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A Marine's Life by MC 171

A Marine's Life:The First Egagement
Date: 22 October 2005, 7:37 pm

Jack awoke.He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at the time.It was 6:00,another day in boot camp.
And the last one,too.
Jack was going to become a Marine today.
He got out of bed and put on his gear.He walked towards the shooting range,where the first part of daily intensive training took place.Weapons Master Mason looked athim with a bright smile.Mason was the coolest trainer in boot camp:he was easy on those who were late,he ALWAYS gave a second chance and he always had cool weapons and cool things to say about them.
"Hello,Jack.Today's your last day as a trainee.Today,I'm gonna teach you how to use the S2 AM sniper rifle.It's a gas-operated and magazine fed weapon.Its scope has two levels of zoom and a nightvision mode,and when a target is in the center of the crosshair,some words will apear in the bottom right hand corner of the scope,telling you how far the target is and how fast its moving.It fires the The 14.5x114mm APFSDS round ,which is an anti-materiel munition.It can tear through multiple targets at once,say,if one Grunts jumps in front of another Grunt,and you shoot it,the bullet wil travel through the first Grunt and into the second one,killing them both."Mason said,taking out a S2 AM sniper rifle."Now,I'm gonna activate the shooting range.Try and hit as many targets as possible with your limited ammo."Mason said again,handing Jack 2 ammo magazines.
The targets activated,and pictures of Covenant soldiers were plastered to them.Jack fired at the targets one after the other,reloaded,and repeated.He even shot two while they were perfectly aligned-just like Mason had said,the shot pierced both targets.He managed to nail all the targets on the shooting range.
"Nice job,Jack,nice job..."Mason said,smiling.
Jack stood before the boot camp's commanding officer,a tad nervous but ready.
"Jack Smith,I initiate you into the UNSC in the position of a..."The Commander said.
Jack waited for what seemed an eternity as the Commander read over his statistics with weapons,remaining in cover,field tactics...
"Sniper."The Commander finished.
Mason walked up to Jack,holding a S2 AM sniper rifle.
"You were most skilled with this weapon,and according to the other trainers,your ability to take cover and your skill in covering your allies in combat made you seem like being a sniper would suit you best.You were best at coveringyour allies,not being up there and spearheading the assault.Congrats,Jack.You're a Marine!"Mason smiled.All of Jack's friends were cheering and raising their arms in joy.
Jack sat in the plush chair on board the UNSC Emerald Python.Thoughts raced through his mind,thoughts that would normally never think about.
What if I don't even fight the Covies,what if I am sent to fight rebel insurgents on planets like Reach and Earth?What if I die?What if this ship is blown to smithereens before the first engagement?What if the war's over when I get to the combat?Jack looked out one of the windows into space,and realized 3 of the questions were awnsered.
He was going to fight the Covies,the war would not be over when he got into combat,and the ship was going to make it to the first engagement.For when he looked out the window,a Covenant cruiser was launching boarding pods in the Emerald Python's direction,along with swarms of deadly Seraph fighters.Longsword fighters exited the ship's hangars to combat the threat,the chain guns that were concealed in the nose of the fighters were blazing,and they were launching missles from their Anvil II missile pods like crazy.Tons of Seraphs were going down,but Longswords were being claimed as well.Suddenly,there was a large jolt and Jack went flying backwards.He heard a message over the intercom.
"Alert,Covenant forces have boarded!"The voice said.Jack grabbed his sniper rifle,grabbed a few ammo magazines and ran out into the corridor.
There,he saw chaos.
Plasma bolts and bullets were spraying the air.Flames were everywhere,grenades were being tossed down the corridor from both sides,plasma and frag grenades.Jack ran to where his fellow Marines were,and hid behind a pile of steel crates.He poked his sniper rifle's barrel through a small gap between two crates,and fired a shot directly into an Elite's stomach.The creature roared in agony,collapsed onto its knees,then fell forward into the ground.
The other Covies were alerted to his position,and opened fire with their weapons.A nearby Marine barrel-rolled sideways out from behind cover,snapped off a couple shots from his pistol at some Grunts with his pistol,and lept back behind cover just as a flurry of plasma ripped through the air where he had once been.Jack shot a Grunt's atmosphere tank,and the Grunt was lifted off its feet,the atmosphere tank spewing out methane gas.It flew around for awhile before it crashed to the floor,near some flames.Now,you all know what happens when gas meets fire...
The nearby Covenant were engulfed in an explosion,those that were out of the range were suprised and became disorganized.The Marines now had the Covies outgunned and outmanned.They all came out from cover.All the Grunts,Jackals,and Drones fled.All but one Elite,the last Elite,holding his plasma rifle steady and ready to fire.Then,a Marine came up behind the Elite and whacked it with his shotgun in the leg.The Elite fell over,clutching its leg."We need this bastard alive,pin him down!" The Elite's energy shields had been downed by the blast,so the Marines pinned down the Elite as best they could while the man with the shotgun smashed the glowing pieces of armor which were the generators for the shields,so the shields could not be restored.
The Elite opened all four mouthparts and roared.Jack whacked it in the ribs with his sniper rifle,and it finally stopped moving,unconsious.
The Marine flipped the Elite over,and bound its hands behind its back with a heavy-looking alloy chain.
"I'm Robert Talkir,Security Guard of the jailing sector.We need this guy for interrogation..I have doubts he'll speak up though.Thanks for your help."Robery said,pumping his shotgun and dragging the Elite along with several other Marines.
Jack followed the other Marines to another combat zone.