Bungie TV from MacWorld San Francisco: Day 4, New Halo Footage

This is the intro Joe gave to the 50 seconds of Halo footage shown on bTV on day 4. The film itself is 160x120, but doesn't look too bad doubled in size (simply save it locally to double it).

You guys saw some Halo footage yesterday. Such was the demand that we got some more Halo footage off a computer monitor and a computer we set up yesterday. Again, there are some scan resolution, scanline issues, the image quality is kinda low, but hey-when our fans demand halo footage, we certainly provide it. So, if you could queue up the tape, this is some brand new footage from Halo... hit it, Jason!
[ADMIN NOTE: Snipped out of the 280-meg Day 4 Hi-res archive, the Halo footage is just under 6 megabytes. The two bungie.org sites are serving a movie that's about 900K larger, because I was so unhappy with the quality of the soundtrack that I pasted in a higher-quality version. (It's just the standard Halo soundtrack... but the dropouts on the bTV archive were painful.]

bungie.org site 1

(Northeast, USA) http

Thanks to the great Halo community, there are several other sites to try, if this one is swamped:

Halo Vault's mirror (USA) http
Battleground:Halo mirror (USA) http
TomeOne's Xoom mirror (West, USA) http
Nalgas D. Lemur's mirror (East Coast, USA) http
The German Halo Network (Germany) http
In addition, it is available to MacOS 9 users on the public iDisk folder of tomeone.

More mirrors when we hear about 'em!


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