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Halo 2 Dialogue Snippets

Halo had over 5000 dialogue snippets in it - Halo 2 has 3 times that many. That doesn't stop dedicated fans from attempting to catalogue them all. Beginning on November 15, Captain Spark began sending in snippets from the game, collected with as little background noise as possible. As in the first game, we will accept submissions from anyone, with the same proviso we used for the Halo Dialogue Databank. And, as before, if someone submits a better version of an existing clip, we'll substitute it for the one we have - but the original submitter will retain credit. (This hasn't been a problem in the past - here's hoping it's not one in the future, either.) Subsections will be added as needed. Please mail submissions to halotalk@bungie.org.

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Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
And those who made the rings? What happened to the Forerunners? mp3 arbiter 44K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
By the Prophets! What have these brutes done? mp3 arbiter 116K 7/24/07 Firebird
Oracle - what is Halo's purpose? mp3 arbiter 41K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Tartarus - stop! mp3 arbiter 21K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
The cable - I'm going to cut it. Get everyone back to the ships. mp3 arbiter 116K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
The sacred rings - what are they? mp3 arbiter 32K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Then we shall force him out. mp3 arbiter 29K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
What would you have your arbiter do? mp3 arbiter 33K 4/16/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Thinking about running? mp3 brutes 81K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
A day's rations says I do this in one cut. mp3 brutes 111K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
A hunter must be patient. mp3 brutes 35K 9/30/05 Captain Spark
A killing ground. mp3 brutes 73K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
A tiny morsel... not worth the hunt! mp3 brutes 88K 5/17/06 Captain Spark
A true hunter shows his flesh, Demon! mp3 brutes 105K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Air's too thin to hold the scent. mp3 brutes 84K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
An elusive quarry. mp3 brutes 81K 7/11/06 Captain Spark
An illusive glory. mp3 brutes 97K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
An unsuccessful hunt. mp3 brutes 69K 7/14/06 Captain Spark
Barely a prick! mp3 brutes 62K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Bastard Elite... mp3 brutes 43K 8/1/06 Captain Spark
Bastard! mp3 brutes 84K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Boil in your pot, demon! mp3 brutes 68K 7/11/06 Captain Spark
Can you see it? mp3 brutes 51K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Can you track it? mp3 brutes 48K 7/14/06 Captain Spark
Can't be this way! mp3 brutes 42K 7/11/06 Captain Spark
Canned meat! mp3 brutes 76K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Careful! Grenade! mp3 brutes 52K 7/11/06 Captain Spark
Careful! It may try to double back! Next time, we will catch it. mp3 brutes 142K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Careful! It might have friends. mp3 brutes 76K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Come at him from all sides! mp3 brutes 57K 5/17/06 Captain Spark
Come back! We won't hurt you. mp3 brutes 83K 4/13/06 Hellhawk
Come close - I don't bite. Hahaha! mp3 brutes 55K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
Come out! There is no time for these games! mp3 brutes 54K 4/4/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Permission to leave the station. mp3 chief 18K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
To give the Covenant back their bomb. mp3 chief 34K 1/5/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
After that stunt on the Cairo, I KNOW you're not afraid of heights. mp3 cortana 42K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
And people say I've got a big head. mp3 cortana 49K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Apparently, these are the Prophet Heirarchs' private quarters - their inner sanctum. mp3 cortana 73K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
Ask yourself this question: Is what I'm doing right now helping Cortana keep this station from blowing into tiny, tiny bits? mp3 cortana 109K 12/2/05 Captain Spark
Chief - leave me! mp3 cortana 25K 12/20/06 Captain Spark
Chief, come to the lower level. More guards, get ready. mp3 cortana 90K 7/26/07 Hellhawk
Chief, you're going to have to board the Scarab. mp3 cortana 63K 7/26/07 Hellhawk
Chief. We don't have much time. mp3 cortana 56K 7/26/07 Hellhawk
Come to the middle level, Chief. The marines are just inside. Careful of the guards. mp3 cortana 106K 7/26/07 Hellhawk
Fine, I won't watch. Meet you at the bottom, okay? mp3 cortana 76K 7/26/07 Hellhawk
Forget about the flood - you've got to get aboard! mp3 cortana 39K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
Good. The bridge is down. Now about those wraiths... mp3 cortana 111K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
Great Journey? Doesn't he know what these rings do? mp3 cortana 89K 7/26/07 Hellhawk
Here, Chief, jump in! mp3 cortana 30K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
His throne is shielded - it's deflecting everything you throw at it! Get in close, and do whatever you can. mp3 cortana 76K 3/3/06 Captain Spark
Hold here until the pelican arrives, Chief. mp3 cortana 81K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
I am your shield. I am your sword. [From Halo 3 Trailer] mp3 cortana 82K 5/10/06 KMS Ahrnaieanin
I can't go with you! mp3 cortana 28K 12/20/06 Captain Spark
I have defied gods and demons. [From Halo 3 Trailer] mp3 cortana 106K 5/10/06 KMS Ahrnaieanin
I have to stay here, Chief! mp3 cortana 28K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
I knew the Covenant was good at repurposing Forerunner technology, but this is amazing! They've been using the Forerunner ship's engines as an energy source for the city. The ship isn't so much launching as it is disengaging, uncoupling itself from High Charity's power grid. Stopping Truth - that's all that matters! mp3 cortana 316K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
I know you - your past, your future... [From Halo 3 Trailer] mp3 cortana 80K 5/10/06 KMS Ahrnaieanin
I saw it too. It looked like a temple. If I were a megalomaniac (and I'm not) that's where I'd be. mp3 cortana 194K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
I wish I had time to decipher these inscriptions. The Forerunners revered this place - that much is clear. But was it a temple? A university? I can't say. mp3 cortana 335K 8/1/06 Captain Spark
I'll do what I can to slow the launch sequence. There's something inside the ship... a presence - it's fighting back! For a Covenant construct, it's unusually formidable. mp3 cortana 278K 8/1/06 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Advance on it! You first! mp3 elites 45K 3/3/05 Captain Spark
Cover me! All set - go! mp3 elites 32K 3/3/05 Captain Spark
Do it. You first! mp3 elites 59K 3/3/05 Captain Spark
How did you fare? Well, as expected. mp3 elites 62K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
How went the battle? Fine! You? mp3 elites 62K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
I forbid you. I will not do nothing! mp3 elites 46K 3/3/05 Captain Spark
You - go take a look! No way - you do! mp3 elites 89K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
You shall not - Honor demands it! mp3 elites 40K 3/11/05 Captain Spark
You! Go look! Right away! mp3 elites 92K 2/27/06 Hellhawk


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A fine battle, don't you think? mp3 elite_dogmatic 31K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
A head your size cannot contain much brain. mp3 elite_dogmatic 38K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
A pox on you, beast! mp3 elite_dogmatic 30K 6/10/05 Captain Spark
A zealot? So much for a stealthy advance. mp3 elite_dogmatic 122K 7/24/07 Firebird
And yet I live! mp3 elite_dogmatic 20K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Another here! mp3 elite_dogmatic 22K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
Another misstep, Arbiter, and it will be the end for you. mp3 elite_dogmatic 46K 4/30/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter - take your pick. mp3 elite_dogmatic 47K 10/21/06 Captain Spark
Arbiter! Generally speaking, friends are blue. mp3 elite_dogmatic 117K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Are there any more? mp3 elite_dogmatic 64K 7/24/07 Firebird
Are you blind? mp3 elite_dogmatic 66K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Are you injured? mp3 elite_dogmatic 24K 8/1/06 Captain Spark
As if you could ever take our place! mp3 elite_dogmatic 49K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
Away we go, brothers! mp3 elite_dogmatic 57K 3/24/06 Captain Spark
Back off! mp3 elite_dogmatic 19K 3/17/06 Captain Spark
Before you die, you shall know fear! mp3 elite_dogmatic 39K 6/10/05 Captain Spark
Beg! Beg on your knees! mp3 elite_dogmatic 35K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
Beware! Snipers! mp3 elite_dogmatic 22K 2/3/05 Captain Spark
Brother down! mp3 elite_dogmatic 64K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
By the Forerunners, no! mp3 elite_dogmatic 39K 6/1/05 Captain Spark
By the prophets! mp3 elite_dogmatic 41K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
By the ring! mp3 elite_dogmatic 25K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
By the rings, this is too much! mp3 elite_dogmatic 45K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
Call out targets as you see them. mp3 elite_dogmatic 59K 3/24/06 Captain Spark
Calm yourself, Arbiter! mp3 elite_dogmatic 43K 4/4/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A pox on you, beast! mp3 elite_loose 64K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
A righteous anger! mp3 elite_loose 34K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
Abhorrent beast! mp3 elite_loose 57K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Abomination! mp3 elite_loose 24K 10/21/06 Captain Spark
Agony! mp3 elite_loose 49K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
An enemy! mp3 elite_loose 63K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Another day, another victory. mp3 elite_loose 49K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
Another for me! mp3 elite_loose 16K 4/25/05 thesaelens
Any more? mp3 elite_loose 43K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Apostate! Your end is nigh. mp3 elite_loose 33K 8/9/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter - leave me my share! mp3 elite_loose 29K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter - so glad you could join us. mp3 elite_loose 40K 10/21/06 Captain Spark
Arbiter or no, he must be stopped! mp3 elite_loose 39K 8/1/06 Captain Spark
Arbiter! Save some for the rest of us. mp3 elite_loose 97K 7/24/07 Firebird
Arbiter! We have little time! mp3 elite_loose 32K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter, you are my hero. mp3 elite_loose 40K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
Arbiter... you ill? mp3 elite_loose 32K 12/24/04 thesaelens
Are we not the mightiest force in the galaxy? mp3 elite_loose 36K 6/10/05 Captain Spark
Are you blind? mp3 elite_loose 18K 12/24/04 thesaelens
Are you comfortable, Arbiter? mp3 elite_loose 60K 3/24/06 Captain Spark
Are you sure? mp3 elite_loose 59K 7/24/07 Firebird
Asshole. mp3 elite_loose 23K 7/7/05 Captain Spark
Backstabbing Arbiter! mp3 elite_loose 25K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
Bad Arbiter! mp3 elite_loose 22K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
Bah - over so soon? mp3 elite_loose 27K 4/4/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
[flood variant 01] mp3 flood 33K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 02] mp3 flood 42K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 03] mp3 flood 42K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 04] mp3 flood 32K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 05] mp3 flood 41K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 06] mp3 flood 39K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 07] mp3 flood 29K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 08] mp3 flood 38K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 09] mp3 flood 19K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 10] mp3 flood 18K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 11] mp3 flood 26K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 12] mp3 flood 14K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
[flood variant 13] mp3 flood 12K 7/24/07 IceWeasel


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Do not look! Me own boss! mp3 grunts 75K 12/23/04 thesaelens
Go check if there! Isn't here! mp3 grunts 98K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
How you doing? A few minor annoyances, that is all. mp3 grunts 81K 3/30/05 Captain Spark
How you? Fine! You? mp3 grunts 78K 3/30/05 Captain Spark
Keep me safe? Me got ya! mp3 grunts 47K 12/22/04 thesaelens
Let's go! Me with you! mp3 grunts 44K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
Let's run away! You not boss of me... mp3 grunts 49K 12/22/04 thesaelens
Me have bad feeling about this. You always have bad feeling! You had bad feeling about morning food nipple! mp3 grunts 121K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
No, stay here! Mind own business! mp3 grunts 57K 3/3/05 Captain Spark
Stay back! You not boss of me. mp3 grunts 58K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
That very bad idea... Mind own business! mp3 grunts 58K 12/22/04 thesaelens
Yeah? Bring it. Bring it! mp3 grunts 57K 4/7/06 Captain Spark
Yow! mp3 grunts 21K 3/3/05 thesaelens


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Ach - killjoy! mp3 grunt_crazy 22K 11/15/05 Captain Spark
After all me do for you? mp3 grunt_crazy 33K 11/22/04 Captain Spark
Aha! Find you! mp3 grunt_crazy 27K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
Ahh! What? mp3 grunt_crazy 34K 1/12/05 SaloX
Air breather! mp3 grunt_crazy 24K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
All set - go! mp3 grunt_crazy 19K 10/21/06 Captain Spark
Always hated you elites! mp3 grunt_crazy 27K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
Another enemy! mp3 grunt_crazy 23K 12/24/04 thesaelens
Arbiter kill us all! Hahahaha! mp3 grunt_crazy 84K 3/3/06 Captain Spark
Arbiter our savior! Stupid jackal... say thank you! mp3 grunt_crazy 62K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
Arbiter promise to be good? mp3 grunt_crazy 30K 3/3/06 Captain Spark
Arbiter! mp3 grunt_crazy 40K 12/24/04 thesaelens
Arbiter? Tell me a story. mp3 grunt_crazy 59K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter? We be friends? mp3 grunt_crazy 32K 4/30/05 Captain Spark
Are you crazy? Quiet! mp3 grunt_crazy 34K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Aw, come on! mp3 grunt_crazy 52K 1/16/05 thesaelens
Bad Arbiter! mp3 grunt_crazy 35K 3/30/05 Captain Spark
Bad friend! mp3 grunt_crazy 70K 7/24/07 Firebird
Be careful! mp3 grunt_crazy 77K 7/24/07 Firebird
Big... scary... thing! Run away! mp3 grunt_crazy 55K 12/24/04 thesaelens
Boaster! mp3 grunt_crazy 12K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
Bringer of death! mp3 grunt_crazy 19K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
But... Arbiter friend! mp3 grunt_crazy 27K 11/22/04 Captain Spark
But... Arbiter friend! No! Nobody like YOU! Except for Arbiter - he like me! mp3 grunt_crazy 110K 7/7/05 Captain Spark
Can't all just get along? mp3 grunt_crazy 35K 3/3/06 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
You lucky me have poor short-term memory! mp3 grunt_dopey 73K 3/3/06 Captain Spark
Aahhh! mp3 grunt_dopey 26K 3/30/05 Captain Spark
Ahh, okay. mp3 grunt_dopey 75K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
As expected! mp3 grunt_dopey 52K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Away! Run away! mp3 grunt_dopey 25K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
Baboons go down easy! Good one! mp3 grunt_dopey 60K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
Be better? mp3 grunt_dopey 86K 7/24/07 Firebird
Be still, me beating heart. mp3 grunt_dopey 25K 7/7/05 Captain Spark
Better than expected... mp3 grunt_dopey 27K 4/30/05 Captain Spark
Better to let it go. mp3 grunt_dopey 28K 3/11/05 Captain Spark
Big bad thing! mp3 grunt_dopey 22K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
Could have been worse! mp3 grunt_dopey 22K 12/31/04 Captain Spark
Danger on way! mp3 grunt_dopey 21K 12/22/04 thesaelens
Demon feel stupid when me kill it! mp3 grunt_dopey 27K 3/3/05 Captain Spark
Demon helmet make great backpack! mp3 grunt_dopey 49K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
Don't worry. Me already resigned to early death. mp3 grunt_dopey 47K 7/7/05 Captain Spark
Enemy up there! mp3 grunt_dopey 45K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Even me know that stupid! mp3 grunt_dopey 30K 8/9/05 Captain Spark
Every grunt for self! mp3 grunt_dopey 27K 3/11/05 Captain Spark
Evil bad demon! mp3 grunt_dopey 21K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
Evil bad demon. mp3 grunt_dopey 30K 12/23/04 thesaelens
Fight is this way! mp3 grunt_dopey 30K 2/17/06 Captain Spark
For me? mp3 grunt_dopey 64K 2/27/06 Hellhawk
Frankly me rather not. mp3 grunt_dopey 24K 8/9/05 Captain Spark
Give room! mp3 grunt_dopey 24K 10/3/06 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Come on, son - step into the red square. mp3 gunns 34K 7/24/07 Stagger
Get the hell out of my armory, Split lip! Aaaugh! Dang it! mp3 gunns 87K 7/24/07 Stagger
Go ahead and stand in the red square. It'll just take a minute. mp3 gunns 46K 7/24/07 Stagger
Hit the switch! It wont hurt... much. mp3 gunns 41K 7/24/07 Stagger
I know you Spartans think you know everything, but it couldn't hurt you to at least look this way. mp3 gunns 63K 7/24/07 Stagger
Look, just cause the brass kisses your ass, don't mean I will. Look at me when I talk to you! mp3 gunns 67K 7/24/07 Stagger
You have to stand in the red square before we can start the test. mp3 gunns 43K 7/24/07 Stagger


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Hahaha... get in line. mp3 heretic 56K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
I wondered who the prophets would send to silence me. An Arbiter... I'm flattered. mp3 heretic 118K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
This will save me from the storm, but you will be consumed. mp3 heretic 84K 3/25/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Aaah, knocked off again (with 'down' overdub) [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 262K 10/30/06 RVideo
Blown away! [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 103K 10/30/06 RVideo
Dead everywhere, yay! [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 122K 10/30/06 RVideo
Give a shit [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 104K 10/30/06 RVideo
Hey - not that guy! [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 90K 10/30/06 RVideo
I need to wee. [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 154K 10/30/06 RVideo
Not again! [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 86K 10/30/06 RVideo
Not clean - wash yourself. [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 78K 10/30/06 RVideo
Shot ya! [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 74K 10/30/06 RVideo
That's a victory! [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 176K 10/30/06 RVideo
Yeah, yeah, none other. [original reversed; multiple versions included] mp3 jackals 83K 10/30/06 RVideo


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
I didn't sign up for this! mp3 johnson 87K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
After all we've been through together? mp3 johnson 69K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
All right, you just showed us how NOT to do it! mp3 johnson 29K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
Another bastard - right there! mp3 johnson 79K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Aren't you enjoying your shore leave? mp3 johnson 66K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
Ashes to ashes. mp3 johnson 78K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
At this rate, we're NEVER gonna win this war! mp3 johnson 34K 1/30/06 Captain Spark
Aw, man, you ain't dead - get up! mp3 johnson 79K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Bastards movin' up! mp3 johnson 38K 6/16/06 Captain Spark
Boo! Ha! Two for flinching. mp3 johnson 103K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Boo! Hah! Two for flinching. mp3 johnson 73K 5/27/06 Captain Spark
Bring the body over - I'll sign it! mp3 johnson 67K 6/16/06 Captain Spark
Buggers! Headin' over the rooftops! mp3 johnson 28K 6/1/05 Captain Spark
C'mon, Arbiter! Kick that guy's ass! mp3 johnson 27K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
C'mon, boy... you could become a man today! mp3 johnson 38K 2/10/06 Captain Spark
C'mon, Chief - get up! You've had worse... mp3 johnson 69K 1/30/06 Captain Spark
C'mon, Chief - they're ready for us on the bridge. mp3 johnson 31K 7/1/05 Captain Spark
Cakehole - shut it! mp3 johnson 27K 2/10/06 Captain Spark
Cancel Christmas! mp3 johnson 20K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Careful - he's got father issues he hasn't worked through! mp3 johnson 67K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
Careful! Not everyone has fancy-ass power armor! mp3 johnson 39K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
Clean your visor, jackass! mp3 johnson 28K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
Come on, Chief! mp3 johnson 45K 3/23/05 RibsMaster
Come over here, you big lug! Hahahahahaha... mp3 johnson 146K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Cortana! What in the hell is going on? mp3 johnson 94K 2/26/06 Hellhawk


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Are you TRYING to kill me? mp3 keyes 23K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
Check your targets! mp3 keyes 14K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
Chief, c'mon... get to work! mp3 keyes 28K 12/2/05 Captain Spark
Hey, watch it! mp3 keyes 19K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
I hope you're staring at my ribbons. mp3 keyes 37K 12/2/05 Captain Spark
My father warned me about guys like you! Actually... he mentioned you specifically. mp3 keyes 73K 12/2/05 Captain Spark
Thanks, Chief. I owe you one. mp3 keyes 29K 1/5/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Fall in over here! Yeah, you got it. Will there be snacks? mp3 marines 72K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
I don't want to kill you... it's just you're too ugly to let live. Hey - mind if I use that one? mp3 marines 80K 12/3/04 Captain Spark
I think I'm gonna need a medic. So how we doin' over there? Doin' my job... mp3 marines 78K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
If you forget about the Covenant, and the fact that we're stuck on a freaky alien world it's actually...kinda fun! mp3 marines 83K 5/5/05 PingZing
Oh, man, I love the beach. I hope you packed a suit, mate! mp3 marines 56K 12/3/04 Captain Spark
Thats a bad idea. Hey - I'll decide what's right for this guy. mp3 marines 65K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
They're in standard formation - little bastards up front, big ones in back. [Scripted Cairo Station Dialogue] mp3 marines 44K 12/24/04 Captain Spark
Why... what's wrong with it? mp3 marines 30K 1/30/05 thesaelens
You're not the boss of me! mp3 marines 21K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
[Howard Dean scream] mp3 marines 65K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Affirmative. mp3 marines_female 53K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
Backing you up... mp3 marines_female 15K 3/17/06 RibsMaster
Good one! mp3 marines_female 15K 3/17/06 RibsMaster
If I find out that you have x-ray vision... you're dead. mp3 marines_female 52K 10/20/05 Captain Spark
Okay Chief! mp3 marines_female 68K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
Push 'em back! mp3 marines_female 22K 3/17/06 RibsMaster
Sniper neutralized. mp3 marines_female 21K 3/17/06 RibsMaster
The last guy that looked at me like that? I kicked him right in the nuts. mp3 marines_female 132K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
To hell with you! mp3 marines_female 19K 3/17/06 RibsMaster
What do you need, Chief? mp3 marines_female 15K 3/17/06 RibsMaster
What... is the poor monster frightened? mp3 marines_female 42K 12/24/04 Captain Spark
Wow... ugly AND stupid. What a combo! mp3 marines_female 37K 12/24/04 Captain Spark
Yes, sir. mp3 marines_female 48K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Ah! Greased 'em! mp3 marine_aussie 55K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Ah! This never gets old, mate! mp3 marine_aussie 71K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Ah, piece of piss, sir. mp3 marine_aussie 52K 6/16/06 Captain Spark
Ah, you little buggers make it too easy! mp3 marine_aussie 37K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Ah, you little buggers make me sick. mp3 marine_aussie 25K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Aha! I didn't even break a sweat, pig! mp3 marine_aussie 39K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
And I thought I was good behind the wheel! mp3 marine_aussie 77K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Another kill for me! Hah! mp3 marine_aussie 84K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Aw, man, he is SO dead. mp3 marine_aussie 43K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
Bloody hell - what's this, then? mp3 marine_aussie 25K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Bloody hell! What's this, then? mp3 marine_aussie 26K 3/3/06 Captain Spark
Bloody hell, Cortana - shut him off! mp3 marine_aussie 30K 9/30/05 Captain Spark
C'mon - let's give him some help! mp3 marine_aussie 30K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
Chief! Same team! [variant] mp3 marine_aussie 70K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Chief! What the hell are you doing? mp3 marine_aussie 63K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Come on, fellas - into the fight! mp3 marine_aussie 35K 11/15/05 Captain Spark
Come on, get up, you're not hurt. mp3 marine_aussie 23K 12/3/04 Captain Spark
Come on, mate - after me! mp3 marine_aussie 97K 7/24/07 Captain Spark
Contact! mp3 marine_aussie 36K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Dammit - I've never felt pain like this before! mp3 marine_aussie 32K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Don't piss me off, mate! mp3 marine_aussie 48K 3/17/06 Captain Spark
Down for the count! mp3 marine_aussie 19K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
Enemy spotted! mp3 marine_aussie 46K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Enemy's over there, Chief! mp3 marine_aussie 19K 4/25/05 thesaelens
Eyes on! mp3 marine_aussie 40K 9/8/06 Hellhawk


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A Spartan! Kick-ass. mp3 marine_cross 33K 2/10/06 Captain Spark
Adrian! mp3 marine_cross 46K 5/27/06 Captain Spark
Advantage... us. mp3 marine_cross 31K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
All right - aim for their asses! mp3 marine_cross 26K 9/10/05 Captain Spark
All right - follow your nose. mp3 marine_cross 74K 7/24/07 Captain Spark
All right - now we're good! mp3 marine_cross 23K 10/20/05 Captain Spark
All right - who pissed them off? mp3 marine_cross 23K 7/22/05 Captain Spark
All right then - that's yours. mp3 marine_cross 19K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
All right! I think we officially won! mp3 marine_cross 47K 7/1/05 Captain Spark
All right! Problem taken care of - I'm hungry. mp3 marine_cross 39K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
All right, everybody - take five! mp3 marine_cross 29K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
All right, everybody - take five! No - sorry, Chief, not you. mp3 marine_cross 92K 5/27/06 Captain Spark
All right, I'm outta here. You've got a problem, man. mp3 marine_cross 33K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
All right, let's find a nose, and follow it! mp3 marine_cross 89K 7/24/07 Captain Spark
All right, what do you want? A cookie? mp3 marine_cross 31K 2/3/05 Captain Spark
And everybody was kung fu fighting... mp3 marine_cross 41K 10/20/05 Captain Spark
And we've got a lovely parting gift for the losers. It's death! mp3 marine_cross 70K 7/1/05 Captain Spark
And... how is THAT smart? mp3 marine_cross 30K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
And... what can I do you for? mp3 marine_cross 37K 7/1/05 Captain Spark
Are you hiding? You're adorable. mp3 marine_cross 37K 7/22/05 Captain Spark
Are you made of leprechauns? Cause that was awesome. mp3 marine_cross 29K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
Bam! Spice that up a count. mp3 marine_cross 29K 4/16/05 Captain Spark
Bam! Spice that up a notch. mp3 marine_cross 24K 7/1/05 Captain Spark
Big Mo - let's make it happen! mp3 marine_cross 24K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
By the way... this war thing? Totally sucks. mp3 marine_cross 50K 9/15/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
'kay, don't shoot his head, you're gonna hurt Cortana. She's a hottie. She's blue... but she's a hottie. mp3 marine_perez 70K 12/2/05 Captain Spark
A la tres! [On three!] mp3 marine_perez 28K 4/7/06 Captain Spark
Ah, man! 1 mp3 marine_perez 60K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Ah, man! 2 mp3 marine_perez 49K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Ah, man! 3 mp3 marine_perez 69K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Ai! mp3 marine_perez 19K 3/23/05 RibsMaster
Almost gave me a heart attack, sir! mp3 marine_perez 62K 5/5/06 Captain Spark
And that goes for me too! mp3 marine_perez 56K 3/17/06 Captain Spark
Aw man- c'mon! mp3 marine_perez 65K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Bet they feel stupid, sir! mp3 marine_perez 44K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
C'mon. Let's roll. mp3 marine_perez 47K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Chase 'em down! Rub 'em out! mp3 marine_perez 26K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
Check it - that's the new armor! mp3 marine_perez 54K 5/5/06 Captain Spark
Chief? We're gonna hang here. mp3 marine_perez 50K 5/27/06 Captain Spark
Cleaned her this morning, Chief. (People was watching, too.) mp3 marine_perez 43K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
Come on, maricon - hahahaha! Woohoo! mp3 marine_perez 86K 5/5/06 Captain Spark
Damn four foot nothing! mp3 marine_perez 26K 9/10/05 Captain Spark
Damn four-foot nothing! mp3 marine_perez 23K 5/12/05 Captain Spark
death scream variant] mp3 marine_perez 66K 5/5/06 Captain Spark
Did you see how high he went, muchacho? mp3 marine_perez 34K 9/10/05 Captain Spark
Do I look scared? mp3 marine_perez 19K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
Don't shoot his head - you'll hurt Cortana! mp3 marine_perez 27K 12/2/05 Captain Spark
Don't stop shooting, sir! mp3 marine_perez 73K 9/8/06 Hellhawk
Don't worry - Hell don't have a height requirement! Hahahah... mp3 marine_perez 95K 5/27/06 Captain Spark
Elite my ass! Is that the best you can do? mp3 marine_perez 31K 10/20/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
All together, okay? mp3 marine_sassy 35K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
And the crowd goes wild! mp3 marine_sassy 44K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
Are you trying to get killed? mp3 marine_sassy 40K 2/17/06 Captain Spark
C'mon, Chief - give me a break! mp3 marine_sassy 30K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
Didn't even break a sweat! mp3 marine_sassy 31K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
Don't bother gettin' up. mp3 marine_sassy 27K 1/30/05 thesaelens
Eyes downrange - NOT down shirt! mp3 marine_sassy 38K 7/15/05 Captain Spark
Friendly down! Friendly down! mp3 marine_sassy 29K 9/10/05 Captain Spark
Get over here! I need a new pair of boots! mp3 marine_sassy 56K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
Glad I packed extra ammo. mp3 marine_sassy 28K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
Glad I packed extra ammo. mp3 marine_sassy 51K 10/3/06 Captain Spark
Good thing you don't have far to fall, huh? mp3 marine_sassy 34K 5/12/05 Captain Spark
Got another one over here! mp3 marine_sassy 31K 1/30/05 thesaelens
Hey - piggy! Even I'm taller than you! mp3 marine_sassy 36K 5/12/05 Captain Spark
I bleed more than that on a regular basis. mp3 marine_sassy 63K 3/17/06 Captain Spark
I think you need a time out. mp3 marine_sassy 31K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
I'll make you proud, sir. mp3 marine_sassy 21K 11/22/04 Captain Spark
I'm ready. mp3 marine_sassy 25K 1/30/05 thesaelens
I've had tougher cramps. mp3 marine_sassy 28K 7/15/05 Captain Spark
If you call this flirting you've got a lot to learn. mp3 marine_sassy 42K 11/22/04 Captain Spark
It's been real. mp3 marine_sassy 38K 10/3/06 Captain Spark
It's tight quarters on the other side sir. Use this. mp3 marine_sassy 63K 7/24/07 Firebird
Look good, feel good... mp3 marine_sassy 49K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
My body armor works fine, thank you. mp3 marine_sassy 42K 3/20/05 Captain Spark
My hero! mp3 marine_sassy 20K 7/15/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
About as good as usual... so really... not so good. mp3 marine_timid 59K 2/10/06 Captain Spark
All I do is give give give. mp3 marine_timid 32K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
And they call ME an idiot? mp3 marine_timid 26K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Are you all right? mp3 marine_timid 37K 6/23/06 Captain Spark
Away we go! mp3 marine_timid 65K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
Battle ready! mp3 marine_timid 40K 6/16/06 Captain Spark
Be careful! Ooo! mp3 marine_timid 74K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
Before you got here, Chief, I never thought I'd make it out of this alive. mp3 marine_timid 80K 2/3/05 Captain Spark
Better'n standing here by myself! mp3 marine_timid 70K 5/27/06 Captain Spark
Can I help you, Chief? mp3 marine_timid 38K 6/23/06 Captain Spark
Can I open my eyes now, sir? mp3 marine_timid 86K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
Can I please have that back, sir? mp3 marine_timid 25K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
Can you check that out? mp3 marine_timid 16K 10/31/06 Captain Spark
Can you sign it, sir? I'm a huge fan. mp3 marine_timid 39K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
Chief - could you kill all those things? That would really be awesome. mp3 marine_timid 61K 2/10/06 Captain Spark
Chief - you gonna let him say that about your mother? mp3 marine_timid 37K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Chief and I are gonna make you hurt! mp3 marine_timid 47K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
Chief! Same team! mp3 marine_timid 76K 3/17/06 Bloodpuppy
Chief, I'm scared enough as it is. mp3 marine_timid 34K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
Chief, please! Don't stop firing! mp3 marine_timid 32K 12/24/04 Captain Spark
Come get me! I'm just a little coward! No, really, I am. Hahahah... mp3 marine_timid 75K 7/1/05 Captain Spark
Enjoy it while it lasts! mp3 marine_timid 24K 2/3/05 Captain Spark
Enjoy it while it lasts. mp3 marine_timid 26K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Found one! Help! mp3 marine_timid 25K 7/15/05 Captain Spark
Give up, why don't you? mp3 marine_timid 46K 8/1/06 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Another contact! mp3 marine_tough 26K 1/30/05 thesaelens
Any time you want me to drive... just say the word. mp3 marine_tough 105K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Are you trying to get on my good side? mp3 marine_tough 67K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Barrel is hot. Watch your hands. mp3 marine_tough 76K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Chalk another one up, boys. mp3 marine_tough 73K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Chief - work the flanks! mp3 marine_tough 23K 5/25/05 Captain Spark
Chief... don't do that again. mp3 marine_tough 82K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Clean your damn visor! mp3 marine_tough 24K 6/1/05 Captain Spark
Come on - stick your head out... please? mp3 marine_tough 35K 5/25/05 Captain Spark
Come on, Chief - let's do this! mp3 marine_tough 47K 1/30/05 thesaelens
Creepy little runt! mp3 marine_tough 58K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
Do i have to steal your gun? mp3 marine_tough 21K 11/22/04 Captain Spark
Do those things even understand what you're saying? mp3 marine_tough 39K 9/10/05 Captain Spark
Don't be shy - let's dance! mp3 marine_tough 34K 5/25/05 Captain Spark
Dropped it! mp3 marine_tough 48K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Enemy down! mp3 marine_tough 25K 1/30/05 thesaelens
Fair enough. mp3 marine_tough 42K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Gimme back my bullets - I'll use 'em on something important. mp3 marine_tough 41K 5/12/05 Captain Spark
Go on... take a good look. Now move out! mp3 marine_tough 87K 6/16/06 Captain Spark
Good thing I like my job! mp3 marine_tough 45K 10/3/06 Captain Spark
Good, Chief! mp3 marine_tough 53K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Got another hostile! mp3 marine_tough 58K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Got it! mp3 marine_tough 49K 11/8/06 Hellhawk
Grow up, kid. mp3 marine_tough 43K 9/11/06 Captain Spark
Guess you got your reasons. mp3 marine_tough 68K 11/8/06 Hellhawk


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
[master chief death yell, a la Dr. Strangelove] mp3 masterchief 81K 3/17/06 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Are you listening to me? mp3 master_gunn 22K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
C'mon now! Is that a weapon or a fla - oh, god! Aaauugh! mp3 master_gunn 68K 2/10/06 Captain Spark
Careful! You'll tear a tendon doing that. mp3 master_gunn 39K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Chief - stand in the red square. mp3 master_gunn 37K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Fine, but don't come crying to me when you rip your leg out of its socket. mp3 master_gunn 62K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Go ahead and look at the top light, Chief! mp3 master_gunn 45K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Hey - take it easy! mp3 master_gunn 24K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
I know you Spartans think you know everything, but it couldn't hurt you to at least LOOK this way. mp3 master_gunn 55K 7/26/06 Clubinator
I'm talking to you, Chief. Look at me! mp3 master_gunn 47K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
It's considered respectful to look at someone when they're talking. mp3 master_gunn 47K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Look at the bottom light, son. mp3 master_gunn 32K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Look, just cause the brass kisses your ass, don't mean I will... Look at me when I talk to you! mp3 master_gunn 64K 7/26/06 Clubinator
Over here, Chief. Focus! mp3 master_gunn 34K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
Step into the red square, Chief, and we'll get started. mp3 master_gunn 58K 6/24/05 Captain Spark
This is important - you could at least look at me while I explain it! mp3 master_gunn 49K 6/24/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Chief! Get inside - gear up. We're taking this fight to the surface. mp3 miranda 131K 5/27/06 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
After exhausting every other strategic option, my creators activated the rings. They, and all additional sentient life in three radii of the galactic center, died, as planned. Would you like to see the relevant data? mp3 monitor 171K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Apology. Protocol does not allow me to interfere with any aspect of the sequence. mp3 monitor 56K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Charging sequence initiated. Primary generators coming online. mp3 monitor 52K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Please - use caution! This reclaimer is delicate. mp3 monitor 38K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Power generation phase complete. The installation is ready to fire. Starting final countdown... and may I say, Reclaimers, it has been a pleasure to serve you both. Goodbye! mp3 monitor 131K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Secondary generators charging. All systems are performing well within operational parameters. mp3 monitor 68K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Under more controlled circumstances, I would suggest the Reclaimer simply remove the index. mp3 monitor 64K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Weapons of last resort, built by the Forerunners to eliminate potential Flood hosts, thereby rendering the parasite harmless. mp3 monitor 76K 4/25/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Assault. mp3 multiplayer 13K 3/3/05 Icy Guy
Ball taken. mp3 multiplayer 18K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Betrayal! mp3 multiplayer 20K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Betrayed! mp3 multiplayer 19K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Bomb armed! Bomb planted! mp3 multiplayer 68K 2/17/06 Eisen Feuer
Bomb dropped! mp3 multiplayer 27K 2/17/06 Eisen Feuer
Bomb returned! mp3 multiplayer 42K 2/17/06 Eisen Feuer
Capture the flag. mp3 multiplayer 19K 3/3/05 Icy Guy
Defense. mp3 multiplayer 14K 3/3/05 Icy Guy
Double kill! mp3 multiplayer 28K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
Flag captured. mp3 multiplayer 21K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Flag returned! mp3 multiplayer 23K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Gained the lead. mp3 multiplayer 38K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
Game over. mp3 multiplayer 22K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Hill contested! mp3 multiplayer 36K 2/17/06 Eisen Feuer
Hill controlled! mp3 multiplayer 20K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
Hill moved. mp3 multiplayer 17K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12
In the zone! mp3 multiplayer 33K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
Juggernaut. mp3 multiplayer 14K 3/3/05 Icy Guy
Killfrenzy. mp3 multiplayer 28K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
Killimanjaro. mp3 multiplayer 33K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
Killtacular! mp3 multiplayer 33K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
Killtrocity! mp3 multiplayer 35K 8/22/05 Eisen Feuer
King of the hill. mp3 multiplayer 21K 3/3/05 Icy Guy
Lost the lead! mp3 multiplayer 22K 3/6/05 Icy Guy & RMC 12


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Are my guards too much for you? mp3 regret 53K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path; none will be left behind when our Great Journey begins! That is the Prophets' age-old promise, and it shall be fulfilled! Great Journey? Doesn't he know what these rings do? mp3 regret 394K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Fool! You've made yourself an easy target. mp3 regret 44K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
Guards! Remove this vermin from my sight. mp3 regret 67K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Here I am, human - slay me if you can! mp3 regret 48K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
Human filth! You foul this holy place. mp3 regret 83K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
I shall light this holy ring, release its cleansing flame, and burn a path into the divine beyond! mp3 regret 141K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
In a gesture of peace and reconciliation, the Prophets promised to find the means of the Forerunners' transcendence, and to share this knowledge with the Elites. The Elites promised to defend the Prophets as they searched. A simple arrangement... that has become our binding Covenant. Transcendence, huh? More like mass suicide. mp3 regret 452K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Incompetents! I'll kill it myself! mp3 regret 42K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Most of those we encountered on our search were compelled to join our union, to take part in a movement that promised freedom for allegiance, salvation for service! But some, like the humans, chose to impede our progress, block our access to sacred sites, damage holy relics! For their transgressions, the humans shall be hunted until none remain alive! mp3 regret 569K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Surely you can do better than that! mp3 regret 39K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
The Forerunners, our most exalted lords, used the seven sacred rings to flee a doomed existence, to escape their endless struggle against the flood. Long ago, the Prophets and Elites fought an equally fruitless war. Indeed, I suspect we would still be at each other's throats had the Prophets not found evidence of the Forerunners and their Great Journey. mp3 regret 481K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
The Great Journey will not be postponed! mp3 regret 52K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
This is the human's greatest warrior? Hahahahaha! mp3 regret 76K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
Warriors! Attack! The demon must die! mp3 regret 54K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
Why anyone would fear this 'demon' is beyond me. mp3 regret 65K 3/9/06 Captain Spark
You dare to interrupt my sermon? mp3 regret 50K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
You shall not hide from me, Demon. mp3 regret 52K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
Your very existence offends me, Demon! mp3 regret 47K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa
[Regret death sounds] mp3 regret 136K 2/3/05 KaworuNagisa


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A little confusing... but effective. mp3 sgt_cautious 26K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
Affirmative. mp3 sgt_cautious 64K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Aim... somewhere else! mp3 sgt_cautious 98K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
All set! mp3 sgt_cautious 65K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
All your dogs are not barkin' at the same tree. mp3 sgt_cautious 37K 9/2/05 Captain Spark
All's clear. mp3 sgt_cautious 76K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Almost funny... try again! mp3 sgt_cautious 37K 1/30/06 Captain Spark
Always liked you, Chief. Always liked you! mp3 sgt_cautious 41K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
And to think I volunteered for this. mp3 sgt_cautious 30K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
And what, pray tell, am I supposed to do with this? mp3 sgt_cautious 49K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Another alien! Over there! mp3 sgt_cautious 40K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
Any time! mp3 sgt_cautious 77K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Are we finished? mp3 sgt_cautious 23K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
Are you mentally handicapped, sir? mp3 sgt_cautious 30K 9/15/05 Captain Spark
Are you TRYING to make me angry? mp3 sgt_cautious 36K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
As long as we standin' here, might as well write my old lady. mp3 sgt_cautious 48K 1/5/05 Captain Spark
Aside from all this nasty stuff whizzing past my head, I'm fine. mp3 sgt_cautious 53K 7/22/05 Captain Spark
Aw, poor thing! mp3 sgt_cautious 27K 1/24/05 Captain Spark
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do? You're gonna get the crap kicked outta ya - that's what you're gonna do. mp3 sgt_cautious 84K 7/22/05 Captain Spark
Boogey-man at one o'clock! mp3 sgt_cautious 25K 9/2/05 Captain Spark
Check your target, sir! mp3 sgt_cautious 81K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Chief - feel free to get in on this. mp3 sgt_cautious 40K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
Chief, I thought we was like, partners, and whatnot. mp3 sgt_cautious 39K 9/2/05 Captain Spark
Chief, we go back, you know... like flapjacks and collard greens. mp3 sgt_cautious 51K 9/2/05 Captain Spark
Chief, you may be the dumbest best man I've ever met. mp3 sgt_cautious 51K 9/2/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Aim more carefully! mp3 specops_commander 42K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
All right, then - I'll show you how it's done. mp3 specops_commander 55K 3/8/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter - speak your mind. mp3 specops_commander 44K 3/8/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter - you give me no choice! mp3 specops_commander 90K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Arbiter! What are you doing? mp3 specops_commander 34K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
Arbiter... you have my thanks. mp3 specops_commander 90K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
Careful, Arbiter! mp3 specops_commander 40K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Charge the enemy! mp3 specops_commander 53K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
Come out, so we may kill you! mp3 specops_commander 29K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
Come, Arbiter - what foolishness is this? mp3 specops_commander 32K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
Control yourself, Arbiter! mp3 specops_commander 44K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
Fair enough! mp3 specops_commander 55K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
Follow me to victory! mp3 specops_commander 34K 3/8/05 Captain Spark
Good. mp3 specops_commander 45K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
Have your brains leaked from your skull? mp3 specops_commander 33K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
He's using a holodrone - he must be close. mp3 specops_commander 49K 3/18/05 Captain Spark
Here I am! mp3 specops_commander 73K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
I have it right here! mp3 specops_commander 51K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
I stand ready. mp3 specops_commander 24K 3/8/05 Captain Spark
I stare at you - you stare at me. I fail to see the point. mp3 specops_commander 96K 4/4/05 Captain Spark
I welcome that, and more! mp3 specops_commander 62K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
I wonder who the sniper will shoot first... you, or me. mp3 specops_commander 63K 3/8/05 Captain Spark
I'll assume that was an accident! mp3 specops_commander 84K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
I'll put it to good use! mp3 specops_commander 76K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
I'm in your debt, Arbiter. mp3 specops_commander 69K 4/11/06 Hellhawk


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
'Least you breathed. I was worried. mp3 stacker 27K 5/12/05 Captain Spark
A plan is a beautiful thing when it works. This was a beautiful thing. mp3 stacker 69K 5/18/05 Captain Spark
A victory ain't the war... but it sure tastes good. mp3 stacker 42K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
A-hole! mp3 stacker 23K 7/27/05 Captain Spark
According to the manual, you're a jackass! mp3 stacker 41K 1/10/05 Captain Spark
After I bury them, I'm gonna bury you. mp3 stacker 86K 6/16/06 Captain Spark
Ah - some days it don't pay to get out of bed! mp3 stacker 44K 2/7/05 Captain Spark
Ah, it's long gone - no heat! mp3 stacker 28K 6/17/05 Captain Spark
Ah, save it for the next one. mp3 stacker 26K 6/1/05 Captain Spark
Ain't nothin' permanent. mp3 stacker 18K 7/27/05 Captain Spark
All right - I need help! mp3 stacker 18K 6/17/05 Captain Spark
All right - let's get medieval on their ass! mp3 stacker 45K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
All right - let's keep it wired tight! This ain't a party! mp3 stacker 150K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
All right - let's make 'em see-through, people! mp3 stacker 23K 11/15/04 Captain Spark
All right - not all of 'em are gonna be this easy. mp3 stacker 41K 5/12/05 Captain Spark
All right - vehicle destroyed! mp3 stacker 25K 4/25/05 thesaelens
All right - zip it! mp3 stacker 25K 3/25/05 Captain Spark
All right people, let's keep it wired tight. mp3 stacker 38K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
All right! Saddle up! We're movin' out! mp3 stacker 78K 4/11/06 Hellhawk
All right, gentlemen - let's get freaky! mp3 stacker 35K 6/1/05 Captain Spark
All right, I admit it... ooh, that hurt. mp3 stacker 37K 5/18/05 Captain Spark
All right, let's buckle up. mp3 stacker 25K 12/11/04 Captain Spark
All right, let's load up the butcher shop, people! mp3 stacker 34K 6/1/05 Captain Spark
All right, let's not get happy. mp3 stacker 33K 5/18/05 Captain Spark
All right, let's rock and roll, people. mp3 stacker 29K 1/10/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Dawa ya moto ni moto. [The cure for fire is fire. (Fight fire with fire.) - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 52K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Enyi mashujaa wa Mombasa, vita vya kukomboa jiji letu limeshaanza. Kujikinga na maumivu, tafadhali kaeni katika majumba yenu. [You brave people of Mombasa, the war to save our city has already begun. To protect yourself from pain, please stay in your houses. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 236K 2/5/05 Overridea
Hii ni idhaa ya habari ya hali ya hatari. Tafadhali endeleeni kusikia maelezo muhimu yatayofuata. [This is the dangerous condition news network. Please continue listening to hear important explanations that will follow. - translated by rehema, with help from rubani] mp3 swahili 189K 2/5/05 Overridea
Ilani! Ni marufuku kutembea jijini kuanzia saa hii. Achia gari lako na ondoka njiani. [Notice: it is forbidden to move about town from this time onward. Leave your car behind and get out of the road. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 85K 3/5/05 WraithX
Ilani: umeme utakatwa baada ya muda mfupi. Zima vifaa vyote vinavyotumia umeme. [Notice: the electricity will be cut shortly. Turn off all items that use electricity. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 158K 2/5/05 Overridea
Kinyozi hajinyo(w)i. [A barber doesn't cut his own hair. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 50K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Leo ni leo. Asemaye kesho ni mwongo. [Today is today. He who says tomorrow is a liar. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 65K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Mfumo wa redio kuhusu hali ya hatari umeanzishwa. Subiri kusikia maelezo muhimu. [A radio stream about the dangerous condition has been initiated. Wait to hear important explanations. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 158K 2/5/05 Overridea
Mganga hajigangi. [A doctor can't/doesn't cure himself. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 47K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Msidhurure! Bali, **eni mbio kuelekea kimbilioni. [Don't dawdle! Instead, *** fast toward refuge. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 143K 2/5/05 Overridea
Msijalie magari yenu, kuwa ni shabaha ya kushambuliwa na maadui. Yaachieni njiani na elekeeni kimbilioni. [Don't bother about your cars, they are targets for enemy attacks. Leave them in the road and head toward refuge. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 95K 3/5/05 WraithX
Simba mwenda pole ndiye mla nyama. [The lion that goes quietly is the one who eats meat. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 54K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Tafadhali waruhusu jeshi letu kutumia magari yenu. Mtalipwa ikitokea hasara yoyote. [Please let our army use your cars. You will be paid if any loss is incurred. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 70K 3/5/05 WraithX
Tahadhari! Fanya fujo, uone. [Beware! If you create a disturbance, you'll see [what will happen next]. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 36K 3/12/05 WraithX
Tahadhari! Mzee Marty, tuliyekuwa tukimstahi, kumbe tapeli. Atachapwa bakora kesho asubuhi. [Warning! Old man Marty, who we used to respect, is actually a con man. He will be beaten with a stick tomorrow morning. - translated by rehema, with a little help] mp3 swahili 139K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Tahadhari! Ukitaka kucheza mpira, lazima uwe na mpira. [Warning! If you want to play ball, you must have a ball. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 80K 2/4/05 ZexGX
Wananchi, maandalizi ni leo. ???? kuelekea kimbilioni. [Citizens, the preparations are today (the time to prepare is today). {Hard to hear, maybe prepare yourself} to head toward refuge. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 127K 2/5/05 Overridea
Wananchi, msijaribu kupigana na adui peke yenu. Waachilie jeshi lenu lipigane nao. [Citizens, don't try to fight the enemy by yourselves. Leave it to your army so that it can fight with them. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 94K 2/4/05 Armum Inferni
Wananchi, waarifuni polisi kuhusu adui yeyote aliyeonekana katika jimbo lenu. [Citizens, inform the police about any enemy who has been seen in your state. - translated by rehema] mp3 swahili 158K 2/5/05 Overridea


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
He is dead! Hahahahahaha! Demon! [roar] mp3 tartarus 134K 2/26/06 Hellhawk
It's nothing compared to what I'll do to you. mp3 tartarus 43K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Just like the rest of your kind - you're cowardly and weak! mp3 tartarus 60K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Not another word! mp3 tartarus 21K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
One more word, Oracle, and I'll rip your eye from its socket! mp3 tartarus 49K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Put it down, and disobey the heirarchs? mp3 tartarus 39K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
Take care, Arbiter. What you say is heresy! mp3 tartarus 44K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
What? Is the mighty Arbiter afraid? mp3 tartarus 58K 4/25/05 Captain Spark
You want revenge? Well, here I am - come and take it! mp3 tartarus 63K 4/25/05 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A child's My Pet Blind Wolf stuffed toy has been found. Will the owner please claim it at the lost and found. mp3 terminal 84K 9/13/06 Jordan117
All passengers are advised to wait in designated areas only. mp3 terminal 50K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Always use overhead walkway when crossing tracks. mp3 terminal 44K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Attention passengers: the Old Mombasa 4:18 is running several minutes ahead of schedule. mp3 terminal 98K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Attention: inbound train. Attention: inbound train. mp3 terminal 60K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Children must be monitored at all times. Do not leave children unattended in station. mp3 terminal 69K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Due to security restrictions, the following stations will not be in service until further notice: Liwitoni, Kilindini, Manyimbo, Nyali, Mtongwe. We appreciate your patience. mp3 terminal 160K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Janitorial please report to parking level 2 with a mop and bucket. Janitorial to parking level 2. mp3 terminal 73K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Mind the gap. mp3 terminal 20K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Mr. Jones to the white phone, please. Mr. Jones to the white phone. mp3 terminal 58K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Parking on Station Plaza is prohibited. mp3 terminal 38K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Passengers connecting to Orbital Shuttle Hub board westbound trains. mp3 terminal 48K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Please be aware of incoming trains, and stand clear of the tracks until trains have come to a full stop. mp3 terminal 110K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Please note: online fare increases will be in effect April 19th. mp3 terminal 60K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Possession of firearms at any transit facility is a federal offense. mp3 terminal 78K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Safety is everyone's responsibility mp3 terminal 45K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Security warning: track section 27 to 45. Please dispatch security detail. mp3 terminal 134K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Smoking is prohibited at all transit facilities. mp3 terminal 43K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Thank you for riding with New Mombasa Transit. For any questions or concerns, please contact the transit hotline. mp3 terminal 88K 9/13/06 Jordan117
The New Mombasa Transit Authority asks all customers to be aware of their surroundings. If you see any suspicious activity, or unattended packages, please call the New Mombasa transit security hotline. mp3 terminal 140K 9/13/06 Jordan117
The station cafeteria is now open. Today's specials feature Bentllama Burgers, Phlegm Brulee, and Scooter Pie. mp3 terminal 92K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Upon request, all passengers are required to present their valid transit pass to Transit Authority personnel. mp3 terminal 87K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Warning: for safety and comfort, passengers should be in good health, and free from heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by high-speed rail travel. mp3 terminal 205K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Welcome to Station 7: Liwitoni. Please refer to video monitors for current information. mp3 terminal 92K 9/13/06 Jordan117


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Now is the time of our unworlding. mp3 truth 131K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
The Elites have failed to protect the Prophets - and in so doing have put all our lives at risk! Let no warrior forget his oath: Thou, in faith, will keep us safe, whilst we find the path. mp3 truth 246K 7/24/07 IceWeasel
The parasite did not defeat the Forerunners - and it shall not defeat us! mp3 truth 99K 7/24/07 IceWeasel

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