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Halo: Homefront by Hyokin

Canadian Woods
Date: 6 May 2007, 3:12 pm

Spartan B-245 clicked a fresh clip into his MA5C Assault rifle and grit his teeth together tightly. His Orange, reflective faceplate hid his emotions well, but even without it, Hyokin could keep a straight face. The group of Jackals moved slowly through the forests of what was once Canada towards the trap. Each carried on its wrist a shield generator that could prove quite efficient when the Brutes came to see what had happened to them.

High above his head, a bird chirped an odd tone. Hyokin immediately recognized this as Spartan B-266 Zeon's signal for stay low. Both Zeon and Spartan B-211 Liyo held Sniper Rifles and had initiated their new Active Camouflage as they sat high in the treetops. Hyokin had chosen to lie on his belly in the cover of some rocks beside a small stream. His Assault Rifle aimed towards the area where the Jackals would likely run.

"Zeon to Hyokin. Over." Hyokin's near-silent radio whispered.

"Hyokin Here, what's up? Over." Hyokin replied in a whisper.

"We've got four Jackals. One Major, three minors. Permission to fire?" Asked Zeon. Hyokin paused a moment to consider, then answered.

"Fire." Two white lines of smoke appeared overhead and flew directly into the heads of two Jackals. The Major and remaining Minor lifted their shields in the direction of the fire and crouched down to avoid being picked off.

"Now!" Liyo cried from overhead. Hyokin jumped up and bolted towards the Jackals, his Assault rifle firing. Within seconds, the Jackals were dead, lying in puddles of their own blood. Hyokin knelt down and policed all four-wristband shields and returned to his position. Zeon jumped down and took one for Himself and one for Liyo before returning back to the treetops and reloading.

After ten minutes had passed, a trio of Brutes came along the same path. The middle Brute was a captain, carrying the deadly Brute shot. Hyokin inhaled and sighed, He had faced Brutes before, but never liked to face the deadly and uncontrollable beasts. The first time he had faced a Brute in battle, it had cost his brother, Enihs, both his arms. Currently, Enihs was somewhere else on Earth, in stable condition, with new cybernetic arms. He was probably doing the exact same thing, fighting the covenant. Hyokin was confused by the sudden dispersal of the usually rare Brutes. He had assumed that the Elites were simply tired of all the fighting while the Brutes stood by, but it didn't seem so. He had not seen a single Elite in weeks.

Two shots fired from his above his head and hit two different Brutes. One bullet "TINGED" off a Brute's helmet, knocking it off. The other shot struck the Brute on the left in it's unprotected head and sprayed black blood on its squad mates. The Captain fired its Bruteshot into the tree where Zeon was hiding; knocking leaves and splintered bark everywhere. Liyo took advantage of this to fire another round into the now unprotected skull of the first Brute and another into the helmet of the Captain. The Captain roared in furry and fired his Bruteshot into both trees simultaneously. Hyokin charged from his cover and fired his MA5C into the Brute, who responded by swinging its Bruteshot into Hyokin's chest. Hyokin's shields screamed as the bayonet sliced through them and into Hyokin's armor. Hyokin pulled himself back and flung a plasma grenade into the Brute's face. It roar in anger as the grenade detonated in a ball of blue-white plasma. Hyokin fell to one knee, his hand over his wound. Zeon jumped down to his side and helped him up.

"You ok?" He asked. Hyokin moved his hand and gagged. His stomach was slit open and his internal organs were visible. Zeon helped him over to a bush and set him against a boulder.

"Its… Bad?" Hyokin asked weakly.

"No, You'll be ok. I'll Radio in help, then we can-" Zeon was cut off by the sound of four simultaneous Sniper rounds being fired off just behind them. Zeon whipped around in time to watch the Brute captain fall over. Dead. Liyo jumped down and walked over.

"That grenade only stunned him. Luckily, I finished him before he got to you guys." Liyo smirked through his open visor. The Spartans marched back through the forest until they came to their concealed Warthog. Zeon delicatly treated Hyokin's wound with the First Aid kit while Liyo loaded their extra ammunition into their weapons. Once they were all ready, Liyo took the Driver seat, Zeon the turret and Hyokin sat lazily in the Passenger seat, They took off.