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Halo: The Sector Wars by (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher, DF-Pliskin

Halo: The Sector Wars: Prologue
Date: 19 November 2004, 8:25 PM

      "Oana, come look." asked the High Prophet Death. The Ship High Deliverance circled the planet Mason IV, a farmland world, mostly grassland but has a small ocean on the northern hemisphere. Oran Humaljjkaa' ee, a young but smart Field Marshall, walked over next to the prophet.
      The betrayal of the Brutes were not seen by anyone, and the Brutes and the Jackals were fighting a war against the remaining Covenant. Death, however, realized that the Elites and their allies were the more powerful in this war, and stood by his blood brothers. Oana respected him as much as a Elite could. "This placid world is a perfect to settle down. The humans don't know about it, neither do the Brutes." he started to speak, his voice powerful and his words simple. Oana, though, had a word or two.
      "I don't mean to disrespect you, but the project is doomed to fail. These creatures. . .they are not Hunters. You have seen the recordings! Sure, they could be a great weapon, but the formula is highly un-stabled. The last time we did this project they broke off the mind controlling drug!" He began to yell, the Grunts and Elites working on the Bridge turned towards the two Covenant.
      Death, the smart and highly brilliant leader, looked at him in the eyes. "My scientists tell me that the formula is Grade-AB, it's at it's perfect state. It's highly unlikely that we'll be able to face both the Brutes and the Humans at the same time without this weapon! We need this weapon at all costs!" The Prophet replied back.
      Oana had enough, and walked away from the Prophet. He turned his head and said to the Prophet "The Flood cannot be controlled, Death. No matter what you do, they will find some way to stop us. . ."

By (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher and DF-Pliskin

      "Alright ladies and gents, front and center!" yelled Chief Mendez, now Drill Sergeant of the planet Mason IV. The young men and women stood over, their MJOLNIR armor glinting in the hot Mason sun. The placid world was always beautiful at this time of the year, but Mendez knew that it won't be for longer.
      "You SPARTAN-IIIs are humanity's last hope, the last strong platoon of warriors. Today, the worst has come. A Covenant Battleship was detected in orbit, and they don't know we're here. Grab your weapons and meet me in the Vehicle Armory, we got a plan." Said the Senior Chief Petty Officer.
      The men and women replied with a "Hoohah, sir!" as they ran in a single file line to the Armory. . .

      Space around the planet was peaceful, only dust and the spacial winds flew about. A Slipspace opening occurred, and a Covenant Heavy Cruiser appeared out of the Slipspace hole. The cruiser slowed down when it reached orbit around the planet, the hole closed behind them.
      The bridge was blistering with process, the Brutes and Jackals working as fast as they can. The Captain, Hades, was a old but powerful Brute, his fur a golden brown. He wore the armor of a Special Covert Operations Elite, though it was made to fit a Brute. He motioned for his second in command to verge on him.
      Turdus walked over and stood at attention. Turdus was a young and tactful Brute, but Hades knew he could always get the job done. Hades turned around and grabbed Turdus' left shoulder.
      "Turdus, I know you have a uncanny ability to get the job done, and I need you to do something for me. Take a squad of Jackals and search the planet for any, and I mean any, alien races. Ancient or know, it doesn't matter. If you need assistance, I'll have this ship bombard that area. But do this for Turdus, and you will be not left behind on the Great Journey."
      "I will do this, Hades. You can count on me." he said, giving the Brute sign of respect, a grabbing of the left arm with your right arm and raising your fists in the air. Turdus walked out of the room, Hades convinced this would be a smooth operation. . .

      "The Covenant are dropping their troops on the southern side of the mountain we ran up last week. Now, since ONI brass wants the Helljumpers to stay here while we harass the Covenant troops." Mendez was telling the SPARTAN-IIIs their mission.
      "There will be two teams, Red Team will be. . .Anthony, Jack, Jake, and Jasmine." he ordered. "Anthony, you're promoted to Sergeant, First Class. You'll lead the men into battle." he ordered. Anthony-573 yelled back "Sir, yes sir!"
      "Now. Blue team will be. . .Taylor, Kelly, Linda, and Peter." He said, scratching his cheek. "Taylor, I'm promoting you to Sergeant, First Class. Now that is taken care of, the rest of you will follow me and we're gonna find out if Fire Base Charlie has been hit by Covenant yet. If you ladies remember, it's in the Alpirha Caves northwest of here. When you kill the CO of the Covenant Platoons, then help us assist the men at FBC." He cleared his thorat and pointed to the vehicles.
      He yelled "Alright, it's time to kick some Covenant ass!". The SPARTAN-IIIs replied with a "Hoohah!" as they ran to their Warthogs, Taylor and Anthony jumping on Ghosts. The armory doors opened, the vehicles rushing out of the armory doors. . .

      AN: If you felt this was rushed, it's because we want to get responses about the storyline before we detail Chapter One. Any, and any good, comments would help, and if you have any comments about the storyline and wish to say something about it, just email us at rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com.