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Bungie/Halo-Related Interviews

A number of Bungie employees and related persons have been interviewed over the years about Halo - here, then, is a compiled list of those interviews. In cases where the interview is no longer available at the original site, we've endeavored to make it available here.

Subject Interviewer Date Comment
Marcus Lehto Tru7h & Reconciliation 21 Jan 02 Halo Art Director
Jen Taylor Tru7h & Reconciliation 5 Feb 02 Voice of Cortana
Rob McLees Tru7h & Reconciliation 12 Feb 02 Fan Interview
Randy Glass Unknown Player 16 Feb 02 Warthog Jump creator
Marty O'Donnell Xbox.com 18 Feb 02
Juan Ramirez Tru7h & Reconciliation 18 Feb 02 Bungie Sculptor
Marty O'Donnell Xbox.zone 13 May 02 Site is framed - hunt for it
Matt Soell MacGamer.com 23 May 02
Peter Tamte HBO 16 Jul 02 Conducted by Miguel Chavez at MacWorld NY 2002
Peter Tamte Inside Mac Games 25 Aug 02
Joe Staten Tru7h & Reconciliation 3 Sep 02 Part 1 of a 'Making of the Halo 2 Trailer' discussion.
Glenda Adams Inside Mac Games 9 Sep 02 Head of Westlake Interactive discusses Mac Halo port, among other things.
Marty O'Donnell/Jay Weinland Tru7h & Reconciliation 12 Sep 02 Part 2 of a 'Making of the Halo 2 Trailer' discussion.
Mat Noguchi Tru7h & Reconciliation 25 Sep 02 Discussion with the Halo tools programmer.
Jaime Griesemer Computer and Video Games 2 Oct 02 Discussion of Halo 2
Marty O'Donnell Music 4 games 5 Dec 02 Discussion with Aaron Marks
Marty O'Donnell Xtreme Gaming Radio 15 Dec 02 Streaming Audio - 36 minutes
Bernie Freidin Xbox.com 31 Dec 02 OTN; Local copy
Marty O'Donnell Tru7h and Reconciliation 8 Jan 03 Bungie Store Merchandise discussion
Marty O'Donnell HBO 14 Jan 03 Interview conducted by forum regular Hedgemony
Shikai Wang Xbox.com Australia 22 Jan 03 Interesting insight on Bungie's interview procedure
Chris Carney Tru7h and Reconciliation 30 Jan 03 Another in the series of Bungie employee profiles
Doug Zartman Tru7h & Reconciliation 17 Feb 03
Curt Chiarelli Tru7h & Reconciliation 19 Feb 03 Sculptor responsible for Halo Action Figures
Brannon Boren Bungie Sightings 3 Mar 03 Halo Story Contributor
OTN: Off The Net - no longer available at the original site. In most cases, we did our best to keep the original formatting consistent, while removing ad banners and other ephemera.
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