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Halo: Betrayles by Nick

Halo: Betrayles
Date: 19 September 2004, 4:11 AM

They were ready. All 10 marines climbed into the Pelican as its engines roared to life, and then the Pelican flew out into the sky. The Master Chief looked up at the leaving Pelican and watched it splash into the horizon. Ever since we crash landed on Halo, things have never seemed easy...thought the Master Chief. His personal team, Fire Team Charlie, was just sent on a suicide mission to capture a covenant base and retrieve the covenant's navigation database. Major Silva wanted to get that, and then try and rebuild a ship around. It was crazy.

The Master Chief strode to Major Silva's "office" and knocked on the door. The Master Chief never liked going to Silva. He was arrogant and contained too much pride. Something that could cause what was left of the Pillar of Autumn's crew to fall. The door opened, it was Lieutenant Mckay. She nodded and let the Chief into the room.

Silva looked at the Chief and said, "Ah, you're here Master Chief. I'm sorry to say that we sent your team on a fake mission." The Master Chief didn't answer, and Silva said, "What I mean is, we sent your team to get killed. We felt that they had learned too much of how you perform, and your systems. We were afraid that if the enemy ever captured them, they would spill it all out. I'm sorry Chief, but it's not my fault that Doctor Halsey turned you into a freak that people couldn't get to know, except for your long dead team. The Master Chief was about to take out his M6D pistol, but stopped the motion. Silva snickered evilly and said, "You do know that you are a freak Master Chief. Too the regular marine, you're an Alien. They think of you as the covenant. And you know why? Your armor makes you pale when you take it off, your armor makes you look like a freaking elite with extra armor, and you move like a robot!"

Silva was about to continue when Captain Keyes walked through the door and pushed Mckay aside, took out his pistol and aimed it at Silva's head. He then said, "Silva, you're the freak! I watched this whole thing from my office's video monitors! And I know your secret! Master Chief, Silva here was about to stick a plasma grenade on you! So let's see Silva, show me your hands!" Silva smiled, and took out his hands. Sure enough, there were plasma grenades in each hand that were mysteriously being hidden under his desk. Keyes then said, "See! You knew that you couldn't beat him with his armor on!" Silva nodded, quickly twisted the arm that Keyes had his gun in, and took the gun. He aimed at Mckay, and shot.

Mckay dodged it, and drew her own M6D pistol and shot Silva 5 times. Silva fell to the ground. The Master Chief than said, "I can't believe it...I never would have thought that..." Bang! Bang! Bang! "Who's in there? Open the door! This is Sergeant Marvin Mobuto!" Keyes opened the door. 8 Marines filled into the room, and dragged Silva's body through the door. Marvin turned to Keyes and said, "What the hell happened here?" Keyes looked at Mckay, then to the Master Chief, and said, "Silva was about to kill the Master Chief with a few grenades Sergeant. Before he did, I rushed into the room and told him to show his hands, and there were 2 plasma grenades. Before he could activate them, Lieutenant Mckay here shot Silva. Silva died instantly.

Marvin nodded and said, "I believe you Captain, you are the most trustworthy person I know." He saluted and walked out of the room. Keyes nodded at the Master Chief, than motioned for Mckay to follow him. The Master Chief was left behind, rethinking what just happened. He wiped away the thoughts and continued to his room. The Master Chief slipped into his armor and strapped his weapons on. His comm. channel beeped and a message heard. It was Captain Keyes.

The Captain said, "Chief, meet me in my quarters, ASAP." The Chief acknowledged and made his way to the Captains room. He looked at Keyes and said, "What's your plan of action Captain?" Keyes replied, "There is a lone warthog in the vehicle bay. I, you, and Mckay are going to take it and leave the complex." The Master Chief nodded and he and Keyes were in the Cargo Bay in a few minutes. They met up with Mckay outside the door. She nodded, and they ran into the bay. Mckay got into the back of the warthog and manned the 30mm cannon. The Master Chief drove, and Keyes took the passenger seat. The warthog blasted out of the cargo bay and drove into the horizon. In the back of his mind, the Chief wanted to know what the heck was going one, and why the Captain wanted to leave the only stronghold of the refugee marines. And he was to do just that, soon enough.