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Movie Cynics Database
(HBO Prime)
12/22/05 A database created when our own Miguel Chavez wanted to know how bad the plot of a Halo movie could get. It exists so that people can catalogue what they consider to be the worst cliche'd offenses that COULD be perpetrated by whoever ends up making a Halo movie - in the hopes that having these written down will actually keep someone from using them.
Halo 2 Pre-Release Playable Game On Ebay
05/31/04 A Halo 2 Pre-Release Playable Game Ebay auction (an obvious fake). Only one working link, the bids page (so you can see the insanity).
3D Screenshot
(Fan Creations)
05/30/04 Bungie created a 3D screenshot, and BOLL created this version for people without quicktime.
Mac Halo 1.05 Patch Press Release
05/19/04 The iHalo press release for the patch that fixes a number of issues.
Halo 2 LE Press Release
05/11/04 Here's the Limited Edition Halo 2 press release sent to websites just before E3 2004.
Halo:CE | HEK Tutorial Mirrors
05/06/04 The Halo Custom Edition and the Halo Editing Kit Mirrors Page.
HEK Tutorial
(HBO Prime)
05/04/04 The HEK (Halo Editing Kit) Tutorial, presented in an easy to read format. Also available on a white background, which some find easier to read... or you can grab a zipped copy for easy downloading.
(HBO Prime)
04/26/04 Read the complete Enkidu saga that entertained HBO for its entire run.
Going Nowhere Fast
(HBO Prime)
04/26/04 Halo Xbox on Legendary Speedrun competition
Alex Seropian Interview, April 26, 2004
(HBO Prime)
04/26/04 Miguel Chavez had a chance to chat with Alex this morning about where Wideload is, and where it might be going... if the idea of a new game based on the Halo engine does anything for you...
Red vs Blue in the Wall Street Journal
04/10/04 Scans of an article in the Wall Street Journal about the Red vs Blue team.
Win A Date With One One Se7en
(HBO Prime)
04/08/04 Come up with a brilliant one-liner using BOLL's Automagic 117 StripMaker, and win a cool prize!
The Best of Halo
(Fan Music)
04/04/04 It's bits of dialogue, set to a Halo soundtrack, comprising what the author, Rob (Hippo) Palardy, considers "some of the finer parts of Halo, both gameplay and story."
Programmed For War
(Fan Music)
04/03/04 Created by Rayagon, he considers it a work-in-progress, but he's not sure he'll ever get around to another edit, in his words, "I was just feeling like channelling the Master Chief badassedness into some music one day, and the mix came out."
AutoMagic 117 Stripz
(HBO Prime)
04/01/04 BOLL created an app for making stuntmutt's One One Se7en strips yourself.
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