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Earth's War by Conrad Lauf

Earth's War - Part 1
Date: 18 July 2004, 5:32 AM

Introductory Timeline

2553: Covenant raiding forces storm military compound on Reach and steal secret computer files detailing the creation of SPARTAN II warriors, and return to the Covenant homeworld with this new technology.

2557: The Covenant create their own version of SPARTAN warriors, Elites being the test subjects, and form a ten thousand-strong army of highly formidable fighting machines, known as the army of Kahn in the Covenant language.
(Kahn is allegedly the Covenant god of war)

2559: The Covenant find out the location of Earth.

2561-February: The army of Kahn shows up on radar in space close to Earth's position, as a fleet consisting of five warships, each warship being the size of the now-famous Pillar of Autumn.
Earth's population is told of the forthcoming planetary battle, and all major cities are thrown into mass hysteria.

2561-November: UNSC spies hack into Covenant satellite transmissions, and learn that the first striking point for the Covenant army is Sydney, Australia for reasons unknown.

2562: Earth ground forces prepare for battle, as UNSC naval fighters are dispatched on an interception mission to meet the Covenant fleet in space, not to destroy the fleet, but to give the ground forces time to evacuate the planet's civilian population. This will be the largest, and perhaps last, battle for humanity's survival...

And now on with the show!

Location: Underground military command centre, Utah

GENERAL Silas Walker tapped his finger lightly on the holographic image of the UNSC defense positions, considering his options. Silas had been general for thirty-eight years solidly, and, at fifty-four years of age, was still fighting with his troops, as a source of a moral boost, and it was truly inspiring to see the great man fighting like a common marine in the battlefield. Silas glanced out of the corner of his eye, and noticed his adviser, Greg Underhill, come running into the steel room.
'Sir, Fleet Kahn has sent a warship here, which is currently approximately one kilometer up in the sky above us.'
'How the hell did they manage to find us?' Silas barked.
'We don't know sir, but they're already sending troops down through a grav-lift into the desert above us. It's only a matter of time until they find the entrance under the desert floor.'
'And how much time do you think we have?' asked Silas softly, his blue-grey eyes closing.
'About forty-five minutes sir.'
'Very well Underhill. Fetch my armour and weapons, and make sure the ODST's are ready for battle. We've got a last stand to fight!'

Thirty-five minutes later, Silas stood in the gaping hallway of the main entrance (which was about fifty metres across) of the compound. Silas had actually designed the base, and made sure that there was only one possible exit and entrance for enemies in a situation like this.
Silas' armour was exactly like an ODST's, in a golden brown colour. He was armed with a battle rifle as his primary weapon, and dual nickel-plated SMG's as his self defense weapons.
Around Silas stood two hundred and ninety-five ODST's, all rigidly positioned to fire over the shoulders of the men in front. The first four rows, twenty men across, were all kneeling down.
Silas turned around to face his men, and cleared his gravelly throat.
'You know, I've had a good life, and don't really give a shit if I die fighting for this compound today. But you men, you're in your prime, some even before it, and you've all still probably got about seventy-plus years to live of your life. SO IF WE GO TO HELL TODAY, WE TAKE THESE SCUMBAGS DOWN WITH US!'
And at that moment, the walls shook as the two hundred and ninety-six voices broke into a deafening roar of approval.

The Elite Pack Leader Halus paused on the other side of the one foot-thick door as a distant sound of human voices reached his ears. He snarled, and spun around, yelling, 'Bring down the walls!'
Immediately, a specialist team of Jackals carrying strange-looking instruments ran forward, and proceeded to lay state-of-the-art explosives around its frame.
One of them turned to Halus.
'It will be about three minutes till the doorway will be opened,' it rasped, trying to speak in the Elite tongue.
'Good,' replied Halus, and turned to his rapid attack team, which consisted of ten Ghosts.
'Prepare to engage the enemy!'

Silas stepped back as he heard the leading Elite yell, 'Clear!', and shielded himself as the door fell forwards, with the pack of ten Ghosts already flying over the smouldering wreckage. And at that moment, battle for control of the military command centre known as K-13 was joined.