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Fan Fiction


Date: 3 August 2003, 2:30 AM

"'Night, Carl."
"Goodnight, Frank."
As Frank walked away, Carl swore under his breath. Why did he have to stay for night watch? The base itself was damn near invisible by itself, and this particular bunker was so heavily armed that it could only be taken down by an entire army or God himself. No one knew it was there, and even people in the base didn't know what it was. And if it was so important, why did it have only one guard?
Carl shivered in the ice-cold air and stuck his hands in his pockets. He whistled to himself and looked around. The area looked clear, so he moved to the side of the path and unzipped his pants. He was about to urinate, but then a sound behind him made him turn. He thought he saw movement, black on black, shadow on shadow. He reached for his flashlight and turned it on. He saw movement to his right and turned. Standing about twenty feet away was a figure about six feet tall. "Hello?" Carl yelled. "Who's that?"
The figure started walking towards him. "Stay back!" Carl reached for his gun. "Stay back or I'll shoot!"
A raspy voice came from the figure. "You couldn't hit me if you tried."
Carl tripped over his feet and stumbled backwards. The figure took this opportunity to rush him. Carl aimed his gun at it and fired one shot. To Carl's amazement, the figure grabbed the bullet inches from his face. It laughed and dropped the bullet. "Is that everything you've got?"
Carl yelped and stood up. He began to run from the figure, but it caught up to him in less than a second. It wrapped its arms around Carl's neck and began to squeeze. With a struggled breath, Carl asked, "Who are you?"
The figure whispered into Carl's ear and said, "You made me."
The last thing Carl heard was the breaking of his neck, then everything turned black.

"Good work, 559."
"It's not enough compared to what they did to us, 778."
"It's enough for tonight."
559 laughed and hid the body of the pathetic... mortal. He turned back towards the bunker and walked towards it. There was a small key-code lock on the door. He punched through it and it sent sparks flying. The door opened and the two walked inside. 559 began to walk towards the center of the room. "Need a light?" 778 asked.
"You know I don't." 559 said. 559 could see perfectly, though the only light was from two windows letting in the moonlight. He reached the middle and saw a computer. He turned it on and sat down. It asked for a screen name and password, but 559 easily hacked into it and bypassed all security. He opened a file and saw exactly what he needed. 778 was forty feet away and could still see the computer screen perfectly. "You found it." She said.
"Yes, now lets see. The B-9456... ok. Capable of destroying a one thousand square mile chunk of this puny planet. Launch code? Hahahaha. 4497856001234. Confirm code? 4497856001234. Set launch time?" He paused for a moment. "Ten seconds."
"Ten?" 778 asked. "Isn't that a little high?"
"I want to see them panic like that puny ants they are."
559 pressed enter and heard "Launch Sequence activated. Target: New San Francisco. Time until launch: ten seconds." 559 laughed as he heard people yelling and screaming outside. He knew they were all pissing their pants in fear. Hundreds of millions of people were about to die, and they were the only ones who could stop it. But, the inevitable happened, and the countdown reached zero. 559 felt the ground rumble under his feet and knew the biggest nuke in the galaxy was lifting off the ground and leaving the atmosphere. The nuke was amazingly fast and would hit its target within twenty minutes. 559 laughed again and started to walk outside.
When he reached the door, he could see hundreds of people rushing towards the bunker to see how the nuke had launched. No one could see the lone figure standing in front of the door yet, but when they neared, every single person slowed down. "778, this is my fight." 559 said, stepping out of the shadows and into a spotlight from the nearest tower.
There was a slight pause. 559 could tell all of them were confused. One leading officer had the nerve to actually talk to 559. "Who in the hell are you?"
559 couldn't help it. He began to laugh hysterically. After ten seconds, he began to talk. "Wrong question. What am I would be more precise. I am invincible. I am power. I am the reason millions will die tonight. And I am perfect. I am everything you made me to be, but I would have given anything to undo it all. To die before the transformation had finished. To have been a normal child in this meaningless life."
559 could hear the ants muttering. Although he could hear the entire conversations with his enhanced hearing, he ignored them all. "Maniac" and "Psycho" were muttered one to many times for 559's comfort. "You think I am wrong in what I am doing? I am doing what I was meant to do! KILL! AND MY THIRST FOR BLOOD WILL NOT BE QUENCHED UNTIL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU ARE DEAD!"
His voice echoed for a moment then he continued. "I will give you one hundred shots before I attack. Use them wisely." He then laughed and ran at them. The first bullet was fired and 559 easily dodged it. There was a moment of silence before the CRACK! of a sniper rifle was fired. 559 grabbed the bullet in midair and dropped it. He could hear gasps and screams, but he said, "I'm tired of this game. I think I'll kill you now."
He ran up to the nearest gunman and punched his skull in. He grabbed his MA5B and fired three round bursts at the nearest people. Torsos, limbs, and heads blew apart. People began to fire back. 559 picked up the nearest intact body and used it as a shield. He kept firing until the gun was empty, and then threw it at the nearest marine's crotch. 559 could hear a soft popping sound when it hit, and the marine went down, finger on his gun's trigger. The marine took the lives of five of his friends. 559 grabbed a pistol on the ground, and with expert accuracy, took down 11 men with 11 bullets. He fired one more shot and hit another marine's head. The bullet passed through his skull and hit a marine with a rocket launcher in the stomach. The marine fainted and landed on the trigger for the rocket launcher. The rocket flew towards a group of marines and blew them all apart. 559 caught a head flying by and stuffed a grenade in it's lifeless mouth. He threw it at another group of people and the shrapnel hit seven of them, the explosion took out the rest. Finally, there was only one man left standing besides 559. It was the leading officer that had talked to him as an equal. 559 walked up to him and punched him in the stomach. Blood flew out of his mouth and he slumped over.
"How could you? How could you do all this? Have you no conscience?"
"Me... no conscience. That's funny. No, really, it is. YOU judge ME, when I am only paying you back for all the pain I have suffered. Did you know your parents? Did you JOIN the army? Did you ever fall in love? I have never experienced any of these thanks to you and other pathetic humans."
With these last words, 559 took a nearby M6D pistol, put it between the marines weeping eyes, and pulled the trigger. He threw the gun onto the marine's dead torso and stood up. "It's clear, 778."
She walked out of the bunker carrying a backpack. She collected ammunition from various guns until it was full, then walked towards him. "Ready?" she asked.
"As always."
He picked up a severed arm and walked over to a wall. On the wall he wrote "Spartan Law" in blood and threw down the arm. "Spartan Law?" 778 asked. "What's that about?"
"They need to know what to fear. If we have a name, we will be known, if we are known, they will try to find us, if they try to find us, they will die."
"Good." 778 said.
"Yes, it is good. They will all pay for what they did to us. They will dread the day the Spartan project had ever started. They will all die by their own weapon. And we will kill them all."

Date: 4 August 2003, 4:38 AM

"You see?" 559 asked.
"I knew that you'd be right. Again." 778 said.
559 threw down the newspaper (Massive Destruction!) and picked up another piece of meat. He tore a big chunk out of it with his perfect teeth and threw it at the wall. Whatever animal the meat had come from, it just didn't taste right. It could be the radiation, or it just could be bad meat. Either way, 559 wasn't going to finish it. He walked outside of their cave and squinted. He could see the small army outpost miles away, and everyone inside of it appeared to be mourning. Good, he thought. They'll be too busy crying to expect an attack. I doubt anyone has noticed our name on the wall yet, so we still have the element of surprise.
He went back into the cave and picked up a sniper rifle. It was modified to have 20X scope and a 6-bullet magazine. He slung it over his shoulder, picked up a MA3B, a smaller version of the MA5B, and a shotgun. He packed extra magazines and bullets for each gun. Although the multiple weapons weighed him down, he still walked silently past 778, who was cleaning a combat knife. She was an expert with blades, and loved the way they were silent. She grabbed a machete and a silenced M6D pistol and followed 559 out. 559 walked to a big bush, pushed it aside, and pulled out a motorcycle that he used to move from place to place. "I still don't see how you can get that thing up the mountain." 778 said.
"I pick it up and carry it." 559 replied.
He turned on the engine and 778 hopped on the back. He released the brake and shot down a small hill, turned a razor-sharp turn, and jumped off a 50-foot cliff. He landed perfectly and dodged a boulder. He switched gears and sped up. He was rapidly gaining speed and cleared a 20-foot gap. He got to the bottom of the mountain in a minute and switched gears again. He was easily doing 120 mph and gaining speed. When he came within 500 feet of the small outpost, he braked so suddenly 778 had to hold on. He turned off the engine, hid the motorcycle behind a large rock, and pulled out his sniper. He rested it on top of a small log, looked through the scope, and magnified it to 10X. He put a marine in his sights and pulled the trigger. Blood erupted from his neck, and his head fell to the floor. The body fell backwards and turned the surrounding ground red.
Another two marines ran over to see what happened. 559 waited until they were in a straight line, then took them both down with a single shot. He looked behind him to make sure no one was sneaking up on him, and then looked through the scope again. A lieutenant was standing near the bodies and giving orders. He zoomed into 20X and began to read his lips. "All snipers be on the lookout for one or more enemy snipers. These don't look like plasma burns, so we can only guess what went wrong." His sentence was finished with a bullet through his face.
559 could see everyone panic and begin to run. He fired three more bullets (took down five marines) and reloaded. He looked at the top of a sniper nest and put a bullet into a sniper's head, and another into his torso. He finished picking off the snipers and threw down the sniper. He signaled 778 to move in and pulled out his MA3B. They sprinted to the nearest wall and leaned against it. 778 looked around the corner and came back. "Five soldiers. They're mine." 559 nodded and 778 walked away. He could hear the swoosh of her blade and the sound of intestines hitting the ground. She dragged the bodies back to the wall and motioned "All Clear".
559 stepped around the corner, MA3B ready. He walked silently over to another bunker and saw a tower overlooking it. He squinted into the sunlight and saw the outline of a person. He was still blinded by the sunlight, but he saw the person lunge for a panel and press a button. Almost instantly, the alarm blared out of speakers. 559 put a three-round burst into the man in the tower, and his torso exploded, showering blood onto the ground one hundred feet down. 559 motioned to 778 to run forward. Just then, three soldiers ran around a corner a few hundred feet in front of them. They paused for a moment, and then opened fire. 559 and 778 had a disadvantage: they were facing the setting sun. They were too blinded to see anything, so 559 pulled out his shotgun and fired a few rounds towards the soldiers. The spread of the pellets blew two of them apart and put a quarter-sized hole into the other's leg. Just then the sun ducked behind a mountain and they could see again. 778 threw a knife at the remaining marine and in buried the shaft into his face.
They ran over to the bodies. 778 recovered her knife and put it into its scabbard. 559 turned towards her and cocked his head to the side. "Are you sure it's here? It isn't very well defended."
"Last night's nuke wasn't very well defended, and it killed millions."
"Right, as usual." 559 said. "Let's check that bunker next." He pointed to the biggest one in the outpost. It was guarded by four turrets and 25 marines.
He pulled out his sniper again and aimed for one of the turrets. He would have around five seconds before they found where the shot came from and opened fire. Too easy. He fired four bullets in four seconds. All four gunmen went down with headshots, painting the sandbags around them red. The remaining marines looked at each other. They found out screaming didn't help, as two more went down with headshots. 559 and 778 laughed as one marine choked on the blood and bones that flew through the air and down his throat. He gagged for a few seconds and fell over, turning blue. He was no longer a threat and they ignored him. 778 pulled out her machete and ran towards them. One fired a bullet from his sidearm at her, but she just deflected it with the blade. She ran up to him, shoved the blade into his stomach and pulled it out. He screamed out blood. She ended his misery by swiping her blade through his neck. He stopped screaming, and it appeared like nothing happened, but a second later, his head and his neck parted, and blood squirted out of one of the veins. It reminded 559 of a fountain, but a very grotesque one.
He pulled out his shotgun and shoved it into a nearby soldier's mouth. He could hear the man yell "No!" but that did not stop him from pulling the trigger. The back of his head erupted and left nothing behind, save for a few bits of skull and brains. He looked up and saw everyone else dead. 778 was standing in the middle of dead bodied, covered in blood. She had a cut on her right arm, but it didn't seem to bother her. She put away her machete and walked towards the door. She pulled it open and gasped in surprise. "This isn't what we wanted. It's even better!"

Date: 19 August 2003, 11:48 PM

"It's even better!"
559 stared in amazement. Before him stood a one hundred foot tall behemoth. It appeared to be some battle armor, but battle armors were never this big. It seemed to look like the MJOLNIR that they once wore, but it had... additions. There were large cannons on the "shoulders" and what appeared to be a flamethrower on the right "hand". The words "Walking Fortress" were painted on the chest plate. There was a small operator's box in the head, which seemed to be filled with knobs and switches. It took 559 a good ten seconds to notice that people were staring at them.
One man yelled, another pulled out a gun. 559 put a bullet into each man's head, and looked around. Dozens more were scurrying away, but he did not notice the one climbing into the "Walking Fortress". When the hatch into the operator's box closed, the armor began to move. Slowly at first, but became incredibly fast for something that size. "559... what do we do?" 778 asked worriedly.
"If it's a threat, we neutralize it." Said 559, still watching it.
The Walking Fortress turned to face 559 and 778 and raised its arm. They both ducked out of the way just in time. Flame erupted from it and burned and melted everything it touched. 559 could hear 778 scream but took no notice of it. He was looking for a weakness, something that could destroy it. An exterior power switch perhaps. He could find nothing. "778! RUN!" he yelled. He exited the bunker, 778 following him. He ran for his motorcycle, but it seemed to just get farter and farter away, like in a bad dream. A loud noise behind him made him turn his head. The armor had run through the wall and thrown metal and pipes everywhere. 778 ducked as a sharp metal stake skimmed her head. The armor paused for a moment and seemed to tremble. The large humming emitting from it stumbled and died. 778 slowed down to look, but 559 yelled, "NO! KEEP RUNNING!"
Just then the power must have been turned back on, because the humming started again. The armor jolted and jumped. It turned to face 559 and 778, and began to walk slowly towards them. 559 was now 75 feet from his motorcycle and ran faster. He reached it and turned it on. 778 hopped onto the back and 559 gunned the engine. He accelerated faster than what was probably good for the bike. He checked his speed: 75 miles per hour, and yet the armor was gaining on them. One of the shoulder-mounted guns turned towards them and opened fire. It was just as powerful as a warthogs LAAG gun, but fired faster. The ground exploded in front of them. 559 turned sharply to avoid the new crater and looked back. The armor had paused, but began to run at them again. Every time it took a shot, it had to be powered down for a moment. This gave 559 an idea. "Drive!" he told 778. She immediately took over driving for him and 559 jumped off. Hopefully, this would work.
The Walking Fortress didn't seem to notice him. It kept on running towards 778 and took another 50 round burst. It paused and 559 jumped on one of the feet and climbed up the leg. Luckily for him, it had hand and foot holes to grab onto. The armor fired another 50 round burst and paused. 559 climbed up onto the chest and onto the shoulder. He began to look for the entry hatch. Then he saw it. He grabbed onto it and waited for it to fire once more. Seconds later, it did, and 559 pulled with all his might. The door creaked open, very slowly. The power was still out, and 559 squeezed through the small opening just as it came back to life. The door shut hard behind him, and 559 knew if he had been one second slower, that door would have killed him. The operator turned to look at where the noise came from and screamed. 559 walked over to the chair in which he was sitting, grabbed the man's face, and squeezed. His head caved in like an overripe cantaloupe. Brains dribbled over 559's hands and onto the floor. 559 wiped them onto the dead man's uniform and pushed the corpse onto the floor.
He found a button labeled "External Stereo" and saw a microphone on top of it. He pressed the button and said, "778, it's clear." A second later, he could hear, "778, it's clear." emitting from outside. He looked onto a small screen and saw 778 on his motorcycle slowly coming towards the armor. "Don't worry. It's safe."

Date: 23 September 2003, 11:53 PM

       "It's amazing!" exclaimed 778.
       "That it is..." muttered 559.
       559 looked around the cockpit. It was quite large for a vehicle, even a vehicle of this size. In the corner there was a small drawer with several papers sticking out. 559 walked over and opened the drawer and saw "Top Secret" labeled onto several binders inside. He riffled through them and saw nothing that particularly struck his interest. He opened the last folder and his adrenaline sparked. The President of Earth was on the planet, apparently. He was here for diplomatic purposes not stated on the paper, but it had a full list of security. "One?" 559 laughed. "Only one bodyguard? For a political power this large? That's a tragedy waiting to happen!"
       778 turned around. "Bodyguard for who?" she asked.
       "The President."
       "OF EARTH?"
       "Amazing, isn't it?" 559 asked. "I know what we are going to do with this suit. 778, have you read the manual yet?"
       "Most of it." She stated. "I know everything except for sharp turns and the self destruct, but hopefully we won't have to use them."
       "Good. Start heading towards..." 559 checked the paper. "Nathanley. One hundred miles north, two miles east."
       778 pressed a few buttons, then "Coordinates set." showed up on screen. She pressed three more buttons and the giant mech moved forward. 559 could feel the ground a hundred feet below him crumble under the mech's weight. A tree got caught under one of the giant "feet" and instantly splintered. A branch got caught in the leg, but fell out when the mech sped up. They were going eighty miles an hour, then ninety, then hit the maximum speed of a hundred miles an hour. Luckily there weren't any mountains, or they would have to slow down, and that could take hours longer.
       "778, you take over. I need to sleep."
       "But you slept five hours last night!"
       "Yes, but for some reason, I can't keep my eyes... open..." 559 yawned and sat down. He fell asleep instantly.

       "Wake up! Please, wake up!" 559 struggled to open his eyes. "Please don't be dead... please don't be dead..."
       559 sat up and felt 778's head on his chest. "778, what's wrong?"
       "They cut the power! They used some kind of saw and cut through the armor in one of the legs... I tried to kick them away, but the mech wouldn't move! The door is sealed, and there's no way out!"
       "How did this happen?"
       "I-I don't know. They just showed up and cut the power... and they put some kind of explosive on the leg."
       559's mouth opened wide. "How do you know about the bomb?"
       778 pointed towards the screen. "Explosive detected. Estimated time of detonation: 00:15"
       559 felt 778 crying on his chest. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for making you come with me when I escaped from all the labs, I'm sorry for making you kill all those innocent people." 559 felt a tear run down his cheek. "I... I love you."
       "I love you too." 778 said. 559 tried to kiss her, but a sudden explosion tore them both apart, limb from limb.

       559 gasped and sat up. "Everything alright?" 778 asked from the operator's chair.
       559 wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "Yes... Everything's alright."
       He lied back down and thought. What did that dream mean? Can I actually love someone? No... it can't be. But then why can't I stop thinking about her? He shook his head and got all thoughts out of his mind. "How long was I asleep?" he asked.
       "Around... 55 minutes." She said. "We're almost there."
       "Drop me off here." 559 said, standing up. "It'll be harder to find one person than a giant robot." He picked up a M6D pistol and a sniper rifle.
       "Alright." She said. The mech stopped and the door opened. 559 stepped out, and then turned around.
       "Don't be seen." 559 said. "I don't want you getting hurt."
       "Thank you, but it would take a lot to hurt me now." 778 laughed.
       559 chuckled and climbed down the footholds. He stepped on the ground and started running towards the town. He was about nine miles away, and he could run up to thirty miles an hour. He instantly did the math in his head. "18 minutes." He muttered to himself, and ran faster.
       He ran for seventeen minutes, and saw buildings on the horizon. He slowed down and looked for roads. There was one to his right, and he ran farther to his left to avoid being seen. He slowed down and pulled his sniper rifle off of his shoulder. He looked through the scope and wished he had taken the time to make this one better. It could only go up to 10X normal vision, and he was used to fifteen. "Oh, well." He said to himself and looked around. The city looked like a ghost town. No cars, most of the buildings were old and looked uninhabited, and the roads were blocked off with a sign. He looked at the sign and read, "City closed due to Political Emergency."
       "That's not an excuse to evacuate a town... I wonder what they're doing." 559 muttered. He heard a helicopter coming up behind him. He lied on the ground and covered himself with dust as camouflage. The helicopter passed overhead, and 559 waited for another five minutes before moving. He stood up and shook the dirt off of him.
       He slung the sniper rifle back over his shoulder and ran towards the town. He crawled over a chain-link fence and hid behind a warehouse. He turned around the corner and saw the helicopter. He looked through the rifle and swore. It was empty. He picked up his radio and sent a message to 778. "It's all clear. Come over. I don't think they can take us down."
       He threw the radio on the ground and turned around. He was about to start running when he took a punch to the face. He hit the ground and coughed up blood. How could someone sneak up on me like that? he wondered, blinking the blood out of his eyes. He looked up and gasped.

Date: 25 September 2003, 2:35 AM

       The figure just stood and stared back. Almost seven feet of rock hard muscle and reinforced bones, covered in a nearly impenetrable armor stood 3 feet in front of him. The only reason 559's head hadn't caved in was because it was also reinforced with steel. 559 stood and ignored the immense pain he was feeling in his head. "I've heard about you. One of those puppets that came before us. Awarded almost every medal twice. I'm glad we could meet, Master Chief."
       "I can't say the same." Master Chief said. "The only thing I'm glad about is that you're about to die."
       559 laughed. A cruel, evil laugh that echoed off the tall deserted buildings. There was a moment of silence, then two loud booms echoed in the distance. "I don't suppose you heard that...?" asked 559.
       "It was just thunder." Master Chief said, hatred in his voice.
       559 laughed again. "Ah, yes. It was just thunder." Rain began to fall, soaking 559's clothes and flowed off of Master Chief's armor. "I think you should look at your approaching doom."
       559 watched as Master Chief looked slowly to his right, where 778 was approaching rapidly in the giant mech. Master Chief quickly looked back at 559 and pulled out a pistol. By the time he had turned off the safety and aimed it at 559, 559 had disappeared. Master Chief looked amazed that someone had been able to escape his enhanced speed. 559 watched from the shadows ten feet away, smirking.
       He saw Master Chief grab his assault rifle and run for cover. The mech raised one of it's arms and two giant missiles erupted out of the sides. 559 laughed. Master Chief ducked behind a thick concrete wall. The missiles now couldn't see their target, and aimed for the biggest heat source they could find. A building hundreds of feet away was swallowed up by a huge explosion The explosion was so big that 559 had to run to avoid it.
       Debris and flames flew over 559 just after he ducked. He waited until the noise died down and the rubble stopped falling before he looked up. He coughed to get the dirt out of his lungs and blinked several times to remove the dust from his eyelids. He was stunned at Master Chief. Master Chief was running towards the Walking Fortress. 559 watched as he open fired with his MA5B, spraying concentrated fired over one of the shins of the mech. 559 laughed. "He's never going to blow off the leg with an assault rifle." He laughed again, then stopped. "What is he doing?"
       Master Chief wasn't trying to disable the robot, just knock off a chunk of the armor. 559 watched as a small plate, barely 5 feet by 5 feet, fell off under the hail of bullets. Master Chief threw down his gun. 559 now understood what he was doing. Master Chief pulled out a Fragmentation Grenade, pulled out the pin, and threw it with perfect aim into the hole that the missing armor used to protect. Not three seconds later, there was a small explosion, and the armor panels were pushed outwards. Fuel and oil leaked out of small cracks, and the armor plating was torn off. The giant mech stumbled into town, and tripped over electrical wires. The wires snapped and fell to the ground. The mech stumbled and fell, spraying fuel everywhere. 559 watched as sparks from the torn electrical wires ignited the fuel, sending flames high into the raining sky. The fuel in the mech caught fire and exploded, sending red-hot pieces of metal into the air. Then, the ammunition cache got too hot to stand it, and the ammo inside exploded, sending more pieces into the dark, cloudy sky.
       559 stood still, mouth wide open. He had yet to process what had just went on. Then something in his head clicked, and he erupted in rage. Tears flowed down his face and into his open mouth. He screamed in rage at the top of his lungs. He punched a wall next to him, and even without the MJOLNIR armor, the wall crumbled under his strength. "You... You killed her..." He looked up at the distant figure of the Master Chief. "You took her away from me... The only person I've ever cared for..."
       He screamed again and pulled the sniper rifle off of his shoulder, looked through the scope, and aimed for the Master Chief. He didn't aim for his head. He wanted to cause him as much pain as he could before he died. The Master Chief's arm fell into his aim. 559 pulled the trigger, and the bullet pierced the MJOLNIR armor and flesh. The Master Chief, grabbing his arm in pain, ducked behind a wall for cover just as three more bullets passed through the air. 559 slung the rifle over his shoulder and pulled out his M6D. He charged the Master Chief, pulling the trigger down, over and over again. A few bullets pinged off his armor, and his shield flickered and faded. This was the chance 559 was hoping for.
       Before the shield could recharge, he kicked him in the faceplate. The steel-toe boot cracked the glass, and 559 heard the Master Chief moan. 559 picked up a rock and beat the Master Chief until he wasn't moving anymore. He looked for signs of breathing, and when there were none, he left, wiping the tears out of his eyes. "Now for the President."
       He went to the building where the helicopter landed on, and went inside. Three guards guarded the entrance, and 559 pulled out his combat knife. He stabbed the first guard in the throat, turned around and punched the second guards face in, and threw the knife into the third guards face. He took one of their Submachine Guns. He entered the elevator and pressed for the top level: 30th floor. He looked at the speakers, emitting a soft, mellow music. He punched through them and ripped out their wires. "I hate elevator music."
       The doors opened, and 559 looked out. All the guards had their guns aimed towards him, and he felt a moment of fear. He jumped to the ceiling of the elevator and kicked the panels out. He felt the heat of the bullets passing inches below him. He waited for a pause in the firing, and pulled out a grenade. He pulled out the pin and threw it down, making sure it would bounce into the room with all the guards. He heard a loud WUMPH and jumped down into the elevator. The room was painted a blood red color now, and arms and legs looked like strange artwork that someone had hung up.
       There was a big double door entrance in front of him, and he kicked down the doors. The President was sitting on one side of the table, on the other, a foreign Prime Minister, and on both sides of the room were 20 guards. He aimed at one group of guards and pulled the trigger. The SMG tore through their bodies like tissue paper, and splattered the President with blood. The next group he took down with a grenade, and the guards blew apart. The Prime Minister went down with three new holes in his head. 559 turned towards the shaking President. "P-p-please... don't kill m-m-me!" he cried. "I have a f-family!"
       "Goodbye, Mr. President." 559 raised his gun up to the President's head, and just before he pulled the trigger, he heard a small "Ding!" behind him. He turned around and saw the Master Chief running through the opening elevator doors. 559 was stunned "You?! I killed you!"
       The Master Chief punched 559 in the stomach, and 559 keeled over, the wind knocked out of him. "MR. PRESIDENT! GET TO THE HELICOPTER!" He yelled.
       The President ran out of the room and up a flight of stairs. "NO!" 559 yelled and tried to stand, but the Master Chief kicked him into the wall.
       559 had one grenade left, and he pulled out the pin. He threw it behind the Master Chief, careful to make it so that he wouldn't get hit by any shrapnel. 559 covered his head and heard an explosion. He looked up in time to see the Master Chief fall over, stunned. 559 jumped to his feet and ran towards the stairwell. He climbed up the ten stairs in less than a second, and pushed open the door at the top. The helicopter was lifting off, and 559 pulled out his SMG and aimed for it. He opened fire, and several bullets hit the engine. The helicopter began to smoke and sink. The helicopter crashed into the ground, but didn't explode. 559 took a deep breath, and turned around.
       Suddenly, he felt a small pain in his chest. He touched it with his finger, and saw that it was covered in blood. Wait... He thought. That's MY blood! He looked up and saw Master Chief standing ten feet in front of him, a smoking pistol in his hand. 559 reached for his M6D, and five more bullets entered his chest. He coughed up blood. "They... took away my life... I never chose to be like this..."
       "No." Master Chief said. "You were chosen." The Master Chief raised the pistol and pointed it at 559's head.
       559 charged the Master Chief and took the bullet with his shoulder. He rammed into him and pushed him all the way to the edge of the building. The Master Chief fell off the side, but grabbed onto the ledge at the last second. 559 laughed and pulled out his sniper rifle. "Now you die." 559 said, and pulled the trigger.
       "What the...?" 559 looked at the gun.
       "You never reloaded." The Master Chief said. He took one of his hands and grabbed 559's ankle. With a quick pull, he pulled 559 off the edge of the building. 559 screamed all the way down, and sunk into the deep mud with a loud smack. The Master Chief pulled himself up onto the roof and caught his breath. "I have to check on the President."
       Master Chief ran towards where the helicopter crashed. He checked inside and saw the President and two pilots alive, but trapped. He pulled apart the twisted metal and checked to see if everyone is ok. "I'm fine... I'm fine." The President said. "Did you get rid of the terrorist?"
       "Yes, sir. It turns out that he used to be a Spartan, and he just... went insane. I think we should get his body for ID."
       "Very good. Where is it?"
       Master Chief led him towards where 559 fell and gasped. "He landed right here! Where did he go?"

       "Get the doctor in here, right now!"
       "I'm here. My god, what happened to this guy?"
       "It appears he's been shot several times, and he has a large amount of broken bones."
       "What's his name?"
       "I-I don't know."
       "How did he get here?"
       "He...walked... doctor."
       "This man walked in here?"
       "Yes doctor."
       "My god. We don't have time to question this! Get this man into an operation room, stat!"

The End

well, it's not the end if you check out my next series...

Date: 27 September 2003, 12:13 AM

       "He's awake!"
       "Quick! Somebody get the doctor!"
       "W-w-where am I?"
       "It's ok, son. You're in a hospital."
       "Well, a week or so ago you came in here, bullet wounds and broken bones. We didn't get your name, but we immediately got you into a surgery room to remove the bullets. When we opened you up, however, we found something... strange."
       "What did you find?"
       "Your bones are covered in a pretty hard metal. Unfortunately, your bones still couldn't withstand whatever happened to you, and the metal snapped. We were able to reconstruct most of it, but if you look at your right arm, you can see some of the metal protruding."
       The man looked at his arm and gasped. There was a blade-like piece of metal sticking out of his skin halfway down the forearm. "We think the pain shorted out your memory as well." The doctor said. "If you want, we have a machine in another room that sends electricity into your nerves, and it usually helps patients with amnesia remember things."
       The man thought for a moment then stood out of his bed. "I'll do it."
       The doctor led him out the door. The halls were lined with soldiers, all staring at him. "Doctor, why are these men here?"
       "Well, one of our nurses thought you fit a description of a terrorist recently reported, so she immediately informed the proper authorities. This is just a safety precaution in case you are the said terrorist."
       The doctor opened a door to the man's right. Inside was a large machine that took up half the room. In the front was a chair, all metal, with a headpiece at the top. "You sit there." The man took a seat and the headpiece clamped shut. He tried to reach up and touch it, but he couldn't move his arms. He looked down and saw that his hands were clamped to the chair. "This might sting a moment."
       The man was about to ask what would sting, but then electricity shot through the headpiece and metal chair. He started screaming, then his eyes glazed over. Instead of losing sight, he began to see images of his life. When he was two and his mother died, when he was six and taken away from his grandmother from the army. His first day of training, when the instructors were beating five and six year old kids. The day he killed the Colonel, and took 778 with him when he left the camp. The day 778 died. Then he was falling, watching as the Master Chief looked down at him. He hit the ground and screamed.
       Without knowing it, he yanked the handcuffs off the chair and raised his hands to his head, crushing the headpiece. He kicked the leg clamps off and stood up. He saw a doctor rushing at him with a needle. "YOU THINK THAT WILL STOP ME?" he yelled. He used the knife like metal sticking out of his arm like a knife and stabbed the doctor through the throat. "I AM 559! YOUR DESTRUCTION!"
       A soldier rushed in at the noise, and 559 threw the needle into his eye. The soldier screamed and fell, bleeding from the eye sockets. 559 picked him up and used him as a shield from the incoming bullets. The body shook as the multiple bullets entered it, and 559 pulled the gun out of the corpse's holster. He aimed it at the nearest soldier and pulled the trigger. The bullet entered the eye socket, passed through the brain, exited the skull, and entered the stomach of the soldier behind him. He grabbed one of their grenades and pulled the pin out. He went to the door, opened it, and threw the grenade at the group of soldiers rushing towards him. He closed the door and heard the explosion, followed by screams and the sound of blood splattering.
       559 stood there for a moment and wiped the blood of a doctor off of his face. He laughed for a second, then heard whimpering behind him. He turned and saw the doctor that had led him to the machine. "Wh-w- what are you?"
       "I'm not human, if that's what you were thinking. I'm oh-so-much-more than that. Just what I was designed to be." 559 said, smugly. "Just think for a second. I know it must be hard for you human, but try and think. If it weren't for you so kindly helping to refresh my memory, all the people I'm going to kill wouldn't have died. Including you."
       "N-n-no! Please don't kill me! I have a family!"
       559 sighed. "The last person who told me that, after I killed him, I killed his family too."
       "W-w-why are you doing this?"
       "I'm doing what I was made to do. Kill." 559 walked over to the doctor and muttered into his ear, "good bye."
       The doctor tried to escape, but he instantly died when 559 shattered his neck. 559 stood up and grabbed a soldier's M6D and MA5B. "Master Chief, I'm coming for you."

Date: 13 November 2003, 1:46 AM

       559 walked down the hallway, ignoring the nurses and patients gasping and running away. His M6D was in his back pocket, and he had his MA5B resting on his shoulder. His clothes were drenched in blood, and he had a strange smile on his face. The metal protruding out of his skin glistened in the light. As he walked down the hall, two police officers turned the corner in front of him. "There he is!" one of them yelled. 559's smile grew bigger, and his lowered his MA5B at them. The officer closest towards the corner ran and hid behind it, but the other officer wasn't quick enough. Three rounds pierced his chest, cracking a rib and severing an artery. Blood streamed out of his bullet wounds, painting the walls red. He made a gurgling sound and fell to the ground, twitching. 559 saw that he was still breathing, so he put two more rounds in his head. Bits of skull and brain splattered against the walls.
       "Oh, God, no! Charlie!" The remaining police officer shouted. 559 laughed loudly.
       "You pathetic humans and your affection towards each other. If you truly believe in a God, why don't you welcome death? You should be happy that your friend died! He went to a better place!" 559 laughed.
       The officer didn't respond, but he grabbed his radio and called for backup. When he finished, he grabbed his M6D, took a deep breath, and turned the corner. Just as he turned, five bullets from 559's MA5B shattered his right shin and kneecap. It took the cop several moments before he realized he didn't have a leg, but by then, 559 had walked up to him. He had slung his MA5B around his shoulder, and had his M6D in his hand. 559 was smiling bigger than ever. He grabbed the officer by his throat, lifted him up and put the pistol in his mouth. A tear ran down the officer's cheek. "When you meet your God, tell him it's about to get crowded up there."
       559 pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the back of the man's throat, went through his head, and exploded out the back. The back of his head was gone, and replaced by torn flesh, shattered skull, and exposed brain. 559 licked some blood off of his lips, dropped the body, and turned around. He saw a nurse cowering underneath a desk. He walked over, dragged her out, and put the gun against her forehead. "You're going to get me all the reports of soldiers coming in here with plasma burns."
       The nurse started crying. "DO IT!" 559 yelled at her face. She crawled over towards a computer, typed on the keyboard for a minute, then stopped. "Well?" 559 asked.
       She whimpered. "It's printing. The printer is..." she couldn't finish her sentence. She began weeping profusely, sobbing and crawling to the corner. 559 sighed.
       He turned around and saw the printer. He walked over and smiled, seeing the dozen or so reports printing out. He grabbed them, and turned to ask the nurse which rooms these people are in. As he turned, he heard the cocking of a pistol. He slowly looked down at the nurse. She was holding the dead officer's M6D, her hands shaking. She raised it to point at 559's head.
       For the first time he could remember, he felt a pang of fear. Normally, a soldier would try to get him in custody before he shot him. This wasn't a soldier, however. She wasn't bound by rules as Marines were. She could feel the anger of the deaths of her colleagues, and shoot him. 559 worked out a plan in his head. He raised his hands above his head. "You wouldn't shoot me, would you?" he asked. "You save lives, not take them."
       559 could see that he had struck a nerve. She raised the gun higher and stood up. "What about you, huh? I suppose YOU save lives, too? Those people that you just killed mean NOTHING?" She stepped forward, placing the barrel of the pistol against his forehead.
       559 smiled. He ducked, punched her in the stomach, and kicked her across the room. The M6D flew into the air and landed in 559's hands. He pointed it at the nurse and put three rounds in her head. She slid down the wall, blood flowing out of her mouth. 559 cracked his knuckles and turned back towards the printer. He grabbed out the remaining copies, flipped through them, and started walking down the hall. He went into a room on his right. There was a man in a bed, with an IV in his right arm. He had a neck brace and a cast on his left leg. On the table to his right were medals and a flower. Nest to his head was a picture of a woman and two children. Good. 559 thought. He has a family. He has something to live for.
       The soldier sat up. "Are you the cause of all that gunfire just now?" He asked, with gruffness in his voice.
       "Yes, yes I am. I'm also responsible for the death of... several of your kind. Marines, I mean. If you don't do as I say, you'll join them." 559 said, sitting down on the wounded man's bed.
       "Go to hell, shit for brains. I'll never cooperate with terrorists." The man said.
       559 sat for a moment. There was silence in the room, then 559 tuned and broke the leg with the cast. "AGH! Goddamn it! It was going to be fully healed in three weeks!" The soldier yelled.
       "You think I'm JUST a terrorist? That's it?" 559 yelled. His face turned red, but then he took a deep breath. "Tell me the location of the nearest military base."
       "Never, you sack of shit." The soldier said.
       "TELL me, or you'll never see you wife and kids again." 559 said sharply.
       The soldier thought for a second, then sighed. "Bastard. It's in the mountains near the city of Santa Monica. Just follow the trail leading into the forests and you'll get there."
       "Good, good. Now, since you were a good boy, I will kill you quickly, instead of a slow and extremely painful death." 559 said.
       The soldier tried to sit up, but 559 slit his throat with the metal from his skin. 559 stood up and walked towards the closet. He opened it and searched around. He found the man's uniform and put it on. It fit almost perfectly. He went to the bathroom and cleaned the blood off of his face and hands, then walked towards the storage closet in an operation room. He grabbed a bottle of morphine, and filled a syringe. The syringe filled up, and 559 stuck it into the skin near his protruding metal. He numbed the area as much as he could, then took a scalpel. He sliced the skin off of his arm and folded it aside, he saw the metal over his arm bones, and took a deep breath. He slid the scalpel under the metal, and tried to pry it off. It took several hours, and by the end, the morphine was wearing off. He threw the metal onto the ground and took a deep breath. The pain started to come back, so he injected more morphine into his arm, then started stitching his skin back up. It would hurt like hell, but now he'd fit in.
       He bandaged his arm, and lied down. Tomorrow he would start his ingenious plan.

Date: 8 January 2004, 2:59 AM

       559 woke up with a jolt, due to both his internal clock and the fact that the morphine had worn off. Surprisingly, it appeared that his internal clock had been going off for almost half an hour. They were supposed to spike your adrenaline and wake you up instantly, but for some reason, 559 had shrugged off the jolt and slept on. 559 found it strange, but ignored it.
       He rolled to the side of his makeshift bed, threw his legs out, and sat up. He held up his arm and looked at his newly made scar. It appeared to be healing well, so he got some bandages and wrapped them around the wound. He flexed his muscles to make sure the bandage wasn't too tight, then relaxed. He grabbed the marine's uniform he had taken the last night, put it on, and buttoned it up. Then he realized something.
       He had stayed in the hospital.
       No doubt by now, the police had been notified about some kind of disturbance in the hospital, and they were almost definitely here already. 559 swore, grabbed his MA5B and his M6D, and ran to the window. As he got closer, he started to crouch, move towards the wall, and lean against it. When he was next to the window, he moved one of the blinds and peeked out. He saw a glimmer of sunlight coming from the ground. For a second he wondered what it was, but then his reflexes kicked in.
       He ducked just as two sniper bullets broke through the window and hit the wall behind him. 559 swore loudly, crawled for the door, and sat up. He walked slowly towards the door, opened it less than an inch, and peeked through. He saw three heavily armed Special Forces soldiers armed with shotguns and assault rifles walking down the hall, checking every room. 559 closed the door silently, leaned against the wall next to the door, and listened. He heard their footsteps walking down the hall, their rapid breathing, and the smacking, slurping sound of feet walking over dried blood. They reached the door to the room he was in.
       The door opened and a shotgun poked its barrel through the doorway. 559 took his chance. He lunged out, grabbed the barrel of the shotgun, and punched the soldier in the face. The guard, knocked out, fell to the ground. 559 tore the gun out of the soldier's hands, pointed it at the other two, and fired. 12 pellets hit the chest of the first soldier, throwing him back several feet and knocking the wind out of him.
       He pointed it at the next soldier and fired. 9 pellets pinged off his Kevlar and helmet, three tore into his exposed face. The soldier fell to the ground, dead, leaving a trail of blood splattered onto the wall. The first soldier began waking up. 559 walked over to him, finger on the trigger, when one of the soldiers radio hissed.
       "Squad three, what's going on up there? We heard shots being fired."
       559 thought for a moment, thinking if he should ignore the radio, or he could put this to his benefit. He pointed the shotgun's barrel at the soldier's face. The soldier, still groggy, tried to sit up, rubbing his eyes, but 559 kicked him back down and put his foot on his chest. "Wh-what are you?" the soldier asked.
       "Shut up." 559 said. "Tell them on the radio that the threat is neutralized. I'm dead, got it?"
       "Never, you son of a bitc...." The soldier started, but trailed off as 559 lowered the shotgun to the man's crotch. "...What should I say?"
       "I'm dead. If you so much as think of saying anything else, I'll blow your balls off and leave you to bleed to death."
       The soldier reached for the radio, picked it up, and pressed the button on the side. He paused for a moment, then started speaking. "Everything's fine up here. The target is neutralized, and it's all clear." The soldier said. The man on the other end congratulated him and turned off the radio. The soldier sighed, threw the radio against the wall, and swore.
       559's smile slowly grew. He always loved this moment. People expecting to live... dying. "Thank you." 559 said, raising the gun to the soldier's head. He pulled the trigger, splattering brains, blood, and bits of skull everywhere. The helmet clanked to the ground where it's owner's head was a second before. 559 wiped a bit of skull off of his cheek, smiled even more, and turned around to the hallway.
       Now no one was expecting an attack. He could easily walk out the backend, sink into the forest, and find the army base. The only problem was, now he would be running away from a fight, slinking into the shadows, instead of killing. That's no way for a god to act. He decided that he would kill a few more people, strut off into the woods, and head towards the base. He went from room to room, looking for a fire escape. In the last room on the floor, he found one. He broke the glass with the butt of the shotgun, scraped aside all the shards still clinging to the building, and stepped out. He looked around, checking for snipers or gun turrets. When he was sure there weren't any, he climbed down the ladders leading towards the bottom, making sure he wouldn't slip and fall ten stories. When he reached the bottom, he jumped down, hiding for a second in the cloud of dust he created, then ran to the side of the building. He slid to the corner of the building, looked around, and smiled.
       There were only two vehicles, a police squad car, and a SWAT truck. He checked for any opposition, then walked over to the cars. He heard the sound of voices, leaned against the squad car's door, and listened. There were two police in the front. He pulled out his pistol, cocked it almost silently, then stood up. The policeman facing him saw him first, but was eternally blinded when a bullet passed through one of his eye sockets and lodged his brain. The second policeman turned, spilling coffee on his pants. 559 put a bullet in his head before he could even gasp.
       559 checked for any other soldiers or police, pulled the corpses out of the car, and dragged them into a big bush. He smiled, walked towards the cars, when he heard a THWUMP-THWUMP-THWUMP sound vibrating through the air.
       There was a helicopter inbounds.