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Sean Mortensen's Ghosts of Onyx Tributes

In early July 2007, Sean Mortensen began to submit music he'd composed to pay tribute to Eric Nylund's Ghosts of Onyx - some pieces were for specific characters, while others were for events. Below, you'll find all ten pieces, plus Sean's comments about them.

Name Size Date Posted
Kurt's Theme 5.3 mb July 3, 2007
"Before you wonder: Eric Nylund already knows I was composing a score for a section of the novel because the book inspired me to write something.

Now, before you listen to it, this is all written by me. I bought the POTC: At Worlds End score, and it might sound similar to it, but it is not, and besides, there isn't any sheet music out for band/piano or anything, so if parts of it are almost identical, it is purely by chance."
The Lone Spartan 2.4 mb July 7, 2007
"The Lone Spartan is written for the section of the novel:

When Shane, Robert and Jane are fighting off the Covenant forces as Ackerson, Kurt and the 3 Admirals review Operation: Prometheus from the perspectives of the S-IIIs.

Especially for the part when Robert and Shane carry Jane inbetween them, then when Robert gets shot and unloads his rifle at a pair of Hunters, then as Shane looks at his two fallen comrades, and opens fire, until all he has left to shoot is his sidearm, when a mortar detonates a few meters away from him, and sending him tumbling through the air."
Spartans Never Die 4 mb July 11, 2007
"This is called Spartans Never Die, and that is based on what Kurt says at the end of the Reclaimers section of Ghosts, right as he dies and says 'Didn't you know...Spartans never die?' and detonates the nukes killing himself and the Covenant around him."
Reclaimers 4.2 mb July 11, 2007
"This one is called: Reclaimers, and I wrote it for Ash, who is the first Spartan approached on Onyx by the Sentinels.

If anyone has any questions or comments or suggestions about what they want to hear from their favorite parts of the games/books/graphic novels or anything, please email me with what you want to hear and I'll gladly compose it."
Dante's Theme 3 mb July 13, 2007
"Here's one for Dante."
Lucy's Theme 1 mb July 14, 2007
Spartan III 2.5 mb July 14, 2007
Pegasi Delta Assault 2.8 mb July 19, 2007
"Here's another score for Ghosts of Onyx...it's called Pegasi Delta Assault, and we all know where that assault takes place. Hahaha!"
Ghosts of Onyx Suite 9.8 mb July 19, 2007
"Here is the next score in my tribute to Ghosts of Onyx, the Ghosts of Onyx Suite, and believe me it is definitely sweet..."
Shield World Battle 2.6 mb July 20, 2007
"Here's the final score to my tribute to Ghosts of Onyx, it's called Shield World Battle, which takes place during the battle in the core of Onyx..."