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Halo: The Things That We Fight For by Nick

Halo 2: The Things That We Fight For
Date: 24 September 2004, 3:54 AM

Authors Note:
Yo! I know my other storys were not great, but hey, it was my first try. Contrary to what people say, Silva is that mean, if you read Halo: The Flood. Maybe he wouldn't plot to kill the Master Chief, but who knows...The Sequel to Halo: Betrayles should be here in about a week. Also, I had no Idea that my title was almost the same as Brute Force: Betrayles, so sorry about that. Oh, and there is one part that goes back to the book Halo: First Strike, so aome people may not understand. But I think that you will still like my story. (It is only like one paragraph anyway...) Anyway, enjoy my Halo 2 series!:)

      The Master Chief watched the massive battle. Marines were being blasted into smithereens, and the Covenant had just taken over another key UNSC building. Earth was falling, and the Master Chief knew it. He watched the carnage for another split second, and then rushed into battle.

      Cortana then said, "Chief, I'm picking up 10 very large signals coming from behind us. They should arrive here in 1 minute." The Master Chief turned around and saw nothing, but then started to hear the rumble of a wraith tank. The Chief ordered the marines to watch out for the huge tanks, but it was too late. The enormous drops of plasma exploded onto the UNSC position, obliterating almost every marine. The rest tried to withdraw to a nearby building, but were blasted into molecules before they made it there.

      "Damn!" yelled the Master Chief. He was losing ammo, and fast. Even if he had infinite ammo, the Master Chief knew that even a Spartan couldn't take on 10 wraith tanks and 50 covenant Jackals and Elites. "Chief, I am picking up a radio signal from...Pelican Echo 346!!!" A voice crackled in the Chief's helmet. It was Admiral Hensforth.

      The Admiral spoke over the radio and said, "This is Admiral Hensforth! All UNSC forces, New York HQ is under attack! Repeat, New York is" static enveloped his voice. Cortana then said, "Damn, I lost contact..." The Master Chief knew that he would die if he kept on fighting. He made up his mind and dashed into a nearby building. The building was falling apart from the Wraith tank's blasts, but would hold for a few more minutes. Cortana opened up a private comm. channel and said, "Any UNSC forces that can hear me, converge on Beta Street! We are under heavy fire, and require immediate evacuation.

      A voice popped up in the Master Chief's helmet and said, "This is Fire Team Delta, we have our own problems, but we will try to hit your position." Another voice came through and said, "This is Fire Team Gamma, we have eliminated covenant forces in our area and are coming to you." A final voice came through and said, "This is Longsword squadron 34-67. We are inbound to your position. ETA in 1 minute."

      The Master Chief took a deep breath and exhaled after the incoming transmissions stopped. Cortana than added in a happier than usual voice, "Wow, I thought that all UNSC forces were decimated in this area. I wasn't sure that anybody would answer our call for help." The Chief nodded and walked to an open part of the building, and saw 50 marines from Fire Teams Delta and Gamma. Overhead, 20 Longswords swept the area with 110mm bullets and HE Anvil Missiles. The bullets and missiles killed most of the covenant, while the marines mopped up the rest of them.

      The fighting stopped, and Sergeant Lovell walked up to the Master Chief. The Sergeant saluted and said, "Good to see you Master Chief. Most of the UNSC forces got here from the crash-landed frigate "Fredericksburg", including me. We have contained most of the covenant forces, but the brutes have held up strong, it's like they won't die. Even the hunters seem to follow their orders. Anyway, you have full command of my fire team." Another soldier, this one a lance corporal, said, "Sergeant, giving the Spartan full command is not good, he needs to do his own Spartan thing, we have to order our fire teams, or else the Master Chief might get distracted We will have to command our own fire teams. Don't go soft now Sergeant."

      The Sergeant sighed and said, "I guess then..." The Sergeant never got to finish what he started to say, as a hunter blew him up with a fuel-rod cannon. The marines and the Master Chief took cover in a nearby building. What they saw through small openings in the wall was strange. Gold elites with plasma swords were battling brutes with stolen hunter shields. The living hunters had brutes and elites attacking them. The hunters were definitely strong, but the brutes had the best all around skill of any covenant species that the Master Chief had seen, and could even kill a hunter easily.

      He turned his attention back to the marines and said, "Looks like the covenant are having some sort of bid for power battle...strange, covenant forces always seem so organized...what's wrong?" Cortana replied to the question before the marines could answer, and said, "I have once again hacked into the covenant battle net, and have discovered that the strongest covenant species, being the elites, hunters, and brutes, have been fighting over control of the covenant attack fleet. I don't know why they would do that...but recent covenant records show that the hunters got mad at the elites; because they say that they are weak leaders. The weaker elites fell to the hunters, but the stronger gold and black ones killed the hunters. The Brutes joined the fight only after a lesser prophet told them to quell the fighting."

      The Master Chief sighed, taking in all of the information. So, the hunters were tired of being commanded by a species that was mostly weaker than them...thought the Chief. He understood, because hunters usually did this. He remembered when he had saved the Spartans on Reach, and the covenant was trying to get Dr. Halsey's alien crystal. The hunters shot at the Spartans, but the other covenant members shot them for shooting at the "sacred" object. He knew that once again, the hunters were out of control.
The Master Chief ordered the marines to stay where they were, and eventually, the covenant forces had wiped themselves out. Before the Master Chief gave the signal to get out, 15 jackals in a phalanx formation marched into the urban battlefield. The Master Chief threw a fragmentation grenade at the Jackals, and they flew into the sky. The longswords came back and cleared the battlefield. One longsword landed, and a radio transmission came in from the pilot of the ship. He said, "This is Warrant Officer Jameson Highaski! Get onboard this ship before the covenant come back!" The Master Chief led the remaining soldiers into the longsword. As he flew to one of 20 remaining highcom bases, he thought of the battle he had just fought. The Master Chief knew that they had won, but how long would it take for there to be nothing left to fight for? Only time will tell.

Halo: The Things That We Fight For [part 2 of ?]
Date: 29 September 2004, 11:23 PM

      Authors Note: Here is the sequel for my Halo 2 story, hope you enjoy it. Anyway, I hope that you think that this story is better; I spent a lot of time on it, so yeah. For you action-lovers, this story is has little to no action with the covenant. The sequel to this one is going to be LOADED with action, so stay tuned!      

      "The Master Chief is heading towards us Major! What should we do?" asked Lieutenant Phillips. Major Rocky, a 6 foot man with dark skin and a shaved head, looked at the cracked radar screen in front of him and said, "Lieutenant, the Master Chief just fought his heart out in the middle of New York. Get the welcome team to the landing pad."

      Lieutenant Phillips nodded and walked to his high-tech 45-Z command computer and typed in:

Email Address:WelcomeTeam@highcomhq.unsc/secure/channel/roomdelta/five/gamma/.org

Message Body: Welcome Team, report to landing pad 00234. The Master Chief is arriving, give him something to eat, and then tell him to wash up. We will have further orders later, until then see to it that he gets what he needs.

      Lieutenant Phillips pressed enter, and the message was sent. He than made his way back to Major Rocky. The Major turned, looked into Phillips green eyes, and said, "Lieutenant, did you send the message?" Lieutenant Phillips nodded and said, "Welcome team is en route to landing pad 00234.
Major Rocky nodded back, and then replied, "Good, now, we need to prepare for another assault...but I haven't thought of a way to take back all of New York. Tomorrow, I will brief the marines on what to do, but for now, I need to think." The Major saluted a walked to his large room.
      The Master Chief looked at the shattered city that was once New York from his view on the Longsword. He was tired after fighting so much in New York, and bore the many scars of battle, as did his fellow marines. His armor was scratched; the green iridescence of his armor was now fading away, and his leg armor was torn to shreds by the thick alien metal shields that the hunters wore.

      Though shaken by the long battle, the Master Chief was ready to jump into a heated battle again, and he was sure that the officers at Highcom HQ would come up with another mission to try and take back the already battle worn New York. After waiting about 30 minutes, the longsword pilot eventually announced that they were approaching Highcom HQ. The landing pad that they touched ground on was filled with welcome teams, and they all had different orders.

      The loud welcome teams all tried to get the Master Chief's attention, but only one did. They said, "Sir, Major Rocky says for you to wash up and take a rest. He then ordered me to tell you that there is a mission briefing tomorrow." The Master Chief nodded, and walked through the huge crowd of welcome teams. After what seemed like a lifetime, the Master Chief made his way through the crowd and then walked through the hallways filled with paintings and documents from earths past. He made it to his specified room, and walked in.

      Inside, there was a bed, a 35-Z computer, a small bathroom, and a weapons locker. The Master Chief first took off his armor, which took an hour because of the skill needed to move the armor without sustaining injuries. The Master Chief than took at 5 minute shower in the miniscule bathing section of the bathroom. After the refreshing shower, he moved to his closet and put on his regular marine uniform. He then locked his M6D pistol into place on his thin leather belt, and placed his MA7B rifle into the weapons locker. After another 39 minutes of checking out the computers features, the Master Chief walked into HQ's command center.

      The huge room was filled with computers, technicians, officers, marines, and radar stations. The walls were filled with the names of dead marines. The Master Chief took a step back and looked at all of the names. He than thought to himself, Oh my god...all of these marines... His thoughts were cut off when somebody said, "Master Chief, it's good to see you, but...what are you doing here?" The Master Chief turned around and saw the tired face of Major Rocky. The Master Chief than explained, "Well sir, I thought that I would take a tour of HQ. Since I wasn't really tired..." The Major chuckled and said, "You take your tour Master Chief, but I suggest that you take a rest before tomorrow's mission.

      The Master Chief was about to reply when the Major saluted. The Master Chief repeated the motion, and walked back to his room. The large, dimly lit hallways were hard to maneuver through, but the Master Chief eventually found his room. He took a trip to the bathroom, and then climbed into his bed. He was about to go to sleep when he remembered that he needed to fix his armor. He took out a replacement peice that Doctor Halsey had given him, and used it to fix his armor. He then went back to his bed and drifted off into a deep sleep...

      Ring Ring Ring! The ringing of the Master Chief's Alarm Clock woke him up. He was tired, but was ready to receive a new mission. After splashing water on his face, the Master Chief put on his armor and equipped himself with his MA7B rifle, 8 fragmentation grenades, and his M6D magnum pistol. When he was ready, the Master Chief walked towards the briefing room. The room was big, bigger than the command center, much bigger. The room was filled with lockers, weapons, crates of grenades and ammo, and a large room in the middle with 100 chairs to seat all of the marines in the mission. The Master Chief then took his seat in the front row.

      Major Rocky walked up to the briefing podium, and said, "Hurry up marines! I want you in your seats now!" The marines then scrambled to their seats, knowing that they wouldn't want to anger Major Rocky. The Major then said, "Good, now, to business. I stayed up all night trying to figure out a plan to take back New York, and here it is: All of you 100 marines are going to fly in on 12 pelicans, in this spot." The Major pointed at the molten slag that used to be central park. A marine spoke up and said, "Why are we landing in central park? We should land somewhere else." Rocky's dark eyes stared at the corporal, and he quickly shut up.

      The Major continued and said, "Anyways, after you land, there will be an old water station 300 meters to your right. I would land you right on the spot, but covenant patrol the area fiercely, and you would be shot out of the sky before you even landed. So, you men will hide in what remains of central parks forests, and will slowly advance on the covenant. When you get close enough, open fire, and you will surprise those ugly covenant worms. Get inside the building as quickly as you can, and take out the forces inside the station."

      The Major smiled and said, "Now to the best part, the water station still controls some of the water in New York. If you can overflow its 10,000 gallon water tanks located in New York's edges by activating it manually in the water stations, you can flood part of the city. This will leave the covenant in disarray, and you will be able to catch them off guard. When you secure the water station, we will send in 200 more men for reinforcements, but be warned, they will be deployed on the other side of the city. That is all marines, move it out!"

      The Master Chief walked out of the large room, and made his way to the pelican stations. He was then checked out for any flood DNA by security check teams. That was standard procedure after the incident on Halo. After 10 minutes of screening, the Master Chief walked onboard one of the pelicans, either flying to defeat, or the saving of mankind.

Halo 2: The Things That We Fight For [Part 3 of ?]
Date: 3 October 2004, 2:11 AM

      The Pelicans engines hummed in the background as the Master Chief watched the clouds in a small window inside the pelican. He was ready for the mission that lies ahead of him, the mission of manually letting out the water from the ten thousand gallon tanks inside and around New York. The Pilot maneuvered the Pelican downward, and said, "We will be landing shortly, hang in there soldiers!" The other 7 ODST's in the pelican snapped on their helmets and loaded their guns. 1 minute later, the Pelican landed in a small section of central park where the covenant hadn't destroyed the foliage. The other 11 pelicans landed next to them, and the marines stepped out.

      Meanwhile, a Sergeant that the Master Chief didn't know said, "Lets move marines! Lock and load! We are gonna kick some covenant ass!"
"Sir, where should we start to look? Central park is huge, not to mention the water station's perimeter is filled with covenant soldiers." Said Corporal Grey to the Sergeant.

      The Sergeant replied, "Here is what we are going to do, we will follow the foliage until there is none left, than, 5 other pelicans from another Highcom HQ in Washington D.C. are going to provide us with 3 warthogs and 2 scorpion tanks, because our base seems to have "run out" of them."

      The Master Chief let the information flow into him, as did Cortana. As if on cue, Cortana said, "Even with the extra firepower, I doubt we will come out of this battle alive." The Master Chief shrugged of the comment and followed the marines into what was left of the forests of central park. After ducking under branches, swimming through small ponds and walking through what looked like a glassed playground, the Master Chief and crew finally made it to the desert like section of central park.

      15 ghosts patrolled the far off area, and with the help of his MA7B's scope, the Master Chief could vividly make out a small building, otherwise known as the water station. The Master Chief explained this to the Sergeant and he nodded, passing down the information to other soldiers. After waiting 20 minutes, the 5 pelicans came, but also, unexpectedly being flanked by the 12 pelicans that they rode in on, followed by 12 more. The 5 pelicans landed, and 4 of the other 24 pelicans landed as well.

      Once they landed, the Master Walked up to the pilot and said, "Why are there extra pelicans?" The pilot replied, "The 4 extra pelicans are reinforcements, and the 20 others are the 64th brigade of Washington D.C. They were sent in with the same objectives as you, because the president thought that 100 men might fail. Anyway, here are your vehicles."

      With that, the Master Chief walked into a scorpion, with 2 snipers in the front and 2 men with MA7B rifles in the back. The other scorpion was manned by the Sergeant, whose name was Kwami Johnson. He had 2 snipers in the back, and 2 men with shotguns in the front. The warthogs were manned with men armed with the standard MA5B rifle and M6D pistols.

      The army of 100 men soon marched out, having the vehicles go ahead, to soften up the battlefield. Cortana then said to the Master Chief, "Uh oh, I'm picking up 5 ghost signals, 10 brute signals, and 10 elite signals on your suites radar mechanism, although it contains minor flaws, ones that I could easily have fixed." The Master Chief knew that Cortana was just messing around with the fact about his suite, so, taking in all of the good points that Cortana said, he broadcasted it on a private channel that only the marines could hear, not some trigger happy elite.

      Once the message was sent, the warthogs went into a position that protected the scorpion's flanks, and sure enough, a covenant strike force was seen heading towards them, with the brutes in front, running at speeds that even the strongest elite couldn't cope with. They were 20 meters away when all 5 of the vehicles opened fire. The 30mm rounds from the warthogs pinged off the ghost's armor, until they hit the engine, which exploded the whole vehicle and anything inside of it into molecules.

      However, the missiles that the scorpion's fired ripped through the ghosts and elites, but 4 brutes that were not hit kept coming forward. The warthog gunners shot and shot at them, but the brutes armor held up. Their armor eventually failed, but not before they reached the vehicles. 2 brutes jumped onto a warthog, and pushed aside the driver and passenger, killing them. The gunner shot at him though, and killed the brute, but another came from behind and ripped the unlucky soldier in half. The same brute turned around, aiming his whitish-blue fuel rod type gun at the 2nd warthog.

      After charging it for 3 seconds, the huge bolt of plasma whizzed towards the warthog, creating a massive explosion when it hit because of the fragmentation grenades that the warthog was carrying. The chain reaction shredded through the other warthog as well, leaving only the 2 scorpions. The Master Chief had just finished killing the other brutes with the tanks machine gun when a thump was heard on the top of his tank.

      He said, "Cortana, what is that?" Cortana replied, "Analyzing, Master Chief! The brute is attempting to board the scorpion! Activating security lockdown in 3 seconds." Before the lockdown was complete, the brute ripped through the tanks upper armor, where it was at its weakest. The brute grabbed the Master Chief by the throat and said in a translated voice, "What are you up to human?" But before he could get an answer, the 4 soldiers from the other scorpion tank shot at the brute, not even leaving a mark.

      The Brute laughed and pulled out his cannon. He aimed it at the scorpion and fired. The tank was blown sky high and the soldiers on the outside of it were sizzled into atoms. However, the tank was not as damaged, and the sergeant climbed out unscathed. He took out a stolen plasma grenade and lobbed it at the brute. It stuck to his back, but them fell off, and amazingly flew back at the sergeant and stuck to him. The Chief watched in horror as the last member of his vehicle squad was decimated. The brute then turned his attention back to the Master Chief and said, "Tell me human what your plans are if you want to live!" The Master Chief, still amazed at the resilience of this brute's armor said, "You think that I will tell you our resistance's secrets? No way you ugly covenant worm" The brute then threw the Master Chief at the remains of the other scorpion in anger and fury.

      But that was a mistake, as it gave the Master Chief valued time to throw 2 fragmentation grenades at the brute. The beast screamed and was then blown into bits flash fried alien skin. The Master Chief knew that this mission was already turning out to be a failure. If they couldn't hold of 4 brutes with 5 vehicles, they were in big trouble. The Master Chief also wondered if the marines back hiding in the foliage waiting for a signal to proceed were still alive. Since he couldn't take on thousands of covenant alone, he took his damaged scorpion back to where the marines were supposed to be.
      Lance Corporal Hadix waited for Sergeant Johnson's signal to proceed through the desert part of central park into the water station. He and 81 men were waiting there for the signal, until a far off rumbling sound was heard, and it wasn't from a Scorpion. It was from a vehicle that all marines feared the wraith tank. The rumbling sound got louder, until the tank was right on top of them, guarded by 162 covenant grunts, jackals, and a single elite with gold armor and a plasma sword. The marines hid the best they could until a jackal started to sniff and walk towards one marine's position. At Lance Corporal Hadix's command, all 81 marines opened fire on the unsuspecting covenant soldiers, instantly killing 49 covenant grunts and jackals. The wraith tank then stopped, and 2 brutes climbed out. Their armor was almost impervious to bullets, but marines were well aware of that. They all took out fragmentation grenades and threw them, killing all of the covenant soldiers except for the gold elite and 1 brute with thick black armor and strangely, a very strong shield. He easily killed 20 soldiers before his shields stopped working, but his armor was even tougher. Eventually, 37 remaining marines shot him until his armor disintegrated and his body was only ashes. They then turned to the elite who were finishing off 2 marines trying to block its plasma sword.

      The elite were really angry, and his blue plasma sword whizzed through the air, disposing of 7 marines before his armor was cut through and he fell to the ground. The 30 remaining marines were than engaged by hundreds of grunts, of which the marines fought of vigorously, still wondering how so many grunts could pass through unnoticed. The marines fought bravely until they ran out of ammo and grenades. They tried to run, but were cut down by white hot plasma and plasma grenades. But the marines took their toll, killing 387 of the 450 attacking grunts. It was then that the Master Chief's scorpion made its way to the area where the 5 pelicans dropped of the vehicles. He fired a single rocket at the remaining grunts and killed them all.

      The Master Chief walked up to where the battle had taken place, and saw 81 dead marines sprawled across the battlefield, as well as hundreds of grunts, jackals, and an elite and brute. Cortana than said, "We...We...failed...what are we going to do? Our squad is gone..." The Master Chief replied and said, "Not if I can help it, my superior gave me an order, and I plan on seeing it through, whether it means putting myself in danger or not." Cortana said back to him, "You can't do this alone, we need help! We should join up with the Washington D.C. brigade." The Master Chief then nodded and climbed back into his scorpion tank, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.