Bungie TV from MacWorld San Francisco: Day 3, New Halo Footage

This is the intro Joe gave to the 2 minutes of Halo footage shown on bTV on day 3. We transcribed it because it added 8 megs to the film as it was. The film itself is 160x120, but doesn't look too bad doubled in size (simply save it locally to double it).

The last thing we want to do on bTV for you today, we've gotten a lot of letters, and a lot of people coming up to the Bungie booth at the show, asking, "so, Oni looks great, where's Halo? We want to see some footage." We didnt' actually bring Halo to the show, honestly. We didn't plan to show it at MacWorld, the decision was just to go with Oni and show everybody the stuff that's new and great in Oni, but such was the demand that Peter Tamte, who you met on the show yesterday, is going on a tour of Asia, to meet some press people, and talk to some distributors, he had a build of Halo on a PC that he brought with him. I took our digital camera, I turned on the monitor, I fired up the build, and I filmed for about 20 minutes off a monitor. You'll see some scan issues and that sort of thing, I spliced it together last night at 3 in the morning, it's about 2 minutes long, it's some new exclusive halo clips, why don't we just roll it?

[shakes finger at monitor]

And if I see any screenshots taken off this thing floating around the net, by God, we'll never do this again! Just kidding. Enjoy, guys!

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In addition, it is available to MacOS 9 users on the public iDisk folder of carboncopy.


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