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Halo: Axis by Agony

Halo: Axis: Introduction
Date: 11 June 2004, 6:27 PM

      Halo: Axis: Introduction
      Two years ago, both the Covenant and the Flood were brutally killed on the ring world, Halo.

      On a large UNSC ship set to orbit Earth, DNA specimens of every shape and size are held. The only thing that keeps this ship from being ripped apart and used to build another ship is its most valuable cargo, a SPARTAN-II. The SPARTAN, at the time, is inseparable from the cryogenic chamber due to faulty electronics.

      Sergeant Johnson glanced at the encased SPARTAN-II. It was nameless. Then Johnson gazed, as if in a trance, into the void of space.
      "What?!" he cried as a hint of energy appeared.
      Johnson ran to a small elevator and pressed a round button. He gripped the sides of the elevator as it went full speed towards the bridge.
      "Check the radar!" he barked at a computer technician.
      "Absolutely nothing." The technician replied.
      He ran straight to the main guns and threw one of the gunners out of the seat.
      "Hey!!" the gunner cried as Johnson prepped the guns for firing.
      The next few seconds were all a blur. Johnson watched as an explosion engulfed the gunner next to him and blasted several other marines. He looked up and saw a covenant cruiser. He then saw the attacker, a large banshee-like craft. The craft exploded, obviously by self-destruct.
      His hands clenched the trigger tightly.
      But why aren't they firing? Johnson thought. Then a sharp voice broke his train of thought.
      "Johnson," the voice boomed," get to the gun platform. I'll be damned if you're not the best gunner on this vessel."
      Johnson looked up and saw the face of Colonel Sergei Regna.
      "Yes sir," Johnson said in a jumble as he started off for the gun platform.
      Johnson ran as fast as he could to get to the gun platform. When he finally arrived, he opened the door to find only three out of seven guns in working shape. Then, right in front of his eyes, exactly thirteen Covenant elites dropped down from a large ship hovering above.
      The elites massacred the five marines standing guard, but not without a fight. Johnson watched as an elite pointed to him and then he just ran, without thinking, towards the escape pods. They weren't too far away.
      As Johnson was jettisoned away from the craft, he thought one thing: why?

      Twelve hours later
      DNA Containment Chamber
      The Covenant Prophet slowly entered the DNA Containment Chamber, his bodyguards following. He--it, ran its hand along the seemingly endless wall full of DNA specimens. Then he grabbed three of them and exited to his escort ship.
      They had obtained the samples.

      The Axis
      The Covenant's mission was completed. The Axis, their last hope to defeat the humans, has been completed.
      The Axis was released five hours ago, and the project was a complete failure.
      At first, the covenant counted on the Axis project for three things: To rip apart the humans, to advance their military, and to make the covenant the top species of all.
      But they never counted on the Axis having a will of their own.
      It's true, the Axis did everything that the Covenant expected. But they did more.
      The Axis became self-conscious after several tests that were held to see how the Axis responded to things. After those tests, the Axis realized that they were created for the sole purpose of serving the covenant.
      When denied freedom, the Axis rioted, killing everything in the facility and one of the prophets as well.
      The humans foolishly thought that this incident would make victory for them much easier.
      That was until the Axis started to attack them, too.
      You see, the Axis is so powerful because they are not one species.
      They are several species mixed together, including the Covenant and the Flood. They have spectacular abilities from both sides, including the ability to turn defeated soldiers from any race into an Axis.
      This is all of the data gathered from the project at this point.
      Johnson stood up in the escape pod, rubbing his now bleeding head.
      He reached for a small first aid kit hung on the wall. Then he put some disinfectant onto the cut and bandaged it up.
      As Johnson exited the escape pod, he grabbed an assault rifle and some grenades.
      He was on Earth, but on the side that the covenant had already conquered. As he looked towards the horizon, he saw some more survivors come out of an escape pod.
      Johnson gathered up his things and headed towards them.