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ethe.jpg Description: ethe.jpg
Size: 158K
Screen size: 496x480
Created by Ian Mankowski. Inspired by Halo.
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halofly.jpg Description: halofly.jpg
Size: 35K
Screen size: 949x460
Created by Ian Mankowski. "Rendered and finished for the new millenium."
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deepblue.jpg Description: deepblue.jpg
Size: 27K
Screen size: 640x480
Created by Ian Mankowski.
Title: Know thy enemy
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novaihana.jpg Description: novaihana.jpg
Size: 249K
Screen size: 576x804
Created by Ian Mankowski. This image was submitted with a fan fiction piece; the picture is the cover art.
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underconstruct.jpg Description: underconstruct.jpg
Size: 157K
Screen size: 800x1067
Created by Ian Mankowski, of the Marathon: Resurrection team. This is called "Under Construction". A bigger version (1024x1365, 232K) was found on Ian's personal site.
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poseblack.jpg Description: poseblack.jpg
Size: 86K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Ian Mankowski.
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upblack.jpg Description: upblack.jpg
Size: 46K
Screen size: 546x768
Created by Ian Mankowski.
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