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Fan Fiction

Denzian, ub-Spartan by Gabe Kwakyi

A First Time Disaster
Date: 24 October 2004, 10:30 PM

Denzian threw back his head and laughed maniacally, temporarily forgetting that he was in a battle zone as the jackal carcass toppled sideways and off a small cliff, blood streaming from a gaping head wound.
His hands shook uncontrollably as he reloaded his pistol, still feeling giddy after his first kill. He dropped the pistol clip and swore wiping his glistening hands on his dirt-covered clothes.
Bending over to retrieve the clip, Denzian heard the annoying, panicked voice of a grunt, a fact that made the new soldier double-time his effort to reload.
Just as Denzian managed to cock the pistol, the grunt he had heard came scrambling over a small ridge to the left, tripping and somersaulting down the hill, landing upright.
Both the human and covenant soldiers jumped in surprise, but it was the grunt who recovered first, leaping up and aiming his plasma pistol at Denzian.
"Die human scum!" the grunt's voice carried no hint of terror anymore as the short warrior felt victory within its grasp.
Denzian screamed in fright as the pistol glowed brilliant green, and covered his head with his hands, forgetting everything he had learned in training.
"Yaaaahhh!" the battle cry startled the grunt, whose shot went wild, disintegrating a nearby desert bush.
The assault rifle bullets tore unmercifully into the shocked grunt's backside, rupturing its methane breathing tube, which hissed like an angry snake.
"You almost got yourself killed! What the hell were you thinking?!" the marine ranted as soon as he saw the cowering Denzian.
Tears began to form in Denzian's eyes as he realized that he had indeed almost died. How in the world the jackal had been distracted enough to let Denzian sneak up on it was beyond the terrified soldier now as he wiped his eyes.
"Damn new recruits," the marine muttered furiously and returned to battle.
Denzian sniffed loudly and stared into the distance, wondering why he had ever joined the military.
Suddenly, a covenant dropship descended from a low cloud, and disappeared from Denzian's vision line as it lowered to the ground.
Half a minute later, a tremendous roar boomed through the desert, followed by another, equally fear-provoking roar.
A giant green bolt of plasma exploded in the ground near the cliff the jackal had fallen off.
Soldiers' screams of pain reached Denzian's ears and cut his remaining courage to pieces. It took more energy than he ever in his life had needed to rouse himself and crawl to the top of the ridge. Once he had, Denzian almost wet himself in fear.
There, about two hundred yards away were two of the most dreaded of the covenant army. Towering over all and shouldering their massive fuel rod cannons, hunters could sway any battle except one the legendary Master Chief.
Two marines suddenly ceased to exist as another blast of superheated plasma slammed into the sand, turning the sand to melted glass in a split second. Three more were crushed as one of the hunter pair ran them over, and yet a sixth was killed as the other hunter sliced her open with one of its spikes.
Denzian couldn't turn away from the gruesome sight, not even to run. He didn't even stir when he felt the strong gust of wind from an incoming Pelican.
Distracted by this new enemy, the hunters allowed the ten surviving marines to flee, training their fuel rod cannons on the transport craft.
Human and covenant guns began blazing at the same time, both hitting their marks with deadly accuracy.
The sad, flaming remains of the Pelican crashed in a spray of sand fifty yards away from the hunter pairs' bodies.
Denzian eyes widened in horror, and he finally found the strength to move, wandering on numb legs over to the dead Pelican.
"Poor marines, they gave their lives to save us," a deep voice whispered behind Denzian after a bit.
Denzian gave the dead a slow, dismal salute, feeling a small flame of hatred flicker to life within his heart. Silently, Denzian vowed to get revenge for every soldier he had witnessed die that day, grimly noticing his fear melt away like green plasma had melted the Pelican's shell.
Standing up, Denzian noticed something he had not seen before in his terrorized state.
A charred arm holding a half melted assault rifle with the barely visible words, "Never give up," protruded from the wreckage.
This time, Denzian didn't bother to hold back the tears and wept openly, feeling like he had been changed forever.