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Halo 4 Terminal Library

As was true with Halo Anniversary, Halo 4 has a number of semi-hidden Domain Terminals to find throughout the game. They contain backstory information about some of the key players in the Campaign, and will help to answer questions like "Why am I fighting this guy?" and "Who is SHE?" Once you've found them in-game, they will be unlocked (both on the Waypoint app on your Xbox 360 and on HaloWaypoint.com, buried in your Campaign stats). You can stream them from either location. If you do not have Xbox LIVE, you cannot see them at all (on the official sites).

If all of this sounds too difficult, we've made all eight Terminals available below, in a variety of HD and SD downloadable versions, plus a streaming Flash version.

HD versions are 1280x720, SD versions are 640x360.

You can view a streaming version of the cutscene by clicking on a thumbnail.

  Terminal Name Downloads
720p 360p
Prologue: Jul 'Mdama Prologue: Jul 'Mdama
Jul 'Mdama arrives at Requiem.
dwnld dwnld
29.3mb 9.5mb
Terminal 1: War Terminal 1: War
Invaders ravage Forerunner territory and must be dealt with.
dwnld dwnld
48.6mb 15.6mb
Terminal 2: Lord of Admirals Terminal 2: Lord of Admirals
Humanity's war plans are revealed.
dwnld dwnld
45.8mb 15.1mb
Terminal 3: Charum Hakkor Terminal 3: Charum Hakkor
The Forerunner war with humanity comes to an end.
dwnld dwnld
33.2mb 11.2mb
Terminal 4: Flood Terminal 4: Flood
Humanity defeated, the Forerunners now face a new foe.
dwnld dwnld
51.1mb 16.7mb
  720p 360p
Terminal 5: Knights Terminal 5: Knights
Forerunner Prometheans make the ultimate sacrifice to save the galaxy.
dwnld dwnld
46.9mb 15.1mb
Terminal 6: Justice Terminal 6: Justice
As the Flood advance, a terrible plan is enacted.
dwnld dwnld
52.3mb 17.1mb
Terminal 7: Cryptum Terminal 7: Cryptum
A wife's love for her husband dooms the galaxy.
dwnld dwnld
70.0mb 23.4mb

Right-click (option-click on a mac) to download.

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