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Five marines, five destinies by x-marine666

Ground team Zulu, chapter 1
Date: 18 December 2004, 1:09 AM

Jason was a tall, buff, African-American Corporal. He was sent out into a thick jungle in search of Ground-team Zulu, who were apparently pinned down somewhere out there. Jason was with six other Marines but they were all killed in a small battle leaving him to be what seemed like the only human in this god fore saken jungle, as he walked slowly to the coordinates he polished his M6-D Battle rifle and checked his pistol that was holstered in his holster, he was remembering his wife and son back on Earth and wished he was there so much, "But then he heard that the Covenant had attacked his beloved home world. But why am I out here then? Why the hell couldn't I be there fighting for my family?" He thought furiously, he kicked a tree in anger; the Covenant had made him blood-thirsty for his enemy.

He walked and walked and walked until he finally got to the coordinates, but there only bodies of the Covies. All of a sudden he heard gunshots, Jason broke into a sprint in hope of getting to them on time and sure enough just over a hill, the Marines were firing at a group of Jackals who had just fled into the trees. "Good to see you Jason." Came the Sgt.
-"You to." Jason replied,
-"Where the hell is the rest of you're team, Corporal?" asked Barley
-"Dead..." said Jason grimly.
-"Oh... Sorry, but we've got to get a move on, Echo-489 has just radioed me and there is a clearing in this hell hole and were gonna get picked up there, so you can take along." Said Sgt. Barley. The other Marines nodded in agreement.

The new squad of five moved out. There was only one sniper, Gerwing, he was a tall skinny man with short black hair and a crooked nose, he had joined the Marines two years ago because of the Covenant; they had killed his younger brother and his wife. He had his own battle "cry" it was "Die you alien scum, all kill you all you filthy bastards!"
Jonas was another tall skinny man but with long brown hair, he was very young when he joined but the Commanders were very impressed at what he had accomplished, at the moment he was twenty-three. He was very vicious but also very stealthy; one of his new hobbies was to knife grunts. The other Marine was James, he was a Spanish man who had joined five years ago and planned to keep going until he had killed all of the Covenants, he had bushy red hair and always made jokes even after an intense fight, he was widely known for them, he was also the Medic. And finally there was the Sgt. He was a short, buff, Canadian, with brown hair and carried two SMG's, he was also widely known for his encouragements.

They trudged throw a swamp and up hills and through caves for about three clicks. Gerwing was scoping out the top of a tall cliff when all of a sudden Jonas yelled contact and fired three rounds into a Jackal, it fell over backwards with blood oozing out of it's wound, and then more Jackals emerged firing their weapons at the Marines. They all dove for cover except for Barley who unloaded his Sub Machine Guns on to Jackals killing one and severely wounding one as it ran for cover with it's shield up. As Barley finished his clips he ducked behind a large stump just as a plasma grenade flew over his head and landing near Jason, "Oh shit!" he cried and dove as it blew up, know one was hurt luckily. "You fuckers!" he yelled and he jumped up then fired his battle rifle at the Jackal who had thrown it. It flew backwards neck first hitting a tree and slumped down to the ground with blood gushing everywhere, Jason hit the ground as bleu energy balls flew over head, "Wait a minute, Jackals don't throw grenades!" He yelled at Barley over the "pat, pat, pat" of Jonas's rifle. And then he heard the familiar "Wort, wort, wort!" of an elite, about six of them came running out brandishing there plasma rifles.
"Fire in the hole!" cried James as he threw a frag grenade over his shoulder, and then they heard the boom, with a scream of agony from an elite who didn't have enough time to dive out of the way, "Ha-ha! How do you like me now, bastards!" He yelled in satisfactory. Then Jonas crept behind an elite, covered it's eyes and slit it's throat but it was the most stupid idea ever because another Elite saw this happening and hailed Jonas with plasma shots. "Fuck!" screamed Barley as Jonas fell to the ground and lay their motionless.

Ground team Zulu, chapter 2
Date: 24 December 2004, 6:56 PM

The marines were giving covering fire as James dashed out to drag Jonas to cover. "Ha-ha... the bastard shot me..." Blood oozed out of his mouth as the words came out. "Don't waste you're... med stuff on... me..." a grin spread across Jonas's face and then closed his eyes. "Damnit!" said James furiously. The squad buried him there and said a little prayer, "Well Marines, we've lost a dam good Marine but we need to keep moving." Said Barley sadly.
-"Yes, sir." Chanted back the squad slowly. They looked at the grave once more, turned around and started walking to their destination. All of a sudden the squad heard gunshots, Shotgun gunshots, they rushed in to the trees were they heard it. They looked all surprised to see a Grunt struggling under the weight of a Shotgun but managing to fire it. "What the hell?!" exclaimed Gerwing, looking stupefied but amused. "Ha-ha! He could go into the circus with that act!" laughed James as the Grunt tumbled backwards when it fired, the Marines laughed at his little joke. "But seriously why is a Grunt using a shotgun, I'm not picking up any UNSC forces..." Said Jason looking down at his watch which was a motion tracker also. "Oh no..." said Barley sounding frightened.
-"Flood!" yelled Jason pointing to a grotesque creature, it moved up on the Grunt and slashed it with its, well "arm". Gerwing was already firing at the "Carrier" type. They exploded but the little squid things came out. Barley fired at another "infection" who emerged firing a Plasma pistol, "There goes one arm, there goes the other, oh there goes the head!" he yelled.
-"Nice one, sir!" exclaimed James as he fired a couple rounds into another one. At this point the Flood had noticed them and were moving towards them, one of them jumped up but was quickly shot down by Gerwing.

After an hour of fighting Barley said "I don't think there are anymore...for now."
-"Shit low ammo..." Said Jason looking in his pouch for more. "Oh well..." he said again while unholstering his Magnum.
-"Here." Said Gerwing handing him his Magnum, "I won't need it."
-"Thanks." Replied Jason, now holding two.
-"Common men lets get moving!" boomed Barley as he moved up in front of them. They walked for abit when Barley chuckled and asked "Hey Gerwing, where's you're "Battle cry?"
-"It seemed kind of lame so I dropped it."
-"Oh thank God!" laughed James.
-"Ha-ha, hey what about you're jokes they aren't great either!" yelled Gerwing grinning.
-"A shut up!" replied James, as Jason and Barley laughed so hard they started to cry, but their fun was over. Just then four Hunters came out with their cannons charging. "Shit!" screamed Gerwing ducking down as a green ball of energy flew overhead. They all dove for cover. "Gerwing get you're ass up on that hill and give us some covering fire, Jason, James you're with me!" boomed Barley. Gerwing sprinted up the hill without the Hunters noticing him, because Jason, James and Barley ran out of their cover to a log firing while they ran. Then a loud crack and a white smoke trail hit one of the Hunter right in the back, dropping it. "Fire in the hole!" screamed James, throwing a frag over his shoulder, he heard the satisfying bang, and then he scrambled to his feet and let loose with his BR killing another Hunter. Two blobs of green hit their cover blowing it to smithereens, "Run!" bellowed Barley as they jumped up and ran to their original cover, Then two more loud cracks and satisfying thuds as the gigantic beasts fell. "Yehaw!" yelled Gerwing from far away; he walked down the hill to the crouched Marines. "You guys owe me big time!" he laughed.
-"Sir, I can hear the Pelican!" yelled Jason.
-"Me too." Replied James.
-"Let's move!" Barley boomed. And they started to sprint towards the sound.

They boarded the Pelican and took off. "Sergeant, we are taking you to base. Captain Lawson said something about another mission."
-"Roger." He replied over the crackle of the radio. After a couple hours of flying, they finally reached base. As the squad jumped out, a tall Marine with an Australian accent said "Sir, Captain Lawson is waiting for you in the Briefing Room."
-"Thank you." Replied Barley. He passed the Marine with his platoon and headed for the Briefing Room. When they got their there were four ODST suits on the table, and Captain Lawson stood their looking out a window.