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This is a legacy section.

The information included on these pages has not been updated since Halo 2 came out in 2004. It is here because it's an easy way to find movies from the early days of Halo moviemaking - but it's no longer updated. The movies approved by our Movie Peer-Reviewed Rating System can be found in our Miscellaneous section: 2005 vids are on this page, and 2006 vids are on this page. All movie-related newsposts can be found in our news database with this link.

Here you'll find all the Halo video footage released since Halo was announced, with the exception of the footage created to illustrate a gameplay trick. (For that, head over to the Gameplay Tricks section.) We've endeavored to ensure that film links are up-to-date, but we may have missed some bad links, or neglected a movie (or a movie mirror) - feel free to let us know if you find errors. More advanced sorting features will come, in time - but we decided you'd probably be okay with the default stuff for the time being, rather than having NO list at all...

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permalink Magnetism 4-Jun-03 3 mb qt
1:01 long. Another mini-movie from HUNTR-KILLR. This one shows another setting you can toggle with a modded box - it's called 'magnetism', and it determines whether marines (and the MC) will automatically exit a warthog when it flips.
screensize: 320x240

permalink Marines Trailer 29-Jul-03 3.1 mb qt
Trailer for a full-length feature film called Marines. 1:18 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Drunk Monkey Productions.
permalink Marvin as Master Chief 12-Jan-04 6.7 mb qt
A short video using footage from Halo with audio from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 0:55 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Blackstar
permalink Master Chief Casting Call 25-Aug-03 18 - 35 mb wmpmpg
A couple of guys try to cast a new Master Chief, and don't have much luck. 7:30 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Team T&R.
permalink Master Chief's Pro Skater 25-May-03 7 mb qt
1:32 long. goatrope and SniPeR got together and made a small film called Master Chief's Pro Skater. It's pretty cute... and it's only 7 mb. The music is what makes it for me... I gotta go find that japanese vid again now.
screensize: 400x300

Source: goatrope and Devin Olsen
permalink Maw 700 Entry - Patroclus (Director's Cut) 24-May-02 20.3 mb qt
6:35 long. This movie was originally submitted for the Maw 700 contest. This version has been redone with quite a bit more humor.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Patroclus #CP#A  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Mawtastic 15-Apr-04 9.5 mb wmp
A vid showing how to get to the balcony at the end of the Maw. 3:21 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Ducain.  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink MC Is Wonderboy 30-Jul-03 12.3 mb qt
A pretty fun turn-a-song-into-a-story video. 4:33 long.
screensize: 240x180

Source: Eric Vogt
permalink Meet the Team 5-Nov-03 30.9 mb qt
The Halo GT team introduce themselves. 3:20 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: (GT)Juggler.
permalink Microsoft Promo Material from E3 18-May-01 20.1 MB/2.8 MB wmp
A movie released by Microsoft during E3, showing off gorgeous vistas and fast gameplay, set to the standard Halo soundtrack.
screensize: 320x240/176x144

Source: Xbox.com   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Modtacular (GT video 8) 5-Apr-04 18.5 mb qt
A 3:50 long collection of dozens of modding clips, all done on Xbox.
screensize: 640x480

Source: (GT)Juggler  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink More IGN Halo PC beta footage 28-Aug-03 0.5 - 13.8 mb qtwmp
Eight clips, available for free streaming or paid download, showing Halo PC multiplay.
screensize: 256x192/320x240

Source: IGN
permalink MoreHackinFun 3-Mar-03 16.1 qt
3:39 long, this is another hacking movie, this time with a pretty fun soundtrack. Some footage is repeated from earlier movies, some is new.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Dozi. Mirrored at That Weasel Television.  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Motor-Gulch 28-Apr-04 33.5 mb wmp
4:14 long. This vid showcases the Motorcycle mod over a Halomods.com.
screensize: 640x480

Source: Dominator.   NO LONGER AVAILABLE
permalink Mountain Dew parody 9-Jul-03 7.7 mb qt
Parody of the Mountain Dew commercials. 0:53 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Team T&R.
permalink Mountain Dew Spoof 13-Apr-03 5.5 - 8.1 mb qtwmp
1:22 long, a takeoff of a Mountain Dew add called 'Drive' (viewable on the Mountaindew.com site).
screensize: 352x240

Source: . Above link points to the original DivX-encoded version at Mythica - you can also grab a QuickTime version (5.5 mb) there.
permalink MPEG Version of GameStar Movie 26-Apr-00 65 MB mpg
6 minute film containing new fight footage, much higher quality than the asf version
screensize: 384x288

Source: Originally on a GameStar cover CD.   NO LONGER AVAILABLE
permalink Multi-Injection Mod 23-Mar-04 9.1 mb wmp
A short(1:00) vid showing the pre-HEK injection of geometry and models into an existing MP-level.
screensize: 640x480

Source: Madrox.
permalink MW Video: Bungie CEO on Halo 23-Jul-00 3.8 MB qt
Alex Seropian, CEO of Bungie, talks about the buyout and where the Mac fits in.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Inside Mac Games, filmed at MWNY 2000.
permalink MXB 21-Aug-03 10 mb wmp
Shows off some hacking stuff. Vehicle spawning, projectile switching, and the like. 6:26 long. No longer available.
screensize: 320x240

permalink New Halo 'Commercial' 2-May-02 16.7 mb qt
1:13 long. A Halo 'ad' created by a fan, set to 'Hero', by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Josey Scott of Saliva (off the Spider-Man movie soundtrack).
screensize: 320x240

Source: Micro295   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink NewGun 6-Oct-02 5.3 mb wmp
Halo gameplay (single and multiplayer) set to Scooter's 'Fire'. You gotta love that tank chaser!
screensize: 444x340

Source: HNN Productions.
permalink Ninjas on Fire Tournament Trailer 18-Jul-03 6.4 mb wmp
A trailer for the Ninjas on Fire Forum Exclusive XBC Tournament. 1:17 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Ninjas on Fire
permalink Not Sidewinder Saga Episode 2 30-Jul-03 5.9 mb qt
In lieu of episode two of the Sidewinder Saga, the Halogamers crew made "Not Episode 2". 1:55 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Halogamers.com.
permalink nVidia Promo Movie 25-Sep-00 24.7 MB qtmpg
A hilarious promo for the nVidia GeForce2 GTS video card. All new Halo footage.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Bungie Studios.   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST

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