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Building Master Chief
(Fan Creations)
11/24/03 Master Chief being built (flash animation) by ASPMaster.
bTV Screen Captures
01/06/00 Justin Garcia's screen captures from Day One of Bungie's webcasted bTV live video stream.
bTV Day 4 Screen Captures
01/13/00 Screen captures of the 2000 bTV webcast, featuring some early Halo characters and weapons. Taken by Harry Al-Shakarchi.
bTV Day 2 Halo Backstory Summary
01/07/00 From Day 2 of bTV coverage in May 2000, this audio clip consists of a full and detailed summary of the Halo backstory, as it existed then.
Brian Morden Sound Clip
02/15/03 A high-quality sound sample of Brian's single line in Halo: CE, provided by Marty O'Donnell.
Brian Morden Fund
01/19/03 Originally set up to give the HBO community a way to contribute to the Morden family for the expenses incurred by Brian's illness, it's become, after his death, a way for the community to contribute to a Brian Morden higher education scholarship, funding for Ewing's Sarcoma research, and contributions to patient care at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.
Blood Gulch, a story of Bravery and Servival.
(Fan Creations)
03/03/04 Michael Frank and some others wrote a Flash animation; it's a 4 mb story of Bravery and Survival (yeah, their words) in our favorite canyon.
Biomonky's Haloween grunt
(Fan Creations)
01/04/04 Biomonky dropped off a photo of his Halloween (Haloween) Grunt hat and plasma pistol, made with acrylic paint, a cardboard box, newspaper, tape, and glue.
Belly of the Beast (Remix)
(Fan Music)
12/31/02 A powerful piece of Halo fan music, originally posted at Xboxworld.nl. The author was kind enough to write up some comments.
Beginner's Guide to Halo PC Hacking
(Fan Creations)
03/04/04 XLNC has posted a rather extensive guide to Halo PC Hacking for beginners. Many usefully tips in this one.
Be the Master Chief
(Fan Creations)
10/23/02 Another cool Flash creation from BOLL - this one will use your attached webcam to put your own face behind the Master Chief's visor. Three pose options.
Battlefield: 1942 Halo mod
(Fan Creations)
11/16/02 Information and models from an in-progress mod for Battlefield: 1942. Volunteers are needed - read for details.
AutoMagic 117 Stripz
(HBO Prime)
04/01/04 BOLL created an app for making stuntmutt's One One Se7en strips yourself.
Atom's Halo Tribute
(Fan Music)
12/25/02 An audio tribute to Halo. The influence is subtle...
ASCII Halo Marine, redux
10/30/01 An extremely detailed, very large, colored ASCII depiction of the Halo Marine, done again by [SE]X-Com.
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