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Halo: Altered Universe by (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher and Miss_Death

Halo: Altered Universe: Prologue: The Battle For Earth
Date: 15 April 2005, 4:41 AM

AN: All the rest of our fanfics will be at least based off this. Also, this is what I call "Music Fiction". This is where at a certain scene, I give you a link and which link to pick. You should play it during the fight, I wrote them during listening to the music. It's a pretty new thing, and this is it's test flight. Also, this fanfic ties in with my other one that is out. After you see a /, then your number, then you stop the music

1. (http://search.windowsmedia.com/search/mgsearch.aspx?srch=Push+It&WMPFriendly=false&culture=en-us&version= the link is five down if you go to the link above)

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      Captain Jonathan Keyes was in the middle of them, his pistol out of ammo and himself back into a corner. The Flood parasite forms crowded around him, slowly walking up to him as to say. He stood there, silently looking at them as if they were being ordered to do something. They were in all one crowd, that they seemed to be trying to frighten him. Keyes closed his eyes, thought of his dead wife, his daughter....
      Then came the crackle of bullets in the air. Keyes looked to his right and saw the Sergeant, firing MA5B rounds into the Flood group. Johnson pulled the Captain back, throwing him a Assault Rifle as he continually fired upon the Flood.
      "Pull back, Cap'ain. I'll get this bastards!" The Sergeant yelled as he did. Keyes nodded as he ran out of the room, the Sergeant in tow as he continued to fire upon the flux of Flood as they followed the two man team. Keyes lead the way through the hallway and up to the light bridge as they continued.
      Running on the light bridge, Keyes turned around and saw another vast group of Flood, he silently didn't scream but he wanted to. Sergeant Johnson pulled Keyes off the Bridge and onto the platform that holds the machines that power the light bridge. He turned it off, watching the Flood fall to the floor.
      (1)"Let's go, Captain." Johnson said as he grabbed Keyes off the floor. He started to gasp as he was running so fast, shooting and running to say the least could be very tiring. After a long period of running down the hallways, they finally made it to the lift.
      A squad of Flood combat forms awaited them. Keyes and Johnson pointed their weapons at them, then fired a burst from their weapons. Two Flood combat forms got a full burst from it into vital Flood organs, they died almost instantly as they fell to the ground. Keyes and Sergeant Johnson fired side by side as the Combat Forms surrounded them.
      More of them kept on running out from the hallway they had just exited from, Keyes and Johnson ran to the lift platform in the middle of the room, Sarge activated the lift. It went down faster than it should, it practically zoomed down as Johnson and Keyes shot up, the Combat forms jumping from their position to get to Keyes and Johnson. Keyes aimed at one, then fired fully automatic onto it. The former Elite now twisted and turned into the air to dodged the bullets, all the while it centered itself on it's target, Keyes. Captain Keyes walked forward a little bit as the Flood Combat Form fell. He fired an automatic burst from his MA5B as it fell closer. Johnson fired blindly upward, against the other Flood forms falling down.
      The Lift stopped, and Keyes ran off. Johnson walked backwards off it, firing his MA5B at the remaining Flood forms as they fell to the lift's platform. Keyes and the Sergeant reloaded as they walked backwards, firing their weapons as they finished reloaded. /1 They turned around and ran forward, the rainy jungle looked like heaven to them as they ran, trying to get out. (2)
      No sign of the Marine squad Johnson had station out here....that was a bad feeling to Keyes and Johnson. Only one Marine body, but it looked mangled and almost like it was chewed on. Keyes sighed as he walked up to the body and grabbed his ammunition. Four clips....ain't bad... Keyes said as he tossed two clips to the Sergeant. Sergeant Johnson looked at the opening to the installation, where evil was being spawned. Johnson grabbed a satchel charge and set it for thirty seconds, then he walked away. Keyes and him silently strode through the jungle, their senses making sure Flood weren't out in the open.
      The satchel charge crumbled the side of it, causing the casing to fall onto the passage, The rest of the walls holding it up fell onto the passageway entrance, causing it to create a blockage. Johnson smiled, while Keyes showed no emotion. He threw a yellow flare to the ground, then another. Silently waiting, he heard a Pelican slowly enter his area. You couldn't tell from his facial expressions, but he was in a state of happiness and fear, but he was mostly relieved. He might see his wife again, he might see his daughter again, he might see Earth again....When he boarded the Pelican, he looked out to the installation, and for once in his life, he shed a tear. Not for fear, not for fallen comrades, but for hope. A hope he had almost never believed in until now, until he looked death in the face and laughed, who fought death and escaped out into freedom, who is now going to lead his men home, who is going to win his battles from now on. He was no longer Captain Jonathan Keyes, a war hero. He was now Captain Jonathan Keyes, a man who saw the universe in a different view.
      He smiled as the Pelican took off, then made a direction for Alpha Base.....


      (3)"I award Gunnery Sergeant Avery Johnson the Distinguished Service medal and his promotion to Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps." Admiral Hood said into the microphone as he handed him a medal with a eagle holding a sword and his stripes. Johnson was beaming, it seemed, as he as took them gently from Hood. The Fleet Admiral sharply put his right hand into a salute, and almost immediately Johnson returned it. Hood dropped it and walked to Captain Keyes.
      "Captain Keyes, for your courageous acts at Halo and your ingeniuality to find a way off Halo alone deserves recognition, but your achievements of getting back here with the rest of the Spartans and your choice in helping Vice Admiral Danforth destroy the Unyielding Heirophant has awarded you the Distinguished Service Cross, the Medal of Honor, the Medal of Valor, and a promotion to Rear Admiral. Welcome home, Rear Admiral Keyes."
      That alone caught Keyes by surprise as Hood handed him a box, with his uniform securely wrapped in it. Keyes held the box at his chest, then smiled as Hood put on his medals, his former dress jacket. He dropped the box to his side as he still held onto it and brought his right hand up to a salute. Hood saluted, but then took Keyes' right hand and shook it. That caught Keyes by surprise again. The crowds in the back went into a roar of clapping, yelling, screaming out his name in a chant...it was like the Keyes Loop all over again...
      "I award you, Lieutenant Commander Miranda Keyes, with the Distinguished Service Medal and a promotion to Commander after your valiant effort to stop a Covenant frigate to destroy..."
      "Red Alert. Red Alert. Covenant detected in system. Past Mars' Orbital Defense Station, General of The Air Force Robert Howells K.I.A." Said an automatic voice, but right there Cortana's image came on the viewport next to Admiral Hood.
      "Admiral, two Covenant fleets have entered the system, I count five capital ships per group. We should be able to handle th-wait! Senors showing two more fleets entering the area, they're full of Covenant ships!"
      "Cortana, you have control of the MAC. Captains, back to your ships! Keyes......Rear Admiral Keyes, get to the Interceptor, Commander, you to the Inambercald. Now go, go, go!"

      The Interceptor was a huge Cruiser, something that could rival any Covenant ship...well....in theory, perhaps. But Rear Admiral Keyes wasn't really planning to go head to head with a Covenant carrier or a Cruiser. But, he knew that he would have to eventually, but not at the moment anyway. He was gently tapping the cold, steel floor of the cruiser with his right foot, almost rthymatically to the pulse of the ship, or it's generator. Either way, it was something to tap too.
      The Interceptor pulled out of it's docking port and into space, where the fight was beginning. Keyes could all the battle being played out, and it seemed to be in the Covenant's favor. Mini-novas appeared out of nowhere, the sign of a destroyed ship, while Keyes saw plasma blasts hit their targets and destroy them.
      "Admiral, the ships.....formation..."
      "Just calm down" Keyes heard Hood's voice over the FLEETCOM channel
      "They've.....hit....Admiral Forest...."
      "Admiral, this is Captain Jonathan Drakes. The flagship's been destroyed, and I've assumed command of the Fleet. All ships, break off and follow my attack plan."
      "Captain Drakes, this is Rear Admiral Keyes. I am assuming command of the fleet. All ships target the biggest vessel, then break off. Expect reinforcements soon."
      "Admirals, this is Commandant Williams. We're getting slaughtered down here. I need two ships to stop them landing troops."
      "Sorry Commandant, but we're using our full force to make sure no more ships exit our engagement area."
      "Look, all I'm asking for is a couple of ships to hit the ones in orbit!"
      "And let more sweep the kill zone? That's insanity!"
      "Your pilots let you. Down here, it's the goddamn apocalypse!"