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halo_b5.jpg Description: halo_b5.jpg
Size: 107K
Screen size: 640x480
Created by Edward Howard. "This is a character study that I have been working on. I had not intended to release this but I thought I might as well. It is not complete and is rough around the edges. If you have any questions please let me know."
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halo.800x600.jpg Description: halo.800x600.jpg
Size: 26K
Screen size: 800x600
Created by Hippieman. Snagged off the bungie.org Hotline Server.
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nwns.jpg Description: nwns.jpg
Size: 158K
Screen size: 800x600
Created by decede. "Inspired by boredom and 2 liters of pepsi, nwns.jpg (No Window No Soul) has kept me busy for around 1 hour in photoshop5. Everything is original except for the shape of the text. Kinda uhh not for the squimish.. Up to 1280x1024 available."
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