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Halo: Reach Cutscene Library

The Reach Cutscene Library began appearing online on September 28, 2010 - just two weeks after the game's release. Thanks once again to Cody Miller for his help in recording. As of July 20, 2013, almost all of these cutscenes are now in surround sound - again, thanks to Cody. (The variant films, and the streaming versions, are still straight stereo.) Surround audio degrades gracefully to stereo if your playback device can't handle the extra channels.

Downloads are available in 2160p, 1080p, and 720p.

You can view a streaming version of the cutscene by clicking on a thumbnail.

  Cutscene Name Downloads
2160p 1080p 720p
Reach Opening Reach Opening
Opening credits. 0:40 long.
Noble Team Introduction Noble Team Introduction
Opening cutscene of the game - sets up Noble Team, and your position in it. 3:37 long.
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1.0gb 394.5mb 133.3mb
Winter Contingency Opening Winter Contingency Opening
Noble Team heads to investigate a downed comms relay. 1:01 long.
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282.3mb 106.8mb 37.2mb
Visigrad Relay Station Visigrad Relay Station
The picture becomes clearer - and the enemies become more visceral. 1:32 long.
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431.9mb 165.9mb 57.5mb
Winter Contingency Closing Winter Contingency Closing
We learn more about the skills (and personality) of Carter, Kat, and Jorge - and the UNSC gets confirmation of some really bad news. 2:12 long.
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630.3mb 242.2mb 80.9mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Sword Base Opening Sword Base Opening
Noble Team heads to ONI Headquarters to secure it from invading Covenant. 1:37 long.
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477.6mb 180.5mb 61.4mb
Sword Base Closing Sword Base Closing
Prohibition against orbital MAC rounds lifted, Corvette destroyed. Noble Team meets Catherine Halsey, butts heads with her. 3:39 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.0gb 407.9mb 137.7mb
Nightfall Opening Nightfall Opening
Jun and Six begin a recon mission. 1:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
469.6mb 178.1mb 60.5mb
Nightfall Closing Nightfall Closing
Jun and Six send back images of a previously unseen Covenant Strike Force. 0:49 long.
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235.1mb 90.2mb 31.7mb
Tip of the Spear Opening Tip of the Spear Opening
UNSC ground forces attack the landing zone Noble Team found - the battle begins. 1:46 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
514.2mb 195.3mb 65.6mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Inside the Shield Inside the Shield
Jorge and Six go down hard when their Falcon crosses through a Covenant shield. 0:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
169.6mb 64.6mb 23.2mb
Tip of the Spear Closing Tip of the Spear Closing
Noble Team's efforts to remove the Spire's shield allow the UNSC Frigate Grafton to destroy the installation with a MAC round - but this causes a Covenant supercarrier to reveal itself as it's destroying the Grafton. 1:17 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
372.6mb 141.1mb 47.3mb
Long Night of Solace Opening Long Night of Solace Opening
Kat devises a plan to take out the Supercarrier - and convinces Carter (and his superiors) to allow her to try it. 3:25 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.0gb 376.1mb 128.2mb
Sabre Launch Sabre Launch
Six and Jorge take off in a Sabre. 1:40 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
469.7mb 181.8mb 61.7mb
Dock with Anchor 9 Dock with Anchor 9
Jorge and Six prepare to deliver a slipspace drive to a Covenant Corvette to be used a weapon. 2:11 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
594.9mb 228.6mb 80.1mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Landing on the Corvette Landing on the Corvette
Six brings his Sabre to the Corvette. 0:22 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
102.5mb 38.2mb 14.2mb
Delivering the Bomb Delivering the Bomb
Six allows Jorge to bring the bomb on board - and heads to the bridge to allow arming. 0:46 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
211.8mb 81.3mb 28.6mb
Jorge Makes a Sacrifice Jorge Makes a Sacrifice
Jorge realizes he'll need to trigger the bomb manually - helps Six head back to Reach via gravity. After the Supercarrier is destroyed, a much larger Covenant fleet arrives. 2:27 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
698.2mb 268.9mb 89.6mb
Exodus Opening Exodus Opening
Noble Six carries on, after the loss of a friend. 2:03 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
585.3mb 226.0mb 75.2mb
Exodus Closing Exodus Closing
Noble Six informs Noble Team that New Alexandria has been evacuated... but that Jorge didn't make it. 1:04 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
322.3mb 122.3mb 40.6mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
New Alexandria Opening New Alexandria Opening
Noble Six witnesses the damage done to New Alexandria - but still has a job to do. 1:34 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
448.0mb 171.1mb 57.3mb
New Alexandria Closing New Alexandria Closing
Noble Team receives a crushing blow. 4:19 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.2gb 478.0mb 159.7mb
The Package Opening The Package Opening
Sword Base is ruined - but still overrun by Covenant. 0:55 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
255.1mb 97.0mb 31.3mb
This Cave is Not A Natural Formation This Cave is Not A Natural Formation
Noble Team learns secrets from Halsey. 4:02 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.1gb 437.4mb 150.0mb
The Package Closing The Package Closing
Halsey shows them what they're fighting for. 3:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.0gb 391.4mb 132.7mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Pillar of Autumn Opening Pillar of Autumn Opening
Carter, Emile, and Six begin their final mission together. 1:28 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
412.1mb 158.3mb 53.3mb
I've Got the Bat I've Got the Bat
Carter does his part. 0:40 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
187.7mb 72.1mb 25.2mb
Keyes Takes the Package Keyes Takes the Package
Six hands off the package - then stays to make the handoff useful. 1:32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
425.9mb 164.2mb 57.0mb
Keyes Dialogue Variant Keyes Dialogue Variant
Keyes thanks Six - but if the IWHBYD skull is on, you'll hear him refer to Dr. Halsey in a more familiar way. Both variants displayed. 0:29 long.
Ending and Credits Ending and Credits
Noble Six's sacrifice pays off, plus credits. 8:25 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
695.1mb 265.6mb 281.1mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Ending Easter Egg Ending Easter Egg
A glance to the side (with the analog stick) during the Autumn's launch shows you the Hushed Casket - with the Chief inside. Both variants shown. 0:48 long.
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf
Noble Six faces his fate. 0:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
174.9mb 66.3mb 22.0mb
Epilogue Epilogue
Epilogue - Halsey informs us that it wasn't all in vain. 1:58 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
583.0mb 221.6mb 68.0mb

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