Kristian Attfield's Stream-of-Consciousness WebCam Play-By-Play

Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 00:22:41 -0700
From: Kristian Attfield <>
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Subject: Bungie West Cam

I feel I have to tell someone so this is prolly the best place to tell
it.  Right now I am watching someone in the Bungie west offices play
halo.  I think it might be Jason Jones (probably).  It is really,
really, cool.  11:43pm.  Been watching for 43 minutes now.  I hope my
typing skills are as good as I think they are because I can't take my
eyes off of that part of the screen (where it's playing).  How do I know
it's halo?  Well, there are lotsa identifing features but the best was
the big tank.  I also saw some awsome aircraft action and stuff that I
think I knew what it was but wasn't sure because the view is so small.
I think I see aliens.  Yah, that's an alien.  Well, halo is amazing.
Even just a  few pixels.  I can see what is happing and get an idea of
how good the game is.  But that aircraft was awsome.  Right now I think
I'm watchin a marine but it loosk like it could be an alien too.  not that some sort of elavtator or soemthing?  It's hard to tell.
Some kind of platform I think.  Can't be sure.  That aircraft was
awsome.  I liked the explosions.  I'm getting tired.  that guy either
has some form of jetlag or he's getting a lot of caffiene.  bright
lights!  woah! hard to tell what is happing.  Explonsins.  BOOM.  Ah.
blue.  darkness.  soo much action, can't keep up. tunnel?  I know I'm
watching the marine right now.  Holding shoulder mounted weapon.woah.  I
could keep like this forever.  I'm glad I have a cable modem.  I thought
I saw something just hovering in the sky.  I think I've said enough.  I
am seeing things lifting off the ground.  ???  shooting.  smoke trails.
marine or alien?  He put his hands behind is head (the guy playing)  bad
posture.  Just like mine.  Face pretty much up against the monitor.  why
does he keeping getting out of his chair and looking at something behind
him?  before he just rolled around IN his chair.  nearly one hour now.
It's sad watching someone just sit there playing a game.  It's prolly
sadder being the person who is watching.  I should play some myth.  Need
halo.  Birgh lights! flying thing flew above tank and there were blue
lights traveling up!  woah1hahaha!  darnit, I hate it when I drool. I
wonder if this guy likes his job.    I have just watched him for a whole
hour now.  I need myth.  mb I can get myth tomorrow night.  I wish I
didn't have homework.  I need a kleenex.  I just saw the other guy.  he
is wearing a blue shirt and white pants.  The guy playing is whearing
dark clothes.  Is it always that dark in the bungie offices?  bright
lights on the montir.  that guy in the blue shirt was playing with his
wallet or soemthing.  gonnna buy some pizza mb?  an all-nighter?  oops,
the guy playing just moved a bit.  I wish there was sound.  I wonder if
he is using speakers or no sound at all.  He doesn't have headphones or
earphones on.  I wish there was a way to save a streaming movie so I
could show everyone what I see.  I need sleep.  He moved a gain.  Why is
he looking back there?  He got out of his chair, stood up, and sat back
down always looking ehind him.  he did it again!  Is this guy mentaly
unstable or something?  He did it like 5 times in a row!  Mb He's just
getting bored.  bored playing halo?  he MUST be crazy, one way or
another. :)  THE MONIITOR TURNED OFF!  Good, ti's back.  They're
talking.  Hese standing there. What?  what is that on the montir?
reminds me of a gas station.  Well, it aint halo.  They are crazy!  they
just stand around!  I wonder what they're saying.  This other guy isn't
the guy with the blue shirt.  He has a white collar.  They are .  same
guy as player?  I really need a kleenex.  I have a cold you know.
They're just pacing around.  Ok, the guy in dark sirt doesn't know how
to sit in a chair.  He has is knees on the sat, and he's sitting on it
backwards holding on the the back.  He swiveled a bit.  These guys are
weird.  Going back to comp.  monitor went planb.  it's on again.  They
are both playing now I think.  they're doing something. 3 PEROPLE!    I
see them all!  oh, I think I see.  that must be netscape or something.
I dont' think so though.  everyones gone.  They left their computer
running.  one hour nine minutes.  my dad wants me to go to bed.  12:11
AM.  I'm in mountain standard time.  No one is there.  Must not lose
interest yet.  They will be back!  hopefully.  I hope....  I need a
kleenex.  BACK! someone walked by!  guy with light colored clothing.
There are two guys with dark clothing and one guy with light clothing.
What appened to a blue shirt?  That guy is wearing white shirt.  Or were
those his white pants?   I'll watch for a bit more, and if no more halo,
I'll stop this e-mail.  I hope you can unterstand everything I wrote.
Do y ou think you could post this on your site or something?  then
everyone could read it.  Nothing is happening.  cool, the monitor is
reflecting off the table!  Just like real life.  ER, that is real life.
I can't believe I actually forgot for a moment!  Those guys at bungie
can really screw with your head.  Nothing.  Bed time.  need kleenex.  I
think I'll go now.  Just a few more minutes...  ...  Don't they know
when to turn of their computer?  The people at bungie don't seem to know
about electricity conservation.  Well, at least they don't have their
lights turned on. I hope.  What is that thing sitting in front of the
webcam?  a CD? One hour 17 minutes.  Still nothing.  I think they might
have left us.  I guess they need their sleep too.  But they left the
computer turned ON.  that annoys me.  Now I'll never know.  I'll have to
watch until they come back tomorrow. but I can't.  I have to sleep too.
Well, this is what I see (clearly), then I'll go to bed.  A cd ona
table.  I think the webcam is sitting on the same table.  A swivel(?)
chair.  A monitor.  A whiteboard.  a shelving unit with stuff on it.
stuff in front of a monitor.  One hour 20 minutes and 40 seconds.  12:21
AM Saturday morning.  good by.  AAGGGH!! I CAN"TBELIEVE I JUSTWATCHED

-Kristian Attfield (aka Finch)

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