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Halo: Reunion from Destruction by Frensa Geran

Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 1 of 5
Date: 10 February 2003, 2:14 am

Location: Forerunner Research Monitoring Station 205
Year: 2552

The eerily lit station hung in space, only visible by the glow of its inner workings. No stars, or planets were visible anywhere. Small hues of light were barely seen in certain areas, casting the only reminder to the occupants, that they were still existent.
Within the station, humanoid creatures, known only as "The Forerunners" continued to monitor their assigned area of space, which contained five galaxies, each with their own 8 Rings. To them, it was a dreary life, trillions of light years from their own galaxy, their families. But they knew that what they were doing, was not only keeping an eye on 40 large rings, but on the fate of the Universe.
Each of the 20 inhabitants was lectured uncountable times on the importance of their job. If any of the Rings were to become unstable, it would be up to them to secure the situation, and order the activation of the Rings, killing countless civilizations in the process.
For one of the occupants, known only as Captain Kan, the morality of that killing was pulled to the back of his mind, hidden and forgotten. He had become almost an automaton, giving repetitive orders, sleeping, and eating. His mind had been hollowed by the hundreds of years of work. He knew only of his service to the empire, to the research... to the victory to come.

"Uh, Captain..." Said the comm. officer. Kan didn't care about knowing his name.
"Yes, yes, what is it this time, another glitch in the system?" He asked with a fatigued frown.

The comm. officer only shook his head and tapped a few panels, bringing down a large view screen in front of Kan's head. "No sir, a message from 343 Guilty Spark. He's the Research Monitor of Instillation 06 of Galaxy one."

Kan rose from his raised seat, which was alone atop a small raised platform in the center of the circular bridge, with his minions working below. "Put him on!" He said sternly.
The view screen activated, fuzzy at first, but then became clearer, showing the small blue dot of 343, surrounded only by space. Shards of metal were missing from the small robot, who seemed in fatigue himself.
"343 Guilty Spark, why are you not at your post!?!" He yelled to the Monitor.
He did not say anything, but only turned the view towards the left, showing Threshold in the back-round, while in front, small pieces of a full circle drifted in all directions. While glowing plasma streamed from the center of the broken Ring. "I regret to inform that there's been, a problem." He said in his usual British accent. His voice also carried the stress he had been under, crackling and sparking as he spoke.
Kan referred back into the day before, "343, the order to cleanse Galaxy one had been given 36 hours ago, it should have fired by now. How was it destroyed!?! Do you realize the Flood can now spread! The other rings cannot fire if your Instillation is not in sync, which I'm guessing it's not, seeing as it's destroyed!" He yelled, spitting at the screen throughout. "It says here," He said, pointing at a panel, "... that the leak did in fact come FROM your ring."

His mind was racing with the possibilities. Could the "project" have survived the seemingly impossible destruction of the Ring. Ring 6-1 was a key facility, doing the most important of test on the "project" in which he dare not speak.
"Sir," 343 said, "...if I may explain. The destruction of the Ring was not of my doing. The Reclaimer you had sent to the Ring had become rogue, helping an Alien AI in destroying it. I would have stopped the construct, but it had taken the index. The AI hid in the Reclaimer with the index and escaped. Apparently the AI's home ship had crash-landed on the Ring. With the help of the Reclaimer they had overloaded the engines, and that's what destroyed the Instillation."
Kan took a moment to let it all sink in. He sighed to himself and sat back down, trying to think of a course of action to follow.
"343, if you're able, your orders are to follow the rogue reclaimer's vessel. Try and find out where this Alien species came from." He said.
"Actually sir," 343 said happily, "... I already have the required knowledge. Before the Ring was destroyed, I downloaded their entire library! I'm sending the information on the "Human" race now.

Ah I am a genius..."

Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 2 of 5
Date: 27 February 2003, 1:25 am

Location: Longsword Fighter
Year: 2590

The Longsword had been moving across space since the disaster at a crawl, not seeing or hearing any communications or vessels since then. Cortana could stand the perpetual loneliness; after all, she just was a simple AI. John however had found the 38 years of space travel agonizing, punching the walls with his fists at times during the trip. His cyborg technology had become worn, his suit and armor stiff and unused.
John’s sight and hearing as well had begun to diminish each day. Without his cryo-bed, his sensitive implants wore down.

“Cortana...” Said John.

“Yes?” She replied

“How much longer until I’m unable to function?” He asked grimly.
“The nearest inhabited colony is only two months from here. It’s almost over John, almost...” Cortana said comfortingly.
“I’d like to believe the colony is still there, but as of late, I haven’t been able to hope for too much.”
John’s implants continued to break apart. If they didn’t reach the colony in time, his automated functions would be destroyed forever. “If only Foe Hammer, or any of the marines would have lived.” He said.

The Longsword continued to crawl across space as John began to fall asleep. The only thing he could do to pass time. His dreams were filled with the sounds of screaming Covenant and Humans. The Silent Cartographer mission and its countless dead bodies filled his head. He couldn’t get them out, they gnawed at his soul. He felt like screaming, but he couldn’t. The screams of his victims wouldn’t let him rest. The spirits of dead weren’t through with him yet...

Location: Covenant Battle Cruiser orbiting over Earth
Year: 2590

“Captain, Egypt and northern Chili squadrons report increased enemy re-enforcements. Shall I deploy Banshee Squad Beta?” Said Jerek, a large Elite Soldier manning one of many stations throughout the dimly lit Bridge.
There was no response. Only the red eyes of Captain Krik signaled the answer. The CCS Howler, The largest Covenant vessel in the Annihilation Fleet was stationary over Earth. Visible were the fires, which were country wide swept across Europe, Africa and Asia. Smoke from the billowing flames rose into the atmosphere, killing almost all plant life in its wake.
Krik merely gazed at the once green and blue ball with utter delight. He knew that the Prophets would be pleased with his command over the main battle group.
“It’s a thing of beauty Jerek. So many years of fighting, why didn’t the Humans just give up when it all began? When the Prophets arrive, they will be most pleased with my command.” Krik stepped out of the darkness, turning his head back and forth at his workers. He was a Jackal, equipped with his shield emitter, far more powerful than any other. His red eyes showed his happiness and anger.
“Launch Indi’s squad.”

_Location: Howler Docking Bay_

Dozens of Banshees covered the wide-open flat grounds of the docking bay. Pilots stood around them, looking out on the destruction of Earth. Few human’s remained, which angered them severely.

“Sir, the Captain has ordered our squad to attack! Our day has finally come!” Hollered Indi’s wingman from the comm. area.

Indi merely stood up on his strong armored Elite legs and grinned with his white sharp teeth. The Banshees had sat there motionless for too long. The Human Race would fall, and HE would make the final blow.
Suddenly, the red lights flashed and sirens blared all over the docking bay. Dozens of Elites, each equipped with high tech battle armor spewed from every door. The sound of engines blaring was deafening as all 50 Banshees rode out into space. Leading the pack was Indi, with his special modified Banshee, yellow in color along with increased speed and firepower. It reflected the suns rays brilliantly, blinding the eyes of all who saw it. No Creature, Covenant or Human would defy him. The God’s spoke to him, and his orders were clear...

Location: Black Hole Colony - Military Base (Human)
Year: 2590 (few Months later)

'Alert, Distress Signal Received. Location: Longsword (Class 1 Fighter.) Priority Alert Activated.’ Said the base’s Computer. The Midshipmen working the station was baffled. Class 1’s hadn’t been used in 30 years. He checked the records and sensors, all were performing within parameters.

“Admiral, I think you should see this.” The nervous Mid. Said.

“What is it Midshipman?” He replied in confusion.

“Sensors report an incoming vessel. It’s human, with 1 life sign and 1 AI. But the vessel is more than 30 years old, looks like a Longsword.”

'Alert, incoming sub-space communication. Location, Longsword, Class 1 fighter.’

“This is Ship-board AI Cortana of the Pillar of Autumn. Calling any UNSC forces. Please respond!” A womanlike voice yelled over static.

The Admiral tapped the comm. panel, “This is Admiral Whitaker of Black Hole Colony Base. What are your coordinates?”

“056 mark 419 of grid 427. The Human life sign you’re detecting is the Pillar of Autumn’s only survivor. The Master Chief...” Cortana replied, noticing the eerie silence on the other end.

“Say again. I repeat, say again. You have who on board!?!” The Admiral said in shock.

“That is correct Admiral. I’m alive and well.” Came a deep voice.

Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 3 of 5
Date: 1 March 2003, 11:48 pm

Location: Black Hole Battle Fleet En Route to Earth
Year: 2590

'Cryo-stasis cycle complete. Redesign of Subject cybernetic functions complete. MJOLNIR Armor replacement program complete.’ Said the single toned computer. Usually there would be mechanics and tech operators to help thaw him out. But there were none. The ship had been traveling for weeks back to Earth, and once John had awoken, no one seemed to be there.
The new armor felt awful. After spending so long in his old suit, the new, more “advanced” type of suit chaffed him severely. His damaged neural and physical implants had been restored, and Admiral Whitaker assured him that he’d get a chance to fight again.

“Chief... chief can you hear me?!?” Said Cortana, obviously still in his suit.

”Where? How long have I been in stasis?” He tried to say.

“It’s been almost 3 weeks. The Fleet has arrived. Everyone’s at there battle stations. I’ll see if I can get this lid open. There... got it. You can get out now.”

John began to move, noticing immediately how easy it was. Everything was working perfectly again. The blinding white lights of the room were seen with perfect precision. The rumbles of plasma hitting the hull could be heard, while tables of tools shook.
As he stepped forward towards the door, it opened to show what he had remembered, a long hallway, covered in red lights, with an elevator at the end. The Pillar of Autumn crisis seemed to resemble it indefinitely.
“Hold on, I’ll see if I can tap into the UNSC comm.. Channels. There.”

“Sir! They just folded in—inside our formation!”

“Son, I need you to calm down.”
Came the familiar voice of Admiral Whitaker.

“...look, additional contacts - moving to engage...”

“... and get your picket back to rally point alpha.”

As the Master chief listened to the horrors of the comm. He quickly grabbed a weapon, with a plan already in mind. It was new to him, seemed to be a cross of a sniper riffle and his beloved assault rifle. As he entered the elevator, he looked at it more closely, cocking it ready.

A new voice entered the fray, “Admiral, you can’t let them maintain orbit.”

“I’m trying, General, but we’ve lost advantage within the lunar perimeter!”

The Elevator had arrived. To his left was the docking bay and to his right, the space hatch. A Tech was standing by, and as he gave the appropriate nod, he entered the Hangar Bay.

“My frigates are combat ineffective, and the fighters... they don't have enough punch to take out a Covenant assault carrier." Said the Admiral sternly.

“You pilots let up, and down here it’s the goddamned apocalypse!” The General replied.

“I’m asking you to retarget the orbitals!”
“And let more slip the kill zone? That’s insanity! There’s nothing more I can do!”

A pilot was heard, his comm. barely operating, “The core defense is too intense. Our grid is maxed, I don't think we can last another run!"

“Admiral, tell your men to hold their positions. Reinforcements are on the spoke.” Came Cortana, knowing John’s plan.

"The entire fleet is engaged, Cortana. With respect, what the hell sort of reinforcement have you got?"

She gave no reply, only waited as John stared upon Earth. Huge fires covered most of the world, and bombs were let loose into the atmosphere. John couldn’t stand it any longer. He gave the order to the Tech as he prepped himself inside the seal.

“It's passing below your position ma'am. proximity zero." He said.

“What if you miss...?” Cortana asked nervously.

He merely sat silent, finally replying, “I won’t.”

With that, he leapt from his safety area; the air threw him out into space. He felt free, un-bound by gravity and of care. Earth was in plain site, but the Covenant assault Carrier was his biggest worry. Slowly he faded away from the Human battle group. Alone, free.
As he approached the vessel, its outer shield stopped him in his tracks. The energy stung him severely, but as he past he knew the landing could’ve been worse. Once he touched the hull, thousands of memories flooded back in.

“Wait. We should commandeer one of those Banshees; we’ll need it to reach the pulse generator in time.” Came Cortana, not of the present, but of the past.

The touch of Covenant steel brought back memories of Ghosts, and Banshees. The Wraiths, which had pummeled him to a pulp, could not be forgotten.

“Chief, you ok? We should get moving.”

“Right. Which way to an access port?” John asked.

_Location: Howler Bridge_

“Captain Krik, sensors report a Human life-sign on the hull. The Marine must be trying to attack an explosive.” Said Jerek.

Krik chuckled, “Haha, foolish Humans. Their tricks are getting old. Send a squad of Grunts. Make sure they remember to put their oxygen tanks on this time. I don’t want another mix up.”

_Location: Outer Hull_

“There should be one just a few meters from here. There, got it. 15 meters to the left” Cortana replied.

As John got closer, the hatch seemed to open by it self. He thought nothing of it, and that it was a simple feature.

“Chief, Covenant!”

The words rang in his head. How many times had he heard that? 10 times, a thousand? How much more would he have to endure? There wasn’t time for that now. He had to fight.

“Lets see what this thing can do.”
Immediately he rose into the air, corkscrewing over the squad of Grunts. The mobile new suit let him flex to the ultimate amount.

“There, there’s the Human! What! Ahhh, run away!” The Grunts screamed.

John let loose a barrage of bullets, un-tethered by gravity, they flew like eagles into the brains of the Grunts. As one Grunt began to run to another opening, the new scope allowed him to send a bullet directly into his foot, leaving him and his blood to float away... alive.

“Did you miss this or what?” Cortana said laughing.

“Let’s just get inside. I’m hankering for some reckless driving...”

Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 4 of 5
Date: 8 March 2003, 8:40 PM

Halo: Reunion From Destruction
Part 4 of 5

Location: UNSC Assault Frigate Searchlight (Bridge)

Admiral Whitaker had just received word of reinforcements from Cortana, he had no idea who or what she was talking about. After she had told him, the comm. was cut out.
He slammed his fist upon his chair, watching on the wide view screen the carnage of the battle. Hundreds of Fighters had been destroyed, and General Hammer had stressed him to continue to assault the Covenant Fleet. He couldn't allow it. All Colonies had been wiped out one by one after Reach, and they finally made it to Earth, finishing off the Human Race once and for all.
"Sir, Space Hatch C-12 was just opened. The Tech down there said it was the Master Chief." Said the Operations Officer.

"The Master Chief? Where did he go, just JUMPED out of the Ship?!?" He asked sarcastically.

The Officer only nodded. Whitaker stroked his mustache, trying to think of where he'd gone. "Reinforcements Cortana said? Now I see..."

"Try to keep in sensor contact with Cortana. Where are they now?" He asked.

"Inside the Covenant Battle Cruiser Howler."

Suddenly a massive force hit the large window. It was a Grunt, bloody on the foot, but still alive.

"Seems the Chief is back in action..."

_Location: Halls of Howler_
"Chief, if you don't mind me asking, what's your plan?" Cortana asked intriguingly.

"Ram this thing into another Covenant Vessel, then attach an explosive. After that... you got me." He replied, unabashed by his half plan.

"Chief, Covenant Security Patrol right around the corner. Motion Tracker shows a Hunter and 6 or 7 Jackals. I suggest you prepare." Cortana cautioned.

Chief looked inside his grenade pouch. He found a few Fragmentation Grenades but that wouldn't do the trick. It would only alert more Covenant forces. But under a few more Grenades, he saw something new. It was flat, with an antenna coming on an end. A Detachable button controller on the other end. "Remote Mine?" He asked.

"UNSC standard issue nowadays." Cortana replied.

John threw a few on the sides of the hallway, hearing the moans and clicks of the approaching group.

"RUH Ruh Roh." "Kira, click gria"

Once the Chief had seen the very claws of the Jackal, the button was pressed.

Nothing happened.

"Kak kaka ka!" One Jackal Screamed, overloading his pistol.

The Chief dodged the blast, hiding behind a Purple Computer Console. Pulling out a trusty Grenade, he chucked it overhead, hearing the screams and splatter of blood following the explosion. He whipped around, aiming for the orange area of the Hunter to be revealed. But before the moment had come, its right arm began to glow. As it prepared to fire, John readied himself for the blast. Nothing, not even a large purple box could stop its power.

Suddenly, a loud pop came from nowhere, leaving only a white streak as a calling card. The thud of the dead hunter shook the hallway.

A hand came from the darkness, "Need some assistance Chief?" A rough voice said happily.

"Where'd you all come from?" He asked shaking his head.

"2nd Squad Pelican Drop Division. I'm surprised you've never heard of it. It's been around for 30 years. Our job is to hijack the ship and nuke it to hell."

John smiled, "Looks like we're on the same page.."

"Alright Marines, let's move out!" The Sergeant hollered.

_Location: Howler Bridge_

"Captain, the Security Forces were unable to stop the intruders. Shall I send the Brutes?" Jerek asked.

Krik licked his beak, more worried than smooth, "No Jerek, I want you to handle them personally. Use your favorite tool." He replied.

Jerek stood from his seat, grabbing a small, handheld stick. It flashed bright blue as he squeezed it, giving him his plasma sword.

"Those Humans will suffer for their intolerance."

Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet
Year: 2590

It hand been decades since the outbreak of Galaxy One had begun. The Flood had taken over of the entire system. When the first ring was destroyed, they escaped like a virus, spreading to the other 7 rings. Once all facilities had been destroyed, the Flood moved out of the Galaxy, spreading their disease like a plague.
The Flood had been created to destroy the Forerunner enemy, the Okaku. They were enhanced to fight a war already lost by their creators. The Flood had infected the Okaku Empire but by the time the destruction of the enemy had been completed, all hope was lost for the Forerunners. The once Trillion sized population, had been drained to 4000, all aboard the final battle Fleet, en route to the Race still to be infected; the Species that had caused the Universal destruction of sentient life. The Humans...

"Commodore Kan, we're almost to the Human Home World. Earth is within view."

"On screen." The grizzled old Alien said.

The view screen activated, showing Earth, from what 343 had shown them, not like it was. The green and blue had diminished to black smoke and red seas. It appeared someone got to them first.

"Can we locate the traitor?" Kan asked.

"Yes sir, he's aboard one of those Alien bombers. According to the comm. traffic, they're called, the Covenant." The Comm. Officer replied.

"Are they any threat to us?"

"No sir. I detect primitive Plasma weapons and the Humans appear to be using shrapnel launching devices. Guns I believe. They're vessels are no match for us. One of our Trans Quantum Lasers could wipe out their entire fleet." He replied grinning.

_Location: SCS Searchlight (Bridge)_

"Sir! Oh my God! Something just dropped out of Hyperspace. It's, it's huge! Twice the size of the planet! I've never seen anything like it!" Screamed the Sensor Commander.

"Calm down Commander! Now what the hell is it? Get me a visual." Admiral Whitaker screamed.

Before they could, General Hammer came on the line, "Admiral. Are your forces seeing what we're seeing down here?!? It's massive. Could it be Covenant? If that's Covenant then we'll just give up now!"

Admiral Whitaker sighed under his breath, taking it all in. "General, I'm doing everything I can.." He said, stopping in terror when the view changed to the unknown vessel.

"Admiral... ADMIRAL!?!" The General yelled over the comm.

_Location: Docking Bay of Howler_

"SHH! Lieutenant Grissom would you please shut the hell up!?!" The Sergeant yelled in a whisper.

Cortana looked around, "This is it, the Docking Bay. It's strange, no Banshees. Guess we'll have to find a different way of escape after we attach the explosive." She said.

The Sergeant and his men took point over the huge docking bay, while John bent down to ready the explosive. The Docking bays wide open holes out into space weren't facing the unknown vessel. They had no idea.


All of the Marines turned towards the Sergeant, seeing his body cut in half. "What the hell!?!" One of the Marines exclaimed.

"I don't understand, there aren't any Covenant on the Motion Tracker." Said Cortana.

John looked about the room, seeing nothing. The Bay was empty. When he finally turned towards the Sergeant, all he saw was a long blue blade. It seemed to hang there without anyone holding it. The Invisibility wore off, showing the Elite, Jerek.

"I remember you." Jerek said, signaling the entrance of dozens of Jackals and Elites. They filled the room, but didn't fire a shot towards John. Yet they quickly slaughtered all the Marines.

John slowly let down his weapon, putting his hands up in defeat.

"Chief, what are you doing!? We need to fight back!" Cortana exclaimed.

"There's no way out."

Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 5 of 5
Date: 10 March 2003, 3:36 AM

Location: Covenant Battle Ship Howler (Bridge)
Year: 2590

"Sir, Jerek and his Squad have eliminated the threat. But they left one survivor." Said a low ranking Jackal.

"WHAT!?! Why?" Krik yelled in frustration. First there were intruders and now an Unknown vessel of enormous size was making an advance. He was worried.

The nervous Jackal replied, "But sir, it's the Spartan. He's alive."

Krik's eyes widened, his beak open. "Tell Jerek and his soldiers to hold their position. I'll handle him myself." He said, activating his silver shield.

_Location: SCS Searchlight_

"Can we PLEASE get some info on the incoming vessels!?!" Admiral yelled.

The Bridge was a mess, dark and smoky. The Covenant had panicked and began assaulting Earth and its defenders with renewed zeal. The comm. channels were overloaded with traffic. Thousands of small vessels began leaving Earth, all one by one being shot down by Banshee patrols.
The Human Fighters were wiped out, fires strewn across all ships. It was hopeless. Earth itself had lost most of its oceans from the heat of battle, and the Covenant had fully eliminated all Human defenses. Paris, New York, all were in ruins. Covenant flags were placed everywhere from Alberta to Australia.

"Its armor is blocking all our sensor scans. But it appears to have energy weapons that could wipe out every ship around Earth at once."

The Admiral looked on his seat, which laid a Pistol. He had never thought of doing it until that moment. Earth was lost, and so was his Fleet. The human's had failed.

He lifted it to his head, and began to squeeze the trigger. "Admiral, we're getting communications from the vessel. It appears they've translated English.

"Human vessel. I am Commodore Kan of the Forerunner Battle Fleet. Please leave the area near Earth or suffer the consequences." A deep voice said.

"Why may I ask.." The Admiral began before being cut off.

"Damn! Get him back, get him..." He yelled.

The entire vessel began to implode. The Bridge was incinerated, as was the entire vessel. The Covenant had completely wiped out all of the Human Assault Vessels. Earth was a ball of fire, and all Civilians were no more....

_Location: Howler Docking Bay_

"Chief, we can't just give up!" Cortana yelled in panic.

John turned around at Earth. There used to be dozens of Human ships, which now were all smoking ruins entering the atmosphere. Suddenly the ship began to change course, turning the view out towards Space. That's when John realized it all.

"My God..." Cortana began. "..it's the Forerunners." She said in awe.

"Why are they.." John began.

Jerek lifted his sword in anger. "QUIT HUMAN!" He yelled, firing a bolt of plasma. "Our Captain is on his way to deal with you." He said, then looking confused. "You don't know who I am, do you? Heh, your Human memory is very weak. The Silent Cartographer? I was just a young Elite then. I was piloting a Drop ship carrying some Jackal Troops to stop you. I had turned around to view how it turned out. You murdered them all. My friends, my family." He said, feeling the renewed anger.

The Hanger door opened as Krik stepped out. He looked around the room, spotting Jerek and a dozen Jackals. "Jerek, I'll take it from here." He said.

"Why haven't you just killed me yet?" John asked intriguingly.

Krik smiled, "Because I just arrived."

Jerek quietly got behind John, sending his blade through him with delight.

_Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet_

"The Human vessels have been eliminated by the Covenant. I sent the message to their vessels as well, but their not responding." A Forerunner officer stated.

Kan shook his head, "The fools. They don't need to die. It appears almost all Humans have been wiped out. But these Covenant are just as much food as they are. Continue the Sequence." Kan stated.

Kan knew his species would be gone forever along with the Covenant, but revenge was a force the Forerunners could not stop in them selves.

_Location: Earth_

It was eerily quite around Earth. The bombs of the Covenant had ceased, and the Human race, a memory. John had failed, and the Covenant would not heed the warning. All over the Universe, it was still. The Flood controlled Galaxies began to crave new food, and began their way towards Earth. But it would be too late.

The Massive Forerunner Vessel placed itself over Earths North Pole, which once contained ice. A blinding light came from its center, as a beam the size of the US cut into it. An explosion ripped throughout the Planet, sending entire continents to incinerate under the heat. Plasma and rocks were thrown into space, as all Covenant vessels were destroyed. The Forerunner vessel sustained no damage.

As it began to calm, something didn't look right. It looked as if a piece of Earth survived. The problem was, it was a perfect ring of Earth.

It was a Halo, buried deep within Earth. Buried there for countless millennia.

_Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet (orbiting Earth)_

"The cycle is completed. The Halo has been released, and is preparing Automatic activation."

This Halo's radius was not 25,000 light years, but 100 trillion. It was the Forerunner Ultimate Plan to stop the Flood. It was the only way.

A dim light, growing brighter began to appear in the rings center. As it grew, it became large enough to encompass the entire ring. Its shockwave was launched...


Halo: Fall of the Forerunners (tie in)
Date: 14 March 2003, 11:49 PM

Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
Part 1 of 4

Location: Forerunner Fighter Wing Beta en route to Okaku supply depot.
Year: 2554

"Beat wing, this is base command, you're almost to your destination now. Prepare your weapons and give them hell!" Came Captain Kan, former Research Monitor.

"You heard the man, ready your plasma lasers. Lock on to the depots life support once you're in range. Let's remind them what happens when they wipe out one of our planets!" Came Grog, Lead Fighter. He'd been doing this for hundreds of years, and he wasn't about to stop due to this new war.

A muttering of acknowledgement came from his wingmen. Sweat ran over his armored body. His orange visor, full of information was more of a distraction that helpful. On his radar, already he spotted numerous Okaku fighter crafts and defense cannons. It would be a rough day...

_Location: Okaku Supply Depot_

The dimly lit depot hung in space, ravaged by a previous battle. The new occupants monitored its damaged systems, finding Forerunner fighters on approach. They pushed the dead Okaku bodies out of the way, manning the controls. In the docking bay, hundreds of them prepped their flying vehicles, and began to launch. This depot was theirs. And they'd give it to no one, not even their creators.

_Location: Forerunner Fighter Wing Beta_

"Ok boys, squeeze those triggers when they're in your sites." Grog said without fear.

Hundreds of Okaku fighters were on the way, while only a dozen Forerunners were present.

The firefight was intense. Hundreds of plasma bullets filled the area. The Depot's cannons did most of the damage.

"Come on you slimy assholes!" He said, pulling his throttle upwards as he chased a nearby enemy. It was too easy. It was as if they were fighting trainees. They could barely pilot the ship, no less attack.
"Beta squad, how's our casualty count?" Grog asked.
"I got no deaths on my end." Came the left wing.
"Roger, no deaths here." From the right.

How could it be? Once all of the fighters had been eliminated, and the cannons destroyed, all of the pilots transported to the depot.

_Location: Okaku Supply Depot (Mess Hall)_

The orange circles of the transporter wore off on Grog and his men. The entire room was dark as night. They each turned on their flashlights, and pointed their plasma guns toward the door.

"Ok, this is weird. Where the hell are all of Okaku?" Grog asked.
"It's as if they just got up and left." Grog's wingman replied.

Grog turned his light towards the floor, almost gagging on the site. "They're all dead!" He yelled.

Each member turned their light towards the floor, finding dozens of dead lizard like creatures.
"What happened to them?" Grog asked, suddenly hearing a noise.
He turned his flashlight left, finding nothing but blood stains. The noise continued all around them. It sounded alive.
In the hall outside the door, footsteps could be heard getting louder. Slowly it walked down the hall, moaning softly.
"What the hells going on!?!" Grog yelled.

"Sir, there!!" Someone yelled.

Three creatures, unknown to the squad began to run at them, long whips at the end of their hands. The lizard heads of the Okaku had been thrown back, snapped by the pressure. The creatures stabbed the Forerunners through the heart with their whips, killing them all instantly.

The Flood had arrived.

Location: Longsword orbiting Basis.
Year: 2552

After John had removed his helmet, he looked out once again on the ravaged Ring. Plasma and rock debris filled the area. As they turned clockwise around Basis, the view was lost. But ahead of them, roughly 30 years of space travel, unhindered by Covenant or Humans.

"Cortana, what about the Flood? Could they have survived?" John asked as he took it all in.

Cortana pondered, reviewing all the data. "Highly unlikely. The blast destroyed Halo's surface and miles of underground tunnels. There still is a chance, but I doubt it." She replied.

"If you're hungry, there's a food synthesizer in your quarters. It's going to be a long way John. Black Hole Colony is about 30 years from here. I'll begin mapping the immediate area for any Human bases et cetera." She stated, flashing out of view.

_Location: Area above Halo_

Infest him...

The voices of millions shouted across millions of miles. They had achieved the infection of the Human AI, and now with unlimited knowledge of Forerunner Locations and Technology, their feast would take them to the far reaches. The Truth and Reconciliation had been salvaged from the blast, and the Flood quickly repaired it, adding Forerunner Hyper Drive to its engines. Their "creators" locked them up, but now it would be their turn...

Halo: FotF
Date: 16 March 2003, 6:26 PM

Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
The Hunt

Location: Black Hole Colony Military Base (Human)
Year: 2553

The bright hum of computers and laid back workmen filled the air of the Colony Command Center. They hadn't seen Covenant in many years, and communications with other colonies spoke of good times. Admiral Whitaker leaned back in his seat, sipping coffee as he monitored the sensors.
A wide explosion tore into the SCS Searchlight, causing a bright flash of explosions. Again and again, the blue missiles appeared on radar, smashing into the docking bay and the ships themselves.
"Report!" Whitaker yelled.

"We've got a Covenant Assault Ship heading right for us. But, those missiles aren't Covenant design! And the speed the ships traveling is impossible!" A Crewman responded.

A crash of panels fell and sparks flew from all decks. The rumble and crashing of metal was deafening. Admiral Whitaker could barely hold onto his seat. "Arm the Main Cannon. Fire when in range!"

_Location: Truth and Reconciliation (Bridge)

The goop from the Keyes blob had been wiped clean, and dozens of Flood soldiers manned all the stations. The huge vessel full of bodies gave the Flood ample food to reach their goal. But now they had come across something bigger. An entire fleet of vessels and a Docking bay, all filled with Human bodies. They were more intelligent by the hour, absorbing Cortana's knowledge and the Covenants too. The new weapons they carried would make the Humans easy prey. The ship began to decelerate, floating just above the Base. They'd transport everyone to the ship, making it impossible for them to escape.

_Location: Black Hole Colony Military Base (Human)_

"Fire the cannon, fire at will!" Admiral Whitaker yelled.

"Sir, I'm getting strange readings from the ship. I detect no Covenant. And their power is being re-routed to Transpor.." He began before the orange haze of the transporter overwhelmed him.

_Location: Truth and Reconciliation (Docking Bay)

The hue of orange faded away, over Whitaker. He knew he was aboard the ship, but what of everyone else? He turned around, finding the bay empty, except for a few dead Covenant. He looked to his holster, finding no weapon. As he grabbed a Grunts plasma pistol and grenades, he began to hear the noise. The crackly slimy noise as dozens of Infection forms spewed from the upper levels.
"What the hell are those things!?!" He said to himself.

Just then the doors opened, and popped out a group of human Soldiers, armed with Shotguns and AR's. "Good to see you sir, welcome to the party." He said smiling. "I'm Sergeant Hamel, come with us."

They went through the door that the soldiers came through, finding dead Infection forms, and one odd looking creature. It looked Covenant but its head was gone...

"Sergeant, what the hell may I ask is going on here?" Admiral said.
"I wish I could say sir. One moment I'm on the Searchlight, the next, I'm with a squad of Marines fighting God knows what. They got one of my men." He said as he passed over the body of a Marine.

"Where are we headed?"

"When we first got here, a large group of Marines had already arrived. I guess they had to take people one at a time. They made a base command in a Cargo bay. We should be safe there. I was ordered to find more Marines. Lucky I found you; those green things would've killed you no doubt. These AR's seem to work wonders." He said looking at his gun.

As they turned the corner of the hallway, 12 infection forms were eating away at a marine.

"GET IT OFF! OH GOD IT HURTS!" The Crewman screamed.

The soldiers fired away with their AR's. They had no choice but to kill the man. Either they killed him, or he'd be one of them. As he fell to the floor, the Infection forms began to pop.
As they waited for any more, two huge looking creatures turned towards them. They bobbled back and forth, walking to them slowly.
"Sir, get back!" Sergeant Hamel yelled, firing two rounds of shotgun shells.
The creature exploded, as little Infect forms came closer. AR's began to fire around Admiral Whitaker. He himself fired his pistol, but it seemed too ineffective.
"What the hell was that thing?" Whitaker asked.

"We call them blobs. The little ones are Mice. There's another kind of these things. They're us." The Sarge replied unhappily.
The Admiral dared not ask.
They turned one final hall, finding an open door at the end. "There it is, home sweet home." Sergeant Hamel said relieved.
As he stepped towards the door, he tapped 3 times, stopped, the 4 times. It was the sign it was them.

The door opened revealing hundreds of marines, all of them talking of their experience. Some sad, some revengeful, but most, ready. As Admiral Whitaker walked passed them, the stood up to salute. "At ease." He said, pacing back and forth.

"Now men, how do we get out of here?"

Halo: FotF(Part 3)
Date: 24 March 2003, 2:16 AM

Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
Prep for Disaster (PT3)

Location: Truth and Reconciliation (Human HQ)

The marines had been going on for hours on how to escape. There were no Banshees to leave on, or UNSC reinforcements to help them. The creatures that had wiped out a whole ship of Covenant would tear through them too easily. They had controlled this vessel, and it seemed hopeless to take it.
"Well if we don't have the balls to take it by force, then let's just slit our own throats!" A cocky pilot said arguing with a Marine.
"Calm Down!" Whitaker yelled over their makeshift Command Table of computer terminals.
"We will find a way out. Whether it be a GI Joe forced attack on the Bridge, or who knows what, we WILL leave. All I know is that we've been sitting here for hours, and there's not been a, "whatever the hell those are" since. The Marines keep bringing back more of our own, and haven't found another mouse thing at all. Explain this to me." The Admiral said.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

The Flood were monitoring the Humans the whole time, watching them as they quarreled aimlessly for an idea on how to die. The Humans had all gathered in one spot, making the killing far easier than planned. Hundreds of Flood warriors were waiting outside the doors, waiting for the Humans to come out, ready for a fight they would not make...

_Location: SCS Searchlight (Crew Quarters)_

Greg had awoken to rumble of plasma torpedoes, but found everyone gone. As he walked along the entire ship, no one could be found. He checked with the computer and with communications, everyone seemed to have vanished.

"This must be a dream..." He thought as he stepped on the Bridge.

An electric fire was erupting over the Main Cannon controls. Sparks flew from panels, and the Captains seat was burnt. Greg stepped up to the LCD, noticing a Covenant Vessel directly over them. He was shocked to find hundreds of humans onboard.

"Are we attacking them or..." He thought.

Greg began to feel angrier by the moment. It was the Covenant that had done this. And if everyone was aboard the ship, the Covenant must be attacking the Soldiers. Greg had to help.

_Location: Searchlight Longsword Bay_

Greg had suited for flight, equipping the Longsword with dozens of missiles. His cocky plan was to fly into the Docking Bay, and help anyone he could by providing the Longsword's supply of Assault Rifles and grenades. The Covies would never make it back.

The ships engines powered up, the rumble of the deck plate vibrated his armor, tingling his body. Sweat ran down his head, not knowing whether he'd be victorious or not.

He throttled forward, feeling the ship lift from the clamps and fly into space, pulling up on its way to the Truth and Reconciliation.

"This is Pvt. Greg Marshall aboard the Longsword fighter "Hercules" to any UNSC forces. Please respond." He said through the comm. channel, fully aware the Covenant may know his location.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

The Flood were watching the tiny vessel begin its rise towards the docking bay. They could've destroyed it at any moment, but the collective consciousness knew better. Let the young Human in, close the docking bay, infest him, and take his ship. His foolish plan would only help their cause.

_Location: T&T (Docking Bay)_

It was silent. No Flood were found. They had already ridden the wide-open bay of Covenant bodies and spilled blood. They wanted the poor man to think it hadn't been attacked.

Greg slowly backed the Longsword into the bay, monitoring the region for movement. Strangely, there were none. Once he had landed and the ramp unfolded, he raised his AR into the air, keeping an eye for Marines of Covenant.

Slowly he moved forward toward the door, jumping when the hiss of it opening occurred. The stench of death could be smelled. Greg didn't like it; he knew something had gone wrong. As he turned the corner, it was empty, save the burns of plasma scorching, and bullets of AR's. Something had happened.

The hissing could be heard again, but Greg wasn't scared this time... until he stopped to think. "Wait... there's no doors here."
Quickly he turned around, finding the door he came from open. He squinted, looking for anything moving. He stopped his breathing, trying to listen for anything. Once he stopped, a breath continued to flow. A hand crept up on his shoulder, squeezing Greg's shoulder. Quickly he turned around, finding a group of Marines, smiling dubiously.

"HAHAHAHA! Oh man Greg, did we scare you or what. We're glad you're here. How long ago were you transported?" A Marine asked.

"Transported? I got here on the Longsword, I thought you guys were attacking them." He responded.

"No. We were all transported here, and now we can't get back. So you have the Longsword docked over there? Excellent, now we can get back." He responded, giving the signal to proceed back to the bay.

As they arrived, they found the worst news. The Bay was closed. A blue liquid like energy filled the hole he had come from.

"Damn, now we'll never get back." He said.

"Sir! I hear the noise again." A Private shouted.

Immediately after he had spoken, the small green things began to latch onto him, coming from seemingly nowhere. "AHH! Get it off! Help!" He screamed.

The Marine captain only shook his head, pointing his AR at the soldier.

"What the hell are you doing!?!" Greg asked.

"The only thing I can.." He pulled the trigger, popping the green things, and killing the Marine.

_Location: T&R (Human HQ)_

Greg and the Marines returned safely, greeting Admiral Whitaker. They now had the supplies to fight back. And fight they would...

Halo: FotF (Final Chapter)
Date: 27 March 2003, 3:51 AM

Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
The Fight (Final Chapter)

Location: T&R (Hallways outside Bridge)

"Fire in the hole!" Greg shouted, lobbing a grenade at the seemingly unstoppable force. The explosion was massive, setting of a chain reaction of grenades, deafening Greg for a moment.
They had been moving slowly and steadily for hours, fighting off each mutant and insect thing the whole time.
"Simmons, take point right!" Admiral Whitaker said in a loud whisper, telling the Marine to get the right corner of the hallway.
During the few hours, the Marines had already devised rules of combat involving the Mutants. Never proceed without listening for the sign, a major rule. They had already lost 30 men, each one killed, not by them, but by their own species.
"Area secure, up this Hallway is the Bridge. Keep an eye out for movement." Came Greg over the comm.
They had created a plan. There were two ways into the Bridge, and BOTH would be used. Each one had come across much resistance, but plowed through it with AR's and Pistols.
They were easier than the Covenant; they didn't fire grenades, or have the skills to aim a weapon. It seemed to be overkill. They just weren't too sure of their full intelligent.

_Location: Forerunner Monitoring Station 205_
Year: 2553

It had been a year since Captain Kan and his men witnessed the beginning of the end. After the rogue Reclaimer destroyed the ring, all seemed lost. The Flood took a vessel, and were heading straight for the Forerunner Home world.
If things couldn't be worse, the Okaku were beginning to win the war. Each day, more and more news of Planets being destroyed by Okaku Scouts was heard. Scouts, the weakest of enemies had dwindled their Empire into a frantic mound of ants.

"Commodore, please calm down!" Came Captain Kan, trying to reassure his leader.

"I will have no more of this Kan! The Flood are evolving and their intelligence growing! Do you think after millennia of isolation that they came to greet us WARMLY? What we did to those former Citizens was..."

"The only thing we could do!" Exclaimed Kan. "If we hadn't taken those people away and turned them into Flood, we would have already lost this war! The Okaku are winning, and if we don't use the Flood that are still sealed, we'll be sealing our OWN fate!"

Workers from below began to look at Kan worried.
"Kan..." The Commodore said calmly, "I would release the Flood on those monsters if I could. The Magistrate won't have it. He says we need more testing."

"More?!? We already know the Flood can commandeer an Alien vessel. We already know they can modify ancient Plasma torpedoes and turn them into Quantum Warheads. We already know they've changed the ships engines into Trans-warp! What more proof is there?" Kan replied.

"I will talk with the Magistrate. I will inform you tomorrow of their decision. Commodore Grig out." He said, as the screen flashed off.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

"No movement. No heat. Move up!" Admiral Whitaker said over the radio. Both doors immediately opened, with dozens of Marines filling in all the space.

"Where are they? We kill them all?" Came Pvt. Chavez.

The doors immediately locked. Everyone stopped breathing, listening for the noise. It never came.

"According to these controls..." Admiral Whitaker said, " It appears Transport functions are regulated through here. I think I can get us out."

A few buttons later, the orange haze overtook them. All were immediately put back where they were taken. The Longsword was back into Dock.

"Hmm. Get the fire control teams up here now. We have a lot of repairs to do." Admiral Whitaker replied.

"Sir, the Covenant Vessel is moving off, heading towards Quasar 45-G. An odd angle if I've ever seen one." Came a Crewman.

A brilliant flash of light overcame the Station, as the T&R made its way towards Forerunner Space.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

"Cycle Complete. The Humans have been infested..." Came the millions of voices. All of them re entered the Bridge, happy to find the micro infect forms on the panels taken.

They now felt them. The Humans minds and body were theirs. If the Reclaimer ever reached that Colony, he too would be infected. The virus would spread, while so did the Flood...

Location: Okaku Supply Depot
Year: 2554

"Jereko Squadron, I'm detecting the Forerunner Battle Fleet en route to this depot. Please change course to assist. If I know those slimy devils, their send a few puny squads."

A voice came from the comm. "Roger Supply Depot, moving to assist."

The Lizard creature turned away from his panel, unaware of the Covenant ship moving to intercept.
Sirens blazed around the Depot as the first torpedo slammed into it. The Okaku fell off in their chairs, and fires erupted over the main firing station.

A group of orange flickering lights filled the small Bridge, and the grayish-yellow Flood began to attack, whipping their tentacles around the Okaku, beginning the infestation process.

_Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet_

It had been a year since the Magistrate denied the release of the Flood. It was a foolish order, and now the entire Forerunner people, Civilian and all would pay the price. Kan had been monitoring the Flood movement towards their sector until only a few months ago. Kan had thought they'd arrive many days from now, but how wrong he was.

"Beat wing, this is base command, you're almost to your destination now. Prepare your weapons and give them hell!" Came Captain Kan.

The end.
(If you're wondering why the abrupt ending, the first chapter of this tie in is where the rest of this ends. It's a loop see? Clever huh?)