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Weapons Respawn Times
08/21/02 A table containing respawn times for weapons and powerups on the multiplayer maps. These are for the straight slayer gametype - when substitutions happen, respawn times seem to be linked to location, not weapon type. Hmm... that sounds confusing. Go read the page.
Weapons schematics from Halo PDF manual
01/20/03 Gholsbane and Brian Hannan went to the trouble of extracting the weapons schematics from the Halo Manual - they're available in both raster and vector formats.
Wearable MC Suit
(Fan Creations)
12/20/03 A chronicle of Chris Bryan's wearable Halo 2 MC suit - built over the course of a year. Documented all along the way. Wild!
WebCam Play-By-Play
03/03/00 Unbroken monologue from fan Kristian Attfield (AKA Finch), reporting as he watches some early PC Halo play over the Bungie Webcam.
(Fan Creations)
02/17/03 A collection of three images designed to be used on a three-monitor desktop. Also available individually in our Wallpaper section.
Win A Date With One One Se7en
(HBO Prime)
04/08/04 Come up with a brilliant one-liner using BOLL's Automagic 117 StripMaker, and win a cool prize!
Xbox Costume
(Fan Creations)
11/04/03 A picture of Chris Macias' Halloween costume.
Xbox Halloween costume
11/03/03 Chris Macias dressed up as an Xbox for candy. Life-size!
Xbox Live Bootcamp Writeup
(HBO Prime)
10/22/02 A description (with pictures) of the Xbox Live Bootcamp Microsoft hosted in mid-October for a collection of fan website maintainers. Contains speculation about the future of Xbox Live, and includes links to writeups on other sites.
Xbox Live Launch Party Coverage
(HBO Prime)
11/14/02 Photos from the celebrity party thrown by Microsoft in Hollywood on the eve of the launch of Xbox Live. Not really Halo-related... but Xbox Live is where Halo 2 will shine.
Xbox.com April Fools Site
03/31/02 An archive of Xbox.com's 2002 April Fools homepage. Contains all sorts of... interesting content.
Yet another Halo mini-game
(Fan Creations)
08/09/02 This one was built by tino - and it's got multiple levels, and a multiplayer mode. 9 mb - considerably heftier than previous offerings.
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