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Battle of the East N. American Protectorate by Steve

Battle of the East N. American Protectorate P1
Date: 8 November 2003, 11:40 PM

John pushed the thumb triggers down as hard as he could. "Come on...come on..." he said to himself, waiting for the Banshee to explode. It had just fired its fuel rod cannon, and John feared that it was had recycled. The Banshee exploded in a hail of fire and led. Its carcus arced down five stories into the building he was firing from.
The Chief had been on top of this building for over three hours now shooting down Banshees and all sorts of enemy aircraft. He started out with four LAAG's and four Gauss Cannons, and twenty men. He was down to two LAAG's and a single Gauss cannon, and only five more Marines.
The battle outside the city sounded and looked intense. John expected the Covenant dropships to come anytime now, which is why he ordered more men to come on top of the roof. The eighty story building was outfitted with LAAG's on at least the forty top floors, as well as hundred of Marines to fire out the sides. He estimated that they had shot down over one hundred Banshees, as well as twenty or so dropships. But this was just the tip of the iceburg, John knew.
Then he heard it. The sound started out as a low drone, then a dull buzz, then a loud roar as hundreds of Banshees and dropships came out of the clouds like bees out of a bee hive. There were LAAG's and Gauss's on other buildings, and they din't hesitate to open fire once the enemy was in range.
John was thanful that he was not the Covenant, running into a hail of led. Within an instant, ten Banshees blew up, sending fire across those who survived. Rockets flew to their target, and a few snipers even took shots at the drivers when the oppertunity came around. One sniper got a lucky shot, sevred an Elites spine, sending his Banshee to collide with a dropship, which then crushed two more Banshees. All of them were engulfed with flames as they plummeted towards Earth.
But then, they came in range. The remaining Banshees started with their fuel rod cannons, focusing one one particular builing. The top of the building practically melted away, killing over one hundred men and women.
Blue plasma fire then rained down on the buildings, going through windows and roofs. John saw his comrade take about thirty shots in the chest, and thanked God he had his armor. Then he got an idea.
He picked up two rocket launchers and put one in each hand. John fired four rockets and four Banshees died. One particualr Banshee that survived got in a few pot shots, before arching up. John pulled out two SMG's, and he fired on the Banshee, blowing it to Hades. The dropships, however, got through, landed in the streets, and quickly deposited its cargo. Four exploded while unloading its troops, and seven exploded while exiting. John was glad they left.
"Master Chief, they're coming in!" a Corpral said over the radio.
"What are they?"
"The usual. Elites, Jackles, Grunts...Fire on the Hunters! And a few Brutes. What the...what the heck are THOSE! Fire! Get it off him! Move!" Static.
John rushed down the stairs as fast as he could towards the lift. He hit the button, then turned to his Marines behind him.
"Follow me, we're going to save some Marines," John said. The lift came up, the doors opened, and a bunch of Flood poured out. The Chief almost collasped under the weight of the infection forms. His shield kept the Infection Forms at bay, but when the Marines fired, the little explosions caused his shields to drop to the point where his warning siren went off.
An infection form that survived jumped onto the Chief's face plate, causing him to trip and fall over. The face plate protected him, until a Private shot the Flood form with a pistol.
"What are those things, Chief?" they asked.
"They're called the Flood. They are extremely dangerous."
"They're not that tough. We just killed a hundred of them, without a single casualty." The Marines cheered.
"They're tougher than you know, Marine. Trust me. I know. Those kind," he pointed towards the lift, "Are called infection forms. They attach onto you, like what just happened, infect your body, and take over. There are other kinds, combat forms, that take over Humans, Elites, and carriers which explode spewing the infection forms."
"So what do we do, Chief?" a Private asked.
"What do we do? We kill every single one of them, or the planet will fall."