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I've only heard rumours of a game called Halo. I heard of never before seen graphics, amazing gameplay and a interesting story. I went on a search for facts, and this is what I found...

The Ringworld

Halo starts of when a human spaceship loaded with 1800 civilians and 800 marines crash on a strange world. This world becomes stranger, because it is a huge ring on which a couple of alien races dwell. The ring has a width of about 400-1200 km and a diametre of about 16000 km. On the inside of this ring there exist a whole world, with different regions and types of land. A very war-driven race (the Covenant) dont like it all that the humans landed on the planet, and thus start a war with them.

Taking the multiplayer game to a higher level

At this point the player takes over. In solo player games you have a small team with which you carry out guerilla missions in realtime which will probably all happen in third person. You don't only control marines on foot, but also have e.g. a jeep which can carry 3 people; a driver, a passenger and one using the mounted machine gun. Vehicles are important anyway in Halo, either on land, water or in the air. Detailed information on the game types are not available. But through the limited number of units in Halo shoold make the multiplayer experience renewed.

Graphics like from a 3D rendering application!

The graphics of Halo are probably the most amazing feature. Not only are the textures very detailed, there also are trees, hills and transperant water around. The glory of the effects can be inferred from screenshots, the explosions and weapon effects look great already! Halo will also have a very complex system of physics, the jeep for example will jump when going over small obstacles, lean to the side in fast curves, just like a rally simulation. There are also flying and floating vehicles, and we can only wait to see how they act. One should pay attention to the background of the game, which isn't made of a simple static bitmap, but a rendered, moving and changing pictures. You will always see how the ring looms up into the sky. If these screenshots really haven't been edited like Bungie tells us then this game will hit like a bomb.

It's upgrade time!

Halo seems to be a hardware hungry game, it probably eats Voodoo3 cards for breakfast. There probably won't be such a disaster like the incident with Outcast a while back. There is a chance that you can play Halo smoothly with a high resolution. Halo will support new chips like for example the GeForce256 which has it's own T&L unit (Transform&Lighting, or simply said: a geometry processor) which can give the CPU a rest.


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