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xbill | Two Betrayals Wraith Driver Sniping

On April 14, 2002, xbill posted to the HBO Forum:
Here's a way to take out the Wraith driver before he gets in.
If you kill him before he gets in the Wraith, it makes getting the Banshee a little easier.
You can take out the rest of the Covenant with the rocket launcher without having to dodge Wraith blasts.

Get the sniper rifle at the top level of the building in front of the Control Room.

As you descend the pyramid from the Control Room, save a few sniper rounds.

Make your way down the path and soon you'll reach a checkpoint just before the last ramp. Usually, the checkpoint coincides with killing the last enemy on the pyramid.

Look for the broken slab at the base of the last ramp. Just beyond this slab is the Wraith driver trigger point.
wraithhowto.jpg wraithsnipe.jpg
Pictoral instruction of the last steps View to kill
The Wraith driver appears suddenly, and quickly climbs up on the Wraith.

If you miss, or the driver doesn't die, just reload the last checkpoint.

Check the link below for the killshot movie.

352x240 | 462k | 8 seconds | QuickTime 5 format

Click the frame above to see the movie. Or, option-click (right-click on a PC) on this link to download it directly to your hard drive.

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