye." Shadow said.

      Shadow went to his room and took off his MJOLNIR II suit and place neatly on the floor of his room. Its only three o'clock and I'm already going to bed, Shadow though to himself. He sat down on the edge of his bed and though to himself, who are my parents? He put his head in his hands as a tear went down his face.

      On the next day, Shadow and Kelly sat down in the lounge area for some chat time. "Kelly, I had another of one them dreams last night."

      "What was it about this time?" he asks.

      "My family." Shadow said looking down in his lap. "This time dreamt that my mom, dad, and me were in a military base. The base was in a desert, I don't know where in the desert."

      "Go on." Kelly said.

      "Well, I was with my mother and my dad was talking to a person that appeared to be Israeli. I don't know what they were talking about. And then at that time, a jeep came up. My dad got in the jeep and headed off somewhere else, and that is when I woke up."

      "I see." Kelly said. "Well...I dreamt about my wife last night. She dead you know."

      "How did she die?" Shadow asks.

      "Well it was on a colony close to Jupiter. And the Covenant was on that colony."

      "What was the colony called?"

      "It was called the Iaxe IX. And the Covenant had killed my wife, I was captured than save by some marines. And that is when I join up for the Marine corp. But I can't bring her back now."

      Tears started to roll down Kelly's cheeks as he left the lounge area. Shadow got up and walk out thinking to himself, we're all having a hard time in life.

      Captain Hahn came up to Shadow and said, "Shadow. You are have been assign to go to Great Britain. They need as much help as possible. And Kelly is going with you on account that you are officially on their unit."

      "Yes sir" Shadow said.

      "You are going there 0600 tomorrow, and you will be transported on a Long Sword with his team."

      "So I guess I'm going on a European road trip." Shadow said.

      "Just be ready Shadow."

      Captain Hahn walks off into the lounge area, as Shadow went to the shower area to get a nice shower.

To be continue...

Halo Trilogy: European Road Trip ( Chapter V )
Date: 24 September 2003, 3:29 AM

This story is dedicated to my uncle Ken Sisler that took a bullet to his head to save many lives in Vietnam.

European Road Trip

D+00:25:09, September 30, 2552 (Shadow mission clock)/
Aboard Longsword.

       "All right marines," Kelly said. "Sit down and cork your ass, we're going on a little trip."

       Shadow walks in and sits down in a seat next to a pilot named Jamal Pearfol. "So, you're a Spartan II?" Jamal asks.

       "Yeah," Shadow replied. "It really does seem that way."

       "Your right," he chuckled. "Alright, everything seems to be green, engines warm. Y'all better hold to your seats."

       The Longsword burners fired up and slowly lifted off the ground. Before you could even say, holy high hell, the giant ship went roaring out of the bay area.

       "Shouldn't take us no more than five minutes to get to Great Britain," Jamal said.

       "Yeah, well―" Shadow was interrupted.

       "Hold that thought!" Jamal exclaim. "It appears we've got two unwanted Phantoms."

       Jamal pulled back the joystick to engage the Phantoms. Quickly the Phantoms reacted and veered off towards the Longsword. A missile burst out and exploded on the side of one Phantom that plummets to the sea below. The other Phantom shot its plasma cannon at the Longsword. The Longsword turn around and head towards the last Phantom. Red plasma shots had hit the left Longsword's engine shredding it and melting the surrounding amour. "God, left engine out!" Jamal exclaimed.

      "Eat this," Jamal mutter.

       The chain gun on the Longsword open fire on the Phantom, big empty shells drop toward the sea below as the cockpit of the Phantom exploded. "O God, we're going to die!" A marine yelled.

       "We aren't going to die marine," Shadow sad. "How many miles we got left?"

       "Not much, we should make it there in a couple of minutes," Jamal said. "But I am having a pretty hard time on controlling this bad boy."

       Slowly the ship closed in to what appears to be a city on fire. "What an hell hole," Shadow said.

      A hell hole. A hell hole was the best way Shadow could every describe it. But in war, everyday and everything is an hell hole.

O780 hours, September 30, 2552 (Military calendar)/
London, UNSC Base, codename Churchill V.

       "God, give me strength, help me find a path to victory," a Marine chanted after every crack, crack, crack of his multiple S2 Sniper Rifle going off into the Covenant warriors.

       "Jake, you there?" A Major asks over a COM channel.

       "Yes I am, what do you want sir?" Jake asks as a powerful M19 rocket exploded into a building filled with Grunts.

       "There should be a Longsword coming to land near you're area," the Major said. "Woul―you give cov―"

       "Repeat again, your breaking."

       "―I said to give―sniper cover fire," the Major said.

       "Okay, Roger that," Jake said.

       Just when Jake got off the COM channel, the Longsword came roaring up to the landing area. Slowly the Longsword hovered down on a nearby concrete landing pad. The door open up on the Longsword, and out came Kelly saying, "okay marines, this is it. Its show time," he said as he took a magazine and jammed it into a P226.

       Crack, crack, crack, the rifle echo through the city as the rifle fire hit three Grunts. "Al right, I will be your cover fire, and y'all can call me Jake."

       "Yeah," Shadow said. "We got to repeal the Covenant, lets get busy."

       Shadow, Kelly, and the other marines sprinted across a street taking out a Brute. Jake stands his ground firing at the Covenant and chanting, "God, I know your not far from, help me, don't let my foes fool me."

       One by one, the sniper rifle crack and echo through the city, executing the Covenant. Shadow ran up to a corner and peak over the corner. About five Grunts and six Jackals were shooting at him. Shadow called for two marines to frag them. "Fire in the hole!" A marine yelled.

       Two frag grenades bounced a short distance and exploded, whipping out all of the Grunts, and four of the Jackal. Shadow jumps out of the corner firing his MA5B assault rifle at the Jackals. The bullets ricochet off of a Jackal's shield and hitting a near by Jackal's shoulder. Kelly came running out firing his weapon into one of the Jackal's chest. Jake took out the last the remainder with a couple of clean headshots.

       Not far from Shadow's position, there is a small resistance group fighting a Covenant unit. "Ahhh! Die you evil bastard!" A civilian yelled as he took a let cocktail bomb and chunks it at two Elites.

       "Arrrrgggggg!" An Elite yelled as the exploding flames engulfed him.

       A door flung open reveling a 50-caliber machine gun. The 50-caliber open fired into a group of Covenant troops. One by one, the 50-caliber picked off the Covenant until there was nothing left but a pool of blue and purple blood.

       "Where are the rest of SOBs?" A civilian asks.

       "There! Some went inside that building!" A civilian exclaimed.

       The two resistance group men ran inside the half demolished building. They took out their weapons and took out three Grunts with ease. After killing Grunts, the two men ran up a stair to find a Gold Elite wilding a plasma sword. "Wort, Wort, Wort!" The Elite yelled as he ran at the two men, hacking both of them up with one strike.

       Shadow and the rest of the unit ran up to where they heard all of the shootings. The Gold Elite came out of the building with a splatter of blood on his armor. Shadow and two marines fire at the Gold Elite dropping its shield. All of the sudden, a M19 rocket came out of no where. The rocket had exploded into the Elite; limbs of the Elite went flying everywhere.

       "Are y'all chaps okay," a voice said.

       Out came a British marine carrying all the goods like grenade, a S2, M19, MA5Bs, etc. The marine walked up to Shadow and said, "well, we got luck on our side now. The UNSC supplied us with a Spartan."

       "Yes, but what is you're name, and what is the situation here?" Shadow asks.

       "My name is Ken Sisler, people just call me Ken. And, the Covenant numbers are starting to weaken. We probably could get them to retreat from this area, hopefully."

       "Al right, lets keep moving, and Jake," Shadow said.

       "Yes sir," he replied. "What is it you want me to do?"

       "Well, you should have all visibility in that clock tower. I want you to cover us up there."

       "Yes sir."

       Jake trotted off into the clock tower, as Shadow and everyone else headed to the next area to clear. They all ran down the street cautiously looking for any signs of an ambush. Shadow thought to himself, I hope we all make it out alive.

       Shadow heard a rapid bang, bang, bang, in the direction he was going. Small flashes of light flare up from some explosions, he also saw the trailing smoke from some M19 rockets going across from a street. "It must be the resistance group fighting the Covenant," Ken said.

       As they got closer and closer, they could rapid fire from a M41 LAAG gun and sounds of dieing troops on both sides. They finally made it to the battle area to find carnage everywhere. "Come on, show me what you've got!" A marine yelled that was on a LAAG gun.

       Another civilian lighted a rag on a Molotov, just about when he was going to throw it. The rag slip down into the bottle, the civilian saw it and said, "oh shi―" The homemade bomb exploded incinerating the civilian.

       "Damn!" A marine yelled.

       Shadow pulled on the trigger of the gun firing at a Black Elite soldier. In plink of an eye, the special ops Elite shot an over charged plasma bolt hitting Shadow's gun. "Damn!" Shadow said as he threw the muzzel fried gun down. "He fried my weapon!"

       "Here!" Ken yelled. "Take my mate."

       Ken tossed the MA5B rifle and some ammo to Shadow; quickly he started to fire his weapon at the Black Elite. The Elite's shield got knock off and got shot in the head five times. A Hunter was hit in its exposed orange spot by Jake steady gunfire. A resistance group member tossed two cocktail bombs, igniting five Grunts in a hell firestorm. A special ops Grunt charged up his fuel rod gun, the little bastard fired the weapon taking out two civilians. "O God!" A civilian yelled as his skin melted off his bones.

       "Man down!" Someone yelled.

       Slowly the LAAG gun rips up the rest of the Covenant. "Well," Ken said. "We still got like several more sectors. I'm telling you mate, it's going to be a busy day."

       "Yeah," Shadow said. "I sir can use some R&R right about now."

       "Sir," Jake said over the COM channel. "There appears to be another Covenant force towards the west."

       "We're on it," Shadow said. "We got to go west now."

       "Them resistance groups are really tearing up them Covies," a marine said.

       The unit headed off towards west. Crack, crack, crack, Jake fired his sniper rifle with ease, and calmness. "Mom, you otha be proud of me. I'm doing something, I'm protecting, I'm saving lives," Jake said with his sights on a Blue Elite.

       Slowly, he pulled the trigger, crack, the sound echoed as the Elite fell to the ground. "Jake is really giving them bastards what they deserve," Shadow said.

       The unit moved closer to the occupied area of Covenants. In a distance he could see the Covenant scattering as Jake picked them off. Ken pulled out a M19 and aimed it at a Wraith tank. He pulled the trigger firing the rocket at the tank. Bang! The tank exploded in a fiery ball. They ran down the street firing at the Covenant. Shadow zoomed in on a Brute and fired three rounds in it's neck. Ken fired another M19 and took out three Grunts and two Elites. Five more shots echoed through the city when Jake took out five Jackals with almost perfect headshots.

       An Elite came running out of a building firing at Ken. "Ahhh! It burns!" He yelled. "They got my damn arm!"

       Reacting quickly, Kelly fired half a clip into the Elite before it died. Two more pinpoint accurate shots from Jake had killed two more Grunts. Shadow pick up the M19 and fired it at a Hunter, bang, the rocket exploded taking a Jackal with the Hunter. A Grunt charged up a plasma grenade yelling, "flare!"

       The Grunt threw the Grenade sticking it on a Marine. "O God! O Go―" The grenade exploded sending the marine to his grave.

       "Damn!" A marine yelled.

       Kelly pull a pin off a grenade, "eat this!" He yelled chunking it at three Grunts. The grenade exploded, the Grunts were blown up to Kingdom Kom.

       Slowly the unit took out the last of the Covenant unit in their location. "Ken, let me take look at that arm," Shadow said with concern.

       "No, it's okay chap. I'll live."

"Shadow," Jake said. "Major resistance groups pockets are beating the shit out the Covenant."

       "I hear you Jake," Shadow said.

       Just about when the unit was going to walk off, a fairly large resistance group ran up. "Wait mates," one British person said.

       "Listen, me my old chums here are going to help y'all lads," a British said.

       "Fine by me, but," Shadow said. "Who are y'all, and hoe many men y'all got?" He asks.

       "Well, or chums strengths is, well, lets just say that we just about got all the lads in this city fighting," he said. " I'm also kind of the leader here. You could call me Ocelot."

      Ocelot, a bit young but strong, he has blond hair, and a scare going down his left eye. Like everyone else, he thought of the Covenant to be nothing but mutts and ugly ass baboons.

       "Okay then," Shadow said. "Lets keep moving; them Covie bastards don't stand a chance."

       "Your right," Kelly said. "And is there a Covenant vessel here?"

       "No," Ocelot said.

       Guns grew louder as Shadow and the rest of the men walk off. Every step of the way, guns grew louder and louder.

Note: I hope all of y'all enjoyed my story. And I am sorry it took so long to get in. And my grammer and spelling should be alot better all thanks to Hornet. I also got most of these ideas from Saving Private Ryan.

      ~In memories of Ken Sisler~

      He got the Medal of Honer, a statue put up in
      the Uneversity of Arkansas State, a library na-
      med after him, and a ship named after him, call-
      ed the USS. Sisler.

Halo Trilogy: Fighting and Remembrance (Chapter VI)
Date: 28 September 2003, 10:57 PM

Halo Trilogy
Fighting and Remembrance (Chapter VI)

2:07:25 September 30, 2552 (Shadow's mission clock)/
London, Great Britain.

       Shadow and the other men walk slowly, but cautiously with their hands griped tightly around their guns and their finger rested firmly on the trigger. All of a sudden, a fear flooded over Shadow. Not a fear of dying or facing the Covenant, but a fear of knowing the truth. The truth, he feared the truth, to know his past, to remember a dark secret. He didn't want to find out why his father was meeting all of these Israelis. Slowly the fear started to fade when heard the sound of battle; a loud reminder on what his mission is all about.

       "Shadow!" Kelly yelled over load sounds of Longswords flying overhead. "The Covenant is starting to open up again!"

       Swarms of Covenant stormed down the streets of London, loud explosions from pounds of bombs being dropped on Wraith tanks echoed all through the skies. Covenant troops fall to the ground from continuous shots from Jake's sniper rifle. Shadow, Kelly, and Ken fire at a unit of grunts and Jackals; two marines and three resistance group members follow three Elites into a semi demolish Café. A Marine fired a SMG at an Elite, eating away its shield. Slowly the Elite shield is knock off, blood spills out of the wounds of the Elite, slowly and painfully, the Elite is died.

       A Jackal fired an over charge plasma shot, impacting a Marines head; the head explodes. Ken fired a three round burst into a Brute's head, a grenade—from Shadow— explodes killing three Jackals. A single sniper plasma rifle burst killed a Marine not looking at what he is doing. "Sniper!" A Marine yelled watching his fellow comrade fall to the unforgiving ground. Once again, the Elite Covenant sniper took out one more life, this time it was a resistance group member, the plasma sniper burst went straight through the British man's heart.

       "I gouts you little bastard," Jake said, shooting a single shot an Elite's head. The Elite felled to the ground without much noise.

       "Come on, eat it." A Marine fired last of his magazine into a Brute's chest.

       Finally a Scorpion tank came treaded in and two Warthogs came rushing in taking out the last Covenant troop. "The cavalry has arrived," a Marine said triumphing.

       A Major named Walker Myers stepped out of a Warthog's passenger seat walking up to Shadow. "Well―a Spartan."

       "Major," Shadow said.

       "I got some good news," he said. "The Covenant numbers here is cut down to about ninety. Victory will be ours."

       "Good." Good, that is all Shadow said looking off in a different direction. Shadow started to walk off to the next battleground; Kelly and his men follow, as Ken and Walker got in two different Warthogs. One with a cannon on the back and the other one with a LAAG on it. The Scorpion took off with three Marines on the sides, some of the resistance group member's stayed behind.

       As Shadow got on the last empty spot on the Scorpion, he thought back to his training in the Spartan II project. He thought back on how and his unit—consists of one girl and two boys, named Johnny Carter, Trish Heard, and Eric Cole—played these games like Capture the Flag, Relay Races, and a odd game named Oddball. These games did help them become good fighters and team players.

       "I see them little Covies," a Marine said as Shadow came back to reality. He looks behind him then in front of him. He could see them two Warthog firing hundreds of rounds at the Covenant.

       Shadow leaps off of the tank zooming in at a Hunter charging up its fuel rod gun. Deciding not to shoot, he ordered the Scorpion tank drivers to blast him. The Scorpion took careful aim at the mammoth beast. In a blink of an eye, the shell went screaming out of the cannon blowing up the Hunter, sky high. A Special ops Elite threw a plasma grenade at a Warthog with Major Myers on it. Quickly, the three men franticly got the Warthog, watching it explode in flames.

       Major Myers counterstriked the Elite by tossing a grenade himself. "So that's how you want to play it!" He yelled, tossing a grenade under the Elite's body. The Elite tried to jump out of the way, but the fuse on the grenade ran out, exploding, sending the Elite in every direction.

       The Scorpion took out the last of the Covenant with the steady but load shots of the cannon. "Shadow," Jake said over the COM channel. "We got some Covenant to your east."

       "Roger," Shadow replied. "There is Covenant to the east," he said to ken and Kelly.

       "All right," Major Myers said, "I going to Sector 12—a sector that is actually a very large mall—to clear up that place."

       "All right," Shadow said. "Take the tank and Warthog."

       Shadow, Ken, Kelly, and three Marines that is part of their unit headed off to west. Major Myers got aboard the Warthog heading to the mall, the Scorpion tank followed, running a little behind the 'Hog. Shadow and his men didn't really run to the next sector. But they jog; they jog to save some energy for the next battle. It was one of the first things Shadow learned in the Spartan II project. His drill instructor—named Dan Walter—always said a little thing when the other trainees complained about how they were tired: Your already dead if your tired. Shadow didn't think it was much of anything, but it was true to life. So it stuck to him, he learned many things from his instructor about warfare and teamwork. One of the most valuable lessons he learns was to have faith in others; he thought it was one of the most valuable things to learn. But many Marines think that to never give up was the most valuable thing to learn, which was also true to life. "Shadow," Kelly called to him.

       "What is it?"

       "Do you ever wonder that this war is a waste of time?"

       " 'Coarse I do," he replied. "Everyday it is the same, and we aren't getting any better, life isn't getting any better. But you soon find out that life is nothing but a chess game. We're like pawns in an everlasting game that is at a stalemate. But, we Marines were put on this planet for one thing, to serve and protect."

       "True," a Marine said.

       The unit started to see plasma and tracers zip back and forth. It was a small group of resistance group members fighting a Covenant unit bigger and stronger. "Lets go!" Ken yelled.

       Fiercely the unit pounces on the Covenant. Ken fired his MA5B assault rifle taking out a Grunt and two Jackals with one magazine. A Marine stepped in side an door way of and building to give him a little cover fire when he look behind him to find an red Elite standing behind him. Reacting out of fear, he fell down on the floor moving back trying to get away. "P-p-please don't kill me," the scared Marine said.

       The Elite raised his plasma rifle over his head; quickly he came down clubbing the Marine in the head. The Marine fell over on the ground, as blood dripped out of his mouth. The Elite ran out of the building pointing at Shadow and saying, "you're next," in a Gothic voice.

       "Next in line to kill you!" Shadow retorted loudly.

       The Elite shot Shadow several times bringing down his shield to 75%. Shadow rolled to his left—an evading move he learn in the Spartan II project—getting on one knee taking the Elite down with nineteen shots. Ken quickly took out an Elite with the rest of his clip; he jammed a freash clip into his weapon a killed an Grunt. A Marine took a grenade and chunk it at three Jackals, BAM! The grenade exploded taking out the Jackals. The last Covenant troop was a Grunt stop dead in his tracks severing in fear. "O please don't kill me," the Grunt pleaded for mercy, wishing now he wasn't a Covenant troop.

       "Hey you, Marine," Shadow called out.

       "Yes sir," the Marine replied.

       "Tie this here Grunt up."

       "Yes sir." The Marine walked over to the Grunt and tied its hands together with a nylon rope.

       Shadow slowly heard the sounds of many multiple Pelicans. Slowly he saw about twenty Pelicans and silhouettes of Pelican flying overhead. One Pelican flew closer to Shadows area, the Pelican hovered down to the ground. Five Marines ran out of the Pelican as Shadow watch. "All right," a female voice said over the COM channel to Shadow, "y'all can now get aboard."

       "What?" A Marine said confusedly. "We get to leave now...alright."

       "Come on Marine, I guest or mission is done now," Shadow said.

       The entire unit and the captured Grunt got aboard the Pelican; soon as they were all seated Shadow walked in the cockpit and said, "there is an sniper on that clock tower over there."

       "Okay, I will swoop in and pick him up," the pilot said.

       Slowly the Pelican lifted off of the ground, heading to Jake. The Pelican got close to the top of the clock tower as Jake got aboard. "Why are we leaving?" Jake asks.

       Shadow looks at Jake and said, " 'cause the corp. brought more reinforcement, and we get to go back to the British base not far from here. You know, to get a little R&R, you better be happy."

       "I'm happy, I'm happy," Jake said as the Pelican head towards the base called Churchill IV.

1300 hours September 30, 2552 (Military calendar)/
Portsmouth, England, Churchill IV.

       "Whew," Kelly sighed sitting down at a table with Shadow. "Glad that's over."

       "Yes," Shadow said. "Many casualties."

       Kelly looks down sad for the fallen men. "Yes indeed. But that won't stop me, my dad had this saying, 'even if you get your ass kicked in a fight, get back up, brush the dirt off of you, and fight another day.'"

       "Good saying," Shadow said.

       Kelly took a deep breath, "well...he told me that when I lost a fight back in the 6th grade. He told me his little saying, and the next day when I went back to school, I went up to that kid and knocked him right out. Yup, I punched him so hard in his nose, that he transfers to another school."

       Shadow chuckled, "that's funny as hell. The only fight I every got in was with another kid back in the Spartan II project. We were playing chess, and this kid never losses. But I had beaten him for the first time, and that kid got so mad and jealous that he flips the chess table over. Then I got up and he got up, and all of the other kids gather around to see what would. Well, he threw the first punch, hitting me my check. I came around with my right fist, smacking him right in his jaw. And then the kids from both team side—which was called Blue team and Red team, Shadow was Blue team—came up and held both of us back. Then my drill instructor came up and told us that we couldn't eat super for two days."

       "Harsh, and he did all of that over an chess game," Kelly said.

       "Yeah," Shadow said. " But we joke about that incident today. Well, I guest I will go and take a little nap."

       "Same here," Kelly agreed.

       Shadow walk into his sleeping quarters and lie down on a bed. Looking up at a rotating fan slowly doze him off to sleep. After five minutes, he went into REM sleep.

       "Go to sleep son," a woman ordered, the woman was Shadow's mom. She had blond hair and blue eyes.

       "But why?"

       "Because I told you to." The woman stepped out of the room, closing the door.

       After she left, the little boy—which was Shadow—got out of bed and slowly opened the door, disobeying his mother. He tip toed out of the room and went up to the room his father and mother was in. He got down on the floor, hiding, trying to listen to what they were talking about.

       "Listen dear, they somehow figure out that I work for the CIA, they some how found out, and now the Israeli leader is after me. He is sending men to try and assonate me, but that is going to be hard for them to do."

       "O God Henry," the woman said, she started to cry as she laid her head down into her husband's arms. "Should we tell our son?"

       "No Helen, its best if we just move out of here."

       Slowly Shadow jolted his head up, damn, he thought. He got up and went out his room. Thump, thump, thump, Shadow was beating on Kelly's door. "All right, all right, I'm coming.

       Kelly opens his door to find Shadow standing there. Kelly walks out of his room and asked, "what is Shadow?"

       "I remembered."

       Kelly and Shadow went into the lounge room. Kelly grabs a cup of coffee, Folgers coffee, no sugar and no cream. Just plain black coffee, the way he likes it. He sat down in front of Shadow and looked at him as he took a sip of coffee. "So, what do you remember?" Kelly asked.

       "It's like this, I was in my room and my mom told me to go to sleep. When she left, I got up and went and hide next to the doorway in the room they were in. I listen to what they were saying, and my father said the Israeli leader was after him after they found out that my father was CIA or something. Also, their first names are Helen and Henry."

       "I got nothing to say," Kelly said. "Maybe you should go back to sleep."

       "Yeah, you're right, but I'm not even sure if that story was real." Shadow said, walking back to his sleeping quarters.

To be continued...

Author's Note:Sorry if my story seem a little rusty, but I do hope that you have enjoyed my story. And if anyone has a question, feel free to ask, as long as it isn't an flaming question.

-Alpha Lance

Halo Trilogy: Operation Info Retrieval (Chapter VII/part I)
Date: 26 October 2003, 9:35 PM

Here it is, I hope it is good.

Chapter VII
Operation Info Retrieval (part I)

0900 Hours, October 4, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Portsmouth, England, Churchill IV.

      It has been several days since Kelly and Shadow's last missions. But like the hardcore gunny Kelly is, he is starting to get on the edgy side of the lack of action and Covenant bloodshed. So he has to occupy himself in till he gets another mission, one way is that he plays chess with the other Marines. Sergeant Kelly had never played any other board game than chess. Before the war had started he had played in chess tournaments, only winning two out of five tourneys he had ever entered.

      Shadow on the other hand prefers to just sit around the lounge area. Of coarse Shadow isn't the type of person going around the place trying to spark a conversation. But he is the patience type; he can go for days without action and fighting, not because he is some kind of hippie or anything. But Kelly is the type that wants to live his life to the fullest.

      "Shadow Spartan-250, Master Chief grade, report to the general's quarters on the double," a voice rang out over the intercom.

      Shadow got up from his seat and headed to the general's quarters. He entered the assistant's office and saw a woman working at her desk. She's a blond headed woman; she wore small reading glasses—the kind where you only wear them when you read to keep your eyes steadied and focus.

      "Oh, General Travis Brown wants to talk to you, you may enter." She said in a pleasant voice.

      "General Brown." Shadow walked in and saluted him.

      "At ease." He said, sitting down in his Italian leather chair. "Go ahead, you may sit."

      "Thank you sir. What is it that you called me in here for?"

      "I was just about to get to that. Now the reason I called you in here is that we've got some very interesting news from the Grunt you had captured several days ago." General Brown lit a cigar. "We had interrogate the little CLB."

      "CLB?" Shadow asks.

      "Yeah, it's a little word I came up with that explains everything about the Covies. It means, creepy little bastard." General Brown chuckled. "But this is serious, the Grunt was rambling on about some kind of ring world. He talked about some kind of monster on the ring world; we didn't know what the CLB was talking about. But it sounded very important. Now, we also got some info out of the Grunt about a ship that had all of the information that we need. Information on everything, to gun development to the ring world. But this ship is the ship that leads the armada, and it is very powerful. This is a mission for the Spartans and special ops. You will meet up with the rest of the Spartans at the Trinity Airbase in Washington State. From there, you will go with a fleet of our finniest ships. You will be fully brief once you get there, you will go there right now, and good luck."

0930 Hours, October 4, 2552 (Shadow's Military Calendar)/
Portsmouth, England, Churchill IV.

      Shadow was ready to take on the difficult mission that was ahead of him. He is mentally and physically prepare. He has nothing to lose, but he has something to gain. The stakes are higher in this mission. "Engines green, everything is working, lets get this thing rollin'." The pilot said.

      Shadow isn't riding in a Longsword this time, but in a Pelican. The engines on the Pelican fired up. The pilot toggled the joystick lifting the Pelican off its landing gears. Quickly the Pelican raced out of the hanger to America.

Sixth Cycle, 37 units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/
Aboard Cruiser, Fall of Fate, above Earth's atmosphere.

      Black Elite special force 'Muroccu had taken a secondary gravity lift up to the command deck of the Fall of Fate. He went through the usual security check and was showed in the Prophet's Council Chamber. "Your Excellency, there is new word from Halo." The Elite said, propping down on knee.

      "What is it that you heard?"

      "The search team has found the cells that hold the ultimate destruction."

      "The Flood," the Prophet added. "Did the search team tamper with the cells?"

      "No, Excellency. They also didn't find any trace of the Forerunners."

      "Just make sure that you keep them stupid Grunts away from the cells. We wouldn't want another Halo incident now would we?"

      "I will."

      "Good," the Prophet said, "failure is not an option, if you do, you will be punished greatly."

      'Muroccu gulped than nodded. He knew the price of failure, and he knows the pain of failure. He has been punishing before, the price was that he had a finger cut off. He wouldn't want another finger missing. Or worse, he wouldn't want a head missing, he has seen another Covenant soldier get a head cut off. It just goes to show that the Prophet means business.

1000 Hours, October 4, 2552 (Shadow's Military Calendar)/
Trinity Airbase in Washington State.

      The Pelican came into range of the shipyard. The shipyard is located in the heart of the giant city. Th city itself is undamaged, mostly because that the city is one of the most well protected cities in Washington. Emplacement ground MAC—Magnetic Accelerator Cannon—were all around the city. The MAC guns were everywhere, along the border, in the heart of the city, even on the buildings. Shadow looked out of the Pelican and thought to himself, this is one badass city, not even a battalion of Hunters wouldn't want to mess with this.

      "I'm in range and preparing to land this bird," the pilot said.

      The Pelican came to a crawl, smoothly the Pelican landed on the heliport-landing pad. It bounced a little when it landed to the ground, and Shadow got up from his seat and walked out the door. He looked around the place and saw many personals and civilians just walking around like there isn't a war going on. They were just doing their regular routine, not even aware of the possible danger. Of coarse, they probably don't even feel in danger, it must be because of the well protection and power of the force here in the untouched city of steel and pure power. A captain walked up to Shadow greeting him with a hello. They both shock hands out of respect and friendship. The captain is named Jerry Lawler, he is an American, and the captain of a fine ship called, Diamond Cutter. That is a perfect name for the Americans' very own giant glory hog—it was called that because the ship had more kills than any other ship in the UNSC. The ship can cut through a Covenant cruiser with its extremely powerful Linear Energy Gun—LEG—can cut through a Covenant ship like a hot knife cutting through butter.

      "Shadow, Master Chief grade," Capt. Lawler said, "I know this is too sudden but get to the briefing room, pronto. Your mission starts now."

      Shadow saluted him and gave him a quick "yes sir" and headed off to the briefing room. Shadow walked in the room filled with several teams of special ops team and some old Spartan buddies. There was five Spartans including Shadow, each one wore the same color suit, and the same ole armor. General George Hudson walked into the briefing room, instantly everyone stop chip chatting and saluted him and sat down. Loudly the big deep voice man talked. "Men, I am General George Hudson, this is Captain Jerry Lawler, Captain Lance McCauley, and Captain Walker Myers. These three men will lead their ships to the harsh and dangerous mission. Y'all will go with Captain Jerry Lawler, and remember, this is a mission for the brave. 'If you can't handle the pain, get out of the game,' that's my philosophy."

      The lights in the room dimmed up, General Hudson took a controller and turned on a projector. On the projector screen, the picture of the Covenant ship appeared, the ship was dark blue. On the side, you can clearly see the energy door, General Hudson pointed at the ship and said, "here is a recon photo of the Covenant ship called, Fall of Fate. Your mission is to get aboard the ship by going through the energy doors. From there," the picture changed to a inferred interior scan of the ship. You can make out the interior of the ship and all of the floors and levels. "Y'all will make you way up to the command deck, y'all will all go in different direction. A NAV point will lead each team to their destination." He paused for a second to clear his trout; "two Spartans that have AI Constructs will put their Construct into the Covenant computer to collect the data. Also, remember to work as a team, that is the key to victory, teamwork. I almost forgot, this is a time mission; y'all are going to have to get out of there before time runs out. Now, is there any question?"

      A Marine stands up and asked, "yes, why is this mission timed?"

      "Well, its obvious, we would like to get out of there before the entire Covenant Armada comes for us. Our ships aren't that invincible. Is there any other questions?" He looked around the room." Alright, get on the ship right away, this mission starts now."

D+00:15:03, October 4, 2552 (Shadow's Mission Clock)/
Aboard Diamond Cutter.

      "All special ops and Spartan personals, get to your Pelicans," the Captain voice echoed through the ship's hanger. A loud sound of the ship's engines echoed inside the ship and outside. There was a small rumble from the ship lifting off the ground; slowly it flew out of the open top hanger. "Exiting Earth's atmosphere in five," the Captain said. Slowly the large ship exit the Earth's atmosphere following behind the ship was the two other ships called, Titians and the Bronco Bull. The three mighty ships went on their way to Operation Info Retrieval

      Shadow sat in the close door Pelican with the other Spartans; he wasn't nervous, but anxious to get on the ship. He wants to find out the information about the mysterious ring world. His time is near; he is going to find out about Halo.

::Epic music::

To be continued...

A/N: I'm also planning to make a side story for this one. It is going to be about the Grunt interrogation. It is going to be a comedy too.