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Halo - Battle of Heita II by Zealot (Pat Allen)

Halo - Battle of Heita II pt1 - Wake up call
Date: 10 June 2006, 1:38 am

0900 Hours, May 14, 2553 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Defense Platform Titan, in orbit of Heita II.

The station’s combat alarm was the reason Corporal Roberts had woken from his sleep in. He jumped out of his bed and quickly got dressed. The alarm didn’t sound very often and every previous time it had rang it was just a drill. But Corporal Roberts treated it like the real thing everytime just in case. Little did he know, that his sleep in saved his life.
“Combat teams Tango through to Zulu are to go to Hangar bay C-01 immediately. Covenant boarders are to be stopped,” blared the speakers.
God, it’s for real. Roberts thought to himself.
According to the Stations Captain he was needed in the Hangar bay. But first he had to get some weapons. He put on his armor and sprinted for the closest armory. He arrived at the A-10 armory and picked up a Battle Rifle and a SUB Machine gun. Then he sprinted back the way he had come and eventually entered the C-01 Hangar bay five minutes later. He took a quick look around and saw nothing but destruction. Members of his squad lay slaughtered on the floor. The Pelican parked in the bay was on fire and the doors in the corner of the bay had been blown away. The Boarding Craft’s end protruded in through the glass of the bay. Nothing in the room moved.
I’m too late he thought, disappointed, but he was also thankful that he wasn’t dead on the floor.
Suddenly a stutter of automatic weapons fire echoed in through the bay. The Corporal woke out of his trance and walked down the stairs off the platform and exited the bay via the blown away doors.
The sound had been faint the first time he had heard it. But the second time it sounded it was much louder and he could tell it was the bark of a Battle Rifle. There were other noises too, and they resembled plasma fire. He followed the shooting noises until he came into a large room filled with plants and a few balconies. He spotted some dead jackals on the ground and some red blood splattered on a wall. He also spotted a handful of marines trying to kill a brute who stood on a balcony with a carbine. The rounds coming from their Battle Rifle were hardly doing anything to the creature so the Corporal gave them a tip
“Aim at his head, Privates.”
“Yes, sir.” They replied back over the Com line.
Finally they killed the brute with a few more bursts from their rifles.
Suddenly the stations speakers blurted again.
“Covenant boarders have been repelled. Combat teams Victor and Zulu are to go to Hangar bay C-02 to be taken down to Heita II for combat. The Covenant have begun a ground attack on Pri City.”
The Corporal ran toward the bay and noticed that the three marines he had advised were following.
“What Combat team are you from?” he asked.
“Zulu, sir,”
“That’s mine, where’s our Sergeant?”
“KIA sir,”
“Who’s in charge of us then?” he asked.
“You sir,”

1000 Hours, May 14, 2553 (Military Calendar)/ UNSC Pelican Beta 516 , in orbit of Heita II

Roberts counted the men in his squad. There were only five other marines there. He and the three he had first found had found another two on their way to the hangar bay his pelican had left from. The other pelican Beta 520 had left with a full ten man squad. Four of his squad had been killed at Hangar bay C-01. Roberts glanced out the pelican’s window. A dozen Covenant Phantoms were on their tail. He saw the other pelican, Beta 520 dodge oncoming plasma and then evade a human frigate’s wreckage. Two white flashes caught the Corporal’s eye and he turned to see that two of the Phantoms had been destroyed by a Longsword Interceptor Squadron who had come up behind the aliens. Four more of the dropships were destroyed but before the fighters could fire again, a handful of Seraphs raced in to block their way. The fighters were soon out of sight and Roberts knew that they probably wouldn’t catch up. The two pelicans had now entered the planet’s atmosphere with the half dozen Phantoms still behind them. Corporal Roberts got up from his seat and entered the pilots cabin.
“How long till we’re there, Lieutenant,” the Corporal asked.
“It should take us another two minutes Corporal, I suggest you prepare your squad,” the Lieutenant closest to Roberts answered.
“Yes, sir,” the Corporal left the cabin and psyched up his team.