Power Play Halo-Oni Web Preview

  Translated Transcript of Halo section
Power Play Halo-Oni Preview, 2/9/2000

Translated & Transcribed by Harry "Ich bin ein German-specher" Al-Shakarchi (tomeone@bungie.org)

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The player, in third-person perspective, tries to save a ring-shaped planet (which can remind a sci-fi novel enthusiast of Larry Niven) from enemy aliens. The innovation in Halo is in the amazing graphical representation which puts any game by id or Epic in the shadow of Bungie, thus showing a huge step towards the future of computer games. Steve Jobs himself introduced Halo at MacWorld last year, and what was seen there (and can be downloaded as a quicktime movie from Bungie's homepage) impresses any hardcore PC gamer. No other engine produced such realistic movements, such precise shadowing of every object around - if inanimate or not - and such amazing water effects; like when the wind would whisk the water surface to create ripples like never seen before. Moving vehicles spit dust and rubble and wheels follow through directional changes and breakings precisely. The weather in this game doesn't only consist of clouds and light properties, even the wind speed is simulated and in turn sometimes is very important.

On top of all that comes the flexible story, where you're not going from mission to mission, rather, you decide what ways you want to go and what dangers you want to face. Both in buildings as well as outside (where you see the ring arching up into the sky) personal engagement, quick reactions and tactical thinking count. Some weapons are better for one type of mission or enemy, vehicles could be mounted by several marines. The flying craft of the aliens can also, with a little luck, be captured to add another dimension to the game, and even under water the action won't stop. Bodies of killed enemies, and holes made from stray shots won't just disappear like other games, because a missing corpse, for example, could be a hint helpful to the player. Such a game screams for an online universe like Ultima and Everquest. On the ring planet, Halo, lonesome warriors are not really wanted - and also not very big survivors. Without super powers or super weapons you have to depend on co-operative work, something which many surely like to do.


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