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Halo 2, an Elites version by FOrunnER

Halo 2, an Elites version
Date: 27 July 2003, 3:08 AM

Today when I read my story (A Long Hard Day of Killing Humans)on fan fiction, I read it and didn't like it, and have decided to use the main plot and edit just about everything else to make a better story (P.S. Thanks to the people who posted Comments, you really helped me figure out what was wrong with my first one :) Enjoy

The Probe slowly but surely circled over the planet, gathering intell on its defenses. The Probe was nearing the end of its three day journey, and it had all the information it needed. It was about the size of a softball and its size was the only reason it went udetected. Humans saw the little probe daily and regarded it as nothing more than space junk. It was currently over East Africa, scanning New Mombassa. It zoomed in on the cities Battle Ship dock and added the city name and position to the list of a couple dozen more Earth cities. Each citie on the Probes list had a Ship dock. These cities would become prime targets when the Covenant invaded Earth. The Covenant forces would be dropped as close to these docks as they could, then attempt to secure them. Once they did, Covenant fleet ships could dock there and drop off more troops to aid in the ground invasion. The dock would most likely be emptie of battle ships and ripe for Covenant use at that time, as no doubt the humans would call upon every servicable ship they had to fight the Covenant.
As the Probe finished scanning New Mombossa, its internal clock went to 0. A charge began to form around its data crystal, where all the intell it had gathered was stored. Finally, the charge built up to maximum and it launched itself into space towards the generall direction of the Covenant homeworld. A minute slipstream feild formed around it and it dissapeared from sight. No doubt the Covenant would recieve it and learn all the data it stored.
With its mission completed, the little probe slowly powered down. It fell into Earths gravity well and burned in its atmosphere, eliminating the only peice of evidence of Covenant presence.

Nora' Nabamee, a well respected officer of the Covenant army, suited up. He was going to serve as a tactical advisor to The BLIND FAITHS ship master, Sia' Tobamee. He was used to standard infrantry and would have perfered to be there during Earths invasion, but his new assignment was full of honor. It ment the Prophets felt he had become exceedingly good at battle tactics. He looked at his brand new black headpeice, he had recently had been given black armor in place of his old gold set.
He put the headpeice on, attached his Plasma Rifle to his side, and acctivated the suits sheild systems. Just then a measege was heard over the ship-wide coms, "All soilders get ready, we will be approaching Earth in five units. Make the gods proud, and those of you that die on this day will be welcomed in paradise, Ship Adviser Nora' Nabamee, please report to the bridge as soon as time will allow. Ship Master Tobamee out".
Nabamee navigated his way through a series of maze like tunnels (they were purposely made this way to confuse any enimie borders) and came to a door blocked by a pair of Brutes. Brutes had originally been part of there worker class but once the Prophets found out they also had ecceptional fighting skills they made sure to turn them into troops.
These two were armed in the usual Brute fashion. An acid tipped machete, proven to be as effective as a plasma sword, was clipped to there sides. They carreid there primary weapons in a ready position, they were prototrype guns, called mini-fuel rods. They fired a blast about 1/3 as powerful as a fuel rod cannon, but recharge rate was faster, around that of the time between a plasma pistols semi-automatic shots. It was most effective at medium range.
These Brutes scooted closer together to block the door as he approached. "I am 'Nabamee, the Ship Masters advisor. I have identification clearance". And with that Nora dropped a small card wich had its serial rank and full name into the Brutes hand. It looked it over, nodded to his fellow, and without a word the Brute parted and he and his fellow let him through.
Nabamee had much respect of the Brutes, he had no doubt that they would make fearsome warriors on the battlefeild, perhaps even matching the skill of some of the lower class Elites. Nabamee had respect for all the upper class members of the Covenant, but he despised the lower class Jackals and Grunts, and even more the humans. Just thinking about them made him want to kick something, so he decided a passing Grunt was a good target, and sent the cowardly creature flying to the other side of the room. It scrambled back up and made its way back to its console. He made his way up the ramp to the command deck overlooking the bridge. A black armored Elite like himself and a Prophet stood on the commmand platform.
"Ah, Nabamee, how good to see you" said the Elite. They saluted with the traditional covenant salute ( a closed fist over there hearts ). "It is good to see you as well Tobamee. I am in a paticularly good mood today, for today is the day the human scum will die".
"Yes it is Nabamee"
Just then he heard the voice of another Elite on the platform. It was a runt by Elite standards, mabye 7' or 7'1, and dressed in blue armor. It was speaking a in very fast comlicated tones to the Prophet, a translater obviously. Nabamee' gave the Prophet the standard Covenant salute and kept his fist on his heart while he bowed, wich was customary military protocal when faced with a Prophet.
He stayed into the protocal position until the stunted Elite said, "The holy one has asked you to rise, and welcomes you".
The Elite retracted from his protocal position and siad, "Tell the holy one that I am truly blessed to be within his prescence"
The Elite began talking in the fast tones again and nodded to Nabamee'. He turned back to Tobamee, who had respectfully watched the scene. "How much longer till we reach the vermins homeland".
"A few mere milla-units. Once there, this destroyer will join others in a standard attack formation and engaged whatever forces may be there. Probe 133.9 reveiled that there is a total of fifty of there 'Super MAC cannons' in orbit around the planet and over two hundred ships in orbit at any given time, but they have roughly a thousand servicable ships on Earth total and a few hundred more between the basses on the nearby planet Mars and the Moon. We will engage, dropp of troops, retreat and regroup, then a second wave of fighters will come to fill in the gaps left by any casualties, we outnumber them in there own home, AHAHAHA", both Elite gave hearty laughs.
In Nabamee's mind, there was no doubt that there long time enimies would die....

Ensign Terry Richards double checked his screens then alled to his supperior, Luetennant Eric Carlson.
"Sir, you better come here. I think there's a malfunction here. Scanners are picking up a very large object, about the same size as a small planet".
The commanding officer on the Zima 7 outpost's blood ran cold. He looked at the screen, and his worst fears were confirmed. He yelled orders.
"Get Fleetcom on the line now, tell them a large covenant battle fleet is headed strait for them".
The thought of Covenant in the Sol System made Richards break in a cold sweat. He mad an inquirey that he knew he would regret asking, "How many sir".
The Luetennant took time to mesure the mass of the object on the sensors and responed in a stony voice, "At least a thousand, there may be a couple hundred more".
At this Richards fainted but nobody bothered to pick him up, the outpost was a mad house. Alarms were ringing, people were scrambling to consoles, orders were being shouted, silent prayers were made.
Three minutes after outpost Zima 7 discovered the ships and broadcast the fleet message, a Covenant corvett jumped out of slipspace. It recharged it's systems, fired a pair of plasma torpedoes that turned the outpost into molten slag, then hoped back into slipstream with the rest of the battle group as if it hadn't just murdered at least fifty oupost workers............................................

Comments, anybody? If I get good reveiws on this I will right Halo 2, an Elite version, chapter two. I promise I'll make it good.

Halo 2, an Elites version, Part II
Date: 4 August 2003, 8:34 PM

"Fire in the hole!!", yelled private second class Casey Jindrakk. His grenade sailed into the Covenant group and detonated, blowing five Grunts into chunks and filling a Jackal full of shrapnel.
The firefight had been going on for hours in the streets of New Mombassa. The Covenant had succesfully dropped of there troops, leaving the marines in a shit load of trouble. They had been defending this part of town for hours. Mostly against Grunts and Jackals, but a few Elites had shown up and at one point they even had to deal with a tank. Air support quickly put that out before it caused to much damage. Now it finally seemed as if the slaughter was slowing down at least. This area had been dubbed with particular importance because it covered the western flank of military installation 002315, now kown as Alpha base.
The headquaters of all operations in New Mombassa was there, and they couldn't aford to let it fall. There had been 400 marines stationed here, and now there was only 171 left, for every covenant soilder they killed, the covenant killed two more. But now the Covenant seemed to exhausted all the soilders they wanted to use on this area and now his men were simply doing mop up of the 60 or so Covenant that remained.
Suppresing fire was layed down wich took out almost all the Grunts, then air-support was once again called in to mop up the Jackals. Jindrakk sighed, it was finally over. He allowed tears to roll down his soot streaked face. He had lost his brother in this battle, Private second class Robert Jindrakk. He had watched the Needlers from the Grunts gun catch Robert in the face, there had been no hope. He looked over at his brothers corpse next to him, and thanked god it was finally over.....................

"Plasma torpedos at maximum charge Excellency", said the Grunt working weapons controll, Yayawg.
"Fire then you imbossile", roared Tobamee. Not a moment later twin streaks of red hot plasma traced the human destroyer and vaporized it. Several Seraph fighters appeared in front of the screen to blow away the fleeing lifepods from the Destroyer.
Nabamee smiled upon the scene. He loved the destuction of humans. Nabamee's destoyer as well as every other ship in the fleet initiated the now standard engage-hotdrop-retreat sequence they had used at Reach and Sigma Octanus. They had lost several craft during the first engagement, including destroyers like his, 3 cruisers, and a Flagship that strayed to close to there 'Super MAC cannon'.
However the human fleet had had more casualties in the initiall engagement, losing 1/3 of there fleet and five of there 'Super MAC cannon's'. When the second wave came to reinforce them there ranks swelled dramatically. But the humans recieved reinforcements as well, obviously from other star systems. Some of the craft in the initiall engagement were in the midstage of repairs from previous engagements. Those had been the first ones taken out.
They had just started the second engagement and it was hot. They had already caught some stray missles, but only non-essential compartments had been breached.
"Excellency", squawked another Grunt, Hahaig. "Heavy human projectile inbound with human missles. Coming from human Frigate at location 300.44 by -211.0001".
"Change course heading 2.1012 by 7.88. That will put us in perfect flanking position. Use full power"
Hahaig grunted in response and the ship rocketed out of the path of the projectile, and caught only a the missles.
"Sheilds down by 44% and recharging at 2% per second. Now in flanking position of enemy frigate".
Yayawg spoke again, "Pulse lasers at full readieness. Plasma torpedoes at 82% charge. I have lock on on target, awaiting your oders excellency".
"Fire pulse lasers at there MAC cannons and missle pods, aim plasma torpedoes at the general area where the ships bridge would be".
On the screen blazing blue lazers cut into the ship. The large projectile weapon mounted on top was destoyed. Aft and Port Archer missle pods were also hit. The missles all exploded in there pods, punching holes in the frigate and sending it spinning out of controll. Then the plasma torpedoes fired, they vaporized the entire front end of the ship.
Nabamee watched in silence at the destruction. He actually hadn't added much to Tobamee's commanding. The Elite seemed to have everything under control and he once again wondered why he was here.
Oh well, it was not his place to question orders. He simply had to enjoy the view..........................

"Chief", said the shocked voice of Cortana, "Earth is under attack. The fleet is in serious trouble. Get ready Cheif. Were going to Mars, its the closest human position and the only place we can contactact the fleet right now. But get ready, Mars is also under invasion".
The Master Chief, who had been getting groggy over the long uneventfull hours of Slipspace travell, now sat bolt upright. Just his luck, he just got back from fighting the Covenant AND the Flood AND the Sentenals on Halo, and now was heading strait into another battle. But the thought of battle was somehow comforting, it was what he was trained for and was where he belonged.
He pulled on his helmet and turned on his suits sheild systems. He checked his weapons. A shotgun, half full of ammo, an Assualt Rifle, with two clips of ammo, a frag grenade and three plasma grenades.
The rusty iron red Marshian landscape appeared out of the Longswords viewport. Now however, that landscape was dotted with black craters where bombs had gone off.
The Chief strapped himself in his seat, the Longsword bucked as it entered Marshian atmosphere and hit a pocket of turbulence.
"So Cortana", said the Chief calmly, "Where exactly are we going?".
"Tarra city (Ta-ra), a major military installation and civilian population center. It is also under attack, Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Hunters, plenty of enemy vehicles and a few confermed enemy artillery emplacements ".
"Oh goodie, a party", he joked.
"And its time to crash it. ETA two minutes".
He finally got out of the turbulence and over a red valley. It was also home to intense human-covenant fighting. Plasma weapons and Projectile weapons sputtered across the valley. The Chief noticed two pairs of Hunters, a Wraith, and a few Gohsts on the Covenant side. But he also spotted a squad of Scorpion tanks and accompying Warthogs. Both sides vehicles were extremely active. Each side was wearing envirment suits. Tarra city could be seen in the distance, encased in a clear dome.
"Cortana, give me control of the Longsword. I can wipe out the outside forces with the Longsword, then proceed inside Tarra city and destroy the forces in there", said the Chief.
"Negative", replied Cortana, "We used up all of our fuel in the Slipspace jump, we are in for kind of a crash landing".
"Great, my luck just keeps getting better and better".
He looked out the viewport, his Longsword was heading strait for the Covenant lines.
"Chief", screamed Cortana over the multiple impact sirens, " the ship won't make it, We have to jump".
Without a word he grabbed the paracute under his seat, opened the back hatch, and jumped. He couldn't feel the wind rushing by him in his suit but he could hear it. He pulled the chute at the last minute and landed on the ground with a jarring THUD, bringing his sheilds down a fith. He just had enough time to watch his longsword crash into an unsuspecting group of Covenant before he was attacked.
"Covenant, watch out!!"
He turned, Shotgun to bear. A squad of scarlet armored Elites were advancing on him with the lower rank Grunts and Jackals following them. Plasma bolts wizzed by his head as the Chief opened fire. The first round ripped through the nearest Elites sheilds and tore out his gut. A plasma grenade sailed over and latched on to a Grunts scull, the cowering creatur ran to its buddies for help and took out five of it fellows, one Jackal, and one Elite with it.
Now with the scale evened out a bit, he had a much better chance. He emptied his Shotgun into two more Elites and a few Grunts and Jackals that got to close. Now he chucked the weapon at the nearest Grunt. The stupid creature caught it and he was free to finish it off with a sustained burst from his AR. He used his last armor peircing rounds to tear apart a pair of Jackals and a Grunt. Now with no weapons, he used his last frag grenade. It detonated and took out an Elite and two more Jackals. The fire, smoke, and shrapnel confused the Covenant long enough for him to grab a nearby Plasma Rifle. He took the last Elites sheilds down in a barrage of plasma, took out most of the remaining forces with another grenade, and moped up the remaining Jackals with the Plasma Rifle.
He took moment to breath. His sheilds, wich were on the verge of depleting entirely, now slowly recharged. He waited till it fully charged and then grabbed more weapons.
Since Covenant weapons were small and virtually weightless, he could carry a lot of them. He grabbed another Plasma Rifle, a pair of plasma pistols, and five intact plasma grenades. He scouted the area and saw a group of marines pinned down by a group of Covenant. It was time to get to work.................................

Halo 2, an Elites version, Part III
Date: 6 August 2003, 10:50 PM

Note: In the last storie of the series I forgot to mention everbody was wearing vaccum suits. Sorry, Enjoy.

The Chief made his way to the downed marines. There were five of them trying to hold out against a mob of Jackals. He unloaded a barrage of plasma on there flank, the superheated bolts ripping through there suits, venting atmoshpere. He let the marines finish the remaining two.
However, there were more, and soon he was down to his last Plasma pistol. He turned to the nearest marine, his Freind or Foe tag read Private Calvin. "Private, where's your commander?" he asked.
"Commander Nore is on the front lines, sir", he said over the coms.
He nodded. He noticed what the toal was on the battle. The marine infrantry was in bade shape, they were outnumbered three to one, there bodies littered the ground. The Warthog and Gohst forces were at a stale mate, both oblivated. The Scorpions were almost all in ruins, except for one badly damaged and moving sluggishly.
He looked over to the Private again, "What happened to those Scorpions Private?".
"The Wraith. It destroyed the first two, and badly damaged the third, it was finished off by those Hunters. Now we only got one that took the brunt of a Plasma grenade".
"Patch me in to your Commander, Private, I wanna talk to him".
"Right, Fred, pass over the radio", said Calvin.
A marine in a vaccum suit two feet away tossed over a slightly dumpy looking radio. The Private fiddled with the frequency dial then handed it to the Chief.
He talked into it. "Commander Nore ? This is Master Chief Spartan-117".
"A Spartan? I thought you were wiped out at...It dosen't matter. What are doing here?".
"Later, when we retake Tarra city, I'll need to use your Coms to link up with the Fleet. As for now, I'm gonna take that Wraith".
"What, how are going to do that?".
"Watch me", he clicked the radio off.
"Hand me that Rocket Launcher", he gestured over to marine close by who had a M19 SSM man protable Rocket laucher.
He took the launcher and fired with unhumanly accuracy. The first two struck the Wraiths two escort Hunters in the chest, the next two fired into a large cluster of Elites, and the next two fired onto other stratigic clusters of enemies.
He handed the laucher back to the marine, it had two rounds left. He was carfull not to strike the Wraith, he would need to take control of it to wipe out the large infrantry force.
Cortana inquired, "So, what is your miraculas plan?".
"Easy, I sprint to that flipped over Gohst, flank the Wriath, jump on top, rip the driver out, and take control of it".
"WHAT?!?", she pratically screamed, "There's a thousand ways you could get killed doing that, are you crazy?".
He grinned, "Yes".
Thats when he sprinted from cover to the flipped Ghost ahead. Other than the fact it was upside down, it was in perfectly good shape. He flipped it and took controll. He brought the guns to bear on the neares group of Covenant and tore them apart with his dual plasma cannons. With the path clear, he pushed it full speed to the Wraith. He faced very little oposition since he had taken out most of the Covenant between him and the tank with the launcher. Finally, he got to it, and jumped from his Ghost onto the Wriaths side, and pulled himself up the sloped surface. Without a driver his Ghost barreled into a pile of rock a few meters away. The Wriaths driver, now aware that he had an unwanted vehicle on his vehicle, spun around in an attempt to throw him off but it wasn't going to work.
He yanked out the driver (a snarling blue Elite) and threw him onto the Marshian soil. Once he got in the controls he made a simple side-sweep motion to run over him then turned to the real threat.
The Covenant somehow hadn't become aware there prize vehicle had been taken and were completely unsuspecting. The Wraith was well within enemie lines so he had a view on all the forces. He lauched a plams bomb, it decimated the Covenant front lines. Before they knew what was happening, a second and third plasma bombs splashed into there lines.
Now numerous plasma bolts struck the Wraith from every direction but had absolutely no effect on its armor. Six plasma bombs later the enemy forces were down to zero.....

"AAAAHHHHH", screamed a cowardly Grunt as a there ship was hit.
Tobamee favored it with a quick plasma bolt to the head and turned to HaHaig, "What just hit us ", he asked his bridge officer.
"Heavy human projectile Excellecy. A MAC round. Breach in sections 5-140. Power losses in reactors 1 and 2, reactor 3 at 40% power, reactor 4 undamaged. Weapons systems operational, sheilds systems unreparible. The stress on the hull is to great, hull collapse imenant".
Tobamee also favored HaHaig with a plasma bolt to the head. He growled. He had serviced on this ship for years, now it was going to be taken from him by the filthy human vermin.
For the first time since the beginning of the battle the Prophet spoke, the blue Elite translated. "I suggest Tobamee' that you evacuate this ship. I will board upon the nearest Destroyer, the GODS BLESSINGS. Nabamee', the forces on Earth are in desprate need of a good commander, will you oblige them".
Finally, he thought. He was going to get back to infrantry where he belonged. The thought of battle made his adreniline pump and his finger inched over the but of his rifle.
"Of course oh blessed one. I shall serve with honor", he replied.
"Of course", translated the Blue Elite, "I expect nothing less".
Tobamee put in, "Excellency, this ship has been my home for many years. If she dies, I wish to go with here. I wish to charge the Human lines, once there I'll detonate the reactors and take the human scum with me".
"So be it", and without another word he and his translater left the room.
This left Tobamee and Nabamee alone to together. "Good bye' Ship Master Tobamee', and may you trascend to paradise", said Nabamee after an awkward silence.
They saluted to each other and Nabamee' left. He passed the Brute guards, paused, then called to them. "You and you, come with me to shuttle bays".
The soilders followed him into the dropship he left in. He was sure Tobamee wouldn't mind, besides, the Brutes could come in handy when he reached the ground.
Covenant were piled in the docking bay, all looking for a quick escape, however rank had its privlages, and Nabamee and his Brutes were among the first to leave the ship. From his slowly descending dropship, he watched Tobamee's ship charge strait into a human Cruiser and explode in a brillant blue-white flash...............

Jenkkins was in a whole lotta trouble. He had been moved to a new position, in the more downtown area. He and a group of Marines had been sent as reinforcements to an ongoing battle in the area. However his Pelican crashed and he was the only one who managed to get out in time with his parachute.
Now he was wandering around hostile territory with only a MA5B assualt rifle, five clips of ammo, and three frag grenades. He reasoned that his Pelican was going south-west, so he sould probably go there. Just then he ran into trouble.
A pair of Grunts materilized behind a car, they ambushed them with there Needlers flaring. He ducked behind a dumpster and fired back in controled bursts. Eventually both Grunts went down, and just as was sure there were no more Covenant, a Plasma Bolt knocked him off his feet. He fell ten feet away, his leg twisted in an odd angle. Most likely broken.
He attempted to pick up his weapon. But it was to far away and he couldn't get up. He felt someone kick his side, his ribs cracked. He gasped in pain, trying to gulp in air like a fish out of water.
He couldn't breath. He was turned over with a large hairy foot. He saw the smoky black skys and crumbling skyscrapers, and at the gun leveled at his head............

Spartan III's Part IV
Date: 30 September 2003, 3:20 AM


The Marines had gained a solid footing in the docking bay. Small strike teams were being sent throughout the ship to clear away nearby forces. However it seemed like the Covenant were retreating for now. The Master Chief and his Spartan III's were on the ground floor. They met up with the leader of the division, Lieutenant Gregory Burns.
"Sir!", he smartly saluted.
"At ease. What is our status?", replied the Master Chief.
"Sir, our strike teams have encountered no resistance save a few security teams composed of Grunts and Jackals. We have this entire sector secured", he said.
At this time Cortana spoke up, "Lieutenant Burns, you will split your men into two platoons. One will stay here to make sure our ride off this bucket isn't cancelled, the second will move towards the control room from several points of attack, here, here, and here", she said. Both the marines and the Chiefs HUD now displayed a model of the Covenant ship. The docking bay was marked with a green dot, the control room was marked with an X, and three separate paths were highlighted.
"Each path leads to the control room, we will be using all three paths so that we can effectively surround the control room and prevent reinforcements from arriving. However each path will be heavily guarded and pass through several critical parts of the ship. The first path is the one me and the Spartans will go on. It passes strait through the main armory and a large vehicle bay. The second path passes through the weapons control station. Destroy this area if possible but it is not priority, since it should be in pieces anyway if everything goes right. And the last path passes through engineering, again, destroy if possible but it is not a priority, this ship won't be going any where", said Cortana.
The marine nodded, unquestioning, and turned back to his troops. While he was yelling at them to form ranks, The Chief spoke to his Spartans.
"Okay, this is it. We're going to take this highlighted path", the same model Cortana showed was on all of there HUDS now. "Well be going with a small platoon of marines. The path were going on passes strait through the main armory, so expect heavy resistance", he turned to Fox.
"I suggest you dump those sniper rifles and trade it in for a close up weapon, it going to be pretty much close quarters action".
She nodded and bent down. She picked up a Plasma Rifle from a dead Elite she had been standing next to and dropped the CP, but she kept the MX.
"Hunter, those C-12 blocks you have are probably going to come in handy, we may have to force our way through a couple of areas".
He nodded as well.
"Questions?", he asked.
Inferno spoke up, "Sir, the Covenant could simply seal off the section were in and depressurize it, what will prevent them from doing that?"
It was a good question, there was a high probability that that could happen. While depressurizing there area would not affect the Spartans, it would instantly kill there accompanying marines, and fighting there way through platoons of Covenant without backup was not a very nice thought.
"I've already taken care of it Chief. I've hacked through the Covenant computer network and I now contain some minor functions of the ship. That includes life support", Cortana said.
They nodded, she had said it over the external speakers so everybody could hear. "Alright get ready, were moving out as soon as Burns finishes organizing his troops, which should be any minute".
2 minutes later they were ready. Most of the Marines in the Spartans platoon had had Shotguns or Battle Rifles, but nearly a third carried a assortment of Covenant weapons. They moved out........................

"FIRE!!!", yelled Admiral Bankman. The ships MAC heavy round streaked towards a destroyer. The shield was down instantly, but the ship returned fire with pulse lasers.
"Sections 3-15 on decks A8 and E12 are breached, there's significant stress on the engine, if this abuse keeps up it will explode!", yelled his weapons officer, Lieutenant Cario.
He nodded, "Fire C1 through D5 missiles, aim for the midline. Divert as much power to the MAC as you can and pump all reserve coolant into the engines".
"Missiles away!"
Dozens of missiles flew towards the ship. It hit in her midline, where a steady plasma charge had been building up. Now the sickly reddish glow that had been there dimmed out, a few internal explosions rang out but nothing that would cause the ship serious damage. Sure enough, five seconds after the glow had dimmed it was building back up again. But it had bought them precious seconds.
"MAC gun at 98% sir", yelled Cario.
"Then fire dammit".
Another white streak shot towards the destroyer. It hit around her front and she spun out of control. It was still working however, but it had been knocked into Earths gravity well and it didn't have enough power left to pull itself out. The ship's propulsion system glowed such a fiery purple-white that it hurt to look at. However even with the ship running at full steam it couldn't pull out now and it was pulled down. It would most likely land somewhere in the Pacific, hopefully not anywhere on land.
"Sir, the coolant valves are leaking from all the pressure. Engine red line in thirty seconds", yelled one of the tech officers.
"Power down all parts of the ship save life support, NOW!!".
Under normal circumstances the tech would have been shocked, they were in the middle a battle zone, but the imminent fear of death blocked out clear thinking. He hit a couple of controls and everything shut down. It was pitch black, not even the glow of the monitors. It was noticeably cooler, but not so much as they would freeze to death. The Admiral felt himself floating, the gravity had been turned off as well.
What he had just ordered his tech to do was controversial to say the least. They were in the middle of a battle zone, and were now officially sitting ducks. If he had suggested doing anything like that at the Academy they would have booted his ass out the door. He was hoping to play dead, hopefully the Covenant would think he had lost all power after the attack and were done for.
After almost a half hour of shivering and floating, he broke the silence. "Bring the gravity back on line, slowly. Then try weapons systems and view screens".
His crew complied. Once his monitors were back on, he saw the end result of the battle. The Orbital guns had taken care of the heavy lifting, but there were still now a total of only 19 Ships including there's, all Halcyon X's. Starship debris littered the area, Covenant and Human. 5 badly damaged carriers were crawling away, they managed to make Slipstream jump out of system. The Admiral felt relief wash over him, it was over.
A message broadcasted over the coms, "hssss.. this is UNSC HQ, ...hsss... Over 12, 000 troop trans...hsss... inbound over....hsss...razil".
The Admirals blood ran cold. He realized that the battle for Earth was only beginning.....

Two Blue armored Elites stood guard at a security checkpoint. They had set up a barricade of gear crates, behind the two Elites was a Grunt in a Shade that barely fit in the hall. The two Elites were talking to each other in there deep voice, probably gloating about how many humans they were going to kill if they came there way. A slight shimmer appeared behind one of the Elites and he fell to the ground, his spine broken. The second one looked around, alarmed, but eX also ended him by bashing his gun into his spine. The Grunt was in a panic and firing wildly, as if he hoped to flush out the invisible enemy. A single pistol shot rang out and hit the Grunt between the eyes. He fell off his Shade, and eX de-cloaked. He looked around then motioned all clear. That checkpoint was the first of five that they had come across. According to Cortana, they were getting close to the main armory. The increase in resistance had testified to that. They silently climbed over the gear crates and squeezed by the Shade.
They went down more maze like corridors until Cortana finally said, "The main armory is just around the bend"
He quietly moved up towards the bend Cortana was suggesting and sneaked a fiber-optic probe around the corner. At the end of the hall there was a huge doorway, 12 feet at least. Two Spec Ops Elites stood at the door next to something that looked like a Reaper but had no gunner and enclosed. An automatic emplacement. They each carried a weapon he had never seen before (it's the weapon in the new Halo 2 screen over at Bungie.com), along with a plasma rifle and grenades. Five Jackals and Four Brutes were out in front of them. Two of the Jackals began to squabble over a piece of brownish meat. Soon they were going into a full blown fist fight, they tumbled on the ground. One of the Brutes came over and shot each Jackal with his sniper rifle. He picked up the brownish meat they had fought over, sniffed it, then stuffed it in his mouth and walked away.
In his head Cortana said, "ONI is going to love that one. Evidence of caste structure".
"Personally, I'm just glad they lowered our opposition number", he replied.
He turned around to his team, who was anxiously looking at him to know what it was.
"Okay people, the entrance to the armory is right around that corner. We have to go strait through there to get to the control room. eX, you're going first. There's an automatic emplacement. Take that out first, if we step out there it will shoot us on sight, if you can try to get behind some of those Covenant and bash'em for us".
He nodded, then he turned a dial on his neck and he slowly disappeared. EX moved past the Covenant towards the weapons emplacements. One of the Brutes he was near stopped, sniffed the air, then roared. He looked all around him, trying to find the intruder. Soon the other Brutes smelt it and they roared as well. The lead Brute had an exchange with one of the Elites on guard, and he started to fire his plasma rifle around wildly. 'So much for the element of surprise', thought eX.
He threw a frag grenade and it landed right under the automated Reaper. A second later it exploded and the gun flipped over. Now everybody was firing wildly. The door behind the Brutes opened and five more Spec Ops Elites ran out with the odd looking guns. Hearing the commotion, MC ordered his Marines to 'GO,GO,GO'.
The marines and Covenant exchanged fire. Five got up close with there shotguns and took down Brutes and Elites shields. One of the Brutes threw a chemical grenade far back into the group. It exploded and sent reddish orange gas in the air. Three unlucky marines were enveloped in the gas and there skin was starting to get eaten. One of them breathed it in and gulped like fish out of water. The gas had ate holes in his lungs and he was suffocating.
MC chucked his own grenade behind a group of Jackals in a rough delta formation. It exploded behind them and they flew forward.
An Elite dropped dead from a three round first that cut through his skull, the bullets appeared to come from thin air. No doubt X's doing.
Hunter had pulled out his SAW and a bloody hill of bodies was beginning to form at the door. The SAW ran out of ammo and he pulled out the launcher and sent five more Elites and a couple nearby Grunts to Covie heaven.
Inferno held off a few Jackals with his Flamethrower and set one of the Brutes on fire. His hairy skin made him very flammable. He ran around in circles and Inferno put him out of his misery with a shotgun blast.
Another marine charged forward with a Jackal shield in one hand and a plasma pistol in the other. He got close to one of the Spec ops Elites. What happened was horrifying. The Elite dropped his overheated Plasma Rifle and drawed the odd gun. He leveled it at the marine and fired. The effect looked somewhat like what happens to a fly near the bug-zapper, but with plasma instead of electricity. The first bolt struck the marines shields and he fell backwards, it went out. The second bolt hit him in the chest, he was utterly ripped apart, no longer recognizable as a human being put a mound of body parts. Fox aimed her sniper rifle at the offending Elite and fired, nailing him through the head. He exploded and took down a score of troops around him. Finally they pushed there way into the armory. There were seventy three Covenant soldiers here, Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Brutes, and two pairs of Hunters.
The armory was huge. There was a central wall were plasma weapons gun by the dozens. Elite, Grunt, Jackal, Hunter, and Brute armor hung in suspended cases like the Spartans. There were two other central smaller platforms that also held grenades and more guns. 5 Shades were placed in the room and each opened fire the moment they stepped in. MC watched as three marines in front of him were ripped apart. There was also a central Reaper which a Brute manned and he opened fire. The green-white glow of plasma filled the Chiefs visor as it slammed right into him. He was knocked five feet back, his shields down and his suit sparking.
Hunter let another rocket fly and nailed the gun in the center, blowing it into metal bits. They got to the center of the room and destroyed all the other guns with grenades. One of the Hunters in the room had on his body armor on but not his shields or fuel rod gun. He charged anyway. He trampled two marines under his massive weight and grabbed another by the neck and swung him around till his neck snapped. Glock pulled out his AR ( his battle rifle was out of ammo ) and sent a three round burst through its back.
One of the other Hunters roared in rage, obviously the other Hunters bond brother. He charged strait towards Glock with his fuel rod glowing. He trampled a pair of grunts on his way but didn't seem to notice. The hunter fired and Glock ducked out of the way, the bolt barely missing him over his shoulder. A marine near him threw a grenade at the charging monster. It did no damage but apparently some shrapnel made it into the Hunters eyes and he was blinded long enough so Glock could get around him and shoot him in the back.
MC, who had gotten back into the fight, nailed an Elite with one of the 'Zap' guns. It shields flickered and he grabbed it and turned it around to use as a shield against the barrage of exploding Needle's and superheated plasma that was thrown his way. The Elite was blown to hell, he threw it out of the way and sprayed the Covenant with his dual SMG's. The two remaining Hunters noticed him and opened fire. Two fuel rods criss-crossed over his head, but they missed. Hunter saved him with a Rocket. It landed in the space right behind the two Hunters, one died immediately and the other got his left arm blown off. He groaned weakly as a fountain of blood poured from the stump and he fell over, dead. By now most of the Covenant were retreating, one Elite ( a red one ) grabbed another gun he didn't know off of a shelf and opened fire with purple white lances of plasma.
'Shit', thought the Chief. 'it's a god dam mini-gun !'. It sprayed the marines with suppressive fire. Fox targeted it with her MX and fired. The bullet exploded and so did the Elite. Finally after five minutes they managed to chase all the Covenant out of the armory, at the expense of two-thirds of there fighting force.....

This kind of left off at a bad angle, but I was anxious to get it out.