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Halo:Aftermath by Cpt Crapper

Halo: Aftermath
Date: 12 May 2003, 1:26 AM

Prologue: Overboard The Covenant War ended when Earth, under UNSC orders, unleashed a mass produce Spartan III project. Under orders, the Spartans unloaded 300 atomic bombs at the armada. The time was around 2556, six years after the Covenant rule broke over Earth. As UNSC marines started to be laid off by black market, third world terrorism began its course. In 2700, the World Building was held hostage. In 2701, 50 attacks have been identified by UNSC militia. The year is 2702; a lone marine in a whitish armor clad suit looks in a sniper scope. Taking a breath, he fired.

Part 001: Cyborgs and the Face of the Earth

With one shot, the large whitish armored clad marine fired through his scope as he dropped a terrorist as they started to fire at him. The marine looked again and dropped two terrorists at the same time, both in the head. Taking a deep breath, he took out a large AR-74 from the ground; he took a deep breath and jumped out of the window. Hearing gunshots from everywhere, the terrorists began to fire off RPGs at the marine. As he suddenly landed right behind a terrorist and squeezed a round into the head as the soldier started to squeeze rounds off all of the terrorists that were there. As bodies fell to the ground, the Marine started to walk into the building. As he entered, terrorists began to look at him. With a smile, he dropped a grenade and kicked it forward. As he looked through his helmet, he started firing through the IR goggles integrated into his helmet.

Chief! Watch out! They got RPGS right at you! Yelled a voice inside the marine's head. Taking cover right on the elevator, large bolts of rockets began to blow the whole room bits by bits. When the smoke cleared, five terrorists with RPGs in their hands looked at the Marine that stood up and started walking slowly to them, menacingly. The Terrorists started yelling in their radios in Russian as the Marine blasted a huge round inside the head of one. The other one tried to fire off a rocket but was smashed by the rocket itself. As the last one tried to run, a large red laser sport was on his head. Ducking down the Marine began to blast open the door while the Terrorist was on it.

The Marine started to open his HUD. It revealed two clear blue eye that were scarred from battles, and a large slash on the left cheek. A small voice was in his head, hey. Master Chief. you should close your HUD, they can sniper you at anytime, a AI construct named Cortana said worriedly as the Master Chief closed his HUD and started blowing through the door as the door opened. As it opened, a group of terrorists were on the floor, on the wall of the elevator as the Chief looked around and went inside the elevator. As he pressed the top floor, he loaded up his AR-74 and looked as the door opened as a whole room of gunfire started to blast through the elevator door as the Chief took aim and started shooting through the door also. As Cortana started relaying IR sensors to him once the door opened, he dropped a grenade and kicked it into the room.

As the Master Chief opened the door, there was a large and burly man that looked just like him, but had older armor. "Who are you?!" yelled the man as he turned around to face the Chief. "Your death." the Chief said as he took up his AR-74 and pointed up his red pointer to his head and pressed the trigger. As the rounds flew At the man, the bullets seemed to deflect away from him while a whitish shield came over him. He's a Spartan. UNSC Counter Ops. Cpt. Gordon Wager. Spartan-118. He's a harsh guy., Cortana said as the Chief looked at him. "Counter Ops? Why did the UNSC make a terrorist incident?!" yelled the Master Chief.

"The UNSC is nothing like what you think. these terrorist incidents are no random attacks, they've been staged. The UNSC has to put fear into the public so it can strive and survive; the UNSC has tried to kill all of us Spartans to clean up 'residues' from their projects. All that involved Spartans has been erased. We are the last of the War, they will kill us." Gordon said coldly as the Chief looked horrified at Gordon. "Duck!" yelled Gordon as the Chief Ducked down to see that Gordon started blowing the elevator open as UNSC marines fell to the ground; bullet holes covered their bodies as the Chief then looked over at the window to see a Pelican right in front of Gordon. Chief! I'm checking the schematics of the ship. DUCK! Yelled Cortana as Gordon took a gun from one of the dead terrorists and fired. "WHAT THE HELL?!" yelled Master Chief as the Pelican turned around to show's its cargo. A lone reddish armor jumped onto the ledge. Running check. its unknown. Cortana said inside the Chief's head worriedly. "That's one of the survivors of the DAR accident 2 years ago. He's only known as FOX." Gordon murmured amazingly.

"Oh craps. look! THE DOOR!" Yelled Master Chief as the red Spartan took aim with a pistol and the door blew open with a squad of marines running through it. Jumping to a desk, the Spartans began to have a firefight. The red marine then kicked the glass and jumped in. The marines began to use grenades as it exploded right next to the red Spartan. The grenade didn't even blow up. With one look, the marine fell dead. That's a Spartan III. It has much more strength than yours and Gordon's shield put together. It's amazing. Cortana murmured as Master Chief popped his gun out and blasted a Marine into the wall with shrapnel in his head. The Marines started yelling orders at each other. Gordon then walked to one of the marines and fired a shot at the head coldly. The marine then fell to the ground with a thump.

"SARGE!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!" yelled a marine with a S2 AM. He yelled a battle cry and started firing everywhere. Not knowing that Master Chief crept behind him and got a knife and cut the Marine's throat. After all of the marines got killed, the red Spartan looked at Master Chief and said, "You're 117? And your 118? We got work to do." Both Spartan IIs nodded and walked to the elevator. The red Spartan then yelled, "DUCK! RPG!" as a large rocket flew from the building directly in back of them. Master Chief then took a glimpse of the rocket before dropping to the ground. The blast was so accurate. just like the red Spartans.