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Chronicles of the Spartan III's by Whitemansfro

Chronicles of the Spartan III's
Date: 28 September 2005, 4:09 pm

Chapter 1:

UNSC ship The Unwavering Wind
near the remnants of Reach, 2553

"How did this happen?" spartan 313 asked. "That's what you get when you send II's to do a spartan III's job." 307 replied. The spartan III's were an even more secret program than the II's, they were all given 300+ numbers and the approximate 150 that survived training were on this ship. The only regular humans on board were maintenance, cooks, basic crew, etc. They had the most high-tech ship known to man. The UNSC had pulled all their resources to make this ship, it had enough Covenant-based technology to make it more powerful than an actual Covenant ship, but still have it immune to the worthless Covenant AI, and it cost them the same amount it would've to make another 300 regular cruisers.

The ship's captain, Nathan (Spartan 300 and the highest ranking spartan there is) had been sent to investigate how the Spartan II's were almost completely wiped out on Reach. "Looks to me like it was glassed" one of the crewman said. "No," 324 said, "The surface doesn't look smooth enough, and there's not enough plasma and energy radiation. I think they blew themselves up. Let me see the topography map." Instantly a holographic map of Reach in its current state popped up. "Look, the surface is too rough for it have been glassed, granted, glassing doesn't dry perfectly but it looks more like a few thousand Havok Nukes went off." "Michael, scan for nuclear radiation" ordered Nathan. Michael, the ship's AI obeyed and not more than a couple of seconds later he appeared on the hologrid in the form that he had chose for himself, an ODST shouldering a jackhammer rocket launcher, and reported " extreme nuclear radiation is shown, no Spartan II could survive there for more than 15 seconds, even with their armor, and i wouldn't recommend you going down there either, considering two minutes is the maximum y'all could live...... even with your supershields." Supershields are twice as powerful as an overshield but they recharge and don't glow, making it a much more stealthy and dangerous shield. "I understand. Keep scanning the planet and see if you can find anything worth noting." "Yes captain," Michael replied.

"Attention all command staff, urgent meeting in the War Room now," Nathan spoke over the intercom then he turned and walked out the door. About a minute later when he reached the War Room. It was a room about 30 feet tall, there were two decks, the lower one had some different tactical boards, and in the middle was a large round table with a holopad in the center. On the upper deck a few crewmen were running around reading different displays. There were two guards at each entrance. Nathan was happy to see all the command staff that wasn't coming with him from the bridge already seated. "Alright, here's the deal," Nathan said once everyone was seated. "We arrived at Reach a little under an hour ago, as far as we can tell, Reach was NOT glassed." "then how did we lose every single marine and Spartan II?" 400 interrupted "not including the infamous master chief of course," he said with a hint of sarcasm and dislike. "Well, spec-ops commander, it looks like they destroyed themselves, with Havok tactical nukes." 324 broke the silence, "but... why?" "That is what we are going to find out. 313, i want you to get your extreme hazards team ready in case we find something with the scans. Until then i want everyone to keep your men battle-ready in case the covenant decide..." Nathan was cut off by klaxons sounding and then Michael appeared on the hologrid in the room. "Sir! 600 Covenant cruisers just jumped out of hyperspace not but 400 miles away with another 100 capital ships leading them!" They all sat in a stupor, "six-HUNDRED?, no, seven-HUNDRED?!?!?!?!?!" 324 marveled. Michael piped up again, "Sir! another 800 Capital and regular cruisers just jumped in beyond the other fleet" "ALRIGHT!" 300 started shouting, "OPEN ALL GUNPORTS, AND START BLASTING THEM TO SMITHEREENS!" "Sir, for some reason the two fleets are engaging each other!" Michael said, to which the reply was, "alright then, hold on that order, but get us further away from here, we need to stay out of this till one side is annihilated and the other is badly damaged."

"I want 313, 324, 307, and 322 to go get all your soldiers to the armory and let them have their choice of weapons. 307, once your team is outfitted, get them to the vehicles and start patrolling this ship." "Sir!" was the only reply. "Now, i want the other teams to get to the fighter bays," as Nathan pointed to 324 although it wasn't necessary because everyone knew they were the best pilots, "the bridge," as he pointed to 307, "and the firing control center." As he pointed to 313. "As for 400, get the fifty spec-ops under your command patrolling other key points of the station, with some of the snipers ready to go into the large hangar-bay. NOW MOVE-OUT!" Immediately, all the Spartans ran out the door to get their teams in place.

Chronicles of the Spartan III's CH 2
Date: 26 October 2005, 3:35 pm

Chapter 2:

324 sprinted down the plain titanium hallway towards his team's barracks, about 400 meters and a couple of turns later he arrived at the large especially thick door put in front of all of the barracks on this ship, to hopefully stop the covies from breaching into the barracks while there were people asleep. Not that anyone could sleep with the noise of the klaxons anyways. After he put in the code and ran the DNA check the door slid open. 324 found his team standing there at attention, except for the five manning turrets pointed at the door in case it was the covenant. "Alright soldiers, everyone follow me, ill explain on the way to the armory." "SIR YES SIR!" the company replied.

The armory was about 500 meters long and 300 wide, it had 15 foot thick walls and doors, and rows upon rows of weapons of all sorts, new and old, 2 very large bins that held about a million grenades each, one bin for plasma, one for frags, and there was enough ammo for everyone on the ship to shoot non-stop for about a month "OK men! grab yourself a Battle Rifle, Shotgun, a couple of Energy Swords and another weapon of your choice and plenty of ammo!," barked 307. His company was the first to get there followed in a few minutes by the 400 company, all fifty of the special ops poured into the armory at once, going for all sorts of weapons, ten of them grabbed sniper rifles, several grabbed cloaking packs, which, although useful, were large and heavy. Some went for rocket launchers, others for close-range weapons like shotguns. Everyone grabbed at least one energy sword and extra batteries, (the spartan III's had figured out how to replace the batteries on covenant weapons, therefore making the life of any sword or plasma weapon practically infinite) and a battle rifle.

"My company! form up and get ready to roll!" 307 yelled, "Alright, lets go into the garage, 388-392! you get tanks, the rest of you get in hogs and spread out throughout the station, radio check-in every 20 minutes!" "SIR YES SIR!" The garage was a large room with bay doors on one side and a few doors on various other sides, one of which connected to the armory. The room held over 400 warthogs, 70 scorpion-class battle tanks, 5 Pelican in-ship aircraft, modified to transport people and supplies throughout the ship, and 100 prototype ATV-like vehicles, meant to be able to battle ghosts, they were slightly smaller than warthogs, still had very thick armor plating, and held 2 people. The driver was in control of two smaller scale LAAG guns mounted on either side, the passenger had control of a semi-automatic .95 caliber mounted rifle, that could aim across the front 90 degrees of the vehicle, he could also turn around in his seat and fire a rear-mounted smg-type weapon that shot .40 cal rounds at a slightly faster rate.

"395! go open those bay doors, ill pick you up by the controls!" 307 yelled as he ran towards an ATV. A few seconds later the loud clanks of the large titanium-A locks echoed throughout the room followed by the sound of the sliding metal into the floor and ceiling. 307 hollered out, "ALRIGHT MEN! START YOUR VEHICLES AND FOLLOW ME OUT!" At once seven hogs(two without passengers), four tanks, and one ATV's engines started, 307 immediately raced off towards the bay door controls and did a 180 stop right by 395 who quickly climbed on to the backseat. "I thought this thing hasnt been battle-tested," 395 stated towards 307. "Its about to be," 307 replied. "Right. Understood Commander Wheelz." 395 said as he grabbed ahold of the .95 cal mounted rifle. 307 had earned himself the nickname 'wheelz' with his company for his extreme expertise and precision while driveing any wheeled vehicle, in fact, that was why his (and his company's) battle-station was, in fact, a ground vehicle.

By this time 324 had his team outfitted with shotguns, energy swords, battle rifles and plenty of ammo for all, and was on his way towards the hanger bay. "Alright men, when we get there, ignore the outdated longsword fighters..." "then what are we supposed to fly Pogo?" one of the men interrupted. 324 had gotten the name Pogo because he had such skill in a cockpit that any time a shot was fired in his direction he dodged it so fast that it was like he was in a giant pogo-stick at the very lowest point at the time of the firing, and he was completely clear of the shot by the time it reached him. "INSTEAD, men... im thinking its about time to test our new, previously classified fighters. Considering the circumstances i figured it would be appropriate to widen the definition of 'those who need to know'. The cockpits integrate right into your suits so you should have no trouble flying them at all." Now the team was entering the hangar bays and 324 headed to the control panel to use his security clearance to bring the new space/atmosphere fighters into the room via lifts connected to the floor of the hangar bay which opened to let the chosen fighters in.

"May I introduce, the Red Falcon. These are our new fighters, you will run everything via your HUD and thinking, which, when used correctly, can quickly get you out of a situation that you dont want to be in," 324 spoke as the fighters rose into the bay. "The Falcon's all have the newest stealth tecnology which actually can almost be compared with the Covenant's active camoflage, this is not to the same effect but the colors will change to match the background therefore making your fighters much harder to spot till you're right on top of them. Use this to your advantage, take as many alien scumbags out before they figure out where we are. Understood?" "SIR YES SIR!" Delta Company replied. "Good, then get to your ships, activate your personal AI's and prepare for takeoff." At once everyone ran to their specific fighter and climbed in while their AI's activated each one making some comment such as, "finally, am i really that unnessicary that you keep me off for so long?" The AI's interfaced completely with the system in 5 seconds and gave their Spartans a 3-minute debriefing to help them adapt to the new system.

322 at this time was still briefing his men on the situation at hand, one of the reasons it took so long to do so was his team's barracks were the furthest from the war room, not to mention the fact that he gave the most detailed briefings. "Now I know most of you havnt ever seen the bridge but this is the general layout: the door you will use to get in there is on the lower level of the room, looking at the map:
..._____ /..........|_____
.. |................................|
.. |................................|
.. |­­­­­­­________________| (not that great but it'll give you a basic visualisation, sorry bout the periods, i have to put those in there to take up the space or it gets screwed up)

You will enter from the bottom left, if the front is on the top of the map, and there will be a set of stairs to your right to take you up to the top level:
..._____ /..........|_____
...| upper level...||.........|
...|________________.| ( |_ = captain's chair, || = stairway)

Notice the indention in the right wall on the upper level. This is a doorway that leads to a few hidden small slip-space capable ships, they are used only if there is no other way, and while i severly doubt that they will be nessicary, one ship against 1400 covenant cruisers, inluding some of there most powerful ones, are not good odds. No matter how advanced technology we have compared to the rest of the UNSC, we wont be able to hold off all of them, luckily for us, theyre more interested in each other, but one side will win eventually and we need to be able to mop up the rest when theyre through with each other, there could be as many as 800 or as few as one or two left, but we're gonna defend the bridge from any inhuman freak that tries to walk through those doors."

"Now back to the briefing, i want the first five of my team to set up heavy MG turrets outside the bridge door, each facing differant directions enough to cover and recover each hallway leading up to the bridge. Everyone grab a Battle Rifle and Shotgun, and your specialty weapon, i want the 3 snipers standing behind the turrets covering them for long range threats, dont even let one of their snipers to start taking aim, i want extremely quick reflexes, im opening up the special sniper lockers, they have ammo belts rather than the extremely small 4-round clips, therefore, you will be reloading every 100 rounds instead of 4, I believe that adds a bit of convienance for ya. i also want two rockets out there, covering in case of masses of brutes or we get a couple of hunters. Everyone else, get yourself behind some cover in the bridge in the odd case the Covenant fools get past the first defences. Now get your lazy butts to the armory doubletime!" and the company took off.

"Hows it goin Specs? Nathan radio'd 400, "Specs??? thats new, but we're in position and ready for anything." "well, i figure you need a battlename or nickname or something, and seeing as nothing gets past you without you noticing then i figured id call you specs, but anyways, we just had a older UNSC ship jump in and we're gonna take them into the hangar, theres a reason its so big, and we're about to make that useful, this ship's got some 700 helljumpers so we just got a bunch of reinforcements, not that we needed them but we're gonna give every one of your Spartans a team of 20-50 men so that y'all can split up a bit, youre gonna drop in the special breaching pods to hopefully turn some of their ships to our side, imagine what a fit earth will have when we jump in with a ton of covie captial cruisers on our tail, just to have them find out its us." "yes sir, ill inform my team, 400 out." "Ya hear that team? the calvary's arrived, although its like adding horsed calvary to a battalion of tanks, but it'll still be helpful. Get ready to help the ODST's get used to a real ship."