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This page was created on April 8, 2000, and remains here for historical purposes. Current Halo weapons info can be found in the Weapons Section of our Frequently Asked Questions list.

Weapons in Halo - P.2

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Human Weapons

The human weapon list is quite a bit larger. By our count, if you skip vehicle-mounted weapons, there are eleven. Yes, eleven. Let's get the easy ones out of the way first.

These three are pretty undisputed. In order, we have the machete, the assault rifle/grenade launcher, and the minigun.

These two are pretty clear, as well. We have the single rocket launcher (ground to air targets, in most of the footage we've seen), and the double rocket launcher (ground to ground targets... and the firing cycle is very fast)

We have the double-barreled shotgun with an integral flashlight. (The upper inset here shows the spot of the flash, just before it's turned on... the lower inset provides an acceptable view of the twin barrels. We've never gotten a clear version of this gun in an official screenshot.)

We also have the harpoon gun, which made its one and only appearance (so far) in the BungieTV day 4 footage.

We have the sniper rifle (which made a sneak appearance at the end of the Incite video, as seen here in the inset...

... and the flamethrower, which showed up only once, in an unsanctioned screenshot distributed by gXp in November.

This leaves us with the hand weapons. There are two: a pistol and a sub-machine gun. We thought there were three... until we got this information from Matt Soell at Bungie: "There have been two distinct iterations of the pistol so far (which is probably where the confusion stems from), but the intent is to have just one in the game."
This is the standard pistol. It has a laser sight, a smooth top, and a handguard. It is rapid-firing, with a slide-action bolt. Here are a couple of shots of it.

And lastly, we have the SMG (?). It hasn't shown up too often... here's a decent shot from the Next Generation spread in their December 99 issue. It has no handguard, but is much longer than the standard pistol. It has a raised section at the top that neither of the other hand weapons has.