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history of blam

Welcome to my archive of the front page of the now-defunct Blam was the code name of a top-secret Bungie Software project which generated much speculation during the spring and early summer of 1999. On July 21, Bungie unveiled Halo at the MacWorld Expo in New York City. was subsequently renamed and was also completely redesigned.

purpose of site

My site contains the archives the old front page from July 4 to July 21. During that period, the staff of made many minute adjustments to the page which offered hints as to the content of the then-mysterious game. I established this site to provide a place for the Bungie fan community to speculate about the meaning of these changes.

current status

As the front page of is now a simple news page with no secret messages or cryptic comments to interpret, I am no longer archiving it. In the interests of space and consistency, I am limiting it to presenting only the "old-style" pages, which could still benefit from some interpretation. Enjoy browsing through them! If you find anything interesting, feel free to email me at


A word of caution: click the links in the archived pages strictly at your own risk: most of them are dead. I've left them in their original condition (global or local, as the case may be) so as to preserve the pages in their original condition.

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