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A Medic's Tale by Sum Gui

A Medic's Tale: Chaper 1: Halo
Date: 5 July 2004, 7:17 PM

This is the story of PFC Gregert, William T., Romeo Company, 4th Squad. He is the medic for a squad of 20 men.

This series is an alternate verison of battles that happened on Halo.

After landing on the ring world Halo, PFC Gregert was surprised at what he saw. He noticed that although he was on an alien planet, it all seemed like Earth. He heard birds chirping, waterfalls, the wind; it all seemed so peaceful. Peaceful, until the wine of Covanent drop ship engines could be heard. He knew that even though he was a medic, the Covenent didn't think he was any different than other soilders; he was just an insult to thier Gods. So he readied his trusty M90 shotgun, and prepeard to ward off the Covies.

Gregert saw them get off thier ship, he knew what they were. The 5 foot tall fin-backs nick-named "Grunts" closed in on the squad. He had heard that the nossel on thier mask was a breathing apparatus, so he swung his shotgun and took out his sidearm, an M9D pistol. He zoomed in on one of them, a red armored one, and fired. Bull's Eye! The Grunt choked for air for a second or two, then dropped the ground dead. The rest of his squad opened fire, and he knew it was only a matter of time before cries of... "Medic!!!"screamed Chansy, as a plasma bolt slammed into his shoulder. Gregert rushed over to him, and saw that Chansy's arm had nearly been severed. "Wow" Chansy said, looking at his arm. "That sucks", an he died, right there. He was 17 years old.

Gregert shouldered his shotgun, and fired. The buckshot flew through the air, hit two Grunts, and blue blood spattered all over the grass. He would have fired again, exepet Hobert screamed over the com, "More coming over here, I need help. Oh, God, there are so many of them. I NEED BACK-UP RIG...ahhhh"

Gregert ran across the metal floor of the sructure he was on, and saw 2 Elites, one in red armor, one in blue, 3 Grunts, and 3 Jackels. He ducked behind the short wall on the edge of the sructure just to see a blue plasma rifle bolt fly over his head. He stood up with his shotgun, but another bolt melted the barrel of the gun. He tossed it and ducked down again. Fracle yelled" Frag Ouahhhhh" as he took out a grenade but was struck by a burst of needler fire. The primed grenade hit the floor, and he had just enough time to roll twice before shrapnel riped into his face. Gregert ran over to him, looked at the semi-concuis Private, and said in a reasuring voice, "Lookin' good buddy." He reaced his now bloodied hand into his pouch, and took out bandages and penisillin. He injected the man and bandaged his face, telling him he would make it out alive.

Gregert saw that more Covenent troops were on there way, so he picked up Fracel's MA5B and got ready for another wave. As two dropships landed, he saw in the distance two rather lagre, blue blobs. He put it in the back of his mind, and focused on the in-coming Jackels. He fired a trio of bursts into one of their sheilds, it flinced and was nocked to its side, and fired another burst at its expoed flesh. The bullets slamed into its side, and it hit the ground with a satisfying thunk. The rest of the Marines finished of the rest of the aliens and Gregert took a deep breath and tryied to relax.

He looked up and noticed that the blue bobs were now much closer, and had a glowing ball on the end of there arms. "Oh, Shit!" yelled Franks, "those are Hunters!!" Gregert dove out of the way just in time to see a fuel rod gun blast explode on the wall behind him. He knew he was helpless, but he got of the structure and ran behind the huge beasts. Then he saw orangey colored flesh under the blue armor. He shot one AR bullet at it, it winced, turned, but he had dove for cover, so it just shruged it off. He yelled over helmet mic, "Get behind them and shoot thier orange flesh!!" When he did, he men soon got behind the beasts, and took them out in seconds.

Gregert saw more dropships ,but just then, the Master Chief showed up, finished the remaing Covies, and called in a drop-ship. As the Pelican came in Gregert had help carrying Fracle to it ship, and mounted up. Just in time to see MC ride away in a Warthog. Man, he thougt to himself, 2 dead and one wounded, thats pretty good for a typical day.