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Unlimited Camo

The same loading zones that trigger the unlimited ammo glitch will also trigger unlimited invisibility, if the teleporting player is invisible when he crosses the zone. Being permanently invisible does some weird things to the AI around you - you can be sensed (some creatures are better at this than others), but not really noticed... and it drives certain aliens... crazy. Elite Banshee pilots are a notable case; visit an area with one of these, and you can watch him crush all of his allies to death. (He won't shoot them... but he WILL run over them.) Careful you don't get in his way! Experiment... there are many interesting things to see in this mode.

Silent Cartographer

There is a single Active Camouflage powerup within access range of the glitch loading zone - the five maps below show you how to get from point A to point B.
SC-1.jpg SC-2.jpg SC-3.jpg
SC-4.jpg SC-5.jpg

Assault on the Control Room

There are three Active Camouflage powerups that are within striking range of the loading zone. Two are shown on the following maps; the third is shown in the movie accessible from the map pages.
AotCR-1.jpg AotCR-2.jpg AotCR-3.jpg

343 Guilty Spark

There are 3 active camouflage powerups, and three loading zones to work with... but the easiest course of action involves the first powerup and either of the first two zones. This is the ONLY opportunity in the game to study the Flood with Unlimited Camo.
343GS-1.jpg 343GS-2.jpg 343GS-3.jpg

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Background | Limits | Summary | Credits | Details - ammo | Details - camo