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Few Log's, by a Soldier named Lonly by Desert Wolf(FMC)

A Lone Soldier's Log
Date: 11 July 2004, 8:25 AM

Soldier's Log:
Day 1

It was roughly 11 hours after the evacuation of The Autumn. We made it into one of the final 2 escape pods with limited rations, a small case of lower-grade assault rifles, and ourselves. Well, ourselves consisted of [one] fourth of my actual squad. There was Cody, Tyler, and myself. We had just made it onto the massive ring which the Master Chief's A.I. calls Halo, and was pretty much the only thing that could have been landed on at the time.
It seemed that we had landed in a desert region, and about 300 kilo[s] northwest of where we landed was a covanent cruiser with a gravity lift. We had just recieved transmission from Fire Team Dora that the Captain had been captured, and was on that covanent cruiser. We knew what had to be done, so we loaded up the weapons and flew in bound to the cruiser exactly 1.3 kilos away, just so we wouldn't be spotted.
Fire Team Dora radioed in and said that they were hit about 3 kilos from the gravity lift and were going down. After that, there was complete static. We knew they had been shot down, so we did what was best for us and got back into the pod and flew to the crash site. When we arrived we saw that covanent had quickly gotten there before us and were scavenging anything they could find. They loaded up weapons, helmets, and even bodies.
One of the bodies they had was still alive. We knew who it was just by hearing that moan...it was Tyler's brother. We saw that son of a bitch look in Tyler's eyes and begged him to stay calm. Before we knew it, the only thing standing between Tyler and his brother were 6 elite covanent. There was one covanent in the drivers seat of the dropship, 3 in the crashed pod, and 2 watching the area. He charged at the first three with an assault rifle, fully loaded.
Hundreds of bullets flew as he screamed and shot, and juked at their faces with the butt of the weapon. Three [purple] bodies lay to the face of the ground. He then pulled out his pistol and shot a bullet into the back of the covanent's head who was sitting in the driver's seat of the dropship. Two remained, trying to call for back up, but before the transmitter was pulled... a grenade was thrown right into the gap of the two covanent. Blood flew in a small, or, rather large radius as Tyler heard something creeping to his brother to the side of him. It was an elite. The elite had lethaly injected Tyler's brother, and laughed after doing so. If he had known the fire which burn inside Tyler's furious eyes, he would have play dead. Tyler noticed a grenade launcher laying on the ground next to one of the dead soliders, leaped over to it,rolled, and fired a 4 pound rocket at the elite who was halfway to the dropship that begged for mercy.
The grenade hit right on the elites spine and shattered his body throughout the desert. Tyler ran over to his brother, who was barely living and cryed. Right before his brother was going to die, he told us that Fire Team Charlie was over in a canyon advancing onto the covanent cruiser named The Truth and Reconciliation. He gave us the coordinates and Cody and I got into the covanent dropship and started it up. We packed everything into it from our pod, and the crashed pod, and let Tyler have his goodbyes.
We were about 3 to 4 kilos from Fire Team Charlie when they radioed in to us. They had told us that they were advancing on to The Truth and Reconciliation so they could rescue Captain Keyes and his team, who had been captured by the covanent 22 hours earlier. As we were fighting our way through the canyon, purple blood everywhere, we got signals of 5 human life signs, which was how many men were with the Captain when he was captured. That told us that he and his men were still alive, even if they were barely living.
We got aboard the gravity lift and made it onto the ship. We did even more fighting, through door after door of covanent elites, grunts, and jackals. They just couldn't get enough bullets through their thick skulls. Finally after hundreds of covanent deaths, we made it to the cells. The Captain and his team were in good condition and ready to fight. As we fought our way to an exit of the ship, Captain Keyes noticed a dropship ready for takeoff. We got aboard and crushed 2 hunters who had charged up cannons with the back of our ship. We then took off.
Shortly after,We recieved a distress signal from roughly 300 kilos away, and are heading in that direction. Where my 3 man team will end up tomorrow? Only time, and a few pints of blood will tell.......
Soldier's Log_-_Day 1
End Transmission