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Halo: Combat Revolved by eL diAbLo

Halo: Combat Revolved - Chapter 1: Fight Club
Date: 8 April 2002, 9:59 pm

İİİİİAs the Master Chief floated off into deep space in his newly acquired Longsword Fighter, he wondered whether the Flood was completely annihilated. He kept thinking if the explosion could've killed their entire species. As he thought, he heard a loud noise coming from the cockpit door.

*Thump, Thump, Thump*

İİİİİHe reached down for his M90 Shotgun but he couldn't find it.

İİİİİ"Oh, shit," he thought.

İİİİİHe gazed over towards the door and saw cracks appear near the middle. He shifted his gaze a little towards the right and noticed a fire extinguisher on the floor. He got up out of his seat and ran quietly towards it. He picked it up and kneeled next to the door.

İİİİİ"Chief, I really don't think that's gonna hold up against whatever's outside that door," said Cortana.

İİİİİ"Cortana, shut up."

İİİİİHe took the chip from his helmet and threw it onto the seat.

İİİİİLarger cracks began to appear in the door. The Master Chief took a final look around the cockpit and noticed a glimmer off of a silver object directly across from him. He turned his head trying to make out the object's shape.

İİİİİHe finally made out the shape of the object.

İİİİİ"Oh, hell fucking yes, M6D."

İİİİİHe leapt forward with his fire extinguisher but was blown away when the door gave in. He shook it off and stared towards the door. 10 elites stood in the doorway, staring at the Master Chief.

İİİİİ"What the fuck."


İİİİİOne of the elites charged him and just as quick slumped to the ground. Two more charged at him. He leapt forward and quickly smacked both in the back of the head. He turned around and sprayed the remaining elites with the fire extinguisher. While they were still dazed he rolled over to the pistol, picked it up, spun around and fired exactly 7 rounds into the elite's heads.

İİİİİHe got up and saw that one of the elites was still breathing. He got his M6D up off the floor and whacked the elite just below what would be the brain stem.

İİİİİHe walked over to the pilot's seat where he had thrown Cortana but could not find her.

İİİİİ"Oh crap, oh damn, oh da..." he thought to himself.

İİİİİJust as he was completing his superfluous ranting, the Longsword accelerated into light speed heading towards Earth.

İİİİİ"Good ol', Cortana. Always one step ahead of me. Now, if only I could find her, I could show her how effective that fire extinguisher was on those elites," he said as his back slammed against the wall outside of the cockpit.

*Several days later*
New York, NY
JFK Interplanetary Airport
0353 Hours

İİİİİ"Sir, we've got an unidentified Longsword fighter."


İİİİİ"20 minutes. Intercept?"

İİİİİ"Yes, send two Hummer aircraft to intercept."

İİİİİ"Ay, ay, el cap-i-tan."

*Over PA System*

İİİİİ "Requesting two Hummer pilots to intercept unidentified Longsword fighter."

*On Deck 7*

İİİİİ Two Hummer pilots stepped forward outside of the mess hall.

İİİİİ "Pilot Levy and Pilot Pesso reporting for requested duty, sir."

İİİİİ "Soldiers, your duty is to 1, intercept, 2, identify, 3a, guide down to landing pad or 3b, and shoot down if identified as enemy."

İİİİİ "Sir, yes, sir," was the quiet but yet resounding echo."

İİİİİ "Now move it out, double time," said Sergeant Chad Connors.

*5 minutes later*

İİİİİ "Lieutenant Matthew Levy is airborne."

İİİİİ "Lieutenant Eitan Pesso is also airborne."


İİİİİ "2 minutes," was the combined response.

İİİİİ "You ready Mr. Man," said Levy.

İİİİİ "Yup, I'm ready Cold Blood."

İİİİİ "Chief, wake up now. Hurry up."

İİİİİ "What is it, Cortana?" the Master Chief said groggily as he got out of the cryo tube."

İİİİİ "We're coming up on Earth in 10 minutes and we got two inbound Hummers."

İİİİİ "Let me just get my stuff ready. Be there in 5."

İİİİİ "UNSC Longsword Fighter, identify yourself," said Levy.

İİİİİ "This is UNSC AI Cortana from the Pillar of Autumn carrying a Spartan II, Master Chief. Requesting landing pad."

Halo: Combat Revolved - Chapter 2: The Reunion Tour
Date: 10 April 2002, 2:08 am

"JFK, this is Lt. Pesso."

     "Lt. Pesso, go ahead."

     "Longsword has identified self as AI Cortana from the Pillar of Autumn carrying precious cargo. A Spartan II known as Master Chief."

     "Holy shit. Let 'em go. Pad 0675."

     "Yes, sir."

     "Cortana, this is Lt. Pesso. You are cleared to land on Pad 0675. Sgt. Connors is awaiting your arrival alongside Admiral Aponte."

     "Thank you Lt."

     The Longsword fighter entered Earth's atmosphere and its heat shields did their job. It flew down over New York City on its way to JFK. The Longsword descended and landed on Pad 0675. The Master Chief slipped Cortana back into his helmet and walked back to the ramp. As he walked out he was saluted by Sgt. Connors. He returned the salute, then turned to Admiral Aponte and saluted him. Admiral Aponte returned the salute, and then hugged the Master Chief.

     "Holy shit man, where you been. I thought you was dead."

     "My ship, the Pillar of Autumn made a blind jump away from Reach. We slowed down near a ring world me and Cortana have come to know as Halo. So we went around, caught up with some marines, blew the shit out of a shitload of Covenant. Then we encountered a horrifying species that I could barely take over off called the Flood. So we keep going and we come back to the Pillar of Autumn all beaten down and we blow it up. BOOM. That's when we leave in this Longsword right here. I meet up with 10 elites on the ship and of course I dispose of them. Then I go into light speed heading here and here I am."

     "Wow, what a story."

     "I'm the only Spartan left in the universe and a damn good one I should add."

     "On the contrary, we've developed new Spartans. These guys are even better than YOU."

     The Master Chief gave him a smirk only he knew he made.

     "But don't front, we'll have your suit upgraded in no time."


     "Come on, I'll show you to your quarters."

     The Master Chief, Sgt. Connors, and Admiral Aponte walked towards a passenger elevator. When the doors opened, 2 marines stepped out and headed towards the Longsword to take it into the garage for repairs. One of the marines couldn't stop staring in awe at the Master Chief all battle bruised and powerful; he slammed his head right into the side of the Longsword. The Master Chief just laughed while the marine rubbed his head. They walked into the elevator and Admiral Aponte pushed a button on the holo panel. The elevator began to descend.

     "So, what are the specs on the SIII's?" said the Master Chief.

     "Just improved shields, HUD, and bigger weapon capacity."


     "Ohh...and I almost forgot. It also has a jetpack built right into the boots."

     "Whoa man, isn't that a bit much."

     "We could always leave that out if you so desire."

     "No, it's fine."

     The elevator doors slid open on Deck 17. A marine rushed towards the Admiral. He saluted.

     "Sir, we have a numerous amount elites and jackals blowing the hell out of the marines on Deck 9. They were stow-aways on the Chief's Longsword."

     "Okay. Sgt., show the Master Chief to his quarters."

     "Don't you think I should help?" said the Master Chief.

     "The SIII's will take care of it this time."

     "Those damn SIII's." the Master Chief didn't have to add.

     The Admiral stepped back into the elevator with the marine and pushed the "10" button on the holo panel.

     "Uhh...with all do respect Admiral, they're on 9."

     The Admiral began to speak in a calming voice.

     "Listen son, if we go to 9 there is a good chance we'll get blown to hell as soon as those doors open. If we go to 10, then we can go up the stairs to 9 and scope the area out and see whether the SIII's are doing their job.

     "Good thinking, sir."

     "Yeah, uh-huh."

     Meanwhile, Sgt. Connors showed the Master Chief to his quarters. He showed him his office, his locker, his bathroom, and finally...

     "...the Spartan lounge room. It's only for Spartan soldiers like yourself to relax while on break. And I mean only for Spartans. Not even the Admiral or the President himself is allowed in, that is without permission.


     "We just felt like it. Most of the time, marines are distracted when they see Spartans, so we decided to separate the two groups. As for the Admiral and the President not being able to enter the lounge, that's all plain and simple. They just respect the Spartans privacy and usually the Spartans don't need much guidance or help from them."

     "Ok...so when am I being upgraded?

     "One sec. I'll get my techno guru James working on it right away. He'll have you set up and properly configured within 24 hours."