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Sean Mortensen's A Fistful of Arrows Soundtrack

Back in July 2007, Sean Mortensen put together a collection of tribute songs he'd created for Eric Nylund's Ghosts of Onyx - very cool stuff, you should listen if you haven't. More to the point, though, he's back with a new collection - this one was inspired by Leviathan's A Fistful of Arrows, and Sean calls it a Soundtrack. Levi liked it so much he whipped up a cover for the album! (Small version is just below; if you want a 1200x1200 version, weighing in at 837k, just click here.) Comments from Sean are in blue (with notes from Levi in brackets, where appropriate).

Cover Art

Songs can be listened to right on this page, or you can download the entire collection, zipped (with the soundtrack cover art) - it weighs in at a little over 65 mb.

Name Size
01 - Opening Suite 9.4 mb
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"Written to introduce NOBLE Team and act as an introduction to A Fistful of Arrows itself."
02 - Noble Intervention 8.9 mb
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"Scored as two separate cues: "Hostage Situation" and "The Rooftops."

"Hostage Situation" is written to accompany NOBLE Team as they attempt to capture the Insurrectionists up to and following the immediate capture and detainment of Eliza Ingrid before her miraculous escape from the UNSC base.

"The Rooftops" continues the centralized score around Team NOBLE's attempts to halt the escape of Ingrid and her cohorts in their night operation [in Quezon]. The score then concludes as Emile captures Eliza Ingrid at shotgun-point."
03 - Castle Base 4.9 mb
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"CASTLE Base is an anthem-style theme based around the arrival of Halsey's Pelican to the UNSC facility and her short but brief meeting with the ODSTs deployed to torch-and-burn CASTLE as Jun prepares himself to take the fight to the Covenant that is arriving en-masse to assault the base."
04 - Checkmate 8.5 mb
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"Checkmate was scored to accompany the first lull in the fighting after Jun destroys Halsey's Pelican and the moments leading up to the ODSTs' discovery that Spec-Ops Sangheili are amongst them."
05 - Outnumbered 6.8 mb
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"Outnumbered follows Jun as he witnesses the massacre beneath him of those few brave ODSTs and his one-man assault on the Sangheili before nearly being splattered by a Hunter's melee attack." [incorporates themes from the "Sacred Icon Suite" by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori]
06 - Finale 7.5 mb
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"Finale is written for the intended purpose of providing a longing theme as Jun and Halsey enter CASTLE base and his last words before leaving her alone inside the facility. The concluding half of the score is to introduce the arrival of the SPARTAN-IIs who were dispatched to secure CASTLE base."
07 - Arrival 2.7 mb
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"Red Team Arrives was scored as the first of several supporting themes regarding the arrival of Red Team to CASTLE Base, immediately after Jun's departure and subsequent 'disappearance.'"
08 - Staying Behind 1.3 mb
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"Staying Behind is written for the intent that Jun "stayed behind" to do what was necessary, as was his orders from Carter-259 before their separation at SWORD Base."
09 - A Fistful of Music, suite - part 1 8.5 mb
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10 - A Fistful of Music, suite - part 2 7.1 mb
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"Both A Fistful of Arrows suites are complimentary themes written to introduce SPARTAN Frederic-104 who was onboard the Pillar of Autumn and following the events up to and including Red Team's subsequent "hard drop" onto Reach's surface and their eventual arrival at CASTLE base itself."